Notes: Decided to write another Pokemon/Ace Attorney fic. Wanted to aim for something original and different from other advanceshipping stories. I would like to thank everyone from Advancers for being so encouraging, and a special mention for Mad Ass Dragon for being such an awesome Beta Reader. Check out his story, The Animal Within. It's awesome!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story and they belong to their respective owners. This story is written by a fan for fans. The story takes place some time after Ace Attorney: Spirit Of Justice. I wanted to make this suitable for people who are fandom blind, so hopefully you'll enjoy this story even if you don't know all the fandoms used. There will be characters from Naruto, Gravitation, and Digimon that will be clients and witnesses for some of the trials.

May's Justice

Chapter One: May's First Job Interview

"I can do this!" May said to herself with her fists clenched together. "I've got to do this...for me and for Ash. I've never done anything like this before, but I know I've got to do it."

It was May Maple's first ever job interview. May's father had a firm belief that she would get the job with relative ease. Getting into law was a long journey, but one she felt had to be fulfilled. She had passed all her exams and received her golden badge to prove that she was a qualified lawyer, but she knew that the interview would be tough. Not only did May have to perform well at the interview; she also needed to stand out from the crowd. Just like she had to do when she was a Pokémon coordinator. She didn't know how many people had applied to work at the firm: maybe five or even a hundred.

She sighed heavily, feeling as if her heart was going to jump out of her mouth. "What if I mess up this interview? My parents would be so mad at me. Mom and Max have been working overtime just help me pay for my studying."

The firm she was having her interview with was called The Wright Anything Agency. The current owner was a famous defence attorney known as Phoenix Wright. May knew that if she was successful, she would be working within a small team, but would be having her own cases. The concept of working for law both excited her and frightened her at the same time. She would be expected to believe in her client's innocence, but also be able to seek the truth.

"This is an amazing oppurtunity," May whispered to herself. She didn't want to be too loud, but she couldn't help talking to herself. At the same time, she didn't want anybody to think she was crazy or somebody that came straight out of Arkham Asylum. "I want everybody to be proud of me, even though I haven't seem them in a while."

Although she gave up her career as a Pokémon coordinator, her passion for Pokémon remained as strong as ever. She contemplated on whether to bring her Pokémon with her to the interview. She still had her Pokéballs attached to her belt, as she felt that they might bring her some good luck. Despite all the academic tips she received, she still felt under-prepared.

"I'm so nervous..." May's legs began to shake like jelly. "Have I forgotten something? Are my clothes all right? Did I have enough to eat today?"

It was a painful decision to change her career, but one she felt that she had to do. She had thrown herself into a whole new world and dived into the deep end. She felt that she owed so much to Ash. He had been everything to her; a mentor, a friend, and a lover. Five years ago, Ash had been sent to prison for killing his mother. May felt like she was the only one that believed in his innocence and the lawyers were useless. The prosecutor was allowed to do whatever she wanted whilst the defence attorney cowered at the sight of her black whip.

"I hate that prosecutor," May snapped to herself. "I won't end up like her. I won't give up. I won't lose."

The court of law had become a victim of corruption. Innocent people were being jailed whilst murderers were walking away. There were many lawyers out there that only cared about winning and judges who had become too soft. Trials were rushed and witnesses were put under pressure. Justice was like gold dust. Sadly none came to Ash when he needed it the most.

Ash's trial had only lasted two hours. Although he confessed to the crime, May didn't believe a single word of it. Ever since the incompetent judge declared Ash as a murderer, May decided that she would stop aiming to be the top Pokémon coordinator and become a great defence attorney and she would not rest until Ash's name was finally cleared. Ash was not the only victim of injustice; so many defendants were getting the wrong verdicts that it caused outrage and chaos that was known as "The dark age of the law."

Ash's cold and distant face burned in May's mind. It couldn't have been any different to the warm and kind loving Ash that she knew and grew to love. The court had failed Ash. But she swore to herself that she would not fail him. May remembered her family's reaction as if it were yesterday. They were shocked but immensely pleased. Countless hours and dollars had been spent to get May to where she was now, but the journey was far from over.

Despite high stakes, May never gave up. A true Pokémon trainer would never give up on the ones they love. She felt blessed that her close friends and Pokémon were with her every step of the way. Each day that passed was another day closer to clearing Ash's name and finding the true culprit.

May was concerned that a lack of education in her childhood might prove to be a disadvantage. She tilted her head as wondered if her good academic results would be enough. May had thought of a way to turn her Pokémon experience into a positive thing and to show that she is more than capable of doing her job. Every second felt like an eternity. Her legs wobbled like jelly and fingers were twitching. As she stood outside the office, she observed the surroundings trying to think away the nerves. Seeing the magic props around the office reminded May that Phoenix Wright's daughter was a magician. The plastic plate with floating spaghetti made her stomach rumble.

She shook her head. She flicked her head and she was surprised that her palms were damp from sweat. Her heart jumped as a door swung open. A young brunette with a tall blue hat burst out of the door. May assumed that it was Phoenix's daughter. Her first impression of the girl was that she had some awesome clothes. She liked the girl's little black dress and the large cape she waved around her body. It seemed really fashionable and unique.

"Come in, Miss Maple," The girl said. "Daddy will see you now."

"Oh! Right!" May jumped from her seat and made her way into the small room. She took a deep breath. She knew it was no time to think of other people's passion and it was time to focus on the goal: to pass. She had high hopes that her nerves would melt away the minute the interview began. As soon as she saw Phoenix Wright, the person who would be interviewing her, the nerves multiplied. He looked just as he did in the newspaper with his famous spiky hair and blue suit. His gold pin flashed beneath an opal bulb. Phoenix and May shook hands and they both sat down. His daughter and two other people were also sat in the room.

All of May's mock interviews were one-to-one. She had no idea what to expect from a panel interview. The four of them looked like judges for a talent show in their grand office clothes and paperwork in front of them. May was beginning to wonder if she was appropriately dressed for the interview. She wasn't sure if she was over-dressed or under-dressed.

"Thank you for attending the interview Miss Maple," Phoenix said as he opened a notepad in front of him. "As you know, I'm Phoenix Wright. This is my daughter, Trucy. And this is Apollo and Athena. They are both defence attorneys that work for this firm. This is going to be a panel interview. We'll ask you questions about yourself and about the job and we'll make a decision from there. Is that okay?"

"Sure," May said.

"There's no need to be nervous," Trucy said with a big smile on her face. May tried her best to stop shaking and nodded. "I'll ask the first question. What do you know about our agency?"

May looked around the room. There was something peculiar about Apollo's hair. The way it stuck out like a tail reminded her of a certain water-type Pokémon, but she couldn't think which one it was. She liked Athena's yellow jacket; it sparkled brightly like a Pikachu's thunder. May knew that Pokémon she was thinking off. Apollo's brown hair from the way it was styled made her think of a Poliwag for some reason. After a momentary lapse, she was ready to give her answer.

"I know that the Wright Anything Agency was established by Mia Fey as Fey & Co. Law Offices. After her death it was renamed into Wright & Co. Law Offices and has been through several name changes over the years. But its main goal is to believe in the client and to seek the truth."

"So can you tell us more about yourself?" Apollo asked.

May nodded. "Before I graduated from Themis Legal Academy, I became a Pokémon coordinator when I was ten years old. I travelled to many places and entered many contests and won many ribbons for my efforts. During my Pokémon journey, I learned to work as a team with my Pokémon and how to become a good leader for them."

"What do you think is more important as a defence attorney," Phoenix asked. "Winning the cases or the truth, even if it means losing the trial?"

"Seeking the truth of course," May responded.

"What made you decide to become a defence attorney?" Athena asked. "It must have been a really big step you took. I really admire you for it."

May sunk her head and held back the tears that wanted to flow. She promised herself that she wasn't going to cry and let her demons win. "My boyfriend is in prison for a crime he didn't commit."

May noticed that all four of them had bounced towards the wall. She wondered if she had said something wrong. Both of the women gasped as Apollo was the first to speak. "I'm sorry to hear that."

"When your boyfriend was on trial, how did you feel about the process?" Phoenix decided to press on.

"It made me very angry!" May responded as she threw her arms by her side.

"Why did it make you angry?"

"I don't believe my boyfriend had a fair trial," May announced. A few tears had crept out of her eyelids, and May hoped that it was discreet. "His trial only lasted for two hours and it felt more like a battle of wits between the lawyers rather than seeking the truth of what happened."

"Do you hope that by becoming a defence attorney," Apollo said as he leaned closer to the table, "that you can eventually clear his name?"

"Yes," May nodded. She felt a wave of confidence inside of her. "I wanted to join a law firm to gain experience and earn respect. I hope to gather enough evidence to clear my boyfriend's name."

"May I ask, what is your boyfriend's name?" Trucy asked.

"Ash Ketchum."

"The Pokémon trainer that was found guilty of murdering his mother," Athena recalled. "Didn't he confess to the murder?"

"There have been many occasions where people have confessed to murders they didn't commit," Apollo stated. "Things aren't always as they seem."

"So May...When can you start?" Phoenix asked May.

"As soon as possible," May replied.

"In that case: welcome to the team," Phoenix announced with a smile on his face.

"Oh that's great," May responded with a grin as she bowed to each of them. "I'm looking forward to working with all of you."

"I'm glad you say that," Phoenix responded. "You'll be meeting your first client tomorrow morning."

A female voice boomed from behind her. "Congratulations!"

May twirled around and saw Phoenix Wright's daughter, Trucy with her hands together. "Thank you so much."

"I knew you would get the job right the minute I saw you!"

"You did?" May was astonished. "How did you know I was going to get the job."

"Of course I did," Trucy exclaimed. "You look a lot like Mia Fey: one of Daddy's friends. The dress you're wearing is almost exactly the same one that Mia wore."

May opened her mouth in amazement. "You mean the woman who started the firm off?"

Trucy nodded. "Since we'll be seeing each other a lot: let's be friends!"

"Alright then!" From the moment May shook hands, she had a strong sensation from head to toe. She still couldn't believe that she actually managed to pass the bar exam. She didn't consider herself one of the brightest people in the world. When she was still a trainer, she always assumed that only nerds studied law. Nowadays, she felt that if she could do it, then anybody could.

May was glad that the interview was over, and that the outcome was successful. However, the nerves never left her. The real work had only just begun. She knew that if she wanted to clear Ash's name, she would have to get more experience and take on any case that comes available. She didn't know how long it would take to set Ash free, but she knew she could not continue her Pokémon journey without him.

She looked up to the sky and said to herself, "Don't you worry Ash. I'll save you."

"Ash as in your boyfriend? May didn't realise that she was talking out loud again.

"Yeah," May replied. "It's been really tough living without him."

"I bet it is," Trucy said. "I lost my real parents a long time ago. Those were some of the toughest days of my life. Still, I managed to pull through." May couldn't believe how strong Trucy's smile was, and how lovely it was too.

"I wish I could be as positive as you," May admitted as she followed Trucy to the nearest Starbucks shop. Both girls were greeted with fragrance of coffee travelling through their nostrils and relaxing jazz music.

Trucy took a heart-shaped purse from out of her handbag, and beamed at May. "What drink would you like?"

"I'll have a black coffee." May grabbed her purse out of her blazer as a small Glaceon charm dangled below the zip.

Trucy pushed May's purse towards May's pocket. "I'll get it this time."

May looked down on Trucy's purse again and noticed that she too also had a little Glaceon swaying below her purse. She gasped. "Hey! You've got a Glaceon on your purse too."

Trucy nodded and cradled the charm. "Yeah, Glaceon is my favourite eeveelution."

"Mine too!" May released Glaceon out of her ball and presented the ice-type to Trucy. "I've had her since she was an egg."

Trucy crouched down to Glaceon's eye-level. "Wow, you look adorable. I'm Trucy Wright. I'm May's new friend." Glaceon only nodded and shook hands with Trucy. "Would you like anything from Starbucks?" Glaceon nodded and pointed to the poster above the barista's head. "Oh so you want a chocolate frappuchino?" Trucy stroked Glaceon's head as she nodded.

"Glaceon loves chocolate," May informed Trucy. "I think she'll be happy."

"What can I get for you?" the barista asked Trucy.

"Can I have one large pumpkin spice latte, one large chocolate frappuchino and one large black coffee please?"

May had decided that she had already fallen in love with Trucy already. May adored black coffee, it was one of her favourite drinks. She believed that coffee was she did so well at law school, because it helped her concentrate better in her schoolwork. She hoped it would help give her the same effect in her work too. Even though she had only known Trucy for a whole day, she felt extremely comfortable around her, as if she had known her all her life.

After Trucy paid for her drink, she sat down on a cosy looking coach that appeared to be made out of leather. She jumped on it. "This seat is so nice," she said. "It reminds me of the sofa that Polly has at his house."


"Oh, that's Apollo's nickname."

"Reminds me of the Polly Pocket toys I used to have when I was younger," May added as she sat down next to Trucy. Glaceon climbed on the coach and sat in the middle.

"I had them too!" Trucy cried out. "Such a coincidence eh?"

"Here's your drinks ladies," the barista said, presenting the drinks on a round tray.

"Thank you," Trucy said, grinning as she grabbed her orange drink. "So May, are you looking forward to your first trial tomorrow?"

"I guess so," May said, clutching onto her cup. "Do you know anything about it?"

Trucy shook her head. "Daddy said if he thought you were suitable, that the trial would start tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" May gasped. "But I don't know anything about my client."

"He's planning on telling you tomorrow morning," Trucy explained. "He noticed how nervous you were and thought maybe you'd like some time to chill out before the real work begins."

May gazed at her coffee cup.

"No need to be ashamed," Trucy insisted. "Lots of lawyers get nervous on their first trial. And you're not an exception. I remember when Polly and Athena both had their first trials. They had the chills and they were multiplying."

"I don't know how I'll get through it tomorrow," May admitted after taking a small sip from her coffee cup, leaving bright lipstick marks around the corner of the mug. "I don't know anything about the client or the crime."

"90% of our cases are murders," Trucy told May. "So your client is most likely to be wrongly accused of murder and it's up to you to seek the truth. I'll helping you out of course." Trucy raised her cup at the level of her face and May did the same. "Here's the start of a wonderful working relationship and beautiful friendship!"

May grinned and banged her cup against Trucy's mug. "To hard work and a great friendship!"