Growing up in a town where nothing ever happens means that when something does happen it's the biggest thing in the world. Especially when your Nothing Ever Happens town is Forks. When my mom tried to leave with me as a child somehow the entire town knew. And when she returned with me barely a week later, again it was the talk of the town. But being the daughter of the Chief of Police would never let me be able to fade into the kind of obscurity I would come to wish for.

My sophomore year of high school had barely started when our dreary little town hit the jackpot of small town gossip. The city's hospital had acquired a new doctor for their staff, and our town had acquired seven of the most beautiful people you could imagine. It was like they'd all walked straight off a runway and into our town. Apparently the most appropriate time to enroll in school was during lunch. Because just as everyone was heading to the cafeteria they were all gracefully gliding towards the front office.

There was no way to miss them, even if they hadn't been so beautiful. Their clothes alone probably costed more than our house. And the cars were even more expensive looking. I could hear a few of the guys chattering excitedly about the cars, but the two black cars weren't what had my attention. The driver of one of the cars looked like he was chuckling, and for some reason it hit every one of the wrong nerves in my body. At that moment the only thing stopping me from walking up and smacking the arrogant look off his face was my general lack of coordination and physical ability.

"Bella?" It sounded like my name had been called from under water, but when I turned towards the direction of the voice I was surprised to see Angela standing right beside me. "Bella? Are you okay?"

I turned my head back to glare one last time but they were all inside. "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go get some food."

Walking into the cafeteria was like walking into a news conference. Everyone had questions, and everyone thought they needed to shout over each other in order to get their answers. As Angela and I took our places in line I sighed. Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory were right in front of us.

"Did you see how yummy the brothers looked though?" Lauren asked loudly.

Jessica snorted out a short laugh. "You'd either have to be blind, gay, or Isabella Swan to not notice. I mean seriously did you see her standing there glaring at them all?"

"Of course Miss Swan has a problem with them. They're all perfect and she's a plain little prude."

If their was an award for being "The Most Cliched Mean Girls" Jessica and Lauren were world record holders. I'd tried once upon a time to befriend them, but being the quiet girl who likes to read doesn't really earn you that many friends in junior high.

I could feel Angela getting upset beside me. She was probably the sweetest person I'd ever met. She hated it when people were needlessly cruel, especially to me. And as much as I wanted to interrupt their conversation, I wanted to hear if they said anything worth knowing. But they didn't. They prattled on about how attractive the three guys were. They hoped they'd get noticed, and I knew that it would never happen. Guys like that were never interested in high school girls.

The lunchroom had nearly gotten back to it's mostly tolerable level of volume when the five siblings walked in. At first everything was eerily silent, and then it erupted into conversation. Everyone started talking about anything and everything to fill the silence. I couldn't take it anymore.

I turned to Angela. "It's too loud in here. I'm going to go ahead and go to class." She nodded in confirmation as I picked up the tray of food I hadn't really bothered to eat.

As I walked to the garbage can I noticed Jessica and Lauren glaring at me. I started walking a little faster so that I could get out of there. I didn't want deal with mean girls and snobby transfers any more than necessary. I quickly threw my lunch away and tried to make a silent exit.

But three things seemed to happen at once as I walked away from the trash can. I felt a slickness under my foot. My foot flew out from under me and I started to fall. There was something cold against my back that wasn't the floor like I'd expected it to be.

I looked up and standing behind me was a very tiny, very breakable looking girl with short spiky hair. "Thank you." I mumbled as I tried to up right myself.

"It was no problem." She said with a smile. Her voice was like music.

I wanted to say something else to her just to hear her speak again. It took me a few seconds too long to say something, but she waited smiling and patient as I tried to find my voice. "I'm Bella. I'm clumsy."

She laughed and I was instantly reminded of windchimes. "Nice to meet you, 'Bella I'm Clumsy'." She held out her hand but I was too enveloped in the sound of her voice to register it. "I'm Alice. I also happen to be very not clumsy. Maybe we should stick together to balance each other out."

When she realized I wasn't going to take her hand she wrapped her arm around my shoulders and began leading me to the exit of the cafeteria. We were almost there when one of her siblings called out to her.

"Alice, where are you going?" The words sounded more like an accusation than a question and I recognized him as the guy from earlier who'd been chuckling. His bronze colored hair and pale face were easy to recognize.

Alice stopped and turned to stare at her brother, even though they looked nothing alike, there was something about them that screamed "related", so I stopped and turned with her. "Edward, I'm walking my new friend to class. We share the next class together and I wanted to be able to make sure I was accurately situated."

They kept their eyes fixed on one another for a short moment before Edward glanced at me. I felt a chill run down my spine as his gaze went from slightly annoyed to a mixture of confusion and revulsion. I glared back at him. I wasn't going to let some guy that didn't even know me try to intimidate me. I was about to tell him to back off when Alice whirled around and began to lead me out the door once again.

When the door opened I felt a breeze blow my hair out behind me, and I could have sworn I heard a hiss.