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Carlisle's POV

I held an unnecessary breath as I sat in the room, filled by my family. For the past ten years, there had been a civil war breaking the foundation that I had fought so hard to keep. The children that I had loved more than my own existence were in a constant war. If it weren't for the fact that there was no possibility that I could look a day older, I'd have been gray and near death already.

We sat, staring at each other. No one looked the same that they had once, yet they all did. Esme had her arms wrapped around herself, and I knew that just the sight of this turmoil was ripping her apart. She had always longed for a beautiful family that would love and be there for one another, but now the family stood around each other; restraining themselves from trying to rip each other apart. Alice stared at the ground, I imagine she was seeing all the things that were a possibility in our future. Jasper looked pained, taking in everyone's anger and the different levels they were having. I pitied him. Emmett, who had once been ready to fight, looked more concerned than anyone else as he sat behind Rosalie, holding her in place. Rosalie, on the other hand, glared at Alice and Edward, her eyes never leaving them as she tested Emmett's hold on her every now and again. Edward, the bags under his eyes deeper than any I had ever seen, looked dejected. He took the blame for everything. My poor son.

"Alright, enough of this. Why can't we just kick him out of this family?" Rosalie growled, staring Edward.

"That's enough. We are a family. That's just how it is. Every family, immortal or not, go through times like these and deal with them and move on. I'm tired of every family gathering ending in a fight or a year of silence. You are all hurting, whether you want to admit it or not, and it is time for us to put the past where it belongs and continue on," I calmly spoke, hoping to pull the remains of anyone's feelings back to the surface.

"No, that's long gone. From the moment that Edward decided to bring a human around and then continue to be so damn depressing as to make all our friends and extended family abandon us, we were over. This is old news and we just need to move on. I'm so tired of you people defending him when he's the only problem here!" Rosalie stood, breaking out of Emmett's hold.

"Sit down, we're not fighting today, not when we've fought so hard to be he-" I began but was quickly cut off by Alice's higher pitched voice, "If we don't all suck it up and figure out how to be civil, we are going to ruin the one thing that this life has actually given us. I want this family, even though you all are so stubborn. I want this to stay family and be a place we can all come back to. If we lose this, we lose the only foundation that this life has given us and if we get in trouble, it's over. There will be no one left who will fight for us when we need it."

Silence circled the room as everyone took her words in. Alice, the one who had always been confident that we would all figure out a way around our personal apocalypse, sounded more fearful than before. Even Rosalie, who had always been one to initiate a fight, silently sat back in front of Emmett, who was staring back at her.

Esme sniffed and cleared her throat, probably wishing she could release the tears I knew would be there, "I am your mother. I am the one who will be there no matter what and I have been proud of all of you throughout the years. We have had little victories along the way. My biggest victory was the fact that I hadn't lost all of you when you all turned away from each other. However, I will love all of you forever and I have loved all of you since the moment I saw you, so I believe that it is time for me to finally say something. Watching all of this has hurt me in ways that you all will never understand. Family is the most important thing to my life. You are the most important things in my life. That's how I know that if we continue this for another ten years, we will never be able to make it back to the beautiful ways we had before. We were family. We were what every person, vampire or not, should want to be. I miss you all so much. I'm begging you, as the women who would give my life for each one of you, to please try to find it in your hearts to make this work. I don't have it in me to watch this fall apart again." She had to stop, her emotions getting the best of her.

"Mom, we love you. You'll always be our mother, but what about us? Being a part of this family has made us lose the one thing we had before; a normal life. We went to school everyday and were able to make things work, but now nothing works because we are all on separate teams. I think it's over," Rosalie spoke, leaning closer to Esme, as if apologizing.

"No!" Emmett finally shouted, "It's not over. We're still family. You all need to take your head out of your asses and just listen to each other. We are all sorry. We all made mistakes. Move on. We have forever to continue to bug the shit out of each other, so why are we spending so long on this one? I'm usually the immature one, but you all are taking this to a whole different level."

I rubbed my face, feeling the stress that I had usually seen on all my older patients, "Kids. We can work on our problems, but running away and disappearing is not the answer. We've worked so hard to make it this far, and establish life where we go. Let's not lose that over something we could have handled years ago."

Edward, for the first time today, stood up and walked towards Esme. Everyone's heads snapped up and stared, watching his hesitant movements as he walked towards her. For years, Edward rejected love from anyone, including Esme; essentially breaking her heart. He brought his hand to her cheek and gently held it, there eyes locking and staying there for a while. Jasper gasped and grabbed Alice's hand has Alice's eyes began to glaze over. Something was changing and even Rosalie backed closer into Emmett, witnessing something that hadn't happened in far too long.

"Mom?" Edward's voice sounded youthful, as if he was a child who had just gotten out of trouble, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." And just like that, he fell to his knees, his head landing in Esme's waiting arms. They clutched each other, both tearlessly crying as they tried to hold onto the last pieces of something good. I felt my heart fill and hold onto a whole new level of hope.

"Oh my boy," Esme smiled and whispered into his hair, "I thought I would never have you back." Her hand was rubbing his back as Edward gave into his anguish in front of us all, something we'd only knew was happening but had never seen. My heart broke for his, but I could see the new light shining in Esme's eyes, along with the rest of my family as we all continued to sit and watch them.

Alice got up next and sat between Esme and I, gently putting a hand on Esme's shoulder and taking my hand in hers. My daughter had always been a brave one as she whispered, "Everything will be alright." I clutched her hand before wrapping one arm around her, bringing her close to my heart. I had missed them all. Although they were not mine biologically, they were mine in every essence. I loved them with every fiber of my being and planned to protect them from whatever was to come.

Jasper smiled at us, knowing Alice's own personal battle with the events that had been taking place for far too long. She leaned her head into my neck as she raised her arm to Jasper, silently beckoning him towards her. He quickly got up and sat on the floor at her feet, leaning back against her legs. A calm took over the the atmosphere for the first time in a long time, and by the look on Jasper's face, it wasn't a wave he had brought on. After movement caught my eye, I glanced up to see Rosalie and Emmett tentatively walking towards our huddle of forgiveness and I immediately opened my arm to accept. Rose smiled before leaning down and curling up under my other arm while Emmett mimicked Jasper's position. I sighed in contentment as I finally felt whole. I hoped that this was the wall that I had been waiting to break for ten long years, and that after today, we would be the family that I knew we could be.

"Oh, aren't we a bunch of saps," Emmett's voice broke through the fog of contentment, but still caused everyone to chuckle. Rosalie took her cue to whack him upside the head, but only lightly since there was a smile playing on the corners of her lips.

Edward's head raised from his broken position and smiled at Esme, causing her to laugh in joy and kiss his forehead. His eyes flew over to me, and I could see fear playing in his eyes as if he were unsure if my forgiveness would be much harder to obtain. Connecting to my youthful side, I rolled my eyes and smiled. I made my thoughts clear and loud, You, my son, are always forgiven. Welcome back. He nodded his head in return, but I knew he would be coming to me later for words that I would eventually look back on and cherish.

The silence only lasted a second longer before Alice decided to bring us right back to how we used to be, "So...can we go on a shopping spree and fix this house up so it looks like we all live here? I've been dying to redecorate." The room filled with laughter as we all sat up straight, feeling the old warmth that some of us thought would never return.

As we all began to drift our own ways apart from each other, Edward quickly followed Rosalie. I stood nearby, watching them closely. Although we had found a new beginning, I worried that feeling could easily be taken away if those two weren't going to get along. We had come so far, I silently begged Edward to remain civil and avoid another confrontation. Either he ignored my wishes or decided not to acknowledge me as he turned his back towards me to face her.

"Rose..." he began and Rosalie's eyes remained guarded, "I know that you have always had a hard time with this life. And I certainly have not made it any easier. Initially, I made choices that made you feel endangered, but I stand by the choice to bring...her around. However, I broke the entire family and nearly killed myself during my last round of decisions, and I can't tell you how sorry I am. I know that you took it hard and I never gave you the right to feel pain because I thought my pain was so much worse. That was unfair of me. So, I'm begging for your forgiveness. I'll leave if you want me to, but I would like to stay. I would like to be your brother again." he paused and looked around at the rest of the family, "I would like to be all here with all of you, to be the brother and son you deserve. I'm sorry I lost myself, but I am begging all of you for forgiveness. I will spend the rest of my existence trying to make it up to you all."

Everyone was silent, waiting for Rosalie to give the final verdict. Unfortunately, they were the two that had the hardest time facing each other, so it had to end with the two of them. I held my breath and grabbed Esme's hand. When I stole a glance at her though, I realized that it was clear, she knew Rosalie would be the daughter she knew and welcome back her brother.

Rosalie finally laughed, "Oh stop being so dramatic. You can just by me some new tires and we'll call it good." Then she hugged him, and everyone let out a breath. "It's about damn time!" Emmett shrieked into the house and jogged over to hug both of them.

Edward laughed and sighed, "Oh, Emmett. Ten years doesn't change much with you." Alice giggled and walked to wrap her hands around Jasper who seemed to be at peace. For so long, around one another had been a great trial. There had been so many emotions that I'm sure his mind and heart had been overcome , today, he looked at peace and smiled at me, gently nodding his heads as if to confirm my thoughts. I wrapped my arm around my love as she smiled up at me, wrapping her own arms tightly around my torso. With her, I could conquer the world. And I had.

"Okay, but seriously Edward, it's going to be time to get rid of all the black and work on adding some color into your life. Also, Emmett, I'm sure Rose would appreciate if you cut back on all the action figures that are in your room and certainly stop collecting them unless you want to buy another house just to have them all in. And Mom, I had a few cute ideas that I think you'll really enjoy..." her voice sounded happy as she talked to everyone, who were already chuckling at her eagerness, "What? I've been waiting a really long time for this!"

"Oh, we know. Go nuts, and surprise us all," I smiled at her as she laughed and went to head towards the door. I was about to turn and grab my jacket, half expecting us all to follow her when I heard a stillness take over the room. I turned around and Edward stared at Alice, his face a mask of disbelief as her eyes seemed distant and glazed over. Everyone stared and I waited to hear of the news.

"How can thi-" Edward began before Alice cut in, "Answer your phone, Carlisle."

My phone chirped in the corner and I quickly sped over to it, seeing an unknown number. I wondered who would be calling, considering this was a phone that I had kept with me for years, only my oldest medical friends being able to call or old medical patients.

"Hello?" I answered and the voice that answered made my entire family turn to stone, and Edward fall to his knees.

"Carlisle. I know you all hate me and I wouldn't be calling if this weren't bigger than me. This is Bella and my daughter is sick and I am out of options. I'm begging you to help me. Please, Carlisle. Please."