At least Katara wasn't screaming death threats or trying to break down the door anymore. Either she had given up or Aang, Ty Lee, and Suki had finally managed to drag her away, whichever, Zuko didn't know or care. It was quiet.

On his right, his mother and stepfather. His mother kept making fish faces, about to say something but unable to voice her thought. Ikem just stared. To his left Iroh, working on his fourth or fifth cup of tea since the announcement.

The two who had gaily made said announcement not minutes before? Stood on the other side of the desk, arms wrapped around each other kissing and eww ... Woof-woof? Sparkles? Zuko clapped his hands over and dropped his head onto the table.

"Just a dream. A dream," he told himself, then lifted his head.

STILL THERE. Gazing into each others eyes as if no one else existed.

Sokka. Azula.

"HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" Zuko shouted, startling everyone.

Sokka, without turning his gaze from his beloved, explained; "Well, you did tell me to keep an eye on her. I kept two. Two ears as well. I liked what I discovered."

Azula giggled. "My prince," she said.