The darkness enveloped the night sky, becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to see as Selena attempts to run through the emptiness.

"Damnit!" She shouts.

Swarms of enemy soldiers are tailing her only for there to be more soldiers every time she turns around.

"Xander! Xander where are you! I can't hold these guys back forever!" She shouts for her beloved as she attempts to strike down the enemies while attempting to escape. She continues to run until finally running into somebody amidst the darkness, realizing that the tall man standing before her was the king of Nohr himself, her beloved Xander. "Xander finally! Quickly get out Seigfried! With the both of us I think we can handle these lose-, eh?" Selena became distraught as she noticed the somber expression on her beloved's face.

"Selena, why? Why are you slaughtering our people?" Xander said softly.

"What!? But these are-!" Selena is shocked as she turns her head back to the enemy soldiers, only to see hundreds of Nohrian civilians painfully crawling towards her.

"Why would you hurt our people? We are supposed to be helping this nation!" Xander exclaims.

"B-But, But I-!" Selena tries to explain.


"Queen Selena!"

"Why did you abandon us?"

"Did you not believe in Nohr?" The various voices of the fallen Nohrians all piercing Selena's eardrums.

"That's not it! I had somewhere to-!" Selena attempts to explain herself.

"You abandoned us my love, do you despise me?" Xander whispered.

"No Xander of course not!" Selena says as she plummets to the floor.


"I have family," Selena said, tears streaming down her face.

"Severa wake up!"

"I didn't want to do this but I needed to be in my homeland!" Selena shouted.

"Severa stop!"

"I said I was sorry!" Selena shouted once more, feeling her body being jerked back in forth.

"Severa snap out of it!"

Severa woke up in a cold sweat, quickly sitting up and attempting to catch her breath, seeing her mother Cordelia standing above her. "Mom? It was happening again wasn't it?"

"Sheesh Severa, I know you wanted to start staying with Stahl and I in hopes that they'll put a stop to your night terrors, but honestly it seems as if they've only gotten worse, almost every night it seems, you're scaring me half to death!" Cordelia says.

"I said I was sorry Mom! I didn't come here planning to be a burden!" Severa snaps back.

"Nobody is saying that Severa, geez I just wish you could tell me what happened on that training excursion you went on with the others to give you these night terrors," Cordelia said.

"Right, the training excursion," Severa mutters.

"I mean your skill with the sword became leagues above where you were when you left, but I don't think having all these night terrors are worth it," Coredelia adds.

"It's just, it's a private matter, I'm gonna try to sleep it off for tonight, it's back to training in the morning so I need rest," Severa says, dodging the topic as best she could.

"Severa," Cordelia mutters as she gets up to leave the room, "Fine, but just know you can talk to either of us about this when you're ready," Cordelia says.

"I know Mom, and you don't have to baby me. You act like you and Dad aren't actually only a few years older than me," Severa says.

"Are you not still our child?" Cordelia asks. Severa had no response for her mother. "Right, goodnight Severa."

The next morning, Severa entered the training grounds like usual, very visible bags underneath her eyes, also becoming the usual for her. She is joined by her longtime battlefield companion, Inigo.

"Another sleepless night?" Inigo asks.

"What do you think idiot?" Severa responds.

"I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you did have the heaviest load to leave off," Inigo says.

"I don't get it, how did you get over the transition?" Severa asks.

"Who says I got over it?" Inigo replies in a serious tone. "I might not be having night terrors, but I'd be lying if said a day goes by where I don't think about our times in Nohr, specifically, her, of course."

"Inigo," Severa utters.

"It's hard, I have trouble even attempting any of those false flirtations these days, one might say I've even lost my smile. But we certainly can't let all our comrades know that now can we?" Inigo explains.

"I don't blame you. Honestly, during training, when I'm eating, when I'm shopping, in the corner of my eye I can see him, I always think he's there, but obviously he never is. Sometimes I think I can hear him call out to me, I honestly think I might be going crazy," Severa explains.

"These are the steps Severa, we might not ever get over it, but we had to come back. Now that we are actually war free, we can reconnect with our lost parents, stay with the friends we spent the majority of our lives fighting alongside, and make sure no catastrophe hits our home ever again. We couldn't abandon them forever. It was the only move we could make, just had some very unexpected consequences."

Both Inigo and Severa fell silent. It was easy for Owain, while he misses his comrades from Nohr immensely, he wasn't leaving his beloved, he was returning to her. Neither Inigo nor Severa wanted to return, but they both felt they needed too.

"I'm, I'm gonna go the mess hall. I need to put something in my stomach then I'll be back to training," Inigo said.

"Fine, I guess I'll just take some of this frustration out on sparring with some of these recruits, I'll see you in a bit," Severa says as Inigo heads to the mess hall.