New Beginnings: Bella's True Mate

C1: Heartbreak

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Bella's POV

Two months! it's been two months since Fuckward left me in the woods and broke my heart. And while most girls I know would be inconsolable after their boyfriends left them, for me it was different. During the last few weeks that we were together, I got the feeling more and more that I didn't love him, so him going away was to be expected and if i'm honest a blessing. But by far the worst part of him leaving is that he took his whole family with him.

I think back to Alice, my pixie sister who loved to torment me with hours of shopping and dressing me up as her own personal Barbie doll afterward, even going so far in actually calling me Barbie Bella. And Emmett, my bear of a brother who never failed to make me smile. I even started to bond with Rosalie, who had been a bitch in the beginning but once we talked she seemed to understand me and we started to form a friendship. She was actually the one that opened my eyes and made me see I didn't love Edward, I just loved what he was. And Jasper, we hadn't had much time together, but I understood the reasons behind it. We had talked some during the last weeks, mostly about History, which was something we both loved to talk about

And Christian, he was the most mysterious member of my extended family, he had been as accepting of me as Alice had and I loved him dearly, but somehow he had some kind of hatred towards Edward, which by now I fully understood, and even supported, and if I would see any of them ever again I would tell Chris and Rose they were right all along.

Somewhere I was glad Edward was out of my life, and looking back I knew I was more fascinated with what he was than I was in loving him.

I wondered if they ever thought about me, or if they fought Edward on his decision on leaving. Maybe all they saw in me was a pet. Something that was fun for a while and to be discarded when it had lost its shine.

I saw some movement outside my window and startled when I saw someone sitting in the tree opposite my window. I opened my mouth to scream but before I could I saw that is was Christian, which somehow lit a light in my broken heart.

I opened my window for him and motioned for him to come in. I saw him smile and within a second he was inside of my room.

The first thing that crossed my mind was to hit him and ask what the big deal was with leaving me like that. But knowing hitting his marble body would only hurt me, I hugged him, tightly like I had never hugged him before. Him being here made it all seem real again.

"Heya Bells, sorry to barge in like this." He said in that sweet sugary voice of his.

I just smiled at him "Hey Chris, it's good to see you too. Care to tell me what happened? Why did you guys just leave me like that?" I asked softly as the tears welled up in my eyes

He took a seat in my desk chair and motioned me to sit too. I sat down on my bed and waited for him to start.

"Well Bella, I know you want to know why we left, but I have a question for you first, if you don't mind. If you answer that I promise to answer all questions you have." He said with the kind smile I was used to seeing on his face.

"Sure, I can live with that." I said a bit confused at his demeanor. He only smiled at me for that "It's a simple question really, but your answer can make all the difference. Did Edward break up with you or did you break up with Edward?" He asked softly.

I frowned at that, surely Edward wouldn't sink so low as to tell the others a different story than he told me. Even he wouldn't stoop to that level, or at least, I hoped he wouldn't stoop to that level. "He broke up with me. He said I was dangerous to the family and that he had lost interest." I said honestly.

I heard Chris growl and his eyes darken a little. "I knew it! That bastard lied to all of us. All of us except Carlisle knew it couldn't be true. He told us that you said we were too dangerous for you and that you didn't want anything to do with us anymore. None of us wanted to leave, we really didn't. But since Carlisle is the Coven leader, he forbade us to be in contact with you." He finished sadly.

My eyes widened at that, I never thought Edward would stoop so low to tear the family apart over this. "Wait, you said Carlisle forbade you to be in contact with me, how is it possible that you're here? Aren't you supposed to obey your coven leader?" I asked a bit confused.

He smiled at me for that "Normally yes, but I'm not officially a member of the Cullen's, so that's why I'm here now. Secondly, some things have changed since we left. There has been a huge fight two days ago and Carlisle and Edward have distanced themselves from the others, and for some reason they appointed me the new leader, along with Esme. She was the one that asked me to pay you a visit. She misses you terribly you know and would have come herself, but unfortunately I had orders to get you myself." He said with a kind smile.

I couldn't take any more and I broke down in tears. Everything Edward had told me was a lie, did he even love me like he always said he did, or was I just a plaything which he would discard the moment he no longer wanted me. I felt how Christian's arms enveloped me in a hug and I relaxed against his shoulder. "Thank you for telling me the truth Chris, I really missed you guys. Please tell me you guys are coming back to Forks." I asked him through the tears.

"I can do one better for you Bella, I know you have always wanted to become one of us, and I'm giving you that opportunity now. The others are in Italy with the Volturi and I have convinced them to hear your side of the story before making a decision. So I was hoping you would come with me to Italy and talk to them." He said with a smile.

I looked at him in shock "Wait, you're asking me to drop everything and come with you to Italy? What about Charlie, what about school." I said with a quirked eyebrow.

He sighed at that "To be honest Bella, it's either that or you will force me to carry out my orders. You see, I'm actually a member of the Volturi Elite Guard, and I have been for the last twelve hundred years. It's either come with me now or you die. And I really don't want to kill you. A certain pixie and Ice Queen would be really upset with me if I did." He said with a look on his face that showed he was telling the truth.

I thought about it for a minute and figured that it was my only option to go with him to Italy, at least then I would see my family again, and if I was honest, Charlie and I hadn't bonded in the six months that I have been here, so I wasn't that upset in leaving him behind. "Okay Chris, I'll come with you to Italy, but mostly because I don't want to die." I said softly.

Again smiled at me, although it was a bit of a sad smile. "Wise choice Bella, I have a private jet waiting in Seattle that will take us to Italy. We can leave whenever you are ready." He said softly.

I nodded and made my way to my closet to pack some essentials.

Christian's POV

I had to smile while Bella packed her suitcase, I had been worried I had to knock her out and then take her with me. This was the best option for her and I knew her father wouldn't be home for at least a few days, the investigation in Port Angeles had him chained to his desk.

Within a few minutes Bella was ready and she gave me a soft smile. "Ready Bells?" I asked softly.

She nodded and I led her outside where my car was parked and she had to smile when she saw it. "I should have known you rented a car for this. A clean disappearance I guess." She said a bit sad.

"Not at all Bella, it's just that my own car is in Italy, when I lived here with the others I usually hitched a ride with Alice and Jazz." I said as she buckled her seatbelt and spared her house a final glance before we pulled away from the sidewalk.

The ride to Seattle was quiet and she fell asleep as soon as we crossed city line. I thought about everything that could go wrong from here on out. There were several things that could go wrong and he only hoped that Alice was right when she said everything would be fine. So far she had been but he could only hope everything would be fine.

As we drove into Seattle a few hours later, Bella slowly woke up and she flashed me a slight smile.

"You hungry Bells, because it will take at least another hour before we arrive at the airport." I asked with a soft smile.

She seemed to think about it for a moment and then shook her head "Not really, I had dinner before you came to my house." She said softly.

I only nodded and turned my eyes back to the road, figuring the sooner we would be in the sky, the better.

About an hour and a half later we were in the air, and now I finally took out my yellow contacts, letting Bella see my red eyes for the first time.

I half expected her to gasp, but I knew better than to doubt her. She had never been afraid or even phased at the revelation of us being vampires or me being in the Volturi. "You know Chris, red eyes suit you better than gold ever did. I don't know why, but this makes a lot more sense in a weird sort of way." She said with a slight blush.

I smiled at her "Thank you Bella, I'm also very glad you now know the truth, to be honest those contacts are annoying."

She only nodded and stared out the window, trying to calm herself down a bit. I could see she was still having trouble with everything, but I knew her well enough to know that I shouldn't push her. Edward had done that a lot over the past months and it always ended badly.

"I want revenge Chris. I want revenge on Edward for leaving me like he did. He broke my heart, and I would love to break his, along with a few other body parts." She said with anger clear in her voice. I only nodded at her "You'll get the chance Bella Bear, we'll make sure of that. And you will get your wish of becoming a vampire. Especially when the kings see how you can block vampire's gifts while you are still human. There haven't been many people in history that had that kind of power." He said with a smile.

"Really, I didn't know that. I always figured those with gifts were born that way." She said with a curious look on her face.

I shook my head at her "No, most of the times a vampire's gift is unlocked when they're changed. Beside the kings I know only of five vampires who knew of their gifts before being changed. One of them is Alice, I'm another, and there are two who are in the Elite Guard who had it as well. And of course there is you."

She nodded at that "Now I'm actually looking forward to meeting the Volturi kings. Carlisle told me about them, but I always had a feeling it was only half the story." She said as she begged me with her eyes to tell her more.

"It probably is, and it's probably only half true. Carlisle once lived in the Volturi castle, but he didn't agree with the practices. He fled one morning and we never saw him again, until we learned he had his own coven. That's why I infiltrated the coven and reported everything to my kings. The truth is that the Volturi aren't as power hungry and greedy as Carlisle made them out to be. They have a certain fascination for vampires with gifts and you have certainly spiked the interest of my master Aro. That alone will work in your favor, as long as you are respectful to the kings. But I digress from my point. The Volturi will let you go if they believe your story, and you will be free to do whatever you want. Free from any obligation." I finished with a smile.

Bella was almost entranced by my words and she gave me a smile. "Do you mean that, will I really be able to go free once they know it's the truth?" She asked with a bright smile.

I merely nodded at her "I mean it, but something tells me you won't want to leave once everything is said and done."

"How do you know that Chris?" She asked a bit confused.

"Something that Alice saw in a vision, but it's not my place to tell you. you'll have plenty of time to catch up with her and the others. I know that they all want to apologize for what Edward and Carlisle did." I said with a kind smile.

She nodded and leaned back in her seat, her eyes closing slowly. "Sleep Bella, I'll wake you when we arrive in Italy." I said softly as she fell asleep.

I watched her as she fell asleep, and on the inside I knew everything would be okay. Bella was a lot stronger than Edward ever gave her credit for, and while he only sought to control her, everyone knew she and him would never have worked. She would have killed him the moment she was turned and they got into an argument.

I decided to relax a bit myself during the flight, since the last couple of weeks has been a blur, mostly consisting of arguments which led to our relocation to Italy. Who knows, once everything is said and done, we could all live somewhere near Volterra, as the family Esme had always envisioned. I closed my eyes and felt myself relax, the closest thing to sleep I had gotten in twelve hundred years.

Several hours later we arrived in Italy and after a short stop at a supermarket so Bella could get something to eat, we were underway to Volterra in my own car, which had made Bella smile.

"I still can't believe I'm only a few hours away from a life altering experience and I'm not even nervous about it." She said as she fiddled with her shades.

I only smiled at her and relaxed a bit myself as we came closer to Volterra.

Bella's POV

As the Italian countryside passed me by I still couldn't believe this was really happening. Less than twenty four hours ago I was still in school and living with my father. Now I was in Italy going towards the nerve center of the vampire community and chances were I wouldn't leave anytime soon.

Christian still didn't want to tell me about Alice's vision, but he told me I would find out soon enough and that we would be in Volterra before I knew it.

"Hey Chris, I have always wondered how you have been turned. I know about Edwards and Emmett's story, but I'm a bit curious about you." I asked shyly, not sure if he wanted me to know.

But he just smiled at me "I guess we have a little time before we get to Volterra, so I can tell you what happened. I can't remember exactly when I was born anymore, they didn't really keep to dates in the same manner we do now, but I'm twelve hundred and sixty six years old, so I guess I was born around 746 AD. I still remember that the night I was turned, I was supposed to be burned at the stake for witchcraft, which was unheard of in that time. But before my village could burn me, Aro found me and took me to Volterra where he turned me. From then on I was a member of the Elite Guard and I reveled in it." He finished with a wistful smile.

I was a bit shocked at this, I never knew he had a gift, and now I wondered what it was. "That's so sad that happened to you, but does this mean you have a gift too?" I asked softly.

He nodded at that. "Most of the Elite Guard have gifts, that's part of the reason they are selected. My gift is that I create illusions of fear and panic in people's minds. I let them live their worst nightmares and leave them paralyzed." He said softly.

That surprised me a little, I never thought he could be like that, since he always seemed like such a kind man. But I suppose being in the Volturi guard changes your personality a bit "I never would have guessed. Have you ever used it on anyone while you were staying with the Cullen's?" I asked a bit afraid of the answer. I really hoped he hasn't used it on Alice or Rose.

"I have, usually on Edward when he pissed me off, even Carlisle suffered it once because he forgot who I was. Emmett asked me to use it on him once, because he wanted to know what it was like, but I didn't want to do that to him or Rose. Although Emmett and I have wrestled a whole lot together, and since I knew who Jasper was, I also spent a lot of time sparring with him." He said with a soft smile.

I let out a breath of relief, glad he never used his power on those he liked. "Well, Edward I can understand, I wanted to hurt Edward on several occasions. But why did you want to spar with Jasper, he looks like he wouldn't hurt a fly" I said with a soft smile.

He only smiled at me "You were usually the reason I had to Bella, he wanted to control you, make you dependent on him, and that was something I wouldn't stand for. The worst part is that Edward always promised you to turn you someday, but the truth is that he was never going to do it. And the reason I sparred a lot with Jazz is easy, although it's not my place to talk about his history, I will say that he had a life before he met Alice."

"Remind me to ask about that when I see him. But I knew what Edward wanted for me from the beginning, that's why I came with you so easily, I want to get revenge on both Edward and Carlisle for what they did to me. And of course I want to see the others, I've missed everyone so much, especially Alice and Emmett." I said with a wistful smile.

Christian had to smile at that "I figured as much, they bonded with you so easily. Although Rose also wanted to be your friend from the start, but of course Edward forbade her because he didn't trust her." He said as he shook his head.

I was actually a bit shocked at that, I never knew that Edward actually forbade people from befriending me. Who did he think he was trying to keep people from my life. I started to hate him more with every passing minute.

As if he sensed my feelings Christian smiled at me "I know you must hate Edward now, but it wasn't only Edward who thought like that. Carlisle often agreed with him, maybe it's because Edward was the first one he turned. They have always had a special bond and Carlisle still sees Edward as his Golden Boy. Edward can never do anything wrong in Carlisle's eyes, and usually the others will get punished when they slip up, and Edward would never get punished for the same slip up." He said as he rested one hand one my knee.

That made me blush a bit and I saw his nostrils flare a bit as he smelled the blood rushing to my skin. "Now I'm really grateful you took me away, because god knows what could have happened if Edward came back to get me. Then I would have been chained at his side my entire life." I said softly.

"That's something we never would have let happen. Alice asked me to keep an eye on you, because I was the only one who could go against Carlisle without problems. And I know Edward and Carlisle are far away from Forks and they wouldn't have come for you anyway. And besides, even if he came back for you, I doubt he would have kept you alive, since the only thing stopping him from tearing you apart were the rest of the family." He said with a kind smile.

I gasped slightly at that revelation, but I kept my mouth shut. I knew Edward wanted to drain me, but I never could have thought it would be this bad. So I only nodded at his statement as a town came into view, the most prominent being the church on top of the hill.

"We're almost there Bella. Only another half an hour before we're there, and not a moment too soon I might add." He said softly.

I had to smile at that, only half an hour before I would see Alice, Emmett and Rose again. "Thank God for that, as comfortable as your car is, I really want to stretch my legs for a bit." I said softly.

He smiled at me and sped up a little more so we would be in Volterra faster. "You should have told me Bella, I'm a bit rusty on human needs." He said with a soft smile.

"Hey it's no big deal Chris, I've sat longer in less comfortable cars. But I guess I'm just a little bit excited to see everyone again, that's why I'm a bit restless." I said as I patted his knee softly.

That brought a smile to his face which I hadn't seen in a very long time.

As we drove into the city I noticed it was way more quiet than I would expect at this time a day. The streets were almost deserted although it was almost noon.

Chris noticed my stares out of the window and smiled at me "People take mandatory rests here from eleven thirty till two, because were closer to the equator the sun shines a lot brighter here. That's why the streets are nearly empty."

I only nodded and I felt my nerves increasing as we pulled into a parking lot close to the church.

"Are you ready Bella?" He asked once we were out of the car.

I merely nodded and followed him to a side entrance of the church, ready to face anything that could be inside, even if that could mean my death.