After the defeat of the Dragon Anankos, a newfound peace was forged between the feuding kingdoms of Nohr and Hoshido. Due to both forces having to work together to defeat the Vallite army, both countries ceased all hostile actions against each other and since King Garon of Nohr and Queen Mikoto of Hoshido had fallen during the war, High-Prince Xander and High-Prince Ryoma were set to be coroneted as the new kings of their respective lands. Soon after the war had ended, Ryoma took up the throne as King of Hoshido, being crowned alongside his wife Mozu, who was crowned the new Queen of Hoshido. The coronation took place in front of all the citizens of Hoshido, as well as newly crowned King of Valla Corrin, the Nohrian siblings, along with Xander's new wife and the soon to be crowned Queen of Nohr, Selena.

A few days later, the night before the coronation of Xander and Selena, the future queen found herself in her bed chamber, Nohrian maids attending to her hair before she slept.

"Alright milady will that be all?" One of the maids asked.

As she admires herself in the mirror, Selena turns to them and says, "It's hard to let you two go when you always make me look so darn cute you know that? But yeah, you're excused."

"We'll be here first thing in the morning to prepare you for the coronation ceremony milady," One of the maids said.

"Well you know where to find me," Selena said as she continued the make eyes to herself in the mirror. The two maids left her bed chambers as Selena relaxed in her seat, "Boy a girl sure can get used to this," She said as she sat up and turned around to be surprised by a rather disgruntled looking Laslow and Odin on the other side of the room. "O-Oh hey guys, what brings you two here?"

"Selena I think you know exactly what brings us here, how long are you going to keep this up?" Laslow asks.

"He's right our dearest Selena, our spirits all hunger to be back where we truly belong," Odin states.

"Both of you keep it down would yuh? Why not announce to the whole castle that we're leaving why don't you?" Selena says.

"They would have to find out eventually, Selena we all agreed that once we did what was asked of us we would go back home, I'm not happy about it either, but we have family back home, it's where we belong," Laslow slightly hesitated as he spoke, none of them really wanted to leave, but their desire to see their friends and family again was just as powerful.

Selena sat back down in her chair, placing her head in her hands, "I, I know Laslow, but this certainly isn't what I expected to find when I agreed to come here, to fall in love with a Prince, become a Queen, it's what every girl dreams of, if my mother could see me now. It's hard enough walking away from all the friends I've made here, Beruka, Lady Camilla, but how am I supposed to walk away from, him."

"You aren't the only one having to walk away from someone you love Selena, must I remind you that I have to leave the only woman that's ever generously accompanied me for tea, the only one who has, actually loved me back," Laslow was having a brief moments hesitation, "However it may hurt me, or her, this is the right thing to do."

"Quick question, have you actually told Peri you're leaving, or even Lord Xander for that matter?" Odin interjects.

"W-Well, I, have you told Lord Leo, you are his retainer after all?" Laslow asks.

"So do you two even have a plan? Are we just supposed to disappear one night with no explanation? Selena asks.

"Do you have a better suggestion? It's true we have grown close with everyone here, I'd be lying if I said Nohr didn't feel like a second home, but we need to go to our true home, perhaps it is best we leave in secrecy," Laslow suggests.

"Leaving through the shadows is our best option, it will save us from powerful heartache," Odin says.

"Think genius! How do you think everyone will react when we are just nowhere to be found one day?"

"Mass hysteria among our ranks is unavoidable, and frankly, do any of us really have the heart to tell anyone that we are all leaving?" Odin asks.

The room fell silent, not known for being the silent type, neither Laslow nor Selena could admit to being able to say goodbye to their new loved ones.

"Fine, tomorrow night, we'll go, you two can't take away the experience of being crowned a queen away from me, but once everyone is asleep, and the coast is clear, we'll head out and send ourselves back home," Selena says, head held low.

Another silence fell upon the trio, until it was broken by Laslow, "Right, tomorrow night it is then," He said in a low tone.

"Alright, now both of you get out of here, Xander should be back soon, and I'd like to take my mind off tomorrow night," Selena said.

"Okay, we'll see you at the coronation tomorrow," Odin said.

Selena waved bye to her two friends as they left her chambers, she slumped down on her bed, her head in her knees, wondering if she was making the wrong decision. She began to ponder if she would even make a good queen. She thought about Mozu in Hoshido, going from a simple farm girl who lost everything to a queen of a whole nation, certainly she must be having similar thoughts right? She wondered if she could handle the responsibility, certainly most of it would fall onto Xander, but being the matriarch of an entire kingdom, the seeds of doubt began to circle around Selena's head. She was beginning to think that perhaps the kingdom of Nohr deserves a more capable queen then her. The thought of returning home was becoming somewhat of an easier thing to comprehend. Before these thoughts could continue, Selena heard the door open, her mind become more at ease as she saw her husband walk enter their bed chamber.

"X-Xander, is your speech ready?" Selena asked.

"One would hope, Leo and several of my advisers spent several hours with me writing it," Xander explained.

"Well you don't need to work yourself too hard."

"Oh but I do Selena, this kingdom has been in bad shape for far too long, if we are going to usher in a new era for Nohr, I need to give it my all, our people only deserve the absolute best for all they've gone through."

"The absolute best huh," Selena said, beginning to look down, her long red hair covering her face.

Xander sat at the foot of the bed, removing some of his clothing and getting comfortable, he looked back to notice his wife's lowly expression, "Selena, is something bothering you?"

"Of course not! You were gone all day, I'm just a little tired," Selena said, putting on her act.

"Now now, I know you've never been short on confidence, but I can tell when something is on your mind," Xander said, moving closer to his wife.

While the main issue remained the fact that she had to leave, the negative thoughts regarding her being an incapable queen still lingered in her head, "Oh you know, just thinking about being Queen of Nohr is all," She said with a smile.

"And why has that got you down?"

"Who says that has me down, I always knew my fate would be bring me to a throne," Selena said with a small chuckle.

Xander simply stared, he knew she wasn't telling him the whole truth.

"Well I mean I always knew I'd be a queen someday, just not sure if, I'd make a very good queen is all," Selena finally opened up.

"Ah, so this is what this is about, you're nervous about becoming queen," Xander read her like a book.

"You've really learned how to see right through me haven't you?"

"Selena I know this must be a lot to take in, we were so preoccupied with the war we never really had the chance to discuss what'll happen to the kingdom after it was all over. For that I apologize, I noticed it when we were in Hoshido, when Ryoma and Mozu were crowned, the look on your face practically spelled out the fact that you were nervous."

"Well if you knew why have you barely brought it up now?"

"Again I apologize, I have been so busy doing all this prep for the coronation I've neglected your worries, I promise I will take more initiative."

"See its things like that Xander." Selena said as she gets up from their bed, staring out their window, "You were raised all your life to be a king, even during the war I watched you, you're a natural leader, a natural royal, I'm just not sure I am capable of being the queen that Nohr needs."

Xander simply smiled, he stood up beside Selena and put his arm around her, "It's only natural to be nervous, you're taking on a very heavy load. Even I, with all the conditioning I had all my life, I'm nervous about becoming King, but I know I will do everything in my power to see this country prosper." He took her hand, much like the night he proposed to her, "When I told you that no other woman was as fit to be the Queen of Nohr as you are, I meant it, and I still do. It will all come together in time, let's get some rest, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

Whether she wanted to admit or not, he almost convinced her, no matter what she was thinking, he always managed to bring a smile to her face. The couple embraced before returning to their bed. As the two slept, Selena's worries about being a queen subsided, however, she had remembered that she wouldn't have the chance to find out if she was going to be a good queen or not.