Title: Taking Risks
By: Jade Unicorn
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Disclaimer: I don't own these characters Disney does. But the poem in here does belong to me, and me only.
Summary: What happens when you have a crush on someone you shouldn't? Do you risk a friendship for love, or keep it to yourself and live in misery?
Rating: Probably a PG13 for this chapter, but it will progress up to an R for later issues.
WARNING: This is a slash, or it will be. If you're homophobic (meaning you have a thing against gays/lesbians) then you should not continue reading this or anything else that I've written. Now onto the story.

It's hard to not stare at her sometimes. She's sitting next to me now, focusing on a paper that she has to write for English class. The end of her pencil is chewed up slightly where she's been idly nibbling on it while she's concentrating. It's cute, or it is to me anyways.

Books surround our small table. Small chit chat is around this large room and I notice how the librarian occasionally looks up to make sure that everything is alright. My eyes fall back on her though, like they always do. She shifts in her seat so I duck my head before she can see me staring at her. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know that I have work that I should finish but I can't keep my mind on work when she's near.

"Does this sound good to you?" Tawny hands me the paper. As I grab it, our hands briefly touch and I feel the blood rushing to my face. Quickly I lower my head and begin scanning over the paper. Almost instantly I recognize the fact that this isn't a paper for English, but a poem. And a good one at that.

I see you pass me by,
Never looking in my eyes.
If you could see how much I love you
Then you would know its true.
I play my part of being his girlfriend
When I love you more than him.
Desperately I try to tell you how I feel
And that you should see how I'm real
Unlike the one you place by your side
Who does nothing but make you cry.
I guess you just don't realize
How the truth lies inside your eyes.
I know you're lying to me
When you say you're living happily.
But I'm afraid to say a word
Because I just might get hurt.
So I hide within myself, being a mystery.
Because I know you could never love me.

"Tawny..." I can feel tears building up in my eyes. "That's amazing." I managed to whisper out. "Who's it about?" I dare to ask, knowing that my hopes are up too far wanting it to be me.

"Uh..." She seems off balance, like I've backed her into a corner. Taking a deep breath, she starts to tell me, "Actually its about somebody that's very close to me....It's about y...."

The bell rings, ending our lunch period. Sadly I pack up my things, not wanting to leave her. I give her a brief smile and roll my eyes as I say, "Oh boy, class time. Guess I better go so that my perfect record isn't ruined."

She chuckles, giving one of her beautiful white smiles that makes my heart melt. Waving she says, "See you tonight at your house? Louis inviting me over for dinner."

Then my heart sank when she spoke the last sentence. Yeah, that's right, I remember now, she's my brother's girlfriend. The tears come back again as I force out a, "I'll see you tonight then." and make a run for the door.

I can't let her see how much it pains me for her to be with him. I can't let her know that I hate Louis with a passion for dating her. I know that he'll never treat her as good as I can. He doesn't give her the respect that she deserves, nor the love. But I have to give it up and move on. I'll never have her.

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-Jade Unicorn