Lexa finally executes her plan to conquer Clarke. Some Clexa ensues.

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Lexa arrived at Clarke's place around nine, knowing she would still be working on her paintings. The 'party' would begin around ten-ish so that gave her plenty of time to get ready.

"You need any help setting up?" Clarke had offered as soon as she saw Lexa starting to climb the stairs carrying a box.

"NO!" Lexa's voice came out louder than intended. "I mean no I'm good, thanks" she hurried her explanation as to not to seem rude "it's really nothing big; I have it all under control," Lexa smiled, hoping it was enough to convince Clarke.

"OK, I'll be up in about an hour," Clarke smiled back and then continued with her work.

Relieved Lexa resumed her way upstairs eager to get all the preparations done on time.


Now, in front of the full length mirror Lexa's confidence begins to waver; after all, the move she's gonna make is risky. It's an all or nothing situation; but she's willing to take the risk, it's now or never.


Clarke takes a break and looks up at the wall clock; it's 10:15 pm. She finds it odd that none of Lexa's friends have arrived yet, this peaks her curiosity. She stops painting and goes upstairs to check on Lexa.

The sound of Clarke's footsteps on the stairs alert Lexa and she takes a deep breath as she prepares for what is coming 'here we go…'

The door opens revealing a concerned Clarke "Lexa? Are you…?" that's all she manages to say after her eyes land on the brunette.

"Hello Clarke I've been waiting for you."

Doing her best not to let her jaw drop, Clarke takes notice of Lexa's appearance; she's wearing a sleeveless black lace dress, her hair is loose and she has make up on. There are a lot of things for Clarke to take in and she's getting a little dizzy. The dress fits perfectly on Lexa's figure and shows off the muscles that have been giving her "lonely night material" for a while, her legs have never looked so long, firm and sexy and those lips, full delicious lips; just remembering how soft they were is turning her on, even more now that they are colored in a captivating red. Because oh yeah she remembers! She must have been drunk but the moment she stupidly connected her lips with Lexa's -unable to witness the young girl pitying herself- she sobered up and something came crashing down inside of her, something she has been trying to deny all this time. But now, having her here in all her fine-looking glory, Clarke doesn't know what to think anymore.

"Are you gonna stand there all day?" With an assertiveness she doesn't know where it is coming from, Lexa beckons Clarke inside.

That's when Clarke notices the candles on the table, a plate with something on it that she cannot identify just yet and her bottle of champagne and two glasses. She takes a few steps forward hesitantly "um, I- I thought this was a party?" she asks with a mix of confusion and fear on her face.

"It is" Lexa confirms with a smirk "but more like a party for… two" she shrugs teasingly.

Clarke gulps looking like a deer caught in the headlights. She suspects she's in trouble, big trouble.

Not getting any response Lexa adds "what? It's my birthday party after all; I should spend it with whoever I want, don't you think?"

"ye-yeah I guess," Clarke replies numbly.

"C'mon," Lexa moves her head in the direction of the table and walks toward it, opening the bottle of champagne and elaborating in the process "I hope you are hungry; I got those little pastries you like so much." As she pours the liquid, Lexa conceals a smile upon noticing that Clarke is checking her out; her confidence is little by little returning to her. She faces Clarke now with two glasses of champagne in her hand "here" Lexa extends a glass to Clarke.

"Thanks" Clarke softly replies as she grabs it. She avoids eye contact for a few moments.

"Cheers" Lexa clicks her glass with Clarke's and sips the bubbly beverage; deliberately licking the rim and lingering there for a few seconds. This time she has to physically contain her laughter when she watches Clarke down her drink in one gulp. Deciding to take pity on the usually self-assured blonde who is now reduced into a shy nervous wreck, Lexa engages them in small talk. "So how are the new commissions going?"

With satiated stomachs and the entire bottle of champagne downed, Lexa can tell that Clarke is significantly more relaxed, so she considers it is the right time for the next stage of her plan.

"Excuse me." She stands up and walks over to the couch.

"Oh OK…" Clarke observes how Lexa retrieves her cellphone and then moves to the speaker dock. Thinking that music seems to be in order, she states "thank you for the tarts, everything was delicious; but I feel like I should have brought something like…"

"Dance with me."

Surprised, Clarke looks up finding Lexa in front of her with a hand extended. "What?"

"Just so you know, it would be rude to say no to the birthday girl" Lexa remarks seductively.

That works to help Clarke make up her mind and finally take Lexa's hand.

The music Lexa chose is slow and mellow and it makes Clarke anxious because this means they will have to dance closer together. 'My God Lexa why are you doing this to me' she laments.

Now standing face to face in the space Lexa cleared in the middle of the loft, Clarke becomes very aware of how tall Lexa is. 'Don't tell me I have to...' As she feared Lexa grabs her around the waist leaving Clarke only one option. Taking a shaky breath she places her arms around Lexa's neck.

Lexa swallows deeply to prevent exhaling out at the feel of Clarke's body so close to hers. She's ecstatic, wants to jump and scream at how quickly everything is developing but fights against the excitement and focuses instead on pacing their movements.

They move together slowly driven by the rhythm of the song, both in silence and not making eye contact.

While Lexa is enjoying the whole experience, Clarke is struggling with her own feelings.

'What are you thinking, she's five years younger than you, she's your friend; she's probably just infatuated, you can't take advantage of her, she deserves better.' She loses herself in her thoughts until Lexa's voice permeates the present.

"You know? I've been dreaming about this for a long time Clarke."

Clarke's sudden inhale of breath is all Lexa needs to continue. She has been debating on what words to say that expresses her feelings for the blonde, but ultimately decided just to let the words flow naturally "actually I've been wanting this since I met you."

The confession earns Clarke's attention; she stares at Lexa in shock.

Of course she had picked up on Lexa's attraction for a while now; but she wasn't aware it was for that long. 'Am I really that oblivious?'

"I didn't have the courage to tell you this until now cause well I wanted- I wanted to make sure that you felt the same."

And like a slap on the face Clarke realizes what she had been trying to deny all these months has been painfully obvious to Lexa of all people.

"Lexa, I…" Clarke attempts to clarify, even if she isn't sure of what but Lexa doesn't allow it.

"shhh" Lexa puts a finger on Clarke's lips "you don't have to say anything Clarke just… lets enjoy this OK?" With that she embraces Clarke; nuzzling her face into the blonde's hair.

Clarke allows the proximity but doesn't make an effort to hold Lexa any tighter than she already is. She does her best not to "enjoy it" too much.

It's not until the middle of the third song that the quietness is interrupted by the sound of Lexa's phone alarm – featuring the happy birthday tune- cutting into the soft music.

They both stop moving, silently waiting for the familiar sound to end. When it finally does Lexa pulls back just enough to face Clarke.

"What was that?" Clarke immediately asks, hoping it was a call or message Lexa would have to answer, giving her time to clear her head.

Lexa bites her lip before replying "well, it means that officially it's my birthday. That I'm eighteen now, an adult…" She lets her fingers brush Clarke's skin under her shirt "that I can make my own decisions and deal with the consequences myself."

"Whoa" Clarke jolts at the contact "um… happy birthday!" She makes a lame attempt to ease the tension in the room.

Lexa laughs "thanks." She pulls Clarke softly against her so their fronts are impossibly flushed against one another, their noses touching. Lexa locks her eyes with Clarke's before muttering "I really want to kiss you Clarke."

A shaky breath is the only thing Clarke can expel, words have already abandoned her. She can't resist her attraction anymore, but she refuses to make the first move. Her eyes land on Lexa's full lips but she doesn't move a muscle.

That's all the permission Lexa needs. Gulping with the last remains of her nervousness, Lexa slowly leans in connecting their lips in a tender kiss.

Their lips move softly at first, tentatively even despite both of them desiring it.

Clarke wavers as she wants to give Lexa a way out in case she regrets it and Lexa because she can't believe it is finally happening and wants to savor every second just in case this all has been a dream.

Little by little the kiss becomes more passionate. Lexa's hands tighten around Clarke's hips, causing Clarke to give in and sneak her tongue into the action.

Lexa moans welcoming the intrusion, reciprocating the sexy teasing with her own tongue. When she hears Clarke moaning, she feels like her body has been set on fire, like something ignited inside of her. She ushers Clarke backwards and pushes her down onto the couch.

Now sitting on the couch and the kissing momentarily broken off, Clarke is left disoriented and wondering why they stopped, but soon she has her answer as Lexa straddles her lap and they resume their feverish lip lock.

They devour each other's mouth occasionally pausing only to get the necessary oxygen to continue.

Lexa's hands get restless in Clarke's hair –where she was trying to keep them from wandering- but eventually letting them roam from the pale neck, shoulders, and arms until they have a firm hold onto the supple breasts.

For her part Clarke is delighted by Lexa's exploration which works as an invitation for her to do some exploration of her own. Due to Lexa's position, her dress is rolled up; leaving her legs exposed facilitating Clarke's task. She lets her palms caress the skin on Lexa's thighs delicately, testing the smoothness of them. It doesn't take long for her to fully feel Lexa up.

Kisses move to neck and ears; each of them more daring with every passing minute.

"Clarke" Lexa's breathless voice echoes suddenly.

"hmm?" Clarke is so into the moment that she is not able to give a proper reply.

"I want you," Lexa murmurs in the blonde's ear.

Clarke abruptly stops what she is doing and leans back in order to face Lexa, wondering if she heard correctly. The desire reflected in Lexa's eyes is answer enough. She opens her mouth and closes it unable to utter a word.

"I want you to be my birthday present Clarke... I want you to be my first."

"Oh my God!" Clarke throws her head back and closes her eyes. 'OK this is going way too fast. It's one thing to make out and go to second base but this… ugh.' She shakes her head releasing a long heavy sigh "you can't ask me that."

"Clarke," Lexa whispers in a last attempt to convince the object of her desires that she means it. "I've waited so long to have you in this way, I've been patient. I really want to be with you; I…" she stops before saying something too revealing "I want to be yours."

The sincerity Clarke sees in those green irises convinces her this is really what Lexa wants, that she is ready. Still as the gentlewoman she didn't know she could be she questions "are you sure?"

At Clarke's consideration Lexa can't help offering a sly smile before answering "Never have been so sure of anything in my life."

That's all she needs to hear. Giving one last inquisitive look in Lexa's eyes, Clarke rejoins their lips in a harden kiss.

They lose themselves in the moment they are experiencing; so much so they end up laying down; Clarke on top of Lexa.

'This is her first time you idiot, you can't let it happen on your couch like she was a random hook up,' her conscious warns Clarke who immediately takes action.

"Bed!" She exclaims breathing heavily.

"Right!" Lexa replies drunk with pleasure. She moves and gets into a sitting position on the couch, forcing Clarke to do the same. Now with Clarke straddling her, Lexa commands "hold on to me."

"What?" Clarke does as she's told by reflex but she's still curious.

"I said," Lexa maneuvers them so she's sitting at the edge of the couch "hold on to me" saying that she puts her arms under Clarke's thighs and stands up carrying the blonde.

"Whoa" Clarke yelps and wraps her legs around Lexa's hips; equally surprised and turned on by the display of strength the young brunette is showing as she carries her to the bed.

Lexa deposits Clarke carefully on the bed and remains standing still. She's starting to feel insecure again but she's also eager; she may not know exactly what to do but she guesses shyness is not really an option so she quickly decides to move things along. Having Clarke's full attention Lexa reaches for the zipper of her dress pulling it down very slowly. Pleased by the way Clarke gulps in anticipation, Lexa allows the dress to fall to the floor; leaving her in matching white lace underwear.

Clarke is not sure if to cry or laugh at the exquisite beauty that is Lexa; her body, the choice of lingerie, her striking yet innocent face, it feels like a dream she doesn't want to wake up from. She automatically starts undressing herself.

It's Lexa's turn now to be enchanted by Clarke's curves as the blonde gets rid of her clothing.

Once in her underwear, Clarke scoots to the middle of her large bed, silently inviting Lexa to follow her.

Lexa climbs on the bed and joins Clarke.

Both are on their knees facing each other with hearts pounding in their chests.

Sweetly, Clarke caresses Lexa's face and marvels in the way Lexa closes her eyes and leans into her touch.

"Kiss me," Lexa requests.

And Clarke complies to her wishes with tenderness, immersing in a type of kiss she doesn't recall ever giving before. It's soft but intense; and she can sense it all over her body. She feels a pressure in her chest, a sudden sentiment that is overwhelming and a bit scary.

"Clarke" Lexa leans back alarmed "you're shaking."

Clarke looks down at her hands and realizes she is actually trembling, and with that comes another realization.

"Are you OK?" Lexa holds the blonde's face with both her hands evidently concerned.

"I…" Clarke swallows the emotion from her shaky voice "I've never done this before."

"Huh?" Lexa is stunned and confused. As far as she's concerned Clarke has dated many people and obviously had lots of sex so she has no clue what Clarke means.

Noticing the girl's confusion, Clarke breathes in wanting to regain some composure to admit something terrifying to herself, but she knows it needs to be said. "I've never… I've never made love before."

Lexa could do nothing to hide her shock. Clarke's confession manages to make her heart skip a beat with joy. She didn't believe it was possible to love Clarke any more than she already does; but she was wrong. Now more than ever she's sure they belong together and now more than ever she's absolutely certain they need to consummate this love uniting not only their hearts but their bodies. She grins making sure to show how happy this news is making her, and also trying to reassure Clarke with an honest remark about herself, "neither have I."

For a while they just keep staring at each other; trying to process what this means to them.

Eventually and without thinking about it, Clarke leans down coaxing Lexa to lie on the mattress; when Lexa's head hits the pillow, Clarke hovers over her. She hesitates briefly but then her eyes land on Lexa's underwear, silently asking permission to remove them. When Lexa signals her approval with a sly nod, Clarke wastes no time in ridding Lexa's bra with her assistance and then proceeds to do the same with her own.

"Oh wow" Lexa croaks at the vision of Clarke's uncovered breasts for the first time. Instinctively her hands cup both mounds giving them a soft squeeze.

It certainly helps with Clarke's insecurities seeing Lexa's reaction. Taking advantage of Lexa's distraction she discards the final item covering her.

This time Lexa has no words to say; her brain actually stops working. Her hands fall to her sides; she can only stare dumbfounded at the woman she's been craving for the past two years, now completely bare for her to admire. Lexa is so engrossed in her leering that she barely registers when Clarke starts pulling at the hem of her white panties. Fervently Lexa raises her hips a bit to facilitate the task. Now, naked and laying still; she feels vulnerable with Clarke's eyes on her.

"Oh my God Lexa, you're beautiful." Clarke can't stop the words from escaping her lips. Never in her wildest dreams had it ever crossed her mind she would encounter in this girl something she didn't know she was looking for. 'This is perfect, she's perfect' her hands automatically graze over Lexa's curves causing the brunette to shiver.

"Clarke…" Lexa forgets all previous reservations –or any thought for that matter -thanks to Clarke's ministrations.

The whole experience is so wonderful that Clarke questions herself, if she's really deserving of it. 'This is not the time Clarke, she's already here in your bed all for you, make it perfect for her.' She forces her brain to push aside any negative thoughts and focuses on her soon to be lover. Then she has another panicky moment. In general terms she knows what to do to turn a woman on and make her come within minutes but now with this stunning girl giving herself completely to her –a girl she is crazy for- she has no clue where to begin or how to proceed. She takes a deep breath, willing her body to calm down and come up with a solution. Finally her mind cooperates and she begins thinking about the things she would've liked being done to her during her first time. 'Kisses, lots of them all over.' Clarke leans in to give Lexa a rough open mouthed kiss.

"ummm" Lexa moans feeling Clarke's skin on hers, hard nipples poking her in the process.

Clarke is in a similar state of arousal but for now, she concentrates solely on Lexa's pleasure. Her kisses go lower from Lexa's lips to her chin and neck; first she tries to find Lexa's sweet spots and makes sure she doesn't overwhelm her.

Judging by the sounds Lexa is making and the way she grips Clarke's hair it can't be all that bad.

Clarke descents slowly, exploring her sternum and making a quick 'pit stop' at Lexa's breasts to appreciate the view before peppering them with slow kisses all around, avoiding the hard pebbles that beg for attention.

"Please…" Lexa pleads impatiently.

Smirking, Clarke gives in and lets her tongue slide over one of Lexa's nipples, eliciting a soft moan from the brunette. She has to contain a moan herself at the notion she's turning Lexa on. Clarke gives both nipples the same attention and then continues her downward journey kissing strong abs.

Lexa's hips jerk involuntarily, her own desire trying to show Clarke where she needs her the most.

The movement is a sign of reassurance for Clarke, letting her know she's going in the right direction. However she's not willing to give Lexa what she's craving for just yet, deciding instead to push her to her limits in the most delicious manner. Her lips move to Lexa's hips and then her thighs but purposely evades Lexa's center.

At this point Lexa doesn't know if she's actually alive anymore; what Clarke is doing to her body is beyond anything she could have ever imagined; never in her life has she felt so hot, never in her life has she felt so adored. She covers her own face with her hands in amazement, feeling Clarke's kisses and caresses on her legs. "Come here" Lexa demands sweetly when it becomes too intense.

Sensing her want, Clarke climbs back on top of Lexa's body.

Lexa immediately wraps her arms around Clarke's back, in need of confirmation this is happening.

"I'm not going anywhere," Clarke declares leaning down to cover Lexa's lips with hers. She starts to move her body to create some friction, placing her thigh between Lexa's legs.

"Ugh" Lexa throws her head back, pleasurably sinking into the pillow.

"Shit" Clarke lets out feeling how wet Lexa has become. She can't help it, her hand searches for the source of the wetness. Once she reaches it and verifies first-hand the results of her handy work, her fingers start creating a consistent rhythm of their own in Lexa's center; driving her insane.

"Yes uh, yes" Lexa instinctively guides Clarke to the perfect rhythm. She's never imagined how different and delicious it could be to have someone else's fingers on her giving her pleasure.

Clarke wants nothing more than to bring Lexa to a climax, so she continues diligently always careful to check on Lexa's responses. All of a sudden she feels Lexa's nails scratching her back and making her hiss 'shit she's close, just a little more' Clarke encourages herself rubbing Lexa's clit with her thumb.

"Oh Clarke, oh" Lexa lets herself go for a moment and she focuses on just feeling; feeling Clarke's body on hers, her hand touching her most intimate place, feeling the love she once thought could never be. Suddenly everything stops around her; Lexa opens her mouth in a silent scream as she's forcefully invaded by waves of pleasure coursing through all her being. She can feel every single shock wave in her muscles contracting in a sweet torture; an unimaginable bliss that is transporting her to what she believes must be heaven.

Clarke exhales, relieved in knowing she made her young lover come. She keeps up a slow pace with her fingers to help Lexa come down from her high. 'Wow this is so fucking good' she thinks as she watches hungrily how Lexa's face contorts with delight.

Eventually Lexa sprawls out completely on the mattress, breathing heavily. 'Oh my, that was…" she struggles for air, either way sporting a smile of satisfaction.

It is such a vision of both; innocence and sexiness that Clarke can't help but pamper Lexa's jaw with little pecks "I know" she murmurs relishing in the smell of Lexa's skin.

Lexa brings Clarke's face toward hers so she could kiss the blonde.

At attempting to rearrange her body, Clarke's center rubs against Lexa's thigh making her moan into the kiss.

'Shit right, she still hasn't…' Lexa takes notice of Clarke's arousal on her thigh 'god she's so wet' her imagination runs wild but soon comes back to offer "Clarke, I want to…" she makes a point by moving her leg up a bit brushing against Clarke's wetness.

"Oh ugh" Clarke groans "don't worry about it, I'll be fine," she tries unsuccessfully to dismiss her desire.

"I do worry Clarke." Lexa lifts her upper body, grabbing Clarke's ass forcing her yet again to straddle her hips. "I wanna make you feel more than fine."

A shiver runs down Clarke's spine at the prospect of the invitation "you-you don't have to," she makes a last effort to be considerate.

"I know" Lexa's hand travels from Clarke's shoulder to her belly where she stops, teasingly "I want to."

Clarke jerks at the proximity of Lexa's hand to her sex. She whimpers with eyes closed when Lexa caresses her trimmed mons pubis.

Lexa already has an idea of what to do but still she wants to make sure she doesn't make a mistake. "Clarke" she leans in and whispers into the blonde's ear "show me how" she breathes sucking on Clarke's lobe.

"O… OK" Clarke makes a conscious effort to actually understand what she just heard and do something about it. Still distracted by Lexa's lips on her ear; she carefully takes Lexa's hand and guides her farther down until the brunette makes actual contact with her wetness.

They both moan in unison feeling the excitement in different ways but enjoying it just the same.

After that little push, Lexa didn't need any more help; she begins stroking experimentally at first on Clarke's entrance "Is this OK?" either way she asks.

"Yes, yes keep going."

The reply per se, rushed and desperate, was enough for Lexa to know she was doing well; but having Clarke slowly grinding on her fingers was the icing on the cake.

Clarke can't believe that after barely a couple of minutes she's already close to exploding; she wishes she could last longer so Lexa could try out more things on her but knowing it won't be possible she makes a panting demand. "Fi-fingers."

Lexa gets into action, wavering just a bit before sinking two fingers inside of Clarke.

"Oh fuck, sh…" Clarke doesn't really care if she's shouting out her pleasure, she can only think of getting more which she obtains by riding Lexa's digits.

The idea of being the one who is providing the blonde such ecstasy and having her completely at her mercy, is making Lexa lose control. She leans in and captures one of Clarke's nipples in her mouth.

And that was it for Clarke; she comes with an intensity unlike anything she has experienced before. She has to admit she had very good sex in the past, her previous partners and casual encounters have been mostly satisfactory in that area; she has no complaints. But now what Clarke is just undergoing, it's something out of this world; a wonderful sensation that is not only satiating her body, but also her soul. 'Who knew all that crap about "doing it with feelings is better" was actually true' she muses as the last shock waves of rapture take over her.

Lexa is both proud and relieved that she could make the experienced girl have an orgasm in such a short amount of time. She relishes in witnessing the delight written in Clarke's face until the blonde falls limp in front of her. She carefully removes her fingers from inside of Clarke to hold her tight.

Clarke, still recovering, starts laughing into Lexa's shoulder.

"What?" Lexa questions, laughing too just because Clarke's laughter is so contagious.

"I don't know."

Both laugh even harder not knowing why. When their laughter subsides they embrace, quietly basking in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

There's something roaming in Lexa's mind; she's not sure if right now is the appropriate moment to express it so she remains pensive, contemplating her options.

It is almost imperceptible, but Clarke notices a change in Lexa's demeanor; like a tension emerging in her embrace. She gets really worried thinking that maybe Lexa is having second thoughts and regretting what just transpired between them. 'Don't you dare think that way, she's not like any other girl; just ask her!' Clarke decides to listen to her instincts even if she's a little scared about the answer. "Hey." She starts trying to gain Lexa's attention; when the brunette fixes her eyes on hers she continues "is there something wrong?"

Lexa stares at Clarke in confusion; she then takes notice of the blonde's expression and realizes how her meditative state could be misunderstood "yes of course I'm OK!" She takes Clarke's hand and gives it a kiss "more than OK" she offers a smirk for good measure.

Letting out a sigh of relief Clarke questions this time less preoccupied "then… what is it?"

Giving up on trying to hide it Lexa responds. "Well, I was just wondering…" She bites her lip before asking her question "what's next? About us I mean; what's next?"

"Oh." It is honestly something Clarke didn't ask herself until now 'what's next?' She considers the magnitude of the query but rapidly comes to a decision. "hmm" she rests her chin in the palm of her hand and makes it look like she is deep in thought, finding it adorable the way Lexa's brows furrow with worry. Finally she puts the brunette out of her misery "well, this may come as a surprise and out of the blue but…"

Lexa waits expectantly for Clarke to finish her reply "but?"

Clarke clears her throat and adds "would you be my girlfriend?"

The expression Lexa exhumes at the proposition is priceless. She remains in a state of shock for a brief moment and finally breaks into a face-splitting smile. "I would love to be your girlfriend Clarke."

"Yes!" Clarke exclaims with a fist pump causing Lexa to laugh out loud. She then pecks Lexa's lips to make the moment official.

They giggle happily still incredulous at how everything turned out.

"So… I think a date is in order" Lexa says casually taking both of Clarke's hands in hers and intertwining their fingers.

"You wanna take me on date" Clarke smirks at the suggestion.

"Uh huh" Lexa comments in mock seriousness "we will go to a fancy restaurant and all, then we could go to the movies … or come back here to… chill" she wiggles her eyebrows.

"Mmm, sounds great!" Clarke concedes "But now…" She lets go of Lexa's hand and slowly pushes her down onto the mattress "how about we seal the deal on our new relationship." Clarke lays on top of Lexa, her intentions clearly made.

Lexa closes her eyes enjoying the contact for a second before abruptly switching positions, placing herself on top of Clarke.

"Damn Lexa!" Clarke lets out frustrated and aroused; she's never going to get tired of Lexa showing off her strength.

"Now if you excuse me," Lexa places Clarke's hands above her head and silently warns her to leave them there "I'm gonna have my way with you… and taste you."

"Ugh!" Clarke's eyes roll to the back of her head at the sexy statement, feeling a fresh gush of wetness coating her sex.

Lexa embarks on a new adventure; eager to explore and savor Clarke's most humid regions.

'Best birthday ever!'