"Alone. I had been alone for so long. Nobody could see me. And I doubted that anyone that could would help." Jackiline Frost was alone from the moment the Moon made her a spirit. With tearful joy, she watched as her little sister grew up and had children of her own. She looked after the Overland line, even when the names changed, and blood diluted over the years.

Very few spirits ever paid the wandering snowflake girl any mind. So little ever spoke to her when they brushed by her that Jack thought she was completely alone in the world. Most times that anyone saw her, she was freezing puddles, making snowflakes, spreading storms and playing with little children. She'd seemed so happy, even smiling at the other spirits and waving, that they'd let her be.

You'd have expected that the Guardians call for aide would've overjoyed her. And to some extant, it did. But with everything going on, she was completely overwhelmed by the end of the venture. It felt like a dream; so fast, some parts so nonsensical, and the fairytale outcome was too good to be true.

Jamie and Sophie, two descendants directly of the Overland bloodline, could See her. They'd helped her reach a decision that ultimately saved both the Guardians and all the children in the world.

There was a whole world of spirits, superimposed over the human one she'd always clung to. And she'd gave her allegiance to four of them, the Guardians, who she could count on for help.

But she couldn't trust them. Or herself, for that matter. She couldn't believe that it was true. So she did the only thing she could think of to ascertain for herself that she was awake, that everything hadn't been a dream.

When the Guardians searched for her after she disappeared, the found nothing except a few stray white feathers, stained with blood.