Attempted Fouls

By: Chibi-Suiko

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Chapter Five: Months Passed. . .


"Mama, I'm home!" Kagome called gleefully as she slid open the shrine home door. The pitter-patter of her socked feet treading across the glossy wooden platform met the Higirashi family's ears as they ran joyously onto the foyer to meet the young woman.

"Kagome-neesan! Koonichiwa!" Her brother Souta called enthusiastically as he came through the living room door. Kagome smiled happily as her brother took her bag and began to root through it in search of Feudal Era knick-knacks/artifacts to show to their Jii-chan.

She sighed. This was home. . . Where she had shampoo, baths, computers, and other modern conveniences. Then her smile turned into a frown. It was true that this was one home but. . . Life with InuYasha and the others had become part of her life and family as well. Which meant that the Warring States Era was a part of her home. And soon she hoped that part of her time consumption would be getting an enormous upgrade.


He had gone soft.

No, he had lost his vigor upstanding, given in, conceded. . . To the human girl that was Kagome. Now, it was relatively normal for her to go back home at certain times. It was even normal for him to let her go. . . That was, after they'd argued for hours and she'd sat him six feet under. But this time around, there had been no endless shouts, no cursing, and no pits to be seen. There hadn't even been a discussion.

All there had been was a hanyou sitting calmly in a tree and a young girl who'd appeared at the base to request a visit home.

And he had told her 'yes'.

So now she was gone and he was having to come to terms with his changing around her. It hadn't been much of a change, yet, at the same time, it had been so drastically far from who he was that the words he spoke seemed to have come from a foreign, or possibly defiled mouth.

"InuYasha?" A male voice called from behind him and he turned to see Miroku standing there, a new handprint evident upon his cheek, "You are here alone? Where is Kagome-sama? With Kouga-kun, perhaps?" His manipulative and catty grin was able to be determined behind his tone.

"Keh. Like she would give him the time of day!" InuYasha muttered in his usual rave, his face flushing slightly, "She went home Monk! She's getting more prepared for that wed-a-thing."

"Oh? Then InuYasha, you are distressed that she is gone after your common argument?" Miroku asked, his face betraying his tones' innocence.

"What are you talking about Miroku-baka?! I let her go this time. She obviously felt that she deserved to go home whenever she wanted, and it won't be long before she's gone for good anyway. So why bother keeping her here, right?" He snorted, attempting to sound nonchalant and careless.

"Perhaps. But is there a chance that you are feeling just a bit hopeless in the situation you're in? For InuYasha lost one woman to death and now you're losing another to the strings of age. You know that Kagome couldn't stay with you here forever as this wasn't her home. Yet you still took advantage of her time her. But now you have to lose her. . . Is it possible that you aren't ready to let her go? That you've, maybe, become attached to her?" Miroku asked and InuYasha growled in reply.

"Monk. . . You're really pissing me off. . ."

"I'm only able to do so because you know that I'm right. That's the only way that my words could have penetrated you. Admit it, InuYasha, you DO care about Kagome. Almost. . . Almost as much so as I care for Sango." Miroku looked away with a pained grin and a blush, glancing back in the direction of the village where Sango and Shippou were busy helping the townspeople attend the fields.

"Miroku. . . KUSO! I don't care for that girl! I could never care for someone who resembles the woman I love, mocking her being! I fell in love with Kikyou over fifty years ago, and I could, nor will I ever, turn my back on her. I cannot just fall in love with another! You, Kagome, and the others don't seem to understand that! It's not that easy for me!"

Miroku sighed. He didn't understand; Kikyou was a dead pile of bones enriched by a witches curse. Kagome was alive, well, and obviously in love with InuYasha, who still couldn't forget his 'past life'.

"I agree InuYasha, that you are not an easy person (or in this case, hanyou) to understand. I do not think, however, that you can continue to chase a half-soul forever. And I don't believe that you will jump into Hell with her whenever she finally demands you to do so." Miroku replied calmly.

"You know nothing. I will not let her die alone again. Of course I'll. . . I'll go with her to Hell. I promise you that." InuYasha hoped that Miroku hadn't noticed his stutter.

"Your promise to me is of no question. The question you should be thinking of, can you promise the same thing to Kagome?"


"Kouga-sama, you're back? Where is Kagome-neesan, your mate?" Asked his followers.

"She has chosen yet again to stay with that Inu Turd. But I do suppose that priority should come before love when it pertains to such things as the Shikon no Tama." He goaded, sitting down and picking up a boar leg to snack on, "Soon, though, she will realize that I am the one who truly loves her. She will call for me then."

"Kouga-sama! You have a visitor!"

"Oi! Who is it?!" He called as he stood up to search for an unfamiliar scent.

"It's Ayame-san!" His men yelled, making him intake a deep breath at the name. Judging by the fact that he could barely trace her smell, she must have been waiting awhile.

"Kouga-kun!" A shout rung out as the jade-eyes wolf youkai jumped forward, "I have heard of Kagome-sama's 'mating announcement'! You must feel so heartbroken, losing someone so close to you!" She sounded sympathetic. . . REALLY sympathetic.

"Eh. . ? Um, perhaps you are mistaken. The rumors that Inu Turd and my Kagome-sama are to be mated have been cleared. I was told personally by them that it wasn't true." Kouga stated with the earnest assurance in his voice. Ayame eyed him before choosing to speak.

"But. . . I was told that Kagome-sama was to be with. . . Someone from her own future so she and the Inu aren't to be. She's leaving for home in a few month's time to start a new life. . . And she can't be bothered with returning." Ayame bit her fang into her upper lip, trying to gather her strength for when Kouga would undoubtedly explode.

"Demo. . . Inu Turd told me. . . He said that. . . He and My Kagome. . . Demo. . ." His face was becoming red from all of his spluttering, ". . . MUTT--!" He shouted, throwing his clans' prey down. He shook his feet out again as he readied himself to take off for the main village where he'd seen them last.

"Kouga-kun! He didn't lie to you! He just didn't explain the whole truth!" Ayame spoke bracingly.

"Don't you dare defend that mutt! He's conspired against me for far too long! I'm positive that this is just another scheme to belittle my abilities! He's just aching for me to come after him. Well, the Turd is about to get his wish! I'm no longer going to stand by and watch him play around with my mate or I for any longer!" And, with that, he sped off to find InuYasha, following the obvious stench in the air.

Ayame stood back in the clans cavern, Kouga's then looking her over before she sighed, muttered something along the lines of, "All of those who impose will regret." And then dashed off after him as fast as she could.


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