Chapter 3

Pulling up in the driveway Angela cuts the engine of her car off and opening the door, she gets out and heads to the front door. The doorbell rings signaling Angela's arrival. Booth gets up and walks to the door and opens it seeing Angela on the other side. "Angela, so good to see you", he says hugging Angela.

Angela enters the house and Booth shuts the door and heads toward the living room to find Brennan and Angela hugging. "Okay you two what is the big secret that you had me come over here by myself and not say anything to Hodgins?" she asks looking first at Booth and then Brennan.

Angela sits on the sofa next to Brennan and Booth in one of the chairs. Looking at Angela, Brennan takes a deep breath, slowly letting it out. "Angela I'm pregnant". Brennan says to Angela, who just looks at them both in complete shock. "'re pregnant?" Angela says still a bit stunned by Brennan's announcement. She's greeted by nods in the affirmative.

"Yes I'm ten weeks along. The doctor confirmed it earlier today. I took three home tests too just to make sure and each one came back positive." Brennan says to Angela who jumps up hugging her best friend. "Oh, Sweetie, I am so happy for you and Booth." She turns and gives Booth a hug as well.

"Here's the thing Angela," Booth says to her. "Bones and I have agreed not to tell the others until the time is right." Brennan nods her head in agreement. "Yeah sure thing guys. No problem." Angela agrees. "My lips are sealed."

"Ange, one more thing." Brennan says to her. "You can tell Hodgins, but he has to promise not to say anything to anybody else before we're ready." Angela nods. "We will tell everyone in about three or four weeks."

"Okay Bren you can count on us to keep your secret. You know," Angela says, looking first at Brennan and then Booth. "I had my suspicions that something was going on with you Bren." The partners look at each other, not at all surprised that Angela suspected that Brennan was pregnant. "I'm just glad you could tell me that you're pregnant, Bren"

Angela and Brennan discuss both their pregnancies for a while longer before Angela looks at watch and realizes she needs to get back to Hodgins and Michael Vincent.

Hugging first Booth and then Brennan, Angela says goodbye and walks out the door to her car, waving as she backs the car out of the driveway. Booth and Brennan wave back as the car disappears from sight.

The partners both go back inside and close the door. "Well that went pretty good." Booth says to Brennan. She nods in agreement as she heads upstairs to their bedroom, Booth right behind her. Entering their room Brennan goes to their dresser and after opening one of the drawers, she takes out a set of pajamas.

"I'm going to take a shower and then I will be taking a nap", she says to Booth as she disappears into their master bathroom. Upon hearing the shower come on, he turns back the covers for Brennan before disappearing back down the stairs to the kitchen to brew some tea for her.

Twenty minutes later Booth goes back upstairs carrying a tray with a cup of tea, a vegetarian omelette and a couple slices of toast with vegan butter. Entering the room, Booth enters the room with the tray and sees that Brennan has finished her shower and is now lying on the bed with her closed dozing.

Setting the tray down on the bed, Booth gently shakes Brennan's shoulder. "Bones, wake up. I brought you some tea and a light snack." Opening her beautiful blue eyes, she sees Booth sitting on his side of the bed and then she notices the tray sitting on the bed between them. "Is that what I think it is?" Brennan asks as Booth nods and puts the tray across her lap.

Brennan smiles at Booth as she takes the mug and takes a sip of the tea. Then she picks up the knife and fork and cuts a bit of the omelette and puts it in mouth. "Mmm...this is quite good Booth" she says after swallowing the bite. He just grins as she takes a bite of the toast and then takes a sip of the tea. "I'm glad you like your snack Bones." Booth replies.

"Would you like a bite?" she asks as he shakes his head. "No thanks Bones. I already ate as I was preparing your meal." He tells her. As he was cooking her food he ate the rest of his leftover Thai food. "I ate the rest of my Thai food as I was cooking your food."

Brennan finishes her meal and Booth takes the tray as she reaches for her mug, telling her that he will be right back. Back in the kitchen Booth rinses the dishes under the faucet in the sink and then loads them in the dishwasher. He turns it on and then heads back upstairs.

Entering their bedroom once again, he sees that Brennan has fallen asleep again. Pulling the covers over her sleeping form, he goes into the bathroom, striping off his clothes once inside. Booth picks up his clothes from the floor he places them in the hamper and turns on the shower.

Ten minutes later Booth shuts off the water, and, wrapping a towel around himself, he goes into the bedroom again. Dropping the towel to the floor he walks to the dresser and opens one of his drawers taking out pajamas.

Unbeknownst to him he has an audience of one watching as he moves around the room putting on his pajamas. "Nice ass Booth." comes Brennan's voice, startling him. "Geez Bones you startled me. I thought you were sleeping". Giggling like a schoolgirl, she shakes her head.

"I was until I heard the shower and then I just pretended to be sleeping", she says as he chuckles getting into bed with Brennan. Opening her arms Booth slides over and into her welcoming embrace. "You got me good Bones", he tells her before their mouths crash together in a passionate kiss.

They kiss until they both gasp a bit for air. "Yes I did Booth, I got you good." Brennan replies back chuckling. They go to kiss again, but Brennan yawns suddenly covering her mouth. "I'm sorry Booth," she apologizes. :"It's okay Bones. I know you are sleepy and so am I come to think of it. We've had a pretty long day too. Come on baby let's gets some sleep. Tomorrow is a brand new day." Booth says to Brennan as they both cuddle each other and fall asleep in each other's arms.

After a rather restful night, in which both Brennan and Booth were able to sleep without incident; meaning neither one had a nightmare, they both wake up in each other's arms, with Booth waking up first.

Taking the time to watch the woman he loves with all of his entire being sleeping in his arms, he takes a couple moments to reflect on his, hell, their life so far. He still cannot believe that his Bones, his partner for so many years, agreed at last to move in with him, her only condition being they find and buy a house together.

Booth found that condition easy to live with and in no time at all, six weeks actually, with the help of a very capable broker who found them the perfect four bedroom, four bath with a finshed basement, house, they both signed the neccssary paperwork; three weeks later they closed on the house of their dreams. An additional six weeks later, Booth and Brennan officially moved into their beautiful home and they proceeded to christen every room much to the delight of Brennan.

There is also a two car garage and a huge backyard perfect for a future swimming pool should they decide to have one installed. Booth would rather have a nice hot tub at the moment over the pool.

They'd been in their house six months when Brennan found out she is pregnant. Booth she and Booth are just thrilled about becoming parents to their own baby. Booth knoows that he is going to have to tell both his son, Parker and his mom Rebecca, that Parker is going to be a big brother soon. He hopes that Rebecca won't put a fight about him needing to tell Parker that Brennan is pregnant.

As if she knows he is thinking about her, Brennan stirs in his arms and slowly opens her blue eyes to find Booth staring at her. "Good morning Booth", she says as they kiss. "Good morning Bones", Booth replies back. "Sleep well?" She nods and after another kiss, slides out his arms and out of bed heading to the bathroom. Stopping at the door, Brennan looks over her shoulder at Booth."I've decided to take today off and I will return to work tomorrow." she announces. Surprised Booth follows Brennan into the bathroom to find out what she has in mind for the day.

Before turning on the shower, she tells Booth that she just wants to relax for the day. Turning on the shower she gets in. Popping her head out she asks Booth if he wants to join her. "Now that's an offer I cannot refuse", he says as quickly strips off his pajamas and joins his Bones in the shower.