You woke up to a brand new morning. It would have been nicer if you were in your own bed, but thankfully you were an adaptable child.

The time and date on your phone read '8AM, 4/4 2070'. Squinting, you remembered that in anime-land, 4 was an unlucky number. It could be read as 'yon' or 'shi', with 'shi' being a number pun on 'death'.

Could this day go worse than yesterday and the week before? Could it beat a riot? The eruption of Mount Ebott? The Great Gaster stunt? A DEMON God who almost summoned some eldritch calamity? AND a literal Kaiju attack? You'll eventually find that out for yourself.

You noticed that you had received two messages from 'MTT News'. One title read 'Snap Election Details!', and the other was 'Snap Election Details Transcript'.

At first, you thought it was some spam or phishing mail. However, the Account ID matched your phone's internal records for all things Mettaton related. Plus, you remembered that this election kerfuffle was a real upcoming event.

You played the sound file and listened closely.

"Gooood morning, Beauties and Gentlebeauties!"

"It is I, your favourite celebrity, Mettaton! I bring important news to all of Ebott Town~"

"Prince Asriel, our dearest darling angel, has returned from the dead! It was as prophesied in the legends of old. But, we have a major plot twist on top of a major plot twist: TWO Prince Asriels have come forward with the claim. Yes, you've heard that right, sweethearts! Not one, but two Prince Asriels!"

"However, in the middle of this joyous celebration, we have a sizable problem. In response to recent riots, should our dearest long-suffering King Asgore step down and pass the crown to his firstborn son? Or should he hold onto the throne for a little while longer to train the next generation? Do we even know which Prince Asriel is best suited for the job? Questions, questions!"

"Well, for the first time in monster history, YOU can join the wondering and pondering. Everybody! Together! Indeed my wonderful fans! We're having an election! Now, you beautiful fans may not know much about this 'election' thingamabob. Why, it's basically a more serious version of a poll. Humans worldwide have created whole governments based on this concept! So we're giving this very same idea a shot today."

"At 12 PM sharp, I will broadcast LIVE from our beautiful Town Hall. We have three candidates: King Asgore, Prince Asriel Ralsei, and Prince Asriel Flowey. Polls will open from the moment the show starts, and they will close at 12 AM, midnight. Our darling dearest candidates will have two hours to debate between themselves. Once that's wrapped up, the broadcast will be uploaded to MTT-News. The video will remain unedited to maintain fairness and transparency."

"Who can vote, you ask? First and foremost, you must be a proven citizen of Ebott Town. I don't think we've had many humans moving in yet, and so I apologise to my multitudes of human fans in advance. Next, this poll is limited to those who have graduated out of their striped shirts. Yes, darlings: only adult MTT-Brand accounts are allowed. Sorry, children."

"The most recent results will be displayed on my sparkling website for all to see, from the start to the end! You get to see who's the most popular from moment to moment, and read in the comments why your fellow citizens think the same way. Please remain civil during the discussions. We don't want to break any sweet ships over this."

"Regretted your choice? Reconsidering your options? Made a fumble trying to figure out the buttons? Worry not! This is where we're giving this a monsterkind spin, baby! You can change your vote! How many times, you ask? As many times as you want! The freedom is yours until the polls officially close!"

"To summarise, the election will be broadcast live from 12 PM to 2 PM. Polls will be open from 12 PM to 12 AM and you will require a stripeless Dreemurr citizen account to vote. See you soon, my wonderful fans! Let's sail to the future together! Byebye~~~"

Do you even remember how elections happen in human society?

After giving it a long thought, you realised that you don't know anything about elections beyond a very basic understanding. Your existing knowledge may even be wrong!

Realising the shallowness of your ignorance, you flopped back on your pillow with a huge groan.

Mom knocked on the door and peeked through the gap. "I heard you, Frisk," she chuckled. "Why are you so grumpy?"

You told Mom that you just realised your formal education had been stuck at a ten-year-old's level for ages. Despite living extended years in the form of resets, you didn't bother studying anything.

"Well… you gained plenty of travel experience instead, did you not? That is knowledge in its own right."

To be honest, you never got very far. There was only so much a kid with no money or no passport could do…

"That is still more than I ever did. How about this? One day, we will travel somewhere together, as a family. Does that not sound wonderful?"

It does! The thought put a smile on your face again. Mom's encouragement gave you the energy you needed to hop off your bed.

"Ah, that is more like the child I know. Time to get changed, dear. I will be here for you whenever you are ready."

Okay, Mom.

You changed out of your pyjamas and into your trademark purplish-blue striped shirt. After combing your hair, it was time to head out for breakfast.

Mom waited for you by the door. She took a moment to caress your cheek with a soothing gaze. "I… am so glad that we are able to talk openly nowadays. I remember how you used to be so stoic yet so troubled, hiding your heart from me."

…Eh heh… it was obvious, huh? There was no way you could've just walked up to Mom and said: 'I'm a time traveller!'. She would have thought that it was your overactive child's imagination at work.

"But that is all in the past. Starting today, you can come and talk to me about anything."

Does that include Mom answering any question asked, no matter the subject matter?

"Yes, my child."

Excellent. You asked Mom if any turds hit the fan while you were sleeping. No sugarcoating, please.

From her uncomfortable hesitation, she was quite shocked by your frankness. "Oh my, you sounded like quite the boss there. Something did happen overnight, but… I myself do not know the full details. I think Judge Thyme could best answer that for you. After your breakfast, he wants to talk to us in private, near the temporary greenhouse. We better not keep him waiting."

'Us'? Does that mean Mom would be included? How odd, because he usually talks to you alone when it comes to Crimson Keeper things.

Nonetheless, Mom was right. It's better to get going. You headed towards the kitchen where the food should be.

There, Mom took your portion out from the fridge and warmed it up for you. It was a hearty breakfast of bread and eggs poached in a vegetable-enriched tomato sauce. It seemed that everyone else's breakfast had happened much earlier than yours. Guess you were also the last one to wake up.

As delicious as the food was, there was no time to savour the moment. Once you had your fill, you and Mom went to look for Judge Thyme. If he chose to meet you in the True Lab's temporary greenhouse, it has to be about sensitive information that he doesn't want anyone to eavesdrop on.

When you found Tsunderjudge there alongside Snakeface, the stench of raw bloody meat smacked you in the face.

Snakeface's bones rattled and his pupils dilated. He stared into a large metal bowl with the focused ferocity of a predator. The intensity was rather nerve wrecking.

"Eat," said Mezil.

And ate, Gaelic did. He devoured the contents of the bowl with fever and fervour.

What the heck?

Looking at you, Tsunderjudge placed a hushing finger on his lips.

You don't quite understand what was going on, but you knew Snakeface had the ability to analyse whatever he munched on. Maybe the meat was contaminated by something suspicious, perhaps poisonous?

When he was done, Snakeface growled. "…Him. 'Twas him, M'lord. Aye, ah tasted his dust and spittle in these remains, the mangled and fused remains o' many. That cur be the one who desecrated The Grandmaster's gifts!"


To which the tsun replied: "Malaya's master. We'll call him 'The Handler' from now onwards. I'm afraid to inform you that the lambs given to the Aratet have become his supper." Pointing his cane to the bowl, he added focus to his words. "Gaelic had just consumed the leftovers to look for clues."

S-supper? Leftovers? Oh no. Oh. No. The two fluffy sheep have been killed by an invader?! Turning to Mom, you asked what else she knew about that.

"From what I understand, the last of the pardoned Aratet prisoners arrived in Ebott Town late last night. They could have left then and there, but the tribe pledged to protect our town for a little while longer. That was their way to repay our nation's kindness. I heard the commotion when morning came, but by then it was already over. I later saw Dayton sobbing by himself in the corridor. He was too distraught to talk to me."

So the sheep got eaten because they chose to stay. Poor Dayton. His hopes and dreams were snuffed out in one fell swoop… You should ask Dad to buy them a new pair of lambs or two. The nation's coffers should be able to spare a bit of compensation.

Actually, why not use the Keys of Fate? Go back in time to save the woolly fluffiness!

Mezil shook his head. "We can't. We're dealing with an enemy who remembers. If we rewind, The Handler may fix his error and not leave us a single clue for us to follow."

…Point taken. You're not going to make the same mistake twice either.

So, is this doodoobutt going to attack again today? Was the murder done as a taunt, to flex his ability to sidestep the Aratet warriors and the Magus guards?

To your surprise, Snakeface said: "Nay… He once confronted me with his Eye. Ah felt it. 'Twas all instinct: the darkest night, the densest fog. If… if he be anything like me, he must feed to restore his mind. The lambs just be unfortunate, aye."

The admission of their similarities was enough to make him cringe. Still, Gaelic held himself together for the mission's sake. "But now, wee bean, he had his fill. This foe may be the deadliest yet. From the carnage left behind, ah taste the eyes o' many. Seers 'o every Aspect."

That makes him an Amalgamate. How does he function?

"M'lord suspects that his type be similar to yer late Doctor Gaster. The one with the most body be the dominant persona, with the rest o' the parts subsumed to his will."

Concerned, Mom asked: "Are the Eyes all Pure? Any Mixed?"

Mezil replied, "Papyrus witnessed only Pure iterations. However, we cannot ignore the possibility of Mixed Eyes as a hidden trump card. Caution is of utmost importance… Which is why I asked to speak with you privately. We're on the lookout for any humanoid entities with face obscurations. Masks, hoods, full body clothing and the like. Our enemy may choose to infiltrate deeper into Ebott Town, or escape by mingling together with human stragglers. This unknown factor is hampering all of our operations as we speak."

Gaelic nodded. "Aye. Mondie's invisibility was copied and installed into Malaya. 'Tis best to assume her master be the same. It be too easy to assume me cousin's identity. So, he chose to lock himself in a room with a live camera feed until the cur be caught."

"Frisk," said Mezil. "Given the circumstances, you are to remain on high alert. Your small size and high status makes you a vulnerable target. Do not follow anyone alone, even if they claim to be your friend. Stay close to your mother as much as possible. I have also assigned Sir Grillenn to protect you."

Wow. It's like a spy movie mixed together with a stranger danger. Understanding the severity of the situation, you saluted Mezil and exclaimed: 'Roger that, sir!'


Embarrassingly, you… let out a big giant fart, making a comedic 'prffft' sound, straight out of a cartoon. It didn't help that your bowels had started to tense up in pain, ringing the alarms that you had to go take a big dump. Immediately!

One whiff was enough to make Gaelic's face contort in both disgust and amusement. Chuckling, he teased: "Cor Blimey, ah could still smell some o' yesterday's dinner in there."

You profusely apologised with a huge blush on your cheeks.

As a fellow toilet sufferer, Mezil was very understanding towards you. "I will send you the rest of the report to your phone in written form. Go and settle your business first."

Thanks Tsunderjudge! You rushed ahead before the pain got any worse.

You heard Mom call from a distance: "Frisk, you are running too fast! We are supposed to stay close!"

Sorry Mom! Nature waits for no one!

You scrambled to the toilet, took off your pants, and plunked your bum on the seat.


While you were busy answering the call of biology, you answered the call of duty, reading through the report from Tsunderjudge. It was written in a clear and concise way so that even a kid like you could comprehend.

In summary, most of your friends went to Town Hall to rehearse for the election debate. Mettaton's Studio had a ton of setup to prepare, and Alphys needed to be around and awake to make sure the poll system works without too many buggy mishaps.

Sans and Papyrus volunteered for an unspecified 'magitek project'. The report didn't elaborate any further. That's alright. Your brain would have melted from all the technobabble anyway.

You heard someone knock on the bathroom door. "Frisk, it is I, your mother. I will wait outside until you are done as the good Judge ordered."

Okay! Got it!

Moving on, you resumed reading.

Rosemary's life was in danger. The Barfellows took turns protecting her room while Lady Lucy did her Lady Lucy things. Apparently parts for the newly reconstructed Seraph System are coming from the mansion today. Guess she's planning to make use of it?

You wondered if that Lucas fellow had a mini mental breakdown somewhere in the night for not being able to prevent the kidnapping. They grew up together, after all…

You then heard a familiar jolly voice hollering from the outside.


Ah, that had to be none other than Papyrus.

"Greetings dear, what are you doing here?"


"Unfortunately, I have no idea."


After three knocks, Papyrus asked: "FRISK? DO YOU KNOW WHERE SANS LEFT THE SERAPH SYSTEM?"

Hollering back from your toilet seat, you told Papyrus that you have no clue either. Maybe ask Lady Lucy? Or use his awesome Seer power to find it?


And so, he left as quickly as he arrived. You resumed reading the report.

Let's see… Riot control planning. Further election details. Magitek armours for Grillby and Undyne.

M-magitek armour?! For Grillby And Undyne?! That last paragraph got you SUPER excited! Where are they? Have they been fitted yet? You wanna see them with your own two eyes! After the toilet toiling of course.

You quickly finished your business, washed up, and emerged from the toilet cleansed from the inside out.

With a smile, Mom asked: "Are you feeling better?"

Yup! So much better. Pointing to the text on your phone, you asked if Mom heard anything about Grillby and Undyne getting new gear.

"Yes, my child. I did hear. Do you want to meet them?"

Would that be possible? Only if they're still in the building, of course.

Mom lifted her head and pondered. "I think they followed the Lemurians to one of the workshops. I suppose we could visit. The day is still quite young after all."


You proceeded to skip down the corridors. But even in your excitement, you stopped once in a while to make sure Mom did not lag too far behind.

The two of you arrived at the only workshop in the building buzzing with activity. You heard chatter from behind the doors. Undyne's voice was especially prominent.

Not wanting to be rude, you knocked three times and asked if you could enter.

A blue bird named 'Sir Berdly' answered, as indicated by his name tag. Despite looking mega tired from overnight work, he still had a pep in his voice. "Oh, it's the Queen and the Royal Child! Are you two here to inspect Delta Lab's finest creations yet?"

"We are, indeed," said Mom. "My child is very eager, as you can see."

Your face said it all: the sparkle in your eye, the grin on your cheeks, and the boundless energy bubbling in your body.

Sir Berdly stepped aside and welcomed you with a bow. "Come right on in! Behold, our stupendous splendour!"

You were in awe by the coolness that appeared before you. There, in the middle of the room, stood your two friends decked in full plate like the knights of ye olden days.

The one in the slimmer, feminine armour dashed straight at you. Based on the design, it had to be Undyne. It was similar to her Undying form, except much, much, muuuuuuch sleeker. They also gave her a cool metal shark helmet to protect her head.

Up close, you noticed that the metal was decorated with images of a roiling ocean storm, showing a mix of turbulent winds and churning waters. Furthermore, at the edges, you could see all sorts of cuts, vents, and grooves belonging to futuristic machinery. Perhaps they indicate moving parts? Since there were no straps or ropes, you would have to assume there were means to open it mecha-magically.

Just as you thought such, the cool circuit lines around her neck guard glowed teal. After that, the top half of the helmet slid backwards like a sci-fi anime!

The person wearing it was Undyne alright. You gasped when you noticed that she was no longer wearing her eyepatch. An exact replica of her other eye now sat in the once empty socket.

She proceeded to yell in excitement. Volume, maximum. "HEY FRISK! I GOT A NEW EYE! AND A NEW ARMOUR! DON'T I LOOK COOL?"





Right now, Undyne was the happiest fish on the planet.

Calming down a little, she added: "Hey punk, my new eye isn't a boring old prosthetic either. If I charge it like this…"

Her iris turned yellow like your sister, Cenna! Isn't that Justice magic?

"Heck yeah! Not only can I finally see proper depth again, I also have my own version of 'Truesight'! It's like, HALF a Seer's Eye!"

Why didn't they go the full way and give her an artificial Seer's Eye?

A deer scientist waved at you from the side, catching your attention. The name tag reads 'Noelle Holiday'. She said: "E-excuse me, but Captain Undyne's brain won't be able to take the strain. Are you familiar with the process called 'Awakening'?"

Yeah. That's when the Seer's Eye first activates. From what you understand, their brain gets rewired to fit their powers.

"That's correct. Since Captain Undyne's species doesn't undergo such changes, the best we can do is to emulate the abilities of human Magi. Lady Lucidia thought that a Justice-based prosthetic would greatly improve her aim."

Ah! So that's the reason!

Undyne then said, "By the way! I'm not done yet, punk! I have a WHOLE LEGENDARY ARTIFACT embedded into this sweet swag!"

Whoaaaaa really?!

"Yeah! They call it 'Aegis': the Shield of Wind. Apparently that dumb Genocider used to own this. And the smarties here figured out how to make it BETTER! Step waaaaaaaay back, Frisk. I'm gonna activate this thing."

Okay? You walked about ten steps back, yet Undyne signalled you to move further. She didn't stop until you were halfway across the room.

"Alright, here goes nothing!" she yelled.

In an instant, great gusts of wind swirled around the room. Sir Berdly then threw ripped paper scraps towards Undyne to demonstrate the flow. You saw that it formed a spherical perimeter around her.

The patterns on her armour glowed bright teal during this display of power, showcasing its might and beauty in full glory. You bet that Alphys would be squealing from the sheer fangirling.

Satisfied, Undyne deactivated The Shield of Wind and let the papers float to the floor on their own. The lights powered down too.

You asked if the lights correspond to the activation of her magic?

Noelle the deer scientist proudly replied: "Nope! The glow is completely optional. We've taken into account the possibility of Captain Undyne needing to stay completely hidden. For example, what if she needs to navigate behind enemy lines? That sort of scenario."

What a sensible approach! You clapped in approval.

Your brain cells started to click together for more ideas. Can Undyne coat herself with a thin layer of air to reduce resistance for any medium? Y'know, to move faster?

Sir Berdly gasped at you. "W-what?! You figured out the trick?! How? I thought we kept it a surprise!"

But Undyne just said that her new armour should make her aerohydrodynamic…

Dramatically holding his wing up to his forehead, the bird lamented: "Oh my fair Noelle, I have failed you! This child has seen right through me! I thought we could save the surprise for the water test at their local lake."

Noelle consoled Sir Berdly by patting him on the shoulder. "It's alright. The kiddo is a Crimson Keeper. They're always a surprisingly knowledgeable bunch."

Your mother was surprised too. "Frisk, my child, you were just sulking about your lack of education. And yet you knew enough about science to spoil the secret? Where did that knowledge come from, hmm?"

You watch internet science videos for fun. And sometimes, that same science gets applied into manga and anime.

"Well," Noelle smiled, "They are absolutely right. That's the main reason why I designed this magitek suit the way I did. The Shield of Wind not only reduces resistance, it also provides propulsion and protection. Captain Undyne can now run further, swim faster, and jump higher. The wind also cushions her landing so she doesn't break any bones from the impact. And, should that fail, the armour comes with a shock absorber by default."

Awesome! That means Undyne is a real-life superhero now!

Undyne smirked and let out a hearty laugh. "Or supervillain! I gotta show up that so-called Legendary Hero. Let them roll in their stupid grave, fufufufufufu!"

What about Grillby then? Your attention switched to him. But, your excitement faded when you noticed how his broad, imposing presence towered over your short self.

You expected bright colours to match his elemental affinity. Yet, he was clad in a jet black armour with grand pauldrons and red cloth draping over them. A sharp knight's helmet completely concealed his face. If you were not informed beforehand, you wouldn't have recognised him at all.

What caught your attention next were the etchings of a shimmering white flame, contrasted against the inky pitch black darkness of the polished metal. It was as though a fire blazed within The Void itself.

Somehow, staring at the pattern strained your eyes. You had to look away to shake off the discomfort.

Apparently you weren't the only one affected either. Mom touched the side of her head, saying: "I… I feel like I am getting a migraine."

Grillby quickly turned around to hide most of his body behind a great cape. "…Apologies…" He said, "…I thought the circuits would only affect Seers…"

Noelle referred back to her papers. "Many high-level Seers are photosensitive, so we figured to take advantage of that weakness. I was not expecting this result. It seems that even a Boss Monster was affected… Oh. I guess that explains the killer headache I have right now. I thought it was the caffeine. Hold on, let me tweak it real fast."

She pushed a stepladder behind Grillby and climbed up. There was a hatch at the back of his neck, which she opened up to make adjustments.

Aaaaah, that's so much better! Your eyes stopped hurting right away.

By the bye, you noticed that the cape had a crimson oak-leaf ivy filigree, weaved into what looks like a large, delicate and intricate… upside down heart? A monster SOUL?

No, wait… It's not a heart. It has a stem… I-isn't that… The Ace of Spades, the Grandmaster's emblem? You expected to see the Dreemurr's Delta Rune.

Mom said: "Grillby is now a Knight of House Berendin, thereby he must wear their emblem."

…Having that fact sink in made you a little sad. That meant Grillby will have to leave Ebott Town one day, venturing out into the human world to fulfil his knightly duties.

Somehow, something still troubled him. Grillby gazed at his own gauntlets. "…Isn't this workmanship more suitable for a king than a knight?… I feel overdressed…"

"Nonsense!" Sir Berdly gave him a friendly pat. "It fits you just fine, Sir Grillenn! As a fellow knight in glow in the dark armour, I can vouch that your quiet yet steadfast personality hides a regal flair. Besides, you're representing one of the most prestigious noble houses of Magickind. If you dressed any plainer, it would be a disservice to your Lord."

"…What about Sir Gaelic?… He's my senior… Yet, I've never seen him wearing anything like this… sometimes nothing at all…"

"Ah… he… he… Um…" Berdly stopped to think. "Now that you mention it, I don't think anyone ever made any armour for Sir Snakely. Not even a ceremonial one. I don't know why either. I guess we'll just have to ask him!"

"Actually," Noelle spoke up, "Lady Lucidia tried to commission Delta Labs for a set before, but Sir Gaelic had declined all offers, citing that it makes him uncomfortable."

You could see that. Armour is so heavy. It doesn't fit a free-spirited person like him.

"Hey Grillby," Undyne interjected, "Where are your weapons? No gun, no spear, no sword, no nothing."

Oh! Your fishy friend was right; he's as unarmed as a JRPG monk!

"Are you gonna conjure them like me? Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen you do that. Not even once during training."

Shaking his head, he admitted: "…I'm terrible at object materialisation… That's why I focused my efforts on martial arts instead…"

Both you and Undyne were shocked to hear that.

"No wonder you'd rather use your fists!"

With such master level kungfu, maybe he doesn't need a weapon?

"Actually…" said Noelle, "His sword will meet him soon."

Undyne raised an eyebrow. "A sword…? Meeting him?"

Maybe she meant that it would be delivered to him later today?

Though she tried to smile, the ends of her mouth twitched in nervousness. "Forget I said anything. You'll eventually see it for yourself."

Okay? That was a bit cryptic, but you let it slide.

So, with the armours done, what else do they plan to do?

"Har har har…" Noelle said, "Sleep. We've been up all night…"

Berdly added, "It's best for us to take a quick nap so we can catch our Prince's performance live. Watching a recording is never the same."

In that case, have a good rest and thanks for the hard work.

Mom tapped you on the shoulder to get your attention. "Excuse me, my child. We need to get ready to go to The Town Hall. You have taken on the role as Ambassador of Monsterkind, yes? The time has come to perform your duties."

"Don't worry about your safety." Your fishy friend slapped her chest with a loud clang. "Grillbz and I are all suited up and ready to take on anyone!"

Yeah! Divekick the bad guys in the face!

"…No…" said Grillby. "…That would mean we're under attack…"

Mom cleared her throat. "I would rather have nothing going wrong for a change. A little less excitement is due."

You rubbed the back of your bowl cut and snickered cheekily. Of course, you would prefer to not have another crisis on your hands.

Alright! It is time for you to be THE Ambassador of Monsterkind! You're gonna wing it until you make it, just like always!