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"Hello, Crue."

The two simple words sent tremors down Crue's spine. The three other men sat down without a problem, leaving the paling Faunus standing at the end of the table, directly opposite Salem, shaking like a leaf.

"Please. Sit." With a wave of her hand, crystals sprung up from the ground beneath Crue, knocking the Faunus' feet out from under him. He ended up sat in a chair that was not unlike the one Salem was currently in.

Crue's eyes were still wide in terror, causing Salem to smile rather eerily. "Do not look so distraught. Did I not tell you we would be meeting in person?" Her words caused the Faunus to remember the battle within his mind, both with Alice, and Salem.

"I remember." He finally found his voice, and it came out much angrier than he expected. "And I don't like people messing around in my head."

"It was a requirement. How else was I to ensure that you came to me?" Salem eyed the other men at the table. "And after all, it is so kind of you to join us."

"Not exactly of my own accord." Crue snarled back. He briefly wondered why he was so angered all of a sudden, before deciding it was simply the situation at hand. "And I would very much like to get the Hell out of here."

"Now that's not very nice." Tyrian pouted, still managing to look insane despite the expression. "You finally get to meet our Goddess in the flesh, and all you wish to do is leave." His tail twitched eagerly. "Perhaps we should teach you some manners."

Crue rose to the challenge, eyes flashing gold as he leaned towards Tyrian. "Try me, you Scorpion fuck. I'll rip of your tail and have you die from constipation!" He gripped the edge of the table, the crystal straining under his grip.

"What." Tyrian blinked, having lost his previous joyful insanity, now replaced with genuine confusion.

"It's an accurate threat." The large man grunted. The others turned to him. "A Scorpions anal cavity is within its tail. If it loses its tail, it cannot excrete." Tyrian's face paled, as he hugged his tail close to him, a frightened look on his features.

"Thank you." Crue gestured to him with a hand. "Also, what the fuck is your name."

"Hazel." He said shortly.

"If I may." Salem spoke, clearly annoyed at the fact she was interrupted, and that the topic of the conversation was a rather disturbing one. From her tone, it was clear it wasn't up for debate. Despite how badly Crue wanted to say 'you may not'.

"It is clear that, due to your nature, you belong here with me." Her wording made Crue raise an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I'd rather not." Crue said slowly, pulling out his Scroll to glance at the time. "I mean, I've got a very busy schedule ahead of me, most of which includes pissing off Cinder." He waited for a reaction, but received none, much to his disappointment.

"But of course. Cinder has told us much about your, exploits." Crue froze, but beside Salem, Tyrian began to giggle loudly.

"Ah yes, why the first time we heard of you was after you had broken up with Neopo-" There was a massive CRACK "-litan." Tyrian continued, ignoring the shard of crystal that nearly impaled his head.

The room fell silent, both at Crue's actions, and the Aura of danger he was giving off. "Ooh, careful there." Tyrian said smugly, looking over the shard to meet his fellow Faunus' eyes. "You could have taken out an eye. And you know what they say about that."

Crue's fist slammed against the table, splintering the surface as he glared at Tyrian. "You know. I've always hated that phrase." At his words, Salem began to smile to herself, looking at Crue's golden eyes.

"If you take one of my eyes. I'll take both of yours. And your dominant arm." He lifted his fist off the table, seeing many shards sticking into it, and wondering why he didn't feel anything.

"Well. It's nice to see that my, gift, has been put into effect." Her words caused Crue to squint at her, wondering exactly what she was going on about. "All those who aid me are blessed with Golden Eyes."

Crue blinked, before reaching to his shirt pocket, and grabbing his sunglasses. It had been a long time since he had even thought of them, but currently they were the only reflective thing currently on his possession.

She was right. His eyes were currently dark gold. "Consider it a small metaphor, to go against our Silver-Eyed foes." Crue tried to focus, attempting to turn his eyes back to their normal colour. "Of course, the stronger your loyalty, the stronger your power."

Crue opened his eyes once more, angered to see that they were still gold. "Once you join us, and your loyalty grows, you will realise what we already know." She raised a hand, almost casually.

"Being surrounded by only good people is unrealistic." She told him, and Crue finally saw his chance to do what he did best. Be an annoying, rebutting, little shit.

"Amazing insight." He said, rolling his eyes. Salem lowered her hand, lightly frowning.

"Being a kind person doesn't guarantee a good life." "Like I need to worry about that one, Einstein." Tyrian caught Watts' attention, mouthing the word 'Einstein' in confusion. When Watts shrugged, they turned back to the conversation.

"The world is full of terrible people, who will only make you suffer." "HMM! Really brings certain people to mind!" Crue responded, his eyes wide as he stared at Salem, and gestured to the building he was currently in.

"There are people in this world not worth saving-" "Like you for example." "They are only going to use you-"

"Well gee fucking willikers." Crue said, his eyes and mouth wide in the fakest smile possible. "It's almost as if we're stuck on the same fucking planet or something." Salem began to quite literally grind her teeth together in anger, before calming herself, remembering this is simply a side effect of her gift.

"You clearly agree with our view of the world. So why? Why do you keep trying to save it and go against me?" Salem asked, hands folded under her chin.

Crue pointed a finger at the Queen of Grimm, and gave his reason. "Because, I'm a petty, spiteful bastard. And I will fight you, your weird fucking henchmen, and that damn Author."

Salem's eyes narrowed, staring down at Crue, her red pupils barely slits. "You would go against your Queen."

"My Que- Enough with the fucking chess metaphors OK!?" Crue stood up, slamming his hands down on the crystal table, facing down Salem.

Rather than be offended or angered, the Queen calmly rose a hand. "I have the whole set you know." She gestured to Hazel. "My Rook." To Watts. "My Bishop." To Tyrian. "My Knight."

"That's only three." Crue counted, momentarily thinking of the pieces required in the game.

"Well not everyone is here, as you can see." Salem gestured to the empty seats. "Envy, Lust and Gluttony are out following my commands. They are my other half."

"For fucks sake!" Crue exasperated. "Are you using Chess metaphors or the Seven Deadly Sins!?"

"Allow me to answer that with a question of my own." "THIS ISN'T JEOPARDY!" Crue' complaint went unnoticed, and not understood.

"Everyone I have named. Every Sin, every piece. What have I left out? What Sin? What piece?" She leaned forward. "What. Are. You?"

The Faunus fell silent, actually thinking about the question. In that moment, he remembered something. During his 'actual' initiation. The piece he chose. "The Dark King." He whispered. "And the Sin is… Wrath."

Salem smiled. "Exactly." Crue took a moment to process this information. How long had he been part of Salem's game. Was he the King? Or was he just another pawn.

"Your Golden Eyes, take on the power of my Wrath." The Faunus' ear twitched slightly, hearing Salem's words. Silently, he grabbed his glasses, to once more look at his reflection.

"And my Wrath, is insurmountable. When you borrow it, you cannot possibly lo-" "Your Wrath ain't shit."

It seemed as though the very world had fallen silent. All eyes in the room were now focused directly on Crue, who was looking down at his reflection. "What." Salem hissed, venom dripping from her voice.

"Your Wrath. Ain't. Shit." Crue repeated, annunciating each word with increasing anger. "Tell me something, Salem." The use of her name caused the Queen's eyes to turn to slits.

"Which eyes contain more anger, more rage, more Wrath?" Crue looked up, meeting Salem's eyes. "These?" He gestured to his currently golden eyes. "Or these?" He blinked, and his eyes returned to their steely blue colour.

Salem's own eyes widened, seeing his point as true. In that moment, where Crue gained his old eyes back, he took the opportunity to stare into the abyss.

The abyss blinked.

"Because I feel you should know, Kings and Wrath rarely go well together." He stood from his own chair, making himself as tall as possible while pushing his chest out, only now realising why it was so similar to Salem's. It was his throne. He was a King.

"Whether or not they go well together is to be discovered. Tell me, why do you think I chose you as the King piece?" Salem asked, interlocking her fingers.

"Because compared to these guys I can do fuck all?" Crue replied, fairly sure of his reasoning. The others seemed to nod at his words, mildly annoying him.

"That is yet to be seen. But no, the reason I chose you for my King is quite simple." Salem relaxed her posture, placing an elbow on her throne and resting her head in her hand. "Kings belong next to their Queens."

"You belong next to me. As my King. My Wrath." She waited a moment, seeing Crue slowly realise what she was insinuating, before smiling. "My concubine."

In the silence that followed the Queen of Grimm's words, you could hear a pin dro- "YOUR FUCKING WHAT?!" Crue exclaimed, his voice cracking slightly from the sudden volume. The Faunus turned to the other males, all of whom had wide eyes.

"Did anyone happen to see the left field that came out of?" He practically begged them to tell him he misheard.

"My lady," Watts surprisingly came to his rescue. "I was not aware your humour was this," He seemed to struggle with the right word. "Involving?" Crue nodded to him in thanks, turning back to Salem.

"Rest assured Watts, this is no joke." At her words, everyone at the table paled. "The Queen of Grimm, and the… What was it you called yourself?" She eyed Crue with an interesting expression on her face.

"The Dark King? Oh yes, that shall make a lovely combination." Sweat beaded down Crue's brow, desperately thinking of a way out of this situation, and hoping that he was just dreaming all of this.

"I…" He tried to string any amount of words together. "…do not…" Salem frowned, and the others watched with a concerned curiosity. "…think I'm your type."

The heads of the men swivelled, waiting for Salem's response. "You'd be surprised." She said with a slight chuckle. "I have been alive for many millennia, Crue. I do not believe there is a person alive who could comprehend my type, or my sexual preference."

Crue shrunk in his chair. "I wonder if she and Ozpin ever did the nasty." He was partially annoyed that his mind wandered to such strange places during moments of imminent doom. On the other hand, he just got a great idea.

"And what's to stop me from going against you. I go to Beacon. You know, Ozpin's school?" He sat up straight, pushing his chest out. Salem's eyes narrowed. "As far as you know, with the gift you gave me, I could overpower you. Or kill you in your sleep."

He smirked as Salem's fist curled into a ball. The males sighed to themselves, as if they realised that Crue would not be able to ally with them if he was dead. "That gift you've given me could be your downfall."

"It is a shame you are correct." Salem said, through gritted teeth. "However, that is not the only gift you possess." Crue's smirk was cut short.

"What do you mean?" He asked instantly. Salem took the opportunity to smile, looking at her hand, as a strange purple began to glow from it.

"It's been within you all this time. I simply need to unlock it." The glow became brighter, causing Crue to squint.

"What do you mean unlo-" Salem thrust out her hand, the ball of purple energy shooting towards Crue, and passing into his chest.

His breath caught, his pupils dilated, and he screamed. It wasn't the same pitch as the one that came out when he was dropped into the Castle. This one was much deeper. Much angrier. And filled to the brim with absolute Wrath.

"AAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!" Crue screamed, clutching his head, and his ears, as he felt his entire body shift and change. His bones grew and morphed, his teeth sharpened and transformed.

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHWOOOOOOOOO!" The pain came to a stop, and Crue opened his eyes, panting heavily. He seemed to be taller, and the men before him looked upon now with what appeared to be fear. Watts was even off of his chair, staring at him wide eyed.

"What did you do?" "GRGGGHHH." Crue's eyes widened, and he looked down. Brown fur covered the entirety of his body. He raised his hands, seeing five long claws on each hand. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" "GRAAAAAAAAAAGH!" The roar that came from Crue quite literally caused the very building he was in to shake, shattering the windows and causing Tyrian to slam his hands over his ears.

Through it all, Salem sat on her throne with a smile. "Your power has grown." She said, causing Crue to snarl at her, his snout rising up, showing a row of pointed teeth. "I assume at the start, you could only manifest part of your body. Your claws perhaps."

Before Crue could attempt to get closer to Salem, in what would probably be a rather unsuccessful attempt to rip out her neck, his 'paw' felt something. He looked down, seeing his sunglasses. Reflected in the glass was Crue's face. Or snout, rather.

What caught Crue's attention most was the Golden eyes staring back at him. With a deathly growl, he closed his eyes and focused on his own Wrath, ignoring Salem's. When he opened his eyes again, he found eyes of blue steel gazing back.

Now that his mind was a tad clearer, he could actually understand what was going on. He was just turned into something akin to a werewolf. And he was a Wolf Faunus.

"Bastard." "Grrh." Crue grumbled. "I'm a fucking Were-Wolf Faunus. What a fucking cliché." He looked up to Salem, who appeared to be waiting patiently, a knowing smile on her face.

"I want to rip that smile off her face and gouge out her eyes." Crue thought darkly, growling low as he stared at his hands. Paws. Claws. Whatever the fuck they were. He was somewhat surprised to see that he had retained all five digits.

With a thought, he looked back up to Salem. He wanted nothing more than to simply destroy her. End it all before it could begin. However, there was the question of whether or not he would be able. Salem was the main Antagonist for a reason.

And Crue didn't know if he could defeat her on his own. Instead, he looked past Salem, seeing the blown out window. An idea sparked in his mind. Despite how he was currently working on baser instincts, one of those instincts was to Survive.

The first sign that things were not going to go as Salem planned was the smile that made its way onto Crue's transformed face. A terrifying thing to witness, as his new teeth, new fangs, created something akin to what would belong on the face of a crafty cat, rather than a wrathful wolf.

Crue raised a singled, furred fist at her, before extending his middle finger. Salem may not have been around the Children of Man any time recently, but she was fairly certain she knew what that gesture meant.

Her eyes narrowed, as she waited for Crue to move. And move he did. He raised up his fist, and slammed it down onto the table. She briefly heard Watts cry out "My Scroll!" over the sound of cracking crystal, before half of the table lifted up, obscuring Crue from her view.

In that brief moment of blindness, there was a second crash, and when the table fell back down, Crue was gone. Salem's eyes widened as she stood from her throne. "WHERE IS HE!?" She exclaimed, standing from throne in an uncharacteristic show of emotion.

"He bolted out the window!" Watts answered, clutching the remnants of his broken Scroll in his hands. "First he steals it, then he breaks it! What is wrong with him!?" He felt the others glaring at him, and decided to just leave the subject alone.

"Will he even be able to get back to Vale?" Hazel questioned, looking out of the window Crue had escaped from, into the distance of the Grimmlands.

"I am unsure." Salem frowned, joining Hazel in staring out into her domain. "With his newly unlocked power, he could very well become unstoppable."

"I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE FUCK I'M GOING OR WHAT THE FUCK I'M DOING!" Crue screamed, his legs (all four of them) going much faster than he was used to. He rushed through the world, everything that he passed turning into a blur of colour.

He ran as fast as he could, occasionally running past, or in some cases with a rather unfortunate Nevermore, through Grimm. The former Faunus was all too happy with that accident.

He had no idea how long he had been running for, nor did he know how far. Although the blurs were starting to turn a greener hue, he was still unsure of where exactly he was. In fact, he didn't know if he could turn around and check without tripping over his new limbs.

"Listen you fuck, I somehow made it out of Salem's lair I am going to find out a way back to Mentis." Almost as if the world heard his angrily worded goal, several hundred metres ahead of him was nothing but blue.

"Fuck. Ocean. Fuck." Crue looked at the approaching mass of water. "Which ocean? Wait. I don't know the oceans. FUCK." He had no idea how to stop running, he also didn't know if he could swim in this form.

That only left one option. "FUUUUUUUUUUUU-" Using his new leg muscles, he leapt as high as he hoped he could possibly go. "-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-" He looked down, seeing waves rushing past.

"-UUUUUU-" He looked forward, seeing approaching land. He couldn't have jumped that far could he? He'd have to get a hold of a map of Remnant sometime soon, just to see what the shortest distance betw- oh there's the ground.


He hit the ground with a massive smack, causing a small crater. "Ow." He growled, placing a hand onto the rim of the crater and pulling himself up. "HAND!" He suddenly exclaimed, seeing his regular hand attached to his regular arm.

He grabbed it with his other hand and laughed, kissing his palm. "Oh how I've missed you!" He hugged his arm close.

"Thank God I'm not naked." He said, looking downward and staring at his shoes. He wiggled his toes within them, pleased that he was human again. He gave his head a quick rub. "Faunus again." He noted, feeling his ears.

"Now. How the fuck do I get back to Mentis." He scratched his head, looking into a massive forest before him. He decided to just walk as far away from where Salem was. He frowned momentarily.

"I can just tell, you bolded every word that came out of her mouth." He shook his head. "That would get so confusing if you made someone else's words bold?" He spoke aloud, asking the 'Author'.

As Crue was walking, he accidentally tripped over an exposed root, biting his tongue. "FUFFER!" He exclaimed, holding his chin in pain.

He growled to himself, before continuing to walk, a scowl on his features. With his mouth closed, he walked and thought, mostly about what Salem had said to him.

"I am the embodiment of her Wrath? What Full Metal Alchemist bullshit is that? I'm my own Wrath. And I'm not going to let some pasty faced bitch tell me whose side I'm on." He felt his blood start to boil.

"If anything I'm going to stick to Ozpin now just to spite her." His breathing became rapid. "And once I get my chance I'm going to rip her fa- AAAHH!" Crue gripped his head, feeling the same pain that had occurred before he was stolen away to Salem's fortress.

"Not on your life!" The Faunus exclaimed, getting into a fighting stance and preparing for anything that could attack. Nothing came. The Faunus had a small moment of complete silence, before pressing onward.

"I get headaches whenever I get angry now. Great. That definitely won't be a problem in the future." Crue said, rolling his eyes. He took a breath, trying to focus on anything other than the anger he was currently feeling.

"Salem knows I know Cinder. But Cinder hasn't said anything to me about that. Unless she doesn't know I'm meant to be her King." The Faunus shuddered lightly, before his eyes widened and he grew a devious smirk.

"This technically means I'm in charge of Cinder." Crue let out a very deep cackle, desperately wanting to use this against her. "But, that means she'll know I've met Salem. Fuck." He sighed, placing a palm against his face as he continued his walk.

"And as far as she knows, I'm just an annoying little shit to her. The Wolf is the only one that actively stopped her." He frowned, putting his hands in his pockets. "That doesn't mean she wouldn't think twice about getting rid of me."

He willed himself not to get angry. He needed to do something. Anything. As long as it meant stopping Salem, along with Cinder. There had to be something he could do.

Crue growled, slamming his fist against a tree as he kept walking, hoping he was going in the right direction. His steely blue eyes shone through the night, though to him it was clear as day.

He knew what he had to do.

"I need to tell Ozpin."

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