New Beginning's: Bella's True Mate

C13: The Ball

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1 year later

Alec's POV

It was now a year after we finally got rid of Edward and finally we had fallen back in a sense of normalcy in our house.

After the battle Heidi and Renee had requested to stay with us, which was granted by the kings without hesitation.

During the past year the six youngest women of the house had forged a sisterly bond that even we as mates were envious of.

Now we were planning our third ball since we were here, and Tanya had assured me that this would be a special one, even grander than the ones before.

Right now Bella was shopping for a new dress with Alice, Rose and Jane and I was waiting my turn in the Training Room to go up against Jasper once again.

Even though we had dealt with Dickward and his army, the missions our Kings needed us to go on had not diminished in the slightest. They had turned us into their own personal assassination squad, and right now we were preparing for one of the most important mission as of yet. We were tasked to go after the Romanian vampires Vladimir and Stefan, who had been a thorn in our master's side for years.

Aro had tasked me and Christian with their disposal much to the chagrin of our mates.

I watched as Christian fought against Jasper at a speed that was hard to follow even for me.

Neither seemed to gain ground on the other, and after about half an hour they gave up. "Your turn Alec." Christian said as he tagged out.

I smiled and couldn't resist teasing him a bit. "Giving up already brother, that's so unlike you."

He glared at me. "I'd like to see you try and last as long as I did."

I just smiled and took my position, charging at Jasper when he had done the same.

We collided with a bang but it didn't take long before Jasper had me flat on my stomach had his hands wrapped around my neck, much to the delight of Christian.

"You said something about me not lasting long Alec?" Christian asked with a smile.

I just glared at him as Jasper helped me back to my feet. "What's wrong Alec, normally you last a lot longer against me."

"I don't know Jazz, just have a lot on my mind is all." I said softly.

He smiled at that. "Don't we all brother, let me guess, you're worried about the mission to Romania?" He asked with a soft smile.

I only nodded at him. "Just a little bit, as much as a pain in the ass Stefan and Vladimir may be, they are older than Aro, Caius and Marcus, and thus more experienced and powerful. I just doubt that two of us will be enough."

"Maybe you should tell Tanya and Esme about your concerns, I'm sure they will call Aro and advise them to send more of us." Christian said with a soft smile.

I smiled and nodded at that. "I guess you're right Chris, but you know you feel the same fear about being separated from Jane and going against stronger opponents that not only hate us, but are way more powerful than anyone we have ever gone up against."

Christian nodded morosely at that. "Of course I am afraid, more than I have ever been in twelve hundred years. But I try to think of the good things in life."

I only nodded at that before we made our way towards the living room where we could hear Tanya and Esme giving orders to everyone. "I guess we should offer our help to our Coven Leaders, before they come and drag us into the living room." Jasper said with a smile.

Christian and it smiled and nodded as Jasper knocked on the door, and all three of us heard Tanya scream in frustration.

Tanya's POV

"Whoever's idea this stupid ball was I swear I will rip them apart." I screamed as I crushed another phone in my hands.

Esme smiled and soothingly rubbed my back. "It was your idea to have a grand ball my love, but please try and calm down, no one will benefit if you start tearing that beautiful hair from your head."

I smiled and kissed her deeply. "I know baby, but I'm starting to lose my patience with these delivery companies that can't make it."

"Could we be of any assistance?" Jasper asked as he, Christian and Alec came into the room.

I smiled brightly at them, almost wanting to hug them. "Yes Jasper, as a matter of fact you can. If you and Alec could take the van and pick up some of the last supplies for the ball tomorrow, I would be eternally grateful to you."

They smiled and nodded before they walked to the garage. "Christian, for you we have a special assignment. We need you to drive to town and pick up our dresses and the tuxedo's. We still need to fit them for a last time, and we don't have that much time." Esme said with a smile.

"Anything for my lovely mothers, I'll be back as soon as I can." He said with a bright smile.

We both smiled brightly and gave him a tight hug. "You know how it warms our unbeating hearts when you call us mother?" we're truly honored you see us like that." I said softly.

He smiled at that. "Both Jane and I have always craved a maternal bond because we have both been betrayed by our families, and you two have filled our lives with so much love that we truly see you both as our mothers."

"I'm glad I can't cry anymore because I'm sure I would have tears in my eyes right now. And know that we both see you all as our children and try to create a loving environment for everyone." I said softly.

"And you have done an amazing job of it. But I'll get going if I want to make it back in time." He said with a smile.

We nodded and smiled as Christian made his way to the garage. "Now that everyone has their assignments, I think we should focus on the things that we still need to do, like making sure the decorations are up to our standards." Esme said with a soft smile.

I nodded and gave her a kiss as we walked towards the entrance hall. Both of us lost in our own little world.

Alice's POV

As Jane, Bella, Rose and I walked back to Bella's car, which she had gotten from Rose and Christian the day after the battle last year, we talked animatedly about the upcoming ball. It of course wasn't the first we had thrown but it was certainly the grandest.

"I'm so excited for tomorrow. I can't wait to see what Esme and Tanya are going to wear." Bella said with a giggle.

We all smiled at her. "Whatever it will be I'm sure it will be fabulous." I said with a soft smile.

"I'm proud of you Alice, you didn't even say that you would have loved to pick something out for them." Rose said with a teasing tone.

"It's not my fault okay. I just love fashion and helping people pick something out." I said in defense.

They girls all smiled and hugged me. "It's okay Ali, we were only teasing you. We know you love your fashion and everything associated with it, why do you think we wanted your advice when we needed to shop for dresses?" Bella asked softly.

I smiled at them all, seeing a similar smile on their faces. "Thanks you guys, I'm trying to not be as nitpicky about everything, but it's hard to change those habits."

"We know it's hard Alice, and we know you are trying your hardest, but don't forget you have several sisters that are willing to help you." Jane said with a soft smile.

"Thanks Jane, that means a lot to me. But we really should get back, otherwise we will get a distress call from Tanya again, and we really don't want that to happen" I said as we reached the car.

The girls nodded and as I sat myself in the back with Jane, we both cuddled up to each other, like we had done a lot over the last year. The four of us had become incredibly close and we spend most of our days together. Our mates thought it was cute and even encouraged us in bonding, which had led to entire nights of us just talking like some kind of sleep-over, only we didn't actually sleep.

Of course with the four of us spending so much time together, our mates had found the perfect wrestling partners in each other, which they never wasted an opportunity to do. They had even dared to wrestle in the backyard once, but once Carmen found her beloved garden riddled with holes, she actually threatened them with bodily harm if they dared to do that again.

From that moment the boys thought it be best if the kept their wrestling matches in the Training Room, since they didn't want to upset Carmen further, who could be quite scary when she wanted to be.

"What are you thinking about Alice? You've got that far away look on your face again." Jane asked softly.

I smiled at her. "Nothing much, mostly about Jazz and what he and the boys are up to."

"Knowing them, they'll either be wrestling in the training room or they're in the pool, again." Rose said softly.

We all laughed at that. "Sometimes it's like they love the pool as much as we love to shop." Bella said with an almost audible smile.

"Well, we do spend a lot of time together, so our mates have to do something to pass the time." I said with a smile.

The girls nodded at that. "I guess you're right, sometimes I feel a bit for them though. I mean, we almost spend more time with each other than with the boys." Rosalie said softly.

"I'm sure they're glad that we have bonded so well. But you're right, we have been neglecting them, and it's high time we do something about that." I said with a smile.

They smiled and nodded at that, and for the rest of the trip we fell into an easy conversation.

Carmen's POV

After two weeks of intense preparations we were finally at the day of the ball. It was now almost 8 p.m. and the first guests would arrive in an hour.

At this moment everyone was getting dressed while I instructed the three girls on their duties for tonight. Unfortunately none of them would survive the night, as well as all of our guests, who we had carefully selected from all over America to not raise suspicion when they would disappear. Of course the one Eleazar identified to have gifts would be turned and sent to Aro to strengthen the Volturi ranks.

"Alright, listen carefully because I will not repeat myself. Tonight two if you will be in charge of serving drinks and food to our guests, while the other welcomes them and takes their coats at the door. Once all guests have arrived, you will join the others on waiting duty. You may sort out amongst yourself who does what, but I want to be informed when the last guest arrives." I said kindly.

They all nodded and quickly went to change, and I couldn't suppress a giggle as they scampered up the stairs. "Poor girls, I really wish there was another way to do this." I said softly to myself before I made my way back to my room to change as well.

As I entered our room I almost swooned when I saw my mate. He was dressed in the most beautiful tuxedo I had ever seen him wear.

"Hello love, you look absolutely ravishing in that outfit." I said in a purr.

He turned around and smiled as he pulled me in his arms, in which I instantly relaxed. "Thank you baby, and I think I will be saying the same in a few minutes, not that you need any help with that in the first place, but you get what I mean."

I smiled and gave him a kiss before I disappeared into the closet to change. For tonight I had chosen a black gown that would show off my figure in a tasteful way and would look well next to Eleazar.

I changed at vampire speed and checked my appearance in the mirror, smiling at the sight reflected at me. It reminded me a lot of when I was changed when I used to wear a similar gown.

I then walked back out and smiled coyly at my mate. "You look amazing love, it's almost as if we have traveled back in time five hundred years, because you look exactly the same as when I met you and fell in love with you." He said with an awestruck voice.

"Thank you my love, that's sweet of you to say." I said as I kissed him deeply.

He smiled into our kiss and pulled me close. "Love, if we start this now there is no way we will be done in time for the ball, and seeing how hard we have worked on the preparations it would be a shame if we would miss it."

I pouted a little but nodded at him, looping my arm through his as we made our way downstairs where most of the family was already waiting for us.

I heard soft piano tones coming from the ballroom and I had to smile at it. Tanya and Christian would provide the music for tonight, since even a low reputation band would be missed and give us trouble we didn't want to handle.

Esme and Jane were standing arm in arm and were smiling at us as we came down. "You two look simply amazing, almost like royalty." Esme said with a soft smile.

Both Eleazar and I smiled at them. "Well, let's just say it is something left over from my human life. Living in the Spain of the 1500's will teach you to dress to your role in society. And since I came from a noble family, this was drilled into me since I was a little girl." I said with a smile.

The two smiled at that. "That makes a lot of sense Carmen, you carry yourself with such confidence that I figured you were nobility from the first time I saw you." Jane said with a smile.

"Thank you Jane, that means a lot to me, and I have to say you two look beautiful as well, very feminine." I said with a smile.

They curtsied and smiled at us. "I don't have a lot of opportunities to dress like this, so I like to take every opportunity to do so." Jane said with a smile, and I was sure if she could still blush, she would be right now.

As we were talking Alice and Jasper came down the stairs, and to my surprise Jasper was in his military uniform, albeit a bit updated. "Well hello Captain, don't you and your mate look amazing tonight." Esme said with a smile.

Jasper smiled politely while Alice was clearly having trouble containing her excitement. "Thank you Esme, you look great as well, and I'm sure Tanya does as well."

"Jane, you look absolutely adorable in that dress." Alice said as she gave Jane a careful hug, not wanting to ruin their make-up.

"Thank you Ali, you look cute too." Jane said with a smile.

Soon enough most of the family was down with us and everyone looked absolutely gorgeous. The only one who remained upstairs were Bella and Alec.

When they came down the stairs a few minutes later, a few soft gasps were heard as Bella and Alec descended the stairs.

Bella was wearing a beautiful crimson dress with golden accents that complimented every single inch of her figure, while her mate was dressed in an immaculate tuxedo.

"You look beautiful Bella, I always said you'd clean up well." Alice said with a smile.

"And I have you to thank for it my pixie sister, thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the last few months." Bella said as she pulled Alice into a careful hug.

"I'm sorry to interrupt lady Carmen, but the first guests are coming up the driveway now."

We all snapped to attention at that. "Right thank you, places everyone. Let's get this ball on the road." I said softly.

Everyone nodded and made their way to the ballroom to appear like guests who had arrived early.

It took another two hours before all the guests were inside, and once I got the notification that everyone was inside. I locked the doors so no one could escape from the mansion.

What happened in the next few hours could only be described as a decadent bloodbath. We drained everyone at the ball and relished in it, something I could have never seen myself doing a year ago. But I need to admit that I loved it. And in a weird way this new beginning for our Coven could be laid at the feet of a certain brunette in a crimson gown that had finally had her happy ending with her true mate.