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The majority of the day, Bokuto spent it waiting in his apartment, patiently striving for Akaasgi to arrive. He normally would be anxious, but in his heart, he knew Akaashi would be there.

Everything seemed confusing when he got home the night before, wondering why Akaashi had showed up during his date with Miki. "How did he even know where I would be..." Bokuto mumbled to himself as he kept waiting.

Soon, it became late into the afternoon and Bokuto sighed, still waiting for Akaashi. He felt like giving up again and sulked as he started walking back to his bedroom.

Before he got back into his bedroom, the doorbell rang and Bokuto quickly ran to answer it.

"Akaashi!" He yelled as he answered the door, seeing Akaashi in front of him.

"Hello, Bokuto..." Akaashi said softly as he looked at him. "You wanted to see me?"

Bokuto nodded and let Akaashi into the apartment. "I have so many questions to ask you..." he said, getting more serious. He led Akasshi into the living room and let him sit on the couch. Akaashi sat at the edge of the couch and kept watching Bokuto.

"First question... Why did you peck at my leg last night?" Bokuto said and lifted his pant leg to show a big bruise left there.

"I'm sorry... I was just a little mad." Akaashi said simply to him.

"Then that leads me to my next question... why were you mad at me? You were the one who said you were never coming back here anyways... what could I have done to make you angry?" Bokuto asked to him.

Akaashi looked away from Bokuto and sighed a little. "Because you went on a date..." he said softly.

"How did you even know that?" Bokuto said, still confused.

"Kenma told me... that Kuroo was planning to have you go out with someone... so I followed you to see if it was true." Akaashi kept saying to Bokuto softly. "I know what I said but... the thought of you going out with someone... bothered me."

Bokuto stayed silent and was surprised by what Akaashi was saying. "You were jealous?!" He exclaimed.

"Jealous? No, never." Akaashi said defensively and stood up from the couch to face Bokuto.

"Yes, you were! That's why you got so mad when I was with Miki, you were jealous." Bokuto said and laughed. "That's so cute!"

Akaashi blushed a little as he heard Bokuto and shook his head. "I don't get jealous." He said and folded his arms.

"Akaashi is jealous~ Akaashi is jealous~." Bokuto sang and kept laughing.

Akaashi sighed, having enough of Bokuro's teasing. He reached and grabbed Bokuro by his shirt, pulling him closer. He looked at the surprised Bokuto for a second and then leaned in to kiss him.

Bokuto's eyes widened more as Akaashi kissed him.

"Yes... I was very jealous." Akaashi said as he pulled back from the kiss and looked at Bokuto.

"Akaashi!" Bokuto said loudly and reached to hug Akaashi tightly as he went back to kissing him.

Akaashi slowly closed his eyes and hugged Bokuto tightly as he kissed him back. They held each other close and kept kissing passionately, missing the other person.

After a while, Bokuto pulled back from the kiss and looked at Akashi, panting a little. He then held Akaashi's hand and guided him to the bedroom.

"Akaashi... have you ever had sex before?" He asked softly and looked at him. Akaashi looked at Bokuto and shook his head. "But, I did have the joy of hearing about it from Kenma. He came home one day from Kuroo's all flustered about it." He said to Bokuto.

Bokuto laughed as he heard Akaashi. "That's good, then you know about it." He said and brought Akaashi to sit at the edge of his bed.

"Wait... you want to have sex... with me?" Akaashi asked, surprised as he sat next to Bokuto.

"Of course, your jealousy and that kiss; it was a confession of your love." Bokuto said and smiled as he slowly moved his hands under Akaashi's shirt to take it off.

"I... don't know what to say." Akaashi said to Bokuto softly and allowed him to take off his shirt.

"Just let me do everything," Bokuto told him and smiled.

He then stared at Akaashi's body in awe once his shirt was removed. He ran his hand over Akaashi's chest slowly and admired it.

"This isn't the first time you've seen me without a shirt..." Akashi mumbled softly as he looked at Bokuto.

"I know, but you're just so beautiful. It's like I'm seeing it for the first time." Bokuto told him and grinned. He then slowly removed his own shirt and it was Akaashi's turn to stare in awe. Bokuto had a much more toned body than him and defined abs. Akaashi unconsciously moved his hand to feel his chest.

"I guess you like what you see," Bokuto said and smirked as he leaned Akaashi over and pinned him gently into the mattress.

Akaashi stared up at Bokuto and sighed a little. "Wait, it's not close to sundown... right?" He asked him, worried.

Bokuto shook his head. "It's only 3pm. Don't worry, I made sure I knew the time." He said and smiled a little.

Akashi sighed again and nodded. "Why are you so understanding?" He said to Bokuto. "I left because I didn't want to burden you with me being an owl at night. There is so much we can't do after the sun goes down. Things like this..." he said and looked away from Bokuto.

"Don't worry, Akaashi." Bokuto said confidently and got his attention. "I still like you no matter what. It's okay that you become an owl." He told him softly and leaned down to kiss him again gently.

Akaashi slowly closed his eyes and kissed Bokuto back gently. He wrapped his arms slowly around Bokuto's neck and brought him closer. Bokuto smiled as he kept kissing Akaashi and held his waist gently.

"Mn~" Akaashi moaned softly into the kiss as Bokuto slowly removed the rest of their clothes.

Soon, Bokuto pulled back and looked at Akaashi's flushed face from the kiss. "I just need to do something, so I won't hurt you." He said softly as he spread Akaashi's legs apart. Akaashi nodded and let Bokuto do as he wanted. Bokuto then reached and slowly slid a finger inside of Akaashi.

"Bokuto... that feels weird." Akaashi said softly and moved his hips a little.

"I'm sorry, but I need to." Bokuto said and slowly added a second finger. He then start moving it inside of Akaashi slowly, stretching out inside. Akaashi moaned a little and gripped onto the bed as he felt Bokuto's fingers inside him.

Once Bokuto thought it was enough, he slowly removed his fingers and moved closer to Akaashi. "I'm going to enter your now." He said softly and Akaashi nodded. Bokuto spread Akaashi's legs apart more and slowly entered inside of him.

"Mnn~ Bokuto~" Akaashi moaned softly as Bokuto entered fully into him.

"Akaashi, are you okay?" Bokuto asked softly before moving inside him. Akashi looked at him and nodded.

"I'm okay," he replied quietly and hugged Bokuto against him. Bokuto nodded and held Akaashi gently as he start slowly moving in and out of him.

"Bokuto... feels good..." Akashi moaned out and rolled his head back. Bokuto smiled as he heard Akaashi and kept moving in and out of him.

Bokuto soon started moving faster inside of Akaashi and held him tighter. Akashi moaned out louder and clawed a little as Bokuto's back, leaving scratch marks.

After a little longer, Bokuto felt close to coming and moved deeper inside of Akaashi.

"B-Bokuto..." Akaashi moaned out and hugged Bokuto tightly in his arms. He soon came and arched his back, still holding Bokuto.

"Akaashi..." Bokuto said softly and soon came inside him.

They both looked at each other after coming and panted softly.

"Akaashi... I really love you. Please don't leave me." Bokuto said to him softly.

"I won't Bokuto..." Akaashi said back to him. "I realize... how much I love you too."

Bokuto smiled brightly as he heard Akaashi and hugged him tightly in his arms.

"I'm sorry, you must be tired." Bokuto said after a while and pulled back from Akaashi. Akaashi looked at him and nodded slowly. He laid tiredly against the bed and snuggled against Bokuto. After a while, he fell asleep soundly and soon after him, Bokuto did as well.

Bokuto woke up late the next morning to the sound of his phone ringing. He groaned as he sat up on his bed and rubbed his eyes.

He then saw Akaashi was still there sleeping in his bed and smiled.

"Good morning, Akaashi." He said softly and kissed Akaashi's cheek.

Akaashi shifted a little on the bed and soon opened his eyes to look at Bokuto. He smiled softly and sat up with Bokuto on the bed. "Good morning," he said to him gently.

The phone kept ringing behind them and Bokuto sighed. "Hold on, let me get that." He said and picked up the phone beside his bed. "It's Kuroo." He said and picked it up.

"Hello? Kuroo?" He said over the phone.

"Bokuto, have you seen Kenna at all?" Kuroo said, panic obvious in his voice.

"No, I haven't. Why is something wrong?" Bokuto asked and looked at Akaashi beside him..

"He was supposed to come over this morning... and he still hasn't shown up." Kuroo told him. "Maybe he's with Akaashi, I'll have to ask him."

"Umm... Akaashi's with me right now." Bokuto said over the phone to him awkwardly.

"What? How?" Kuroo said, shocked over the phone. "Let's not talk about that now... but... where could Kenma be?"

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