Existing character:

Dr. Orin Scrivello

My OCs:

Sarah Scrivello (nee Foster)(Orin's wife)

Krystal Scrivello (Orin's daughter)

Iris Foster (Orin's sister-in-law)

Clare Foster (Iris's daughter)

Mr. Warren

Classmates (names will be revealed throughout this little three-shot)

Theme: Family

Rating and reason: T for certain themes, blood and death mentions.

A/N: So I only own Sarah and Krystal. This story won't be the one that explains why Orin is who he is in the movie. I don't like not getting a backstory. If you haven't seen the movie (the 1986 version), Orin is played by Steve Martin. Anyway, this will mostly be told through Orin's perspective and it is a three-shot. The first bit will be third person and then we see things from Orin's perspective. So I only own Sarah and Krystal and the storyline. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and I'm not the only one experiencing this. I can't do the traditional DocX submission, so please bear with me.

Loose Tooth

(Third person P.O.V.)

A little girl wearing a pair of tennis shoes, pink shorts and a white T-shirt is running to an office, an envelope in hands.

"This is it," she said, excitement in her voice.

The lettering on the door read SCRIVELLO FAMILY DENTISTRY and there was a list of dentists who worked there. Bouncing with energy, the little girl pushed open the big door before entering to the lobby.

It was after school and she walked to the receptionist's desk. "Done with school already, Krystal?" the receptionist asked.

The little girl, now known as Krystal nodded. Iris Foster had reddish-brown hair and amber eyes. Her own daughter was doing ballet.

Iris got up and went down the hallway. "Sarah," she called her sister, who was looking at a file. "Krystal's here."

Sarah Foster had strawberry blonde hair and gray eyes in contrast to her sisters. "Orin and I are finishing up. Send her back, okay?"

Iris nodded and went to open the door and Krystal almost ran right past her aunt. The key word being 'almost' in that sentence. Krystal had been stopped rather easily.

"So how was school today?" Iris asked her niece.

"Fun!" Krystal said, giggling. Krystal was in a transitional Kindergarten program and for the early summer, the school was offering some classes. Orin and Sarah had been sure to take advantage of this.

(Orin's P.O.V.)

"Alright, Mr. Warren," Sarah said to our patient. "I'm going to let my husband finish cementing that crown and you should be done."

I watched as she took off her gloves and went down the hallway.

I finished with the crown. "Does that feel okay?" I asked him.

He nodded, a man of few words. I had him rinse and spit before telling him to check out with my sister-in-law. I love my wife.

I decide to take off my gloves before following in my wife's direction. I look at the file briefly, only to nearly get knocked down.

"Daddy!" Krystal chirped happily. Her hair wasn't as dark as mine, but you could see the strawberry blonde highlights and her green eyes.

"Hi, princess," I said, kissing her cheek as I noticed her envelope.

"Happy Fathew's Day," she said as she handed me the card. I nodded to Sarah.

"Come on, sweetie. Sit in the chair," Sarah said. Krystal complied and I watched her smile at her mother.

I looked at the card and it was red with a motorcycle. It had been cut out and it read, 'Happy Daddy's Day, Daddy. Love, Krystal.'

"I couldn't spell 'fathew' and no one told me how," she said.

"I love it sweetheart," I said, kissing her forehead. Sarah rounded behind the chair (after placing the napkin on Krystal) and I grabbed her.

"Kiss me, handsome," she said lowly.

'With pleasure,' I thought to myself as I began to give my wife a passionate kiss. Sarah and Krystal. My angels.

"Can you stop sucking face? Taylor said that there's something wrong wif me," she said. Sarah chuckled slightly and I proceeded to look at her file.

"Is Taylor the boy you like?" Sarah asked.

"Ick," Krystal said and I shook my head as I looked at my daughter's chart.

"Clare was gonna punch him in the mouth if he didn't stop picking on me," Krystal said. Krystal would be turning 5 in a few weeks.

"Did she punch him?" Sarah asked.

"I wanted her to, but the teacher stopped her. I told him that Taylor started it," Krystal said.

I looked in Krystal's mouth before I turned on the light and sat down. I noticed she closed it.

"Krystal," I said. "What's wrong?"

She looked ready to cry and she sniffed. "Taylor said you'd use pliers to take out my looth tooth," she said.

Sarah clicked her tongue and looked at me. "Can I take a look?" I asked. She nodded and opened wide. "Point to the tooth," I instructed.

She did and I gently touched it with my probe. I noticed her wince. I looked at Sarah and made a gesture.

We stood up and went out into the hallway. "Damn," I swore. "That tooth is loose, but I'm gonna have to pull it."

Sarah looked into my eyes. "She's already scared as is," she reminded me.

I ran a hand through my hair and then remembered something. "I think we can give her a little nitrous oxide and calm her down," I said. "If I'm not mistaken, we have a tank of it in the room." Sarah nodded. "Ready?" I asked.

We went back into the room and I noticed Krystal had decided to entertain herself. "Krystal Marie Scrivello, put that back this instant," Sarah said sternly. Krystal huffed, but put the sprayer back as I stifled a chuckle.

"Do you have to yank it, daddy?" Krystal asked. I kissed my daughter on the forehead.

I had to figure out how to explain this to my daughter. "I'm going to give it a tug or two, but that'll be after you have some laughing gas."

"Is that the stuff that makes you feel funny when you wake up?" Krystal asked.

"It can do that," I said. "Did Clare tell you?"

Krystal beamed. She was my ray of sunshine. "Ya," she said simply.

"You know about the tooth fairy, don't you?" Sarah interjected.

Krystal's facial expression changed, but she nodded again. Tonight would be the first time that Sarah played the role of tooth fairy. I could already picture her in a gown and glittering in the evening. I could also picture her… no. Control yourself, Orin.

Sarah was ready to give Krystal the gas. I watched my wife gently get some of Krystal's fringe out of her eyes. "Alright, Krystal. Just relax and open wide," Sarah said. I watched her action. I noticed Krystal squeeze my hand.

"I promise. You won't feel a thing," I said to her. We waited a little while for Krystal to doze off. I let Sarah place the bite block in Krystal's mouth on the left side. *

I grabbed the forceps and my probe. I decided to wiggle the tooth with my probe a bit more. There. It was looser than it was, so pulling it should be easy. With a few tugs, I got the tooth out as Sarah suctioned out the blood and put some cotton in her mouth. I put the tooth in a little box for Krystal to see and then decided to help Sarah out.

(A few minutes later)

"Mama?" I heard as I was telling Iris to go get Clare. We'd be locking up for the night.

"I just pulled her first baby tooth," I said to her.

Iris nodded. "Orin, would it be okay if Clare and I came over for dinner tonight? I didn't realize how late it was getting to be and you know how much Clare sees you as her own father."

"Sure," I said. Iris and I parted ways for the time being and I thought about what she had just said. Clare wasn't planned, but we all love her anyway. That jackass that said he'd be a great father. Ha. He left when Clare was only 2.

I walked back in the exam room and realized that I still had Krystal's tooth. She was just coming to.

"Krystal," Sarah said gently.

Krystal opened her eyes and was about to speak. "No, sweetie. You have to keep the cotton in for a little bit," I said softly. I pulled the box out of my pocket and handed it to Krystal. She decided not to open it.

Sarah took the napkin off and adjusted the chair so Krystal could sit up. We walked out of the practice and Krystal showed her tooth to Iris and Clare.

(Later that night)

"I could use a break," I heard Sarah's tired voice.

"Why don't you slip into something more comfortable?" I suggested.

"I will, but Krystal insisted on getting herself ready for bed," Sarah said.

I thought for a little bit. "How's about a foot massage?" I offered. I knew that that was something she loved when we were dating and when she was still pregnant with Krystal.

"Let me change and you've got yourself a deal," Sarah said before giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

I grabbed the things I'd use in a foot massage. A couple of minutes had passed and I heard Sarah clear her throat.

I looked up at her as she stood in the foyer. A silky, strapless pink nightgown shone on her. 'My angel,' I thought to myself. I whistled lowly. "Hello, gorgeous," I said.

Without another word, I started massaging her left foot first. Neither of us were paying much attention to the time.

"Oh no. It's been 10 minutes," Sarah said. I threw on a T-shirt and we made our way to our daughter's bedroom.

Thankfully, it wasn't a mess. However, it was missing someone.

"Krystal?" I called.

I noticed her closet doors were opened and Sarah went to get our daughter. I heard her yelp in surprise. Not long after, Sarah emerged with Krystal at her feet. Krystal was wearing her two piece purple pajamas with pink polka dots.

"I had to find Shady," she said. Shady was her stuffed black lab that I got for her when she was a newborn. She's loved Shady ever since. "He was hiding," she said.

We got our daughter into bed. "I wanna stay up," she said with a pout.

Sarah looked to me for a solution. "The tooth fairy and Santa work in similar ways. They leave more to kids who are sleeping," I said as I watched Sarah sit on Krystal's bed and placed her in her lap. I gave Krystal a kiss.

"Kiss Shady?" she asked, pleading eyes.

I chuckled and gave Shady a kiss. "Now Shady, be a good boy and make sure Krystal goes to sleep so she doesn't miss the tooth fairy," I said.

Sarah began humming a tune to Krystal as I told her to place her tooth under her pillow. I knew the song as well. "And rock-a-bye sweet baby James," I ended up joining my wife.

Krystal yawned as we placed her in bed and I made my way to her door. "Night mommy, night daddy," Krystal said. She stroked Shady. "Shady says goodnight, too."

"Goodnight, Krystal," Sarah said.

"Goodnight, princess," I said. "Take it easy, Shady."

After a while, Sarah and I made it back to our room and I took my shirt off.

(The next morning)

I heard a shriek and my eyes snapped open. I noticed Sarah was at my chest. "Wake up," I whispered.

Did she fall asleep that way? I then remembered last night's events before we got to sleep. "Don't worry," Sarah said with a yawn. "I got up in the middle of the night."

Soon after that, I heard Krystal's footsteps as I kissed Sarah. "Mommy, daddy!" Krystal shrieked. I could see her rocking in her purple slippers as she made her way onto the foot of our king-sized bed.

"What is it, dear?" Sarah asked.

"Did you have a good night's sleep?" I asked.

Krystal nodded and unfolded what was in her hand. "I got $5! She must've read my note!" Krystal said gleefully. I looked to Sarah.

Sarah nodded. "What note?"

"I left the tooth fairy a note saying that I was brave when my daddy took out my tooth. Clare said that the tooth fairy gives brave kids more money," Krystal said.

"Well, you certainly were brave," I said.

"She must know I'll be 5 soon!" Krystal said. She then looked at us and noticed our position.

"Mama, daddy?" she asked.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked.

Krystal began to whisper into Sarah's ear and I decided to have a little fun with my daughter. "You know," I said carefully. "The tooth fairy happens to be friends with the tickle monster!" I said as I began to tickle my little girl.

Krystal yelped at the surprise and started giggling. "Am I gonna have a baby brother or sister soon?"

I think that's a great question and a great place to stop. So what do you think of Orin's family? Let me explain something.

*A bite block is what they use to keep your mouth opened. I had most of my baby teeth pulled as a kid and that's what they'd use. I got $5 once, but it was because I got two teeth pulled. I decided to adjust it for Krystal, though.

A/N: Well, let me know what you think so far of the Scrivello family. Also, when I said that Clare was a surprise baby, I wasn't hinting at anything darker. Iris and Darryl weren't expecting to become parents at all. Clare is six and loves Krystal very much.

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