hi this is my first fanfiction it will be in both harry and Severus's fanfiction canon Severus and shy scared harry, abusive dursleys, Voldemort defeated in g.o.f, Ron and Ginny bashing, dominate/submissive, and male/male. Severus is a veela that hasn't found his mate until Harry's inheritance on his 16th birthday
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Harry's P.O.V

I look out of the slots of my cupboard 'another summer in hell' I say out loud, as if someone was talking to me. Dumbledore was going to let me stay at the burrow this summer until the greasy git Snape pointed out that some death eaters could still be after me. If they knew what they did to me here, I shiver at the thought.

I was never a tall kid (being forced to live in a cupboard until the age of eleven. Then, given Dudley's second bedroom, and then back in the cupboard as punishment) but at the same height as Hermione at 5"6, it's quite sad. I lift up my shirt and count my ribs '1, 3, 6' the malnourishment gets worse every year my abs from Quidditch have basically disappeared. I see a blotch of purple above my hip but I refuse to look at my back and see what that monster has done to me.


As I grab the last mug to put in the dishwasher I hear footsteps of the baby whale going over my cupboard. *sigh* I focus back on the mug but the blow to the side stops me, as I'm falling I see Dudley's smirking face. I fumble with the mug trying to block it from the floor but am unsuccessful *smash* at the same time I hear Dudley screaming,
"Dad, Harry broke your favorite mug."

I quickly stumbled to my feet hearing thunderous footsteps approaching. I lift my head, and see Vernon's purple face just inches from mine. I automatically start spewing apologies "I'm sorry Unc…" I don't get to finish my sentence as I'm kicked to the floor; as I fall I hear a definite crack of one of my ribs as my shirt is brutally ripped off my body. I'm facing away from him but I hear the distinctive sound of Vernon's belt being removed. My mind is awaiting the pain I know is soon to come.

I faintly hear the sound of my uncle's voice saying "you ungrateful brat after all the things we've done for you," as pain explodes from my back. I count the lashes, after 19, I can't think straight and pass out on the kitchen floor with glass under me.

**End of flashback**

I shudder and try to focus on one of the only things I have in my room, the clock, tick, tock, tick, tock. 10 seconds unit midnight: 9 … my head starts to go fuzzy: 8 … I put my hands on the floor to stop me from swaying: 7 … tick, tock, tick, tock: 6 … I fall backwards from the fogginess: 5 … pain erupts from my back were the lashes reopen:

4 … I hear shouting from the front door: 3 … I hear footsteps approaching my cupboard: 2 … I hear the locks on the cupboard being open: 1 … I faintly hear "Harry", before I'm taken by darkness

Severus P.O.V

I glance out the window, and count the number of trees surrounding Prince Manor, and sigh. I am a dominate Dark Veela. I stopped aging after I came into my late inheritance at 18. I may look old but that's thanks to the glamour my friend Lucius found for me, so that Dumbledore won't interfere with my life. I try to sleep but it seems like the fates are out to get me. That's how I ended up looking out the window of my living room, fighting the pangs in my chest that are there for an unknown reason. As it approaches midnight I suddenly feel the need to protect and automatically know what's happening, my mate is coming into their inheritance, and my submissive will need me soon.

I fight off the urges to find my mate until roughly 10 minutes before midnight. I feel my glamour disappear. I feel my impressive black wings that are 6 feet in width and 4 feet in height stretch across my back. I take flight only following my instincts, until I get to a painfully boring street with houses that are basically duplicates of each other minus the color. As I approach the top of the street my senses are assaulted with a heavenly aroma. I follow the scent until I reach number 4 Privet Drive. I run to the house smelling my mate's blood, and hearing his pleas and screams for the pain to stop. As I approach the house I don't bother with magic, and kick the door down. I hear heavy footsteps and yelling as I scent my mate, but I don't care, I'm on a mission. I finally find him in the cupboard under the stairs and use my claws to pull off the remaining locks on the door. I swing the door open and see other than Harry Potter whimpering in pain.

At this point I don't care who's in pain; just that it's my soulmate. He's absolutely perfect, other than the lash marks, and bruises that mar my submissive's beautiful body. I see his body fighting the darkness that will soon engulf him. "Harry," as soon as the words leave my lips I see him lose consciousness, and immediately pull him into my arms. I notice that he is extremely underweight, and I feel all of his bones through his too thin clothing. I finally snap back into reality, and notice Harry's uncle screaming, "Get out of my house you filthy freaks."

I shield Harry in my wings and say, "I'll be returning for your punishment you disgraceful muggle." I take my precious bundle in my arms and fly to Snape Manor.

As soon as we arrive, I take Harry to my master bedroom. It has a king size bed on the left wall that has dark blue sheets, and walls that are light green: "Accio blood replenishing potion, and dreamless sleep potion".

I quickly catch each potion and rid Harry of his clothing except his boxers; knowing that his inheritance will come at full force now that he's with his dominate, and is safe. I open Harry's mouth and pour each potion down his throat. I massage it to stop my submissive from choking. For the rest of the night I keep Harry secure in my wings, as Harry's wounds heal. All of his fractures and broken bones settle into place. I try to ignore his whimpering and screaming as he comes into his inheritance. I settle down and wait until Harry awakes to see which creature blood he inherited.

As I think over the past 5 hours, I wonder why I let my hatred for a dead man overcome my duty as a professor. I let my views completely overlook the abuse of a child in a great need of care. I'll be there for him, and no matter what I'll earn forgiveness from Harry. 'I'll be a the best dominate I can be,' I think in my head. A couple minutes later I feel Harry move underneath me. 'I can do this,' are my final thoughts as Harry awakens.

next chapter harry learns his creature inheritance and gets to know Severus but not without a little rebellion. Thank you so much for reading pm me suggestions and comments. Ill try to post by every Monday. Not a short fanfic.