Title: Petunia's Wish Comes True

Rating: T

Summary: Redo! During Harry's fourth year Petunia is discovered to be a witch. Dumbledore deaged her so that she can attend Hogwarts and not look out of place. Soon she finds herself in the middle of the Triwizard Tournament and all the dangers that comes with it. Based on the Magical Petunia challenge on Potions and Snitches!

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Chapter 26

Harry got a letter from his father two weeks later, which told him everything that he needed to know about where Snape had gone.

Dear Harry,

Sorry about leaving without telling you this but I'm the new Headmaster of Durmstrang and it's challenging. The Potions Mistress is making sure that I have Wolfbane and the Deputy Headmistress will take over my duties while I'm out. Russia doesn't have the same hate for werewolves that England seems to have. I've finally found peace and I'm sorry for how I treated you. Make the Prince name proud, son, and be yourself.

With Love,

Headmaster Severus Snape

PS! Your mother would be proud you as well.

"Thanks…dad," Harry said and he put the letter away.

Sixteen Years Later….

"Rose, stop running towards the train. It's not going anywhere."

Harry chuckled as his wife, Hermione, scolded their eleven year old daughter. During the end of his seventh year Voldemort, don't know how, managed to come back. It was a full year of watching everything they love be destroyed. However, they managed to find his Horcrux's and destroy them all, including the one inside of him. Now they were at peace and things were good.

He kept in touch with his father and his aunt graduated from Hogwarts several years later. She still looked the same, but less sour. She had actually married a wizard and their son would start Hogwarts in three years.

"Sorry, mum," Rose said.

They got her on the train and she waved at them. When the train was gone Harry and Hermione headed back home. Three days later they got a letter from Rose.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I got sorted into Ravenclaw and I met a Russian transfer student. Can't pronounce his name so we call him Vlad. Anyway, his last name is Snape. I know that your father is the Headmaster at Durmstrang could he be his son?"

With love,


"You know what, never mind," Harry said as Hermione laughed.

"Hay, we all know that those werewolves have animal charm," Hermione said, wiggling her eyebrows.

Now that was a bit too much for Harry. Still, he was glad that Snape had found someone to love him despite everything. And that's the only thing that matter to Harry.



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