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"I've had enough! Explain, Dame-Tsuna!" Osamu screamed, garnering the attention of everyone in the room, including Tsuna and his friends.

Tsuna stared blankly at Kaneda. "Do enlighten me as to what I have to explain. I believe that I have done nothing to you." he said in a monotone. Kaneda's irritation increased with his answer.

"Nothing you say?! Then care to explain why you suddenly became like this?!" Kaneda hissed. Tsuna's two friends stood up and went to Tsuna.

"I have no obligation to explain anything to you, as that is none of your business." Tsuna replied, again in monotone. "Oh so now you think you're better than me. You're just Dame-Tsuna. Don't talk to me with that tone." Kaneda snarled as he stomped towards Tsuna. Before he got to Tsuna, Yamamoto intervened.

"Hey, Osamu! Stop it! You've caused enough fuss don't you think?" Yamamoto said, trying to placate his classmate. Kaneda turned to Yamamoto and yelled, "Dame-Tsuna is just a dame!" A boy from the crowd, Kiyoutaka Akira, agreed, "That's right! Why are you siding with him Yamamoto?"

Their comments made Yamamoto angry and he said hotly, "Oi, don't you start. Tsuna is my friend. At least he didn't befriend me because of my baseball skills, unlike most of you."

The class was silent, surprised by Yamamoto's sudden outburst. They didn't know he was capable of that. "Yamamoto's right! And besides, Sawada is not dame anymore. If you remember, the last two days proved that. Or are you the ones who have no brain?" said a boy, seconded by a girl.

Sasagawa looked at the people who defended Tsuna and smiled. "Kazama is right. People change. Maybe Sawada was just a late bloomer and he's starting to improve now. You need to give people a chance." Kazane said.

Osamu fumed. "He is Dame-Tsuna! He will ALWAYS be dame! Why will he change now of all times!" he jeered.

"People change! You need to accept that! Or is it because he became better than you that's why you refuse to face reality?! Open your eyes, Kaneda-kun!" Sasagawa snapped, which surprised all of them. Sasagawa was practically an angel; patient, friendly, nice and always calm. But what she did proved them wrong.

Her outburst silenced the class, and Tsuna and Yamamoto were looking at her in surprise. They knew that she treasured her friends but this was the first time they had seen this side of her.

The sound of the sliding door snapped the class out of their stupor from hearing her shout. "Alright, what's happening here? There have been complaints from the other classes saying you were too noisy. Can anybody explain?" Councillor Takamura said.

"Takamura-sensei, Osamu started it. He was complaining about Tsuna!" Kazama started. Various people agreed. "Osamu was just getting Dame-Tsuna to memorize! Dame-Tsuna started it because he wasn't memorizing!" said Kiyoutaka in defence of Osamu.

"But Osamu shouted first! And this wouldn't happen if he didn't challenge Tsuna." Yamamoto shot back.

"That's because Dame-Tsuna was slacking off!"

"Sawada WAS able to recite all of it, with nice delivery! How was that slacking off?"

"Then why didn't he try to help the officers?!"

"Do you think they would let him help?!"

"If Dame-Tsuna asked, then I'm sure he would be allowed to help! But he didn't try!"

"But they think he's still 'useless'! Do you think they'll believe him if he said he could help?!"

The argument continued until the councillor had enough. "That's enough! Both of them are at fault!" he said. He turned to the both of them, "You two! I want to see your parents in my office tomorrow! Now, I don't want to get complaints from the other classes about more shouting, alright?" He handed them a call-parent slip and then exited the classroom.

The class president, Minami Yuji, sighed. "Fine, fine. That's enough. Now," he turned to Tsuna, "Sawada, do you want to help with the piece delivery?" he asked.

Tsuna looked at his friends in question, asking them wordlessly if he should. Sasagawa and Yamamoto nodded and smiled at him. Tsuna turned to the president and nodded.

"Okay. Does everyone agree that we will be using his delivery earlier as the base?" He addressed the whole class. He got nods as a reply. "Alright, it's settled. Sawada will be helping and his earlier delivery will be the base." he exclaimed.

And so, they continued and progressed with the help of Tsuna and his friends. What they needed to do next was to practice.

After they were dismissed, Tsuna, Takeshi and Kyoko waited outside the school building for their brothers as usual. This time, Giotto was not able to run and try to hug his brother to death because G had grabbed Giotto's collar in advance. Asari, Ryohei and Knuckle were not running now because they were talking (Asari) or screaming their heads off (Ryohei and Knuckle). G was also responsible for that, as he had scolded them for running.

"Tsuna, G is being mean..." cried Giotto, trying to get G's hand off his collar. Tsuna just looked thankfully at G, who gave him a nod. The others just laughed at the blonde's usual antics.

"Oh yeah," G remembered, "someone said that a screaming match started at 1-A's room. Is that true?" Giotto, interested, straightened his posture and looked at his brother curiously. "Yes, that is correct." Tsuna affirmed.

"Why? What happened?" G asked.

This time, Takeshi explained, with inputs from Tsuna and Kyoko. Starting with Osamu suddenly shouting about something and challenging Tsuna, and Tsuna reciting. Then he went on about Osamu getting mad and starting an argument, which led to the other classes complaining to the councillor. And the councillor intervened in the ongoing argument, and put it to a stop. Finally, he explained the actions of their president to put out anymore sparks of another argument.

Giotto snarled, "How dare that Osamu kid?!" G calmed Giotto down and asked, "Won't your parents get mad about that call-parent?" Tsuna shook his head, "If I explain, I'm sure they'll get it." Giotto laughed at that and said, "I think they'll get mad if they hear it, at Osamu-kid, I mean. It's pretty obvious he started it since Tsuna was keeping silent, and Osamu-kid suddenly came and made a fuss." he explained.

G and Tsuna nodded, since they knew how overprotective their parents also were towards Tsuna. And with that, they set off, with the destination of home in mind.


When Tsuna and Giotto arrived, they simultaneously called out a "We're home!" which got a response of "Welcome back!" from their mother in the kitchen.

Giotto and Tsuna first went to their rooms to change and proceeded to the dining room and kitchen respectively, Tsuna holding the call-parent slip.

"Hi, Kaa-san, the councilor called for you." Tsuna said. Nana nodded, "Go to the dining room for now. Let me finish dinner first, and then we'll talk."

Tsuna went to the dining room and sat down in his seat opposite his brother's at their table for four. When they had guests, they would bring out another table, which was developed by Giotto, making it foldable and portable.

After a few minutes, with Tsuna and Giotto playing a game in their PSP Vita consoles, Nana entered the dining room. Tsuna and Giotto saved their game and looked at Nana.

Nana sat down in her seat and took the slip Tsuna handed to her. She examined it for a while, and then put it down. Right at that moment, the door to their home opened and in came Iemitsu. Nana called for him to come to the dining room, as they had something to discuss.

Few minutes passed, with the occasional rustle from the living room, before Iemitsu emerged in the dining room. He sat in his seat and looked at Nana, who still had a gentle face, despite sounding very serious.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Nana handed the call-parent slip and Iemitsu examined it for a while before putting it down to look at Tsuna, wordlessly asking for an explanation.

Tsuna sighed, and then proceeded to tell and explain what happened that afternoon at school. Nana and Iemitsu were listening with rapt attention. After Tsuna's explanation, Nana and Iemitsu were mad, utterly furious.

"How dare that child insult my Tuna-fish!" said Iemitsu, causing Tsuna to flush and call out a "Tou-san!" Nana meanwhile, was calming down her husband and herself.

"So," Giotto started, "will you come tomorrow?" he asked. Nana nodded. "We will go, along with Tsuna." Nana turned to Tsuna, " And I mean you yourself." she said. "But-" Tsuna protested. "No buts." Nana added with a tone of finality. Tsuna pouted.

"Now then, shall we eat?" Nana said, lightening the atmosphere. Her family grinned, beaming at the prospect of eating her delicious cooking.

Well, with what happened, I guess I won't be using any of these... Just when I finished fixing my usual one, completing the cool down process of the second and charging the third... Just my luck...

Morning comes as the sun rises, waking the slumbering birds. The birds started chirping, the sound greeting the ears of the newly awakened family, the Sawada Family.

The mother, Nana, got up first and did her morning routine, and prepared breakfast for the family and coaxed the other members of the household to "get up and prepare for the day!" The father, Iemitsu, was the second who got up and prepared. He followed his usual morning routine and went down to the dining room after he took the newspaper from the mailbox.

The elder son, Giotto, entered the dining room next and laid his head beside his plate on the already-set-up table and slept again. The younger son came last. He copied his brother's actions and slept as well. Their father looked at them and just let them be, sighing fondly at the two's actions.

"Giotto, Tsuna! Breakfast is coming soon. Wake up." called their mother from the kitchen, who already knew their usual actions after all-nighters.

Said brothers snapped awake and lifted their heads, just in time as their mother came and placed down plates for breakfast.

Giotto was the first to take breakfast and eat, followed by his brother. Iemitsu placed the newspaper on a nearby counter and ate next. Nana, after cleaning up in the kitchen a bit, ate last. All of them were quiet as they were savouring their meals, but the silence didn't last long, as Giotto said excitedly, "Tsu is coming along right? So we'll be able to walk together to school, right?"

Their father was the one to respond, "Yes Gio. Nana said that yesterday so Tsuna won't be able to complain." He said, Tsuna groaning in the background.

Iemitsu was seconded by Nana who nodded her head.

"I don't want to go ouuuuut..." groaned Tsuna, a pout evident in his voice. "Tsuna, we already talked about this." Nana said. Tsuna just groaned again but stopped protesting. Giotto, in turn, rejoiced, clearly happy.

After breakfast, the siblings brushed their teeth and headed to the living room where they waited for their parents before going to school. After a while, their parents emerged and they all went to their car, Iemitsu drove, and they arrived at Nami High just in time to see other students who arrived after them. They all exited the car. Giotto bid goodbye and proceeded to his classroom.

Then, the rest of the Sawada family marched towards the Councillor's room. Entering, they noticed that they arrived before the Kaneda family, who appeared soon after.

The councilor cleared his throat and introduced himself, "Hello, Sirs and Madams. I am Takamura Arata, councilor of Namimori High School. Surely, you know why you were called here, correct?" The parent nodded. "Now, for Osamu Kaneda-kun, this isn't his first call, but it's the first for Sawada Tsunayoshi-kun. Normally, we would have let cases like this go with just a simple warning. However, the ruckus at their class escalated to a screaming match, which garnered complaints from other classes." he started.

"I called you here, actually, to decide what will happen next. Minami-kun," he called, letting the student enter. The door opened and the class president entered.

"I have called him to relay the events that happened. I am sure that he will not omit anything and will not side with anyone." The councilor gestured for Minami, and he told them what happened clearly.

"Now that the story is clear, I will not be giving them any punishment. However, do refrain from repeating such actions that may result in shouting, like what happened yesterday." he said. Both students nodded their heads.

Before they left, Kaneda Osamu stood up and said to Tsuna, "Oi, I'm fine with the end of this but I want you to explain."

"Explain what, exactly?" Tsuna countered.

"What happened these past three days? How you've suddenly changed and became athletic, smart and was able to memorize a long piece perfectly in a matter of hours, which should have been impossible for you of all people." Kaneda said.

Tsuna sighed, and looked at his parents as if asking them if he had to. Said parents were looking at him sternly, wordlessly saying "Yes, yes you do."

Tsuna sighed again, and said, "Androids."

"Excuse me?"

Tsuna looked at him, and started to explain. "Androids are robots, cyborgs if you will, that look like humans and act like one, except that organs are replaced with metal systems that allow them to function. Back then, these were only seen in science fiction but recent scientific progress has allowed for the development of androids though they are not that advanced yet. I just made my own, which are better." he explained.

Kaneda looked confused and asked, "Your brother developing those is believable, but you?" he snorted and continued, "Don't start making up things, Dame-Tsuna."

Tsuna scoffed, "I made my cyborgs myself, you know. My brother has his own inventions and I have mine. And I contributed largely to the development of those, mind you. If I didn't send my first prototype to a company then they would've taken a longer time to advance beyond the skeletal frame."

"Mine is majorly a golem type but I'm still improving that. I want it to have more mass and a little bit less flexibility but a wider range of actions so all of my creations are still a prototype." Tsuna said.

"And how does that explain anything?" Kaneda Osamu questioned. The Sawada patriarch snorted a little, his wife holding back a fit of giggles.

Tsuna rolled his eyes, "I obviously used those in school." Osamu was still confused.

Tsuna noticed so he elaborated with a sigh, "I sent my prototypes to school to act as me." Kaneda said an "Oh." but soon sported another confused look. Tsuna groaned. Osamu was slow.

"Fine," He exclaimed, "Ask your questions!" Osamu looked at him and they started a Q&A session, their parents and the councillor listening in the background.

"If those were robots-" "Androids." "-androids, as you said, then why were you so dame?" Osamu asked.

Tsuna answered, "In third grade, I made my first prototype with less advanced parts. I sent my first prototype to school in fifth grade. Since then, I've continued that and because it was my first prototype, it could not function finely and its control mechanism wasn't that advanced yet, making it harder for me to control. Its voice processor was of low quality and its motor functions even less so. And that's why I wasn't able to answer questions back then, and I was practically tripping on thin air."

"If you contributed to the development of androids, then how come it didn't appear in the news?" Osamu questioned. "I sent it secretly and told the company not to announce it." Tsuna answered, bored.

Osamu understood, his parents listening to the conversation with rapt attention. "Then why did you suddenly change these last three days?" he asked.

"I found a bug in the program of the android I usually use, so I used a different prototype three days ago, or the day the class had that dodge ball game. I was gonna use that android again the next day but it overheated because of the game so I used a different one (android). That android ran out of power at home so I used another one yesterday."

"Oh." Osamu said. "But then why were those different from each other?" Tsuna looked at him before he began, "All of those were still prototypes so of course I was testing what were the different results of different parts combined with different programs and whatnot." Tsuna finished, and leant back to his seat and closed his eyes, waiting to see if Osamu had more questions.

Osamu Kaneda contemplated the newly gained information. But something was still lingering in the back of his mind...

"How do I know you're not lying?" he asked. Tsuna's eyes snapped open and he glared Osamu. "Are you kidding me?! You ask me that now?! Are you trying to make me waste my breath?" Osamu shrugged. Tsuna's parents almost burst out laughing.

Tsuna sighed heavily, "Of course I'm not. Here's proof." Tsuna took something out from his pocket. It was a little box that had a button enclosed with glass in the middle.

"You can press that button if you want, but I suggest we move to an open area." he added.

Osamu complied and everyone in the room went outside the building, courtyard to be precise, before Tsuna motioned for Osamu to press the button away from the rest.

What happened next was something neither the Kaneda family nor the councilor expected. When Osamu pressed the button, the box shook and Osamu dropped it in shock. The box then started to expand and soon it took up almost an entire room. The left, back and lower parts had walls while the ceiling could be placed or removed with just a push of the button. Inside was a paradise for every inventor; tons of chemicals, metal parts, code books, advanced computer for programming testing site, a variety of charging cables and a lot more.

Tsuna smirked and said, "Welcome to my portable laboratory! It's not better than my real lab though, with its limited storing space."

Osamu's jaw dropped and he shouted, "What the heck?!" which was heard from the classrooms nearby and the students saw Tsuna's portable lab, which resulted in more surprised gasps, drools from aspiring inventors and laughs from Giotto and G, whose classroom was at the side near the front of the school courtyard. Asari was also laughing while Ryohei and Knuckle were screaming their favourite word at the top of their lungs.

Class 1-A students also gaped by the windows at the portable lab, except for Takeshi and Kyoko who had smirks, again, on their faces. Internally they were laughing at their classmates' faces, since they had finally discovered the brunette's secret.

Tsuna laughed at their reactions, and his parents released a snort (Iemitsu) and a giggle (Nana).

The councillor decided to end their session there for he was sure that they had some business to attend to. And somewhere in Tokyo, there was a fuming blue-haired woman screaming profanities and for someone to find their "Idiot blonde boss".

"As much as I enjoyed our... session, I have to end it now since the students have classes to attend and I'm sure you have business to finish." He said. He looked at the students inside, and signalled for them to start listening to their teacher.

"Tsunayoshi-kun? Please attend you classes properly from now on. Stop using your... androids for class. I will not tolerate any more of that, because the school would very much like to see an improvement in your grades."

Tsuna groaned. He didn't want to! He started developing and using his androids because he was too lazy to go to school, and now he had to.


Giotto grinned, laughing mentally at the reactions of his classmates. They were mean to Tsuna before because of his reputation and he knew that this event would start to change that.

Mochida approached him, "Is that why you don't defend him?" Giotto turned to him and said, "Of course! I told you, we know better!" Mochida just shook his head, wondering why Giotto didn't say that his brother was a genius as well in the first place.

And the day ended happily for certain siblings. And said siblings was gaped at because they couldn't believe that the younger Sawada was smarter than his older brother, something Giotto was proud of and boasted about.

The En- Ah, no, wait.

Let us not forget to pray for the soul of a particular blonde father who may or may not die at the hands of an angry blue-haired agent.

And for the quick recovery of one Osamu Kaneda's mind from the revelation that their supposed 'dame' classmate was anything but dame.

And for both the Sawada sons to be saved from the wrath of their mother because they laughed at the faces of their classmates too much because of the fuss earlier.

The End.

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