Haruhi Suzumiya X Death Note

In the shinigami world we have Ryuk sitting bored as usual "Hey Ryuk when are you going back to the human world?" One of the shinigami's asks Ryuk. "I don't know Hana its just the one I was watching is dead now" Ryuk said "I should not be telling you this but I have a certain human you can watch and its very fun to watch" Hana said to Ryuk as he turned his head at Hana. "Haruhi Suzumiya" Hana said as Ryuk looks at him "Who is a girl fun to watch?" Ryuk said as Hana looked at him. "She is the most eccentric and most weird girl you will ever meet and maybe she will be a okay shinigami" Hana said as Ryuk held his death note. "You sure Hana?" Ryuk asks Hana "Yup it will be fun go enjoy yourself I sure did" Hana said as Ryuk flapped his wings and flew to another human world.

North High,Tokyo

"UGH DAMMIT!" Haruhi yelled as she was dragging Kyon from the collar to the clubroom. "Haruhi be honest we will not have a SHINIGAMI! In the clubroom and they are not real!" Kyon said as he was being thrown into the clubroom. Then Haruhi felt a touch as she turned and seen Ryuk. Lighting struck as it illuminated the room. "COOL!" Haruhi yelled as everyone had a WTF look on them as Haruhi was shaking in midair. "Haruhi touch everyone with the death note" Ryuk said as Haruhi grabbed the death note and slapped it in Kyon's face and with the rest.

Kyon seen the shinigami in the doorway. Kyon scooted back as so did the rest except Haruhi. "IS THIS COOL OR WHAT!" Haruhi said with a beaming face. "Kyonshi I see your timeline" Ryuk said as everyone turned to Kyon. "Your name is Kyonshi" Mikuru looked at him. So Haruhi grabbed a pencil and paper and asks the shinigami thousands of useless questions and she got a entire book of useless and some what important facts. "Nagato write all of this in a story NOW!" Haruhi demanded as Nagato walked over to the computer and type a entire story while the guest is watching.

Ryuk studied the room and he was smirked and laughing as this Suzumiya character is demanding things from them and the common sense one is fighting with the eccentric Hauhi Suzumiya. Then Ryuk laughed as Haruhi slapped Kyon as Ryuk dropped the maid dress and Nagato was observing the Shinigami as she continued typing away on the computer. "You humans give me a riot like the last one" Ryuk said as he was sitting on the table eating apples. Then Ryuk gave Haruhi the death note after everyone is gone "Haruhi use this will care" Ryuk "I don't wanna lose you just yet" Ryuk said as thunder boomed outside and lighting illuminated Ryuk in the doorway.

Haruhi and Ryuk walked to her house as she opened the door for him as he entered the house "You live alone Haruhi?" Ryuk asks her "Yup only me is living here" Haruhi said as she flopped the death note on her sofa as Ryuk flipped in Death Note. "Hey this is just like me and the guy I watched!" Ryuk said as the lights was flickering and Haruhi and Ryuk looked at each other and a portal open in her floor as he seen Light Yagami emerge from the portal "Shit" Ryuk said as he seen Light in the anime disapper and head into this world!

"Hello Ryuk" Light said smiling