Attempted Fouls

By: Chibi-Suiko

A/N: This is a different InuYasha/Kagome romance, but it will still be an InuYasha/Kagome romance. Period.

Disclaimer: No, sorry to admit it... But it's true.

Summary: Kagome loves InuYasha and she has one heck of a plan to see if he likes her as well. She fakes a marriage with a friend to see what his reaction will be. At first, he doesn't seem that fazed but how long will it take for his facade to crumble?


Ages are as follows:

Kagome: 19

InuYasha: 23 (In human years, he looks that old... **Sweatdrop**)

Miroku: 24

Sango: 21

Shippou: 09 (Again, in human years...)


Chapter 1: Mysteries

The sleet was falling from the sky, flowing down the roofs of the local market. Fierce winds blew this way and that while the thunderous clouds above showed no sign of moving onward. The ground was iced over, making the few who were crazy enough to be out in this weather slip and slide on the concrete turf of the main street.

A brown cloak was floating heavily, obscuring the figure that lay beneath it. Though the material was not waterproof, meaning you could see that it was a womanly figure. She stepped into an alleyway and roved around the many trashcans and other boxes of garbage, following into a small, narrow side road. Peeled lettering leading into a more suitable indoor grounding was to her left, though, the girl continued moving ahead.

She placed her body against the ruins of a former work of great architecture, which was now burnt into almost nothing and leaned her head next to a broken-paned window. She sighed deeply, pulling a small watch from under her coat hand.

" Shit. Five more minutes", she murmured, " I can take five more minutes of this... It'll be worth it, later on..."

She stayed pressed against the cement until she couldn't stand to keep her feet holding the rest of her up. She was just dropping to the ground when more footsteps made her jump back up again. She turned her head to the right and saw another figure running her way.

" Where the Hell were you?!" She tried yelling, but her voice had become hoarse from the weather, " You're late!"

The other stopped next to her and began to catch her breath before replying, " Sorry, but the weather was horrible...", She picked her head up and looked around, " And it still is... Tell me why I'm out here in the middle of a spring storm when I could be inside playing video games?"

The other female put her arms around her and stated in a pleadingly guilty voice,

" Because you're the best friend in the whole world..! And you know that your help will make this idea all the more interesting."

You could hear the ones laughter before she led the first into a drier place under the rafters of the small pub on the corner of the street.

" You've got that right. Without my help you would never pull this kick ass plan off. So, how do we start? Should we just jump into it and say what we have to? Or should we pull it slowly and see what his reaction is?"

The first put her hand under her chin, showing that she was considering these two questions. She smirked a little before turning back to her friend.

" I think we should let him wallow in the misery a bit... After all, holding back the way he is, he's the one who caused this... That reminds me, did you bring it?" She held out her hand, which had become pink because of how cold it was.

Her accomplice dug into a pocket in her coat top and pulled from beneath it a small, navy velvet box. She opened it to show a dainty diamond ring, glistening as the rain and streetlights fell onto it. She placed it in the others hands and-before they departed-said in a strained and would-be-pissed voice, " I mean this, don't lose the jewel. It cost more than you could ever earn, it's priceless. If you misplace it, give it away, or anything, you can be sure that I'll hunt you down. No lie-- By the way, you never did tell me whom this was for... Is it Hojo?"

The girl shook her head fiercely. The one she was doing this for was much more important and close to her heart than that jerk. The man she loved... Actually understood her and didn't mistake her actions as pleas of pain. The man she loved... Well, he was worth the most complex plans. She only hoped that she wouldn't mess this one up.

" This is not for him. This is for someone that I find special. This is for... For the one that I love." She turned away and began back down the sidewalk, a small smile of happiness appearing on her face. She couldn't afford to mess this one up; everything had to run smooth. She was going to find out exactly where she stood when in his heart.

Her friend stood behind her for a moment, she knew that their short but discrete conversation was over. The girl would have to keep everything going on her own now. She put her hand to her heart and sighed blissfully. This was just like a romance novel! Oh, how she loved those things! It was almost like her friend lived in a fairy tale. But that couldn't be the case.

' Please, Kami-sama, let the one she loves learn to accept her. No simpleton could deserve one such as her. He must be something special... I just want to pray-to pray that everything works out. She needs to be loved, as does anyone...' She turned the other way and ducked under the lightning, towards her house. Everything had to be all right.


The first girl was dodging the winds, holding her cloak around her. She was huffing by now. The storm was strong, making it hard to continue forward. She pushed onward. She had to finish the plans in her scheme to find out if He had any sentiment in his heart for her, any what so ever.

A strong gust of hurricane weather blew by her, making her head shawl fall behind her. She tried to grab it but stopped after a few minutes. She had no time for this. She was to be on her way back home. Nothing was going to stop her. She breathed deep and ran the rest of her 1/2-mile home.

Her brown-hazel eyes were glowing, grief, happiness, and hope mingling ever so slightly in them, her long black hair was flowing, the rain holding it together in one clump of raven beauty. He face itself was hidden in mystery, though, by a close up, you could see who it was: Kagome Higirashi.

She rushed into her house/shrine and ran up the steps, into her room. She sat at her desk and placed the box in front of her. She couldn't hold back the excitement. She pulled out the small ring, placing it delicately around her third finger. It glistened spontaniously, the sapphire jewel holding the look of the dark sky. How she loved this ring. She almost didn't want to return it.

She put it back and thought for a while. She had to. She had to give the ring back, she had to go through with this plan, she had to find out every little secret held in his heart, and she had to succeed.

She pieced together the rest of her idea and decided that it was time for bed. She put the delicate piece of jewelry back in the box, dried her hair in the slightest, pulled her pajama's on, and lay in her bed.

She had to go through with this. Nothing was going to stop her...


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