As Maddy waddled towards the kitchen for the 7th time today all she could think about was chocolate. Just as the 8 month pregnant Wolfblood reached up to grab the chocolate from the top shelf, she felt a pair of strong hands snake themselves around her waist and turn her around. As the hands spun her around she felt her – now quite large – belly collide against a muscley toned one.

"Rhydiaaaannnnn," she whined "What are ya doing!?... I want chocolate!" she hissed.

"Alright, calm down, you should be relaxing anyway. Go and sit down and I will bring you your chocolate," Rhydian giggled.

In one swift motion he grabbed the chocolate and a bottle of water from the fridge and plonked down next to his fiancé just as she was sitting also.

"What you been up to today?" Maddy asked in her strong Geordie accent,

"Nothing really, the boss said that after this week I can have time off to be with you until the baby's born." He commented then took a sip of his water,

"That's great! I get so bored here on my own. Now I can have my little servant with me all the time," She joked and poked Rhydian in the ribs while he laughed.

"I'm only aloud three months off after the baby's born though and then I have to go back to work,"

"Oh, best make use of the time we have then..." She said cheekily. At this comment, Rhydian laughed then leaned forward intending to kiss her when she suddenly shoved the empty chocolate wrapper in his face, "Go on then get me some more… oh and some crisps… and a drink!" she loudly said as he made his way to the kitchen to do as she said.

"You're lucky ya know Madeline Smith," He grinned - he knew that she hated her full name – "…Because you only have four months till I'm back to work and you will be the new servant of the house, looking after the cub." He said.

"I guess I will just get my mam and dad round here to help then…" She remarked as the comment made Rhydian's face drop.

He loved his soon-to-be Mother and Father in-laws, after all they had taken him into pack when he was younger, let him live with him when he came back from the wild (even if they did kick him out after), they let him live with them in Canada when he came to find them and continued to let him stay with them in Stoneybridge. They had even been ok with their daughter dating him and to top it all off… When Rhydian proposed over a year ago on Maddy's 21st birthday, they gave him and Maddy the family home to live in together while they moved into a small cottage nearby.

Once this had happened Maddy soon fell pregnant – at the perfect time really- and now here they were, but Rhydian still didn't like it when Maddy's parents, Dan and Emma, got involved in the couples personal situations.

"No way Maddy! Look, don't get me wrong, I love your parents but you got to have boundaries and I don't really want them here ALL the time, some visits are fine but if they are here too much, before you know it they will probably be moving back in again!"

"Woah! Keep ya hair on," She said while holding her hands up then taking a sip of her drink then eating a crisp, "I was only joking" she laughed.

"Oh okay" Rhydian replied calmly.


Because along with being heavily hormonal she was also very prone to the occasional mood swings, more than a normal soon-to-be-mother would be because she wasn't just a soon-to-be-mother but a Wolfblood- soon-to-be-mother.

But Rhydian didn't say anything as he knew this. He just sat back down and allowed Maddy to snuggle deep into his chest and eventually fall asleep, as along with mood swings, bad morning sickness, even worse hunger and cramps, there was the constant tiredness. But this didn't matter to Rhydian; all that mattered was his Maddy and his baby.