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New Orleans, 1922


Gellert Grindelwald has been sentenced to death for the murder of Albus Dumbledore, Former Police Chief of New Orleans. Chief Dumbledore was found dead later in 1921 and suspicion quickly fell on his close friend, Grindelwald, after evidence of a love affair was discovered between the two men.

A jury of twelve men conferred for less than one day before returning the judgement, which is seen as welcome closure after months of trial proceedings, which frequently devolved into nastiness between the Defendant and the State. Further complicating the matter was Grindelwald's former position in the Prosecutor's office.

Dumbledore and Grindelwald had been friends since their youth in Abbeville in Vermilion Parish. The pair moved to the City of New Orleans to attend University, where they were roommates. It is unclear of when their relationship became more significant than boyhood friends, but at some point, Dumbledore moved to New York City to continue his work as a Policeman. Earlier in 1921, Dumbledore returned to the City of New Orleans to take the position of Chief of Police.

As evidenced by the copious letters admitted into evidence, it seems that Grindelwald and Dumbledore resumed their torrid affair immediately upon Dumbledore's return to the city. The letters reveal much about the relationship - including that Grindelwald was prone to fits of anger and jealousy. The motive of the poisoning, by acute dose of arsenic, is still unclear, but it is thought that Grindelwald was likely scorned by Dumbledore for another man.

Grindelwald is scheduled to be executed by hanging on 22 November 1921, barring appeal. In the meantime, he will spend the last of his days in Angola prison.


Evan Rosier the Third, son of Evan Rosier II, was found dead Monday morning in the Mississippi River. It appears that the body had been in the water for several months, and therefore, no clear cause of death is apparent at this time. It is speculated that the man might have fallen into the River further upstream, only to have drowned. Police are looking for a female companion that Rosier was said to keep during the time he is expected to have died.

Similar reports have come in saying that Rosier was seen walking with an unnaturally large man, thought by many to be a rougaroux, but the police have dismissed this theory as nonsense.

Rosier's father is well known across the Southeast for his massive orange orchards, which dominate the Georgian economy. He is thought to be the wealthiest man in the state, due to the lucrative pricing of oranges. When asked for comment, Rosier II declined, saying that he had no concern for his wayward son, whom he denounced as a scoundrel.

Looking at Rosier III's rap sheet, it is clear that his father is not far off the map. He has numerous charges of fraud up and down the Atlantic coast, as well as numerous other charges including battery, assault, adultery, larceny, trafficking and possession of a prohibited substance. It was thought that he was heavily involved in the bootlegging that seems to plague New Orleans.

Since his death, several women have come forward, suggesting that they have given birth to Rosier III's children, and are looking to collect against his estate. Surely, this will lead to lengthy court battles with Rosier's father, who has no wish to claim his son's misdeeds or body.

Should Rosier III's body remain unclaimed following medical examination, he will be buried at Greenwood Cemetery.


Following the shakeup at the New Orleans Police Department following the death of Police Chief Dumbledore, the force has promoted Detective Harry J. Potter to the position of Lieutenant. Lt. Potter can now add youngest Lieutenant in City history to his numerous other accolades, including solving the robbery at the Dubois Jewelry Store last year. Potter was quick to determine that the robbery was an insurance fraud, seeing as the jewelry store owner could not account for the thousands of dollars missing from this safe.

Grandson of local businessman, Henry Potter, it seems as if Lt. Potter was meant to be a police officer since birth. He was well known in his school for being a very honest child, and holding his classmates accountable as well. He has had his fair share of scrapes on the job, as evidenced by the peculiar lightening bolt scar on his forehead, which he would not explain. According to colleagues, he frequently invents another humorous story to explain the facial scar, every time he is asked.

Lt. Potter is engaged to a Miss Ginerva Weasley, younger sister to his boyhood friend, Ronald Weasley. It is the intention of Potter and Weasley to wed later in 1922, though Lt. Potter would not reveal the exact date. Miss Weasley is said to be excited to begin hosting parties with the other wives of the police brass and to integrate with the New Orleans social society.


Garrick Ollivander, of New Orleans, will be closing his pharmacy next month, following the sale to a Texas Pharmacy conglomerate, Real Drug. Ollivander's Pharmacy, which is somewhat of an institution in the dusty back roads of the French Quarter, has been in operation since 1887.

Ollivander cites his advanced age as his primary reason for selling. "Well, I'm not getting any younger, and I never had children who could take the shop over for me," Ollivander commented. "Though I suppose the generous offer didn't hurt either."

Real Drug has been buying up properties all along the Gulf Coast, hoping to consolidate into one chain of stores, which will then be able to fill prescriptions at a lower cost to the customer. Based in Texas, it is owned by the Goldstein family, who have been in the pharmacy business since their arrival in America, several decades ago.

Regular customers of Ollivander's Pharmacy are encouraged to give Real Drug a chance once they have their grand opening in October. "We are committed to continue to serve the people of New Orleans with the same level of service that Ollivander provided," said Edward Goldstein. "[Ollivander] kept very meticulous records so we are sure that there should be minimal interruption of service."

No job loss is expected, as Ollivander commented that he only had one employee who had already mutually parted ways with the pharmacy. "I only ever had the one shop girl, and she left a few months ago to pursue other opportunities," Ollivander added.

When asked what he expects to do with his time, Ollivander wasn't sure what he was going to do. "My life has been that pharmacy, so I admit that I'm a bit at a loss of what I will do. Maybe travel the world. I haven't left New Orleans since I was a boy."


Abraxas Malfoy and his wife welcomed their daughter, last Sunday at 2:30 in the afternoon. Ada Louise Malfoy, weighing six pounds one ounce, is the second child born to Abraxas. His son, Lucius, is aged 1. Both mother and child were said to be in good spirits and resting at home.

Abraxas Malfoy, the son of a French Lord, has played quite a role in the New Orleans social scene since his family arrived in Louisiana when he was a child. Known for his wild and extravagant lifestyle around town, he was married to the daughter of a Colonel four years ago. The Malfoys chose to keep their home out in the parish, though they are frequently seen around town.

Christening to take place next Sunday.


Heir to Riddle Shipping, Tom Riddle Jr, married Miss Hermione Granger last month in a small private ceremony. The pair only made their union known to the public, after returning from their honeymoon to Cuba earlier this week. The news came as somewhat as a shock, seeing as Riddle previously seemed to enjoy a bachelor lifestyle.

Little is known about the new Mrs. Riddle, or how the pair became acquainted, but she appears to have been born in New Orleans after the turn of the century to a surgeon. Mrs. Riddle's parents died when she was a young child, but this misfortune has not held her back. A student at Tulane University, Mrs. Riddle intends to graduate with a degree in Chemistry next May, a feat that many find surprising for a woman of her standing. Dean Severus Snape, of the Chemistry department, has no doubts about his student's capabilities though, insisting that she is very adept at the subtle art of science.

Mrs. Riddle also has made clear her intention to work in the medical examiner's office following her graduation as a consultant. Following new science coming out of New York City, Mrs. Riddle has developed a method to determine if a person has been poisoned with several common chemicals by inspecting the blood and tissue of a deceased person. If called on by the medical examiner in cases of suspicious deaths, Mrs. Riddle hopes that she will be able to shed more light on if poison was involved.

Tom Riddle Jr has expressed a desire to expand the vast shipping empire that his father created. Riddle stated that he intends to begin shipments up the Mississippi River, connecting all the way North to Chicago and Minneapolis. The route is well traveled by other shipping companies, but Riddle is confident that he will be able to make a meaningful impact on trade in the area.

The couple makes their home in the Garden District.

Trying not to shuffle the paper too much, so as not to wake her sleeping husband, Hermione read over the tiny article about her in the paper. She'd been used to making the society pages with Tom whenever he took her out on the town while they were engaged, but this was the first time that she was being acknowledged as his wife, and not just some floozy whose name the reporters never bothered to catch. It was a bit embarrassing to be quite so invested in what they thought of her, but she just couldn't help it.

Feeling Tom's large hand move from it's protective spot on her naked stomach up to cup her bare breast, she knew that it was too late and she'd already woken him up. Seeing the band of gold on his left hand - which was only too happy to tease her nipple into stiff little peaks - sent a shot of warmth through her body. Hermione couldn't believe how much her life had changed in just the one year that she had known Tom Riddle and agreed to be a part of his criminal empire, agreed to be his.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," she said, her voice low in the morning light.

"What did you expect, returning to bed with cold feet?" Tom questioned her, and she could hear the smirk on his face. Teasing, Hermione pressed her foot against his warm calf with a grin. He pressed his lips against the curve of her neck, sending a new kind of warmth through her body. "Did the paper get anything wrong about you?"

"I wasn't reading about me," Hermione lied. "I was reading about sweet little Ada." Just last week, Juniper had asked Hermione if she would be godmother to the baby, who was born with the most beautiful blue eyes are dark brown wisps of hair, just like her mother.

Tom didn't believe her for a second, and pinched her nipple hard enough to make her gasp. "Okay, okay, I was reading about us," Hermione conceded, pressing her body back into his burgeoning erection.

Considering the words that were written about her, Hermione found that the details were a bit sparse, but she didn't know that she wanted every aspect of her personal life up for public debate. They had covered the fact that she was still taking courses at Tulane, but didn't mention the considerable struggle it had been to gain respect as a woman in that department. At least all the boys in her class had gotten the message not to touch her when she showed up with an engagement ring on her finger.

She also was glad that they hadn't been able to scrounge up any details about their small wedding ceremony. Only their closest friends had been in attendance, and Hermione had been happy to have Antonin give her away. She thought the big Russian man might have been about to cry when he asked her, but she could think of no one else to do it once they had repaired their fast friendship. No, keeping the particulars private suited Hermione just fine, because it made the day all the more special to them.

The paper certainly didn't cover the work that she did for Tom. It wouldn't be good to have it known that she was the largest supplier of whiskey, now in a three state area. While she still continued to distill alcohol for his gang to sell, that didn't mean that she'd turned a blind eye to the more nefarious aspects of his business. After a frank talk with Tom, Hermione knew that she'd never be okay with him killing people, so after the last time, she refused to prepare any poisons for him. It was a fight that they had regularly.

...It hadn't stopped her from leaving out instructions on calculating precisely how much arsenic was needed by approximate body weight to kill someone on the kitchen table. When it was gone by dinner time, Hermione wouldn't say anything to Tom and he didn't say anything to her either.

Tom brought her back to the present by nipping lightly at her neck, knowing that she loved the way it sent shivers up and down her spine. "Well, what's the verdict?"

Smirking, Hermione knew that Tom was just as interested as she was in what was written about him. Her husband could have the tendency to be terribly vain, and he never forgot the slights he perceived against him. Turning around in his arms so that she could look him in his dark blue eyes, Hermione pouted, pretending to be rather put out. "They spent most of their words gushing over your plan to expand up the Mississippi," she told him, pushing out her lower lip. "They seem to think it's a smashing idea."

Tom leaned forward, catching her pouty lip between his teeth, giving her a playful nip, before encouraging her to lift one of her legs up over his hip, opening her body to him. "Well, there's no rest for the wicked, love," he teased.

Hermione could agree that if anyone was wicked, it was Tom Riddle. He seemed to be the epitome of sin. But, Christ if she didn't love sinning.

She knew that things were only going to get more complicated that he was expanding his business up the Mississippi River. New territory meant new fights, new murders, new customers, but it had also triggered a bit of nostalgia in Hermione, to that time when she was just a good girl. She liked to lecture him on what the rules and the law said, but Tom broke down each and every one of her moral arguments, while he divested her of every bit of clothing. He kissed her all over her body with those wicked lips of his and reminded her that he took care of what belonged to him.

Hermione found herself agreeing everytime because she was his.