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The Magus Compendium

The following details are key, simplified points for introductory reading. Formal enrollment is encouraged for detailed and comprehensive study.

Due to its mind-sensitive nature, solo self-experimentation is heavily discouraged. Always seek out a reputable teacher certified by The Magus Association.


Psychia - also known as SOUL - is the foundation of a person. All Psychia have the same cordate shape and reflect attributes of the mind, body and heart.

A healthy mind and a healthy body results in a healthy Psychia. This is primarily reflected in the amount of Lifeforce Units a.k.a Health Points (HP).

People have the following Lifeforce Units on average:

A prepubescent child - 20 HP
An average adult - 30 HP
A well-trained gymnast - ~50 HP
A veteran Vanquisher - ~100 HP
A child w/ chronic illness - ~10 HP
An adult w/ chronic illness - ~15 HP

Those born with severe deformity disorders (e.g cerebral palsy) will exhibit a distorted shape to their Psychia. This may or may not hinder one's potential as a Magus.


The mind is a projection of the self.

One's stability of mind determines the shine of a Psychia, and thereby the endurance of a Magus. The stronger the person, the brighter it shines.

It is highly recommended to reduce excessive glow to prevent wastage of energy.

Contrary to popular belief, the Magus Association cannot accurately quantize the shine of a Psychia. Equal shines do not correlate to equal power. So called Mana Points (MP) are thereby purely theoretical and considered a dated principle.


The heart reflects a person's traits. These natural inclinations determine the colour of their Psychia.

There are seven colours, known as Aspects:

Cyan, the Aspect of Patience.
Orange, the Aspect of Bravery.
Blue, the Aspect of Integrity.
Purple, the Aspect of Perseverance.
Green, the Aspect of Kindness.
Yellow, the Aspect of Justice.
Red, the Aspect of Determination.

Corruption of these traits does not alter the colour of the Psychia. Likewise, a failure to live up to their inborn talents also does not cause a change. However, it does debilitate their ability to spellcast.

For example, a terrified Orange Major will remain an Orange Magus, despite their apparent lack of bravery. They will find themselves unable to mount a proper offensive lest they overcome their fear.

Counselling and therapy are compulsory for Magi with behavioral mismatch. May require medical treatment for severe cases. The afflicted are removed from active duty.

Major and Minor

The colour of one's Psychia represents a dominant Major trait. This owns the biggest share of magical power and varieties of skillset. Most humans also have either one or two Minor traits. These extra abilities manifest only at the most basic level and spells borne of a Minor trait will always appear white when cast.

Take a hypothetical example Magus:

Yellow: Justice. [MAJOR]
Purple: Perseverance. [MINOR 1]
Green: Kindness. [MINOR 2]

They would major in long-range magic, backed with basic shielding and wire arts.

More information can be found in the respective Aspect sections.

By no means are the listed skillsets universal. Magic takes on many variations depending on the mixture of Aspects, their intensity, and a Magi's personal training. Unique magic exists, with new creations still reported to this day.

The Cyan Aspect

Patience, the root of Wisdom.

The wise are quick to listen and slow to speak. Those who bear this trait are known for their focused observation. These are careful people who're steady on the job.

It's considered the most passive of all Aspects with little flair to show. However it is also the most underestimated due to its inherent invisibility.

Majors of Cyan may have the following skillsets.

Phasing spells that collide upon the detection of movement.

Keen, intense focus. Enhanced senses and inbuilt mental-noise filtration.

Stealth magic. Invisible as long as immobile. This can take either in a literal form or as a subtle deflection of attention.

Limited precognition while idle or meditating.

When synthesized, Cyans are the basis of Focus Potions.

The Orange Aspect

Bravery, the root of Courage.

The courageous will fear, yet refuse to yield. They will charge head-first into a challenge and react on the fly. This is the Aspect of brave heroes throughout the ages.

Their athletic show of power catches the attention of the general populace. Those of this trait have a knack of picking up physical skills: be it sports, close-ranged combat, or other types of movement arts.

Majors of Orange may have the following skillsets.

Phasing spells that collide upon the detection of stillness.

Superior physical strength, contributing to increased speed and jumping power.

Power of Voices. Their loud shouts can startle or stun their target.

Limited precognition while in action.

When synthesized, Oranges are the basis of Energy Potions.

The Blue Aspect

Integrity, the root of Righteousness.

Those of integrity will not sway to the whims of others. The world may flip and change, but their personal pace keeps their feet on the ground.

Certain scholars debate that this Aspect should be 'the root of Individuality' and not 'the root of Righteousness'. The Magus Association acknowledges these studies, but prefers to instill a strong ethical base into its students.

Convictions are hard to change on a Blue Major: they can either become saints or psychopaths depending solely on the conditions of their upbringing.

Majors of Blue commonly have the following skillsets.

Stability. Their good sense of balance allows them to traverse difficult and uneven terrain.

Reinforcement. Allowing an object or body to take more strain than normally possible.

Telekinesis, including gravity manipulation. Strength depending on individual.

High mental fortitude.

When synthesized, Blues are the basis of Stability Potions.

The Purple Aspect

Perseverance, the root of Intellect.

Disciplined study separates the true masters from the lucky students. Talents are wasted if not sharpened with deep and consistent practice.

Those of this Aspect are blessed with increased mental capabilities. Memories and analysis are their primary domain. Many of the world's best intellectuals consist of Purple Majors, whether they realise it or not.

Majors of Purple may have the following skillsets.

Binding wire or web magic.

Enhanced memories and intellect. This leads to greater understanding about the subjects of their interest.

Basic sealing arts.

Quick analysis, almost to the point of a sixth sense. Heightens with experience.

When synthesized, Purples are the basis of Awakening Potions.

The Green Aspect

Kindness, the root of Altruism.

The kindest give without expecting anything in return. They may be jeered as fools, but throughout history these selfless ones changed the most lives.

This is the colour of nurturers and healers. Do not be fooled by their apparent meekness, for they will not hesitate to defend those under their protection.

Majors of Green may have the following skillsets.

Shielding magic.

Minor to moderate healing. Limited by stamina of giver and receiver.

Rooting spells. Different from binding. Compare between being pinned down to the ground and being chained to oneself. Roots belong to the former category.

Reconstruction of objects.

When synthesized, Greens are the basis of Cleansing Potions.

The Yellow Aspect

Justice, the root of Truth.

Those who dispense justice must seek out the truth, otherwise the act becomes corrupted vindication.

This is the colour of law-enforcers, activists, and investigators. Their sense of outward justice drives them to expose lies even if this means going against social norms.

Along with Orange, this is the other most well-known 'heroic' colour. When people think of 'magic', it's often linked to a Yellow Aspect.

They're long-ranged specialists with the most variety of offensive magic. A flash of their power serves both as a blinder and as an intimidation tactic.

Majors of Yellow may have the following skillsets.

Projectile magic. In the form of bullets, missiles, or even flying blades.

Excellent accuracy.


Limited Truesight.

When synthesized, Yellows are the basis of Truesight Potions.

The Red Aspect

Willpower or Determination, the root of Victory.

This Aspect will not be explained to anyone lacking the required qualifications.

Those who bear this colour must consult the Supreme Judge. Please contact your nation's local Magus Association for further details.