The Emerald Forest. A forest that spans across the majority of Vale. Below the cliff of Beacon Academy the forest thrives. The tranquillity of the forest is so great, that many would argue that even the Grimm there seem to be on a less violent scale. Almost nothing could disturb the forest's natural beauty. The silence was so vast you could hear a pin dro-"WHERE THE FUCK AM I!?"

Several birds scattered from their trees at the sudden explosion of noise. "SERIOUSLY! WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO JUST TOSS ME IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOREST!?" The source of the noise came from a young man, standing up and glaring at the trees surrounding him, almost as if they had despicable secrets.

"WHERE AM I!?" He shouted to the sky. "WELL!? SOMEONE FUCKING ANSWER ME!" He threw his arms out in anger. He sighed and brought his hands to his head. "Oh for fucks sake where am I?" He ran his hands through his dark blonde hair. He suddenly stopped, as his hands came into contact with something that was neither his hair nor his scalp.

"What the fuck?" He muttered, trying to find out what he just felt. He tugged on the strange object, and winced in pain. "What the fuck!?" He ran his hands over the foreign article in fear. "Are these ears!? Are these fucking ears!?"

His hand dived into his pocket to grab his phone and see what on earth was on his head. He extracted his phone from his pocket, and almost dropped it in surprise. "Where the fuck is my phone?!" He exclaimed. The item in his pocket was a translucent panel with two solid end grips. On one of the grips was a small yellow diamond.

The boy dropped the item in shock. "No. No fucking way." He reached into his other pocket to get his wallet. He was glad to see that wallet hadn't changed, but it was what inside that counts. He opened up the wallet to see, not the usual stash of green, but instead there were a bunch of strange plastic cards.

"No!" He flipped his wallet to get his ID card from a slot in the wallet. He took out the card and stared at it. "I don't get it. I don't get it!" He shouted at the card. On the card the boy's name was written. But apparently, the boy didn't agree with that. "CRUE CULLEN!? WHO THE FUCK IS CRUE CULLEN!?"

He then noticed something lying in the grass. He instantly picked it up, hoping that it could somehow help him with this strange situation. Instead, it only worsened it. "It's a hurl. It's made of metal. It's also a gun. OH MY FUCKING GOD! I'M IN RWBY!" He screamed, throwing the hurl away from him, as if it was going to give him a disease.

"Nononononono. I can't be in RWBY." He laughed maniacally. "It's a show. It's just a show. How could I be in a show? I'm a real person. I'm real. I'm real." He gripped his head with his hands in fear. "I'm real. I'm not in a show. It's just a bad dream. It's just a bad dream." He began whacking his head. "Come on. Wake up." He hit himself harder. "Wake up!" He screamed at himself.

He fell to his knees, still hitting himself in the head. "Wake up. Wake up." His voice grew fainter as he buried his head into the ground. Tears began falling from his eyes as he punched the ground. "Wake up. Wake up."

"I'm, I'm not in RWBY. I'm not. I couldn't be." The boy lifted his head from the ground. "But, but I am. I've got animal ears. There's some transforming weapon. I'm in RWBY. I'm in FUCKING RWBY!" He punched the ground one last time, before coming to a realisation.

He slowly got up from the ground, eyes hardened. "I better not be in some weird ass fanfic you hear me!" He shouted to the sky. He then grabbed the same ID card that he dropped to the ground and inspected it.

"Crue Cullen. Sex: M. Age: 17. Species: Wolf Faunus." He reread the last line. "I'm a Wolf Faunus! Fucking seriously!? I'm the Gary fucking Sue of all OC's. If my eyes are changed to silver as well, I swear to God!" He yelled to no one.

He scrutinised the card once more. "Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde. Eye Colour: Blue." He relaxed slightly. "Alright. Alright. I'm not secretly Ruby's long lost brother or some shit." He let out a breath. He then picked up the weapon he had thrown away. "A hurl. Seriously. I know I'm Irish but come the fuck on." As he inspected the hurl, he realised something.

"Oh my god. Oh my fucking god." He ran his hand through his hair, briefly touching his new ears. "I'm a Wolf Faunus. My name is apparently Crue Cullen. I use a hurl." He took a breath. "DO YOU WANT TO HAMMER IT IN ANY FUCKING FURTHER, THAT I'M SUPPOSED TO BE BASED ON CÚCHULAINN!?"

He shouted to the sky, as though someone would answer him. "Great. Fucking brilliant. I'm here in some shitty fanfic, and I'm probably not even control of any of my actions." He sighed. Then, looked around as though someone was watching him. He suddenly got an idea and threw his middle finger to the sky. "Ha! Betcha didn't make me do that? Did ya, ya bastard?"

For some reason, the boy thought it would be an exceptional idea to slap himself across his face. The boy's eyes widened at the pain. "Oh my god I fucking knew it! He jabbed a finger at the sky. "I am in some fucking fanfic!"

"This better not be rated 'T'." He told the sky. When nothing responded, his face turned into a scowl. "Motherfucker I will earn that M rating!" He stalked off in a random direction, determined to find a way out of the forest.

"This is the fucking Emerald Forest isn't it?" He asked no one. "If you make me interrupt their goddamn initiation I'm going jump off Beacon." He suddenly stopped. "Oh my god. You're going to make me a student aren't you?" He accused.

"No. Not happening. I'm not fucking with the storyline. Yes season 3 was fucking awful. Yes I cried like a little bitch over Penny. And Pyrrha. But I'm not changing anything. I'm not god for fucks sake." He paused. "And neither are you! You're just some dude with a laptop and too much spare time." As he was walking, he tripped over an exposed root.

"Ow! Son of a… That's your way of telling me you are God aren't you?" When no one replied, he smirked. "Well too bad motherfucker. I'm an Atheist. So suck it!" He marched off with a large smirk on his face. "I'm not going to Beacon. I'm going to be as bystander as possible. Maybe I'll work for Junior or some shit I don't know."

"I mean, that'd mean I'll eventually see Yang. Actually, I don't know when I am in relation to the show." He looked to the sky. "Hey, when the fuck am I?" He shouted up to the clouds. "Give me a sign for fuck sake." It was then, that the boy heard a growl off to his left.

He turned to see a large black head looking directly at him. Bone plates littered the head in many different places, but the one thing the boy was focused on, was the beasts shining red eyes. "Motherfucker." He stated as the beast lunged. The boy yelled and ducked under it.

He gripped his weapon tightly. "How the fuck do I use this!?" He shouted to no one. When the wolf like creature turned around, it roared at him. "Of course the first thing I'm going to fight would be a fucking Beowulf." He growled right back at the Grimm.

"I fucking get it! I'm Cúchulainn. No need to keep reinforcing it!" As the Beowulf jumped at him, he roared and swung his hurl. It connected with the Grimm's head and sent it flying sideways. The boy looked astonished, looking back between where the beast landed and the thing that sent him there.

"I take it back this thing is fucking awesome!" He exclaimed, looking over the weapon. The Beowulf wasn't down for the count however. Instead, it slowly got up, snarling. The boy looked at it, and then back to the weapon.

"Alright, point the barrel at the thing I want to die." He flipped the hurl around so that fat end was pushing against his shoulder. The trigger was where the hurl started to curve into its base, and the small handle at the top acted as a sight. "You put a lot of thought into this thing didn't you." He muttered as he lined up the shot.

The Beowulf howled and ran towards him. He pulled the trigger, and a single bullet shot from its barrel. It nailed the Beowulf right in the leg, causing it to keel over in pain. "Damn! That is some recoil." He complained, rubbing his shoulder.

The Beowulf made to get up, but the boy shot it once more. "Wow. I actually feel kinda shitty shooting it like this. I mean, I know it's supposed to be a mindless beast and all that shit. But still." He stared at the Beowulf as it struggled to stand.

He noticed how its hair seemed to stiffen. His eyes widened slightly. "Wait a minute. That's right! I'm in a fucking show. This thing isn't even real. I'm not gonna feel bad about it. I've killed video game characters in worse ways than this." He pulled the trigger once more, and the Beowulf slumped to the ground.

"Well, that was my firs-" He stopped himself. "Second. Second kill." He frowned as he looked to the sky. "You better not have picked me just because of that. I swear to fuck." He watched as the Beowulf dissolved into nothingness.

"You know, I've always wondered. Do they go back to Salem and she makes more, or do they just," He waved his hands and wiggled his fingers. "stop." He then realised something. "Oh my god. I'm talking to myself. That's the first sign of insanity." He then realised, another thing.

"Wait no. I'm not talking to myself. I'm talking to the big fucker up in the sky who, is, controlling, me. Ok yeah that didn't help." He sighed to himself.

"I'm going insane amn't I." He kept walking, head downcast. "Well. If I'm gonna go crazy, might as well have some fun." He inspected his hurl once more. "So. What the fuck can this thing do?"

He noticed a small button near the handle of the hurl. He pressed it hesitantly, and there was a sudden whirring. The flat end of the hurl collapsed upon itself, making it skinnier and turning it into a- "Sword?" The boy looked at his weapon. "Wait. Why the fuck is it blue?" The weapon did have a metallic blue sheen to it. "I mean, that's not even my favourite colour. Why couldn't you have made it green? Hell I would've settled for purple."

He swung his weapon around a few times, getting used to it. It didn't change in weight, but the motion of swinging it became easier. "I wonder how it does in a fight." He muttered, then his eyes widened immensely. "Wait wait wait I didn't mean-" He was cut off by a growl off to the left.

Another Beowulf had appeared, snarling at the Wolf Faunus. "You motherfucker." He growled as he held the sword in both hands. Both combatants sped towards each other, the Beowulf leaping towards him.

He ducked under the beast and slashed his sword along its chest, causing the Beowulf to howl in pain. "How the fuck did I do that?" He asked, looking at the weapon he held. The Beowulf roared at him and sped towards him.

"Oh no you don't." He exclaimed, slashing at it with one hand. The Beowulf's head flew from its body, black blood spurting out of the stump of its neck. "Dude! That's fucking gruesome. I can't believe you had me do that!" He watched as the body twitched, before eventually becoming still and starting to disintegrate.

"Guess you really are going for the M rating huh?" He muttered, lightly kicking the corpse. "Wait a minute." He suddenly thought. "M rating?" His hands instantly went to his trousers, pulling them out so he could peer down. "Oh thank god it's still there." He sighed in relief, releasing the hem of his trousers.

"Hold the fuck up." He opened up his trousers again. "WHY THE FUCK IS IT BIGGER!?" He shouted at his crotch. "I mean what-no it was always this size." He closed it up and looked around suspiciously. "Oh fuck, you're planning on getting me to fuck one of them." He realised, his hands instantly going to his head in shock.

"Not Ruby. She's fifteen. I don't give a fuck if this is fake or real, I'm not fucking a fifteen year old." He stalked off, waving a finger at the sky. "Hell, no one from the main cast. I've got my own damn ships you know!"

"Granted half of them are completely fucked thanks to the finale." He mused. "And not in the good way." He said to himself.

"Also where the fuck am I going?" He asked, still walking in a random direction. "I better not find that cave. You know the one I'm talking about. I'm staying faaar away from that thing." He gripped his weapon in his hand.

"Or are you just doing this to give me a chance to figure out everything I can do with this." He clicked the button that changed the sword back into a hurl. "What else is there? Can I like, hold the trigger or something?" He did so out of curiosity.

Surprisingly, nothing happened. Then, after two seconds, something began to form out of the barrel. "What the fuck…" He watched as the thing took on a spherical shape and grew in size. "It's a bloody sliotar!" He reached out under it, preparing to catch it once it had finished.

It fell into his palm. A burning sensation like no other coursed through his hand, shooting pain up his arm. "SON OF A FUCK!" He yelled, tossing the ball skywards. It was made of dust, so of course it would cause pain to him. Unfortunately, he didn't know that. "That!" He brought his hurl back over his head. "HURT!" He swung the hurl, connecting it with the ball and sending it flying.

After he had finished panting in both anger and pain, he came to a grim realisation. "That hurt. That hurt. That means I can be hurt." He clutched his weapon close to his chest. "I can be hurt. That means I could, I could…" He didn't want to say it. He would rather do anything than say it.

"I could d-" A large explosion, as well as an equally loud roar cut him off. Looking to where the explosion came from, he realised that it was because of him hitting the dust ball. "Ohh that's not good." He heard something barrelling through the trees towards him. It was quite a distance away, but it also wasn't alone. "Guess these ears are good for something." He said as he sprinted away from the noise.

As he ran, he noticed something in the distance that was steadily growing closer. "Is that the fucking temple!?" He shouted. "I told you, I'm not interrupting the damn initiation!" He exited the tree line, pleased to see no one else. "Ok. Now we're getting somewhere."

Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one that exited the tree line. Four Ursa, two Beowulf and a Deathstalker chased after him. After a glance back, and a loud scream that wasn't very manly, he sprinted as fast as he could.

He approached the temple, only to find it damaged. "Well it looks like I'm at least past the first half of volume 1." He thought. He stopped on the edge of the broken bridge and spun around to face the oncoming Grimm. "If I'm gonna die, I'm not gonna go down like a bitch." He held the trigger and formed another dust ball.

"SUCK A DICK!" He roared as he swung his hurl, connecting it with the ball. The ball went flying right into an Ursa's face. When it made contact, it exploded, causing damage to the other Grimm around it. "Damn, that's gonna hurt like a bitch."

The Ursa that was hit by the ball fell forward, it's face completely destroyed due to the explosion, exposing both its bone mask and actual bone. The other three Ursa roared in vengeance. "Bring it on you bear fucks!" He roared back, changing his hurl into its sword form and rushed the Grimm.

One of the Beowulfs dashed forward, taking the charge of the Grimm. The boy dipped under its swing and slashed off one of its legs. He stood back up and spun, taking off its head too. A claw suddenly swung at him, and he brought up his sword to block. He skid back a small bit due to the force behind it.

Strange instincts kicked in as the boy rolled to the side. He didn't know why he did it, but he was glad he did. The Deathstalker had been two seconds away from plunging its tail into him, but instead it was now stuck inside another Ursa. The Ursa roared in agony as venom ran through its veins. The Deathstalker tried to tug its stinger out, but only succeeded in angering the Ursa more.

The boy took this opportunity to run towards the tail and bring his sword back over his head. He roared as he swung the blade down where the stinger and tail connected. The Deathstalker squealed in agony as its most important hunting tool became separated from it. The Ursa that had been struck with the stinger now fell to the ground, lifeless.

There was only two Ursa, a Beowulf and a stingless Deathstalker left now. The boy smirked as he watched the numbers dwindle. "Wow, I never thought killing could be fun." He then stopped himself. "Wow that sounded crazy out of context. Hell even in context it sounded nuts." A howl brought his attention back to the fight.

The Beowulf had stood up on its hind legs and let loose a low howl. From behind him in the forest, several more howls echoed that one. "Calling for backup huh?" He asked the beast rhetorically. "Well, I know when to get the fuck outta dodge."

With that, he sprinted away from the Grimm, intent on getting to somewhere safe. As he ran, he heard something scuttling after him. Glancing back, he saw the Deathstalker approaching him rapidly. He turned his sword back into a hurl and turned around. He began firing at the Deathstalker, aiming for its eyes.

He managed to hit one, but after that it put its claws in front of its face, protecting his eyes. "They learn." He muttered as he turned tail and ran once more. As he ran, he noticed movement in the bushes to his side. A black claw swung at him. He barely managed to get his hurl up in time to block it.

Unfortunately, he was sent flying due to the force. He landed on the ground with a tumble, dirt kicking up as he landed. He got back on his feet immediately, but was unable to block the swing that came his way.

He cried out in pain and jumped away from whatever hit him. He brought his hand to where he had been hit, and felt warm liquid wash over his hand. His eyes widened as he held his hand up to his face. "Blood. There's blood. That means I don't have aura. That means I can die easier." His voice became slightly hysterical near the end.

As he was too focused in his own pain, he failed to notice the two Ursa approaching him. They roared as one and smacked him with a paw each. He was sent flying back, to the temple. He hit a pillar and cracked his head against it. He fell to the ground, coughing up blood. "There's no way this could get any worse."

A squawk proved him wrong, as a huge Nevermore landed just before him. It roared at him, blowing his hair back. Something inside him snapped. "NO!" He roared as he swung his weapon upwards, cutting the Nevermores neck. "NOT THE BIRDS! NOT THE BIRDS!" He roared as he hacked away at it.

The Nevermore gurgled, its own blood beginning to choke it. "NO! NO! NO!" Black ichor spurted out from the dying beast, covering the boy in head to toe in it. He continued to hack away at its neck, even after it lost the ability to think. Once the Nevermore had taken its last breath, he laughed maniacally. He jumped up on top of the quickly decaying corpse to look at all the other Grimm that had gathered.

They appeared actually hesitant to attack him, even though several more were now on the scene. "IF I'M GONNA BE STUCK IN THIS FUCKING WORLD, I'M GONNA MAKE SURE YOU FUCKS KNOW MY NAME!" He roared. "MY NAME IS CRUE CULLEN, AND YOU'RE ABOUT TO FUCKING DIE!" He let out a howl terrifyingly similar to that of a real wolf, and jumped into the fray, a crazed look in his eye.

In his office, Ozpin sipped a mug, staring at the strange boy who had just been picked up by the cameras. "Well, that's an interesting battle cry." He mused, staring the boy's moves as he slashed through Grimm as though they were paper.

"Ozpin, team JNPR are here." Glynda Goodwitch informed him. Ozpin nodded, acknowledging her and allowing their entrance.

JNPR walked through the door, all of their heads momentarily staring at the vast amount of gears on the ceiling. Pyrrha was the first one to come back to her senses. "You wanted to see us sir?" She asked, causing the others to snap back to reality too.

"Yes Ms. Nikos. It would seem that a person has wandered into the Emerald Forest, and is currently engaged against a large amount of Grimm." The others gasped at this.

"Is it a civilian?" Jaune asked.

"Well, that is yet to be proven." Ozpin said peculiarly. He pressed a button on his computer and a screen appeared before the group, showing them the actions of the apparent 'civilian'.

"For a civilian, he's preforming rather well." Ren commented. It was true, he was slashing and hacking away at anything he came across. He even managed to send an Ursa flying with a single swing of his weapon.

"I wonder if he wants to be friends." Nora thought excitedly. Ozpin smiled at the comment.

"Well, he appears to be bleeding heavily, so I feel it best if you get there sooner rather than later." The others nodded, rushing back out of his office to try and get there as fast as possible.

"Why do I feel like there's something extra to all this." Glynda sighed.

"That remains to be seen. But for now, let us just hope he will survive." His eyes turned to the screen, just as the person on it decapitated both ends of a King Taijitu.

"Yes, you must be overcome with worry." Glynda said sarcastically.

Ozpin just sipped his coffee, watching the screen.

"Crue Cullen, hmm."

Crue Cullen, was stood upon a mound of Grimm corpses. He howled again, before panting heavily. "Is that, all you got?" There were no other Grimm left, all of them having turned tail and fled once they realised the lack of sanity and fear in the Faunus they were fighting. They may be mindless, but they weren't stupid.

His ears suddenly perked up, having heard a humming noise. He followed the noise and saw something approaching him from the sky. "NO BIRDS!" He yelled as he began shooting at it. The 'bird' shook and turned away, but not before dropping off a few students.

Crue watched as it flew away, and turned his attention to whatever was on the ground. Part of his mind recognised them as unthreatening, but another part was still in high adrenaline mode from the Grimm fight. He roared as he jumped from the Grimm pile and slammed his hurl down. The others just managed to get away, but were still caught in the shockwave.

Nora went further than the others, having been closest to the blast. Crue recognised them as who they were and tried to stop, but neither his body nor brain would listen to him, too high on adrenaline to form rational thought. He formed a dust ball and swung it at Jaune, who deflected it with his shield. The deflection caused it to fly in the direction of Pyrrha, who used her own shield to deflect it back to Crue.

Upon realising his own weapon was headed straight for him, he swung once more, but not at Jaune or Pyrhha. Instead, it was aimed at Ren, who didn't have enough time to dodge. It connected with his stomach and exploded, sending him flying back into a tree. "REN!" Nora cried out, before turning to Crue, a glare on her features.

She ran towards him, her hammer over her back, preparing to swing. Crue met her pace, copying her posture. They both cried out and swung at the same time. The flats of their weapons connected, and they were both sent flying backwards. Nora landed roughly on the ground, but managed to bounce right back up.

Crue, on the other hand, was sent flying back into a stone pillar. His head snapped back and hit the cold rock once again. He felt his consciousness beginning to fade, and so while he still could, he managed to say two words.

"Pretty stars."

He slumped down in front of the pillar, weapon falling out of his grasp. The others member of JNPR stood up, staring at the fallen enemy. "Well, that was a thing." Jaune said.

"I can't believe he attacked us." Nora cried out after helping Ren up. "I mean, we were here to save him, you'd think he'd show a little gratitude." She complained.

"I don't think he was in a stable state of mind." Ren said, staring at the person who had attacked them. "He did just fight a horde of Grimm, it would be understandable if he was a little, high strung." He eyed the pile of disintegrating bodies.

"Huh, he's a Faunus." Jaune informed them, having stepped closer to him and noticed his ears. He lightly prodded him with his scabbard. "He's also completely unconscious." He bent down to pick him up.

"Ren, a hand please." Ren stepped forward, much to Nora's annoyance and Pyrrha's concern.

"Shouldn't we make sure he can't hurt anyone?" She expressed her worries. "Namely us."

Jaune waved off her concerns. "Don't worry about it Pyrrha. We were caught off guard cause we weren't expecting him to attack. Now that we know, I'm sure we'll have no problem dealing with him." He smiled at her, which caused her to forget all her worries and blush lightly.

Nora rolled her eyes at her friend's attraction. "But he hurt Ren!" She argued. Ren put a hand on her shoulder to relax her.

"Don't worry. My Aura cushioned the blow." He reassured her. Nora still retained a pout, but seemed to be fine with Crue now.

"Ren. I appreciate the reassurance, but I still need your help." Jaune told him, struggling to keep Crue aloft. Ren instantly grabbed both his legs and hauled him onto the Bullhead which had landed close by.

"I doubt he's a huntsman, he hasn't got his aura unlocked." Ren deducted, inspecting the boy's wounds. Jaune grew a sheepish smile and agreed with him, ignoring the look he got from Pyrrha. "But, with the way he fought you could hardly call him a civilian."

"Then what is he?" Jaune asked, the rest of the team staring down at the unconscious teen.

"A mystery."

YOOOOOO. That was weird. Why'd I do that? Idk, maybe I'm secretly in a fanfiction too. Point being, I am so glad I've written this. This thing has been on my mind for I don't even know how long.

This is a trope that I've seen in several fandoms and fanfictions. Fan of show ends up in shows world. But, I thought, what if they were a cynical asshole who really didn't want to be there. And thus, Crue Cullen was born.

So yeah. This is a thing. I don't have a consistent uploading schedule with it, but I'll try. I hope you like the story, and I hope you let me know what you think. Until then.