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~~~~ Lily Potter ~~~~

"A Charistrega! Wow, Lily, this is amazing!" Nigel hops with a grin as we are returning to the Main Hall for dinner.

"Yeah, and now we can pummel Avery better!" Alex slams his fist in his palm with excitement, his eyes flashing dangerously.

"You aren't afraid, guys?" I ask, still not believing they are still my friends.

"Why should we? It's you the Chinese Fox is after." Alex teases me and Nigel shoves him irritably.

"ALEX! That was not funny!"

Alex promptly ignores Nigel's admonishing, and asks me one more question.

"So, when can we see what you can do?"

"Eh, I guess as soon as Uncle – I mean, Professor Remus shows me." I chuckle.

Food is especially tasty tonight, and I am happy that I am not being treated as a freak. It is while we are going back to the dorms that Nigel comes to find us again and asks with a frown.

"Chinese Foxes can't use tools, can they? like knives and grinders and cauldrons."

"Of course not, silly, they can't hold on to them." Alex smirks.

"Then don't you see? Someone else made the Fox the blue potion, and that someone is very much alive and real and human."

"Are you sure?" Alex asks

"I doubt the accomplice is a chimp." Nigel replies dryly.

"How about a go--" Alex starts retornting when a name and face springs up to my mind immediately.

"Nelly Fudge! She was out during the night with no reason, and she gave us away!"

"It's possible. Is she any good at potions?"

"I don't know. But she's a 3rd year."

"She could be the one making the potion." Alex states the obvious. I chew the inside of my cheek. Would I dare…?

"Guys, why don't we go see what Miss Fudge is up to?" Nigel suggests, smiling.

Okay, I would dare.

~~~~ Severus Snape ~~~~

Lupin comes into my office about two hours after dinner. It is almost curfew, as a matter of fact.

"What is it now, Lupin?"

"I can't find Lily. Have you seen her?"

Now, I know there is no real reason to panic. But somehow that does not seem to stop me.

"What do you mean you can't find her!? You were supposed to be having lessons with her!"

"Calm yourself, Severus. The training does not start until tomorrow. I would only prepare her and give her the sleeping potion we'd agreed she should take tonight. But I can't seem to be able to find her anywhere, or the two boys she's usually with." Lupin says tiredly.

It is at this moment, while I am ready to snap at Lupin that when a Potter is missing, something is bound to be destroyed, that the whole castle seems to shake under our feet. We stare at each other for a few seconds before Lupin shouts "Lily!" and we both run out the door of my office.

Potters will be the death of me.

~~~~ Lily Potter ~~~~

"Does anyone know where the Hufflepuff dorm is?" I ask my friends.

"I do, follow me." Nigel says. I am not surprised. Nigel seems to know more than the caretaker. We follow him up the stairs to the east side of the castle, where the Hufflepuffs are supposed to be.

"Okay, and what do we do when we get there? Wait for Nelly to come out?" Alex says thoughtfully.

"Ask the statue guarding the door nicely? It works with live Hufflepuffs." Nigel smiles to himself.

I am about to add some wisecrack myself as we turn left in the corridor, but I never get the chance. We are suddenly surrounded by 5 Slytherin boys. Normally, this is not necessarily bad. Most Slytherins are nice, in a dark sort of way, like their head of house.

Not today.

"How about we re-address the argument about who is a disgrace, shall we?" Avery tells me and points his wand to Nigel. "Rictusempra! he yells. Nigel doesn't have time to react (although I bet those words he was starting to say were the countercurse), and he is flung spinning a few feet into the air, then is dropped face-first on the ground. Nigel grunts and brings his hand to his nose, touching gingerly at the blood coming from it. It makes both Alex and myself mad.

"I'll make you pay!" we both scream around us in the circle of boys that are snickering or guffawing. Their laughter makes me feel tingly, and I crack my knuckles.

I have the distinct impression I am more dangerous than Alex, regardless training.

"So you want a fight…" I grin at him. "Let's rock!" I snap at him and follow with the flow of my magic, just like I had let it take over yesterday in the turret. I point my open palms to the ground and the power soars from my fingertips, not entirely in my control.

The whole floor shakes and ripples, making every one fall. I smile to myself, since my magic seems to take muggle sayings literally. I am the only one remaining standing.

"Lils, you are –glowing!!-" Alex exclaims from the ground, but I barely hear them.

"Do you still want to argue, Avery? Or has the floor persuaded you?" I ask, and my voice is slightly high-pitched, which is a little weird, but cool.

It seems to unnerve the Slytherins, who flee as best they can, since the ground still shakes under my flow.

"Lily, stop it!" Alex yells.

"They are gone, Lily, stop!" Nigel says dazedly. It looks like the rocking is going to make him sick. I decide to stop.

But I find out that I can't stop it.

"Lily!" Alex yells again.

"I can't stop it!" I shout, my voice back to normal. The magic that continues fuelling whatever step it is that I have casted is tiring me, and I can feel my heart picking up beats, the blood boiling in my veins, my system burning up to try and compensate. But although I feel the exhaustion, I feel the protest of my body, I can't stop. I don't know how, it seems more powerful than I am.

~~~~ Severus Snape ~~~~

The ground continues to ripple under us as we run to the source of the magic doing it. It is so massive that it can only be coming from an advanced wizard or a Potter's stupidity of using magic when untrained for it.

It is only obvious which of the two is more possible.

We are near the Hufflepuff dorms when we turn into a corridor and nearly fall down because of the rippling. Lupin grabs onto a banner from the wall, but I cast a balance spell on me—I have my dignity to uphold as the Deputy Headmaster of this School. And since I need Lupin's attention on other things than staying upright, I cast in on him as well. After securing our foothold, we look ahead. To tell the truth, for a few moments we keep staring.

Lily is glowing, her copper red hair seeming to have caught fire. Her eyes are luminescent again, though thankfully not that eerie quicksilverish tint that I had seen in the turret. A white light is surrounding her, and her palms are oriented at the floor, slightly trembling as they are channelling the flow.

She looks like power got into a body too small and it is slowily taking her over, converting her into an elemental. Not an entirely nice feeling. Then Diggory yells at her again in anguish.


"I can't stop it!" she replied in equal distress, and the trance we seem to have fallen into shatters.

"Diggory, Veris, away from her now!" I snap at the two boys who yelp in surprise before complying. I suspect I see the reason for Lily's current state on Veris' nose. Lupin helps the boys and I grab them both by their arms, steadying them on their feet. Then the werewolf talks gently to Lily, soothingly so that she will be able to focus on him instead of drifting away like an uncontrolled boat in a tempest of her creation.

"Lily, listen to my voice. Don't be afraid." Lupin starts, standing next to the girl instead of in her line of vision.

"I can't stop it!" she says, her voice escalating.

"Don't panic. I'm here. I will help you stop it. Listen to me, only me. Don't think of anything else, not the floor, not the spell, nothing but me telling you what to do. Follow my lead, Lily. Come, honey, everything is under control. Take a deep breath… that's it. Now another. Everything is under control. Repeat it." Lupin commands in that low, subliminal voice. Lily's lips are quivering, but she does as she is told.

"Everything is under control…" she says, her voice breaking only a little bit.

"That's my girl… you are strong. This is your power. Repeat it." Lupin continues.

"This is my power…" Lily says and this time her voice is wavering but it does not falter.

"Breathe in…"

Lily complies.

"Now gently make your palms into fists."

Lily's fingers twitch, but she does not go through with the command.

"I… I…"

"…can. You can do it. Close your palms dear. Order it to stop. It's yours. You can. you have the right." Lupin's voice shifts gradually from soothing to commanding, challenging.

Lily still lingers and hesitates. She won't last for long if she continues this.

"Make those fists NOW, LILY WEASLEY POTTER!" I hear myself snap in a voice as piercing as I can possibly make it.

It works. Lily is jolted into closing her fists, and as if someone turned the flow off, the spell is broken, the castle stops shaking, the slabs of stone stop rippling, and Lily breathes heavily, chalk white. Remus embraces her. Diggory and Veris try to run to her, but I jolt them back and glare at them.

"If you do not want to lose any chance of winning any points above zero in the next 5 years, I'd suggest you –leave-. Now." I tell them. From the way they run off I suspect that my expression has been especially vindictive.

Never mind that they most probably be both waiting down a couple of corridors.

~~~~ Lily Potter ~~~~

Professor Snape's voice was a godsend, just as my godfather helped me feel a little less lost. But the relief and tiredness that washed over me were so overwhelming, the only thing I could do is let my knees buckle up as if they had suddenly been turned into jelly.

And what is going to happen now? Am I to be punished? Expelled? humiliated?

I don't dare meet Uncle Remus in the eyes, much less the Potions Master. I hear him walk up to us as Uncle Remus is holding me, both hugging and supporting me. I burrow my face against his chest, and wait for the admonishing and the punishment.

"Drink this, Miss Potter."

I look up, trying to keep my chin from quivering, but it seems close to impossible. Professor Snape does not have any expression I can read, but his eyes are so turbulent. I would even think there is fear in them, but Professor Snape simply is not afraid. I can't picture him being scared.

I take the potion, and immediately I feel a wave of strength wash over me, and I can stand on my own again, and control my chin.

"I would suggest you learn to brew this on your own. Therefore we will be learning this in your next detention, which will be tomorrow afternoon. Good night, miss Potter."

I blinked. I was getting detention, but he was not even asking why I found myself in the situation in the first place!

"Lily, what exactly happened?"

I stare into my godfather's rather eerie eyes. They are yellowish and feral at time, and they always pierce through in a different way than professor Snape's. I look down so that I can find my voice.

"Some kids circled us and they cursed Nigel. His nose bled. I got angry. It just happened."

I pause, but he does not say anything. So I continue just to fill the silence.

"At first I felt great. They were scared and they left. But then I couldn't stop it."

"I see."

"I was scared that I couldn't stop it. I felt… like I would die because I couldn't stop."

"That was a true instinct. But you stopped it."

I blink. I did stop it, didn't I? I look at him again. He smiles encouragingly.

"And you will learn to control it come tomorrow. That is what we agreed to do. That's why I didn't want you using magic until tomorrow."

"I wanted to use my wand, honestly…. but somehow-"

"I understand. Who were those boys?"

I frown indignantly.

"I can't snitch on them!"

It makes Uncle Remus laugh.

"Was it those Slytherins you always get into fights with at Madam Hooch's lessons?"

"No!" I say, but I blush tomato red.

Merlin I really –suck- at lying.


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