Summary:Severus and regulus are veela's awaiting their mates but what happens when an abused harry comes into his inheritance. will hary give them bolth a chance, and who will win the award for most possesive. HP/SS/RB Severus/harry/Regulus , male/male bad dumbles, abusive dursleys, Voldemort defeated in g.o.f, Ron and Ginny bashing, mild Hermione bashing {harry is 15 in g.o.f}

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Harry's pov

It's finally summer and sev, reg and me are just having a relaxing day at the he quidditch pitch. Well sev is really the only one relaxing he's just sitting on the sidelines cheering us on as me and regulus search for the snitch.

When we moved in I decided that I was ready to share a room with my mates and so far it's been great. I wake them up in fun ways or am woken up by my ears or tail being pet.

It's really been great for the past week we've just been getting used to all living in the same house and getting used to everyone's habits and personalities. We've also had some intimate moments since our pizza date a while back but we haven't actually done it and their not being pushy about it either. But I know we're going to be at that point soon cause I'm barely containing myself from jumping all over them and commanding one of them to take me.

I find myself giggling when I spot the snitch about a hundred feet to my left, and regulus still hasn't seen it yet even though he's closer to it than I am.

I quickly speed in the direction of the snitch so I Can get it before regulus and win yet another match, right when I'm about to curl my fingers around the golden ball I hear a shrill yell of "harry" and lose balance on my broom. It sends me tumbling to the ground and I close my eyes preparing for the pain that I'm most likely to receive, but let out a breath of receive when I feel hands wrap around my waist and am brought onto regulus broom.

Regulus lowers me to the ground and I spend that time trying to control my erratic breathing from that near death experience. When I feel my feet touch the ground I also feel a light kiss placed on my forehead and then a chaste kiss placed upon my lips.

I look in the direction that I hear approaching footsteps and see severus hanging back and giving me a small reassuring tilt of his head. "blimey potter you could you be anymore clumsy." I hear the easily recognizable voice of my best friend Draco Malfoy say.

"says the person who was trampled by muggles yesterday," I say looking at Draco who is hand in hand with Neville.

"yeh, yeh," Draco says resting his head on Neville shoulder.

I suddenly feel something with red hair squeeze me in a tight hug and automatically know it's hermione.

After our conversation a little while back her and me started to talk more and I slowly started to forgive her, our friendship is basically back to wear it was before Ron. Oh and I'm so glad she dumped that sorry excuse of a wizard.

"I'm so sorry," I hear her repeat over and over again and i quickly try to convince her that it's not her fault that I fell. " I called your name and distracted you."

"but I was the one who wasn't paying attention."


"it's no one's fault."

"fine harry," she says pouting and stepping away from me.

I let out a surprise squeak when I feel myself being picked and placed on one of the twins shoulders

"hey mate…"

"We feel…"

"offended that…"

"You didn't notice…"


"sorry Fred and George I was still caught up in my near death experience but whatever" I say trying to keep a straight face but inevitably failing and letting out small giggles

I look over to where my mates are standing beside each other and watching me like a hawk.

"C'mon I'm hungry" I whine and wiggle off of Fred's shoulders.

"ok guys let's go," sev says extending his hand for me to grab. I walk hand in hand with sev and reg to a picnic that is already set with food thanks to one of many house elves we all own that hermione doesn't approve of.

Surprisingly a lot of the food on the wood table is muggle based and I end up sitting in between George and Regulus. We all look at each other briefly before we start passing food around the table and picking what we want to eat.

I end up with some fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes, some chicken wings and tractickle tart on my plate.

The whole meal is filled with laughs and I can't help but love this, love my family. We're all different in our own way, come from different places and backgrounds but I can't help but love them.

It started, well… it started weirdly me suddenly sprouting ears and a tail, then suddenly learning that I'm mated to not only one possessive mate but two. But when has my life ever been normal

when the meal is over I give all of my departing friends farewell hugs and a promise them that I will see then soon and follow sev to bed.

I strip into just my boxers and grab one of regulus's shirts that are way too big for me but are comfortable to wear to bed and settle into the middle of the bed while my mates strip into their boxers as well.

My mates climb into bed and turn off the lights. They wrap their arms around me and my tail twitches in happiness, and I feel as if in this moment we're united. As if we are three people with a shared soul. I look up at the sealing and feel my mates kiss me then each other before settling down to sleep.

"love you both" I say yawning

" love you too" they both say

"what about twenty years from now?"

"forever" regulus says

"and always" severus whispers tightening his grip on me

That night I fall asleep curled into my mates while dreaming of the future as if it was a prophesy. And for the first time, I believe in prophesies.

~~~THE END~~~

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