Warning: This story contains sexual material not suited for underage people that can't tell fantasy from reality. Everything written and stated within the story is HARDLY and very UNLIKELY happen in real life, so please take a second thought before reading it.

Again, this is a work of fiction and fantasy

Summary: Porn with Plot, inspirited by Fairy Tail chapter 489.5. During the Stone Age when men and women wagged war against each other, one man had risen to end it all, simply because he wanted to have as many 'pets' as possible. Watch, as the reason for the war between men and women became the first Chieftain of the Stone Age. [NatsuxMassHarem]

There's still magic in this story… but lessen to a certain degree.

Natsu x Harem (any female you can think about… and yeah, he won't share with anyone)

Zeref x Mavis (single pairing)

The Lord of the Stone Age

Chapter 1

Birth of the lord

[Earthland -10000BC]

"Shit! It's that Mammoth again!"

"But I thought he's out of the village!"


"Run for your life!"

"Muwahahaha!" Natsu Dragneel laughed like a maniac as he stood in front of the main gate of his village, naked from the waist down, flashing his huge cock to the tribe of female, who yet again for the twentieth or so times, had to run away as soon as the massive dragon-like manhood was in sight. At first, they thought he was out hunting again so they decided to launch yet another attack to the men's village to save their Lucy, but they didn't expect him to return so soon like that. Unlike his pathetic villagers, the 'Mammoth' wasn't affected by a 'disease' that they called 'raging sausage', and was the only one that defeated them every single time, without doing anything than removing his pants and stood in front of the village, after molesting Lucy's body to activate his most 'dangerous' weapon against the female, something that none of them wanted to happen to their own body.

"I won't forget this! You damn Mammoth!" an overfrustrated Erza cried as she rode on her Sabre-tooth tiger and tried to get away from that pink haired man as fast as possible, finding it hard to keep the blood from rushing to her face and making it look just like her hair. There was just something strange about that monster rod between that man's legs, which could drive the female away, screaming in fear even before they could do anything. Erza forcefully turned her head away, declaring inside her head that she would definitely defeat him, not only to bring Lucy back to their village, but also to get the glory of defeating the monster himself and save some faces for her village.

Once the females had disappeared from view, Natsu picked up his pants and put it back on, after failing to put the raging erection back into his pants several times. Grinning, the young warrior picked up the dead warthog he managed to kill while he was out hunting. His grin soon spread out in a full laughter as he looked at the others, who were lying on the ground, sweating and holding their crotch as if they were in pain, even the best warrior in the village Laxus and his grandfather, the town's elder. He didn't understand their problem, but decided that he shouldn't think too much about it, because for once he had best all of them in something.

"Happy, Lucy, I'm back!" Natsu said cheerfully as he walked into his hut, waving his hand to his best friend and 'pet' "Oh, you didn't try to run away this time, Lucy." The blonde haired woman sighed longingly, kneeling on the ground with her hands on her lap.

"You would recapture me anyway." She said, remembering all about the times she tried to run away all by herself, only to be caught by him again "You chased Erza and the others off again, didn't you?"

"Yep!" The man said, grinning "You're mine now, so I'm not going to let anyone take you from me."

"That's Natsu for you." Happy said as he pulled out a large salmon from out of nowhere and started chewing on its head "Once he has taken his liking to anything, he will never give it to anyone, or return it back." Lucy made another sigh after hearing that. She should have known better from the past two weeks living with him. If only she had her keys with her, things would be very different.

At the very least, while he viewed her as his pet, he treated her like a normal human being, with a different gender. Unlike the men, Lucy was taught about them, in order to prevent a similar disease like 'raging sausage' for female, but she still found the beast between his legs quite frightening.

Deep in thoughts, Lucy didn't realize Natsu had sneaked to behind her back until he suddenly lunged ahead and put his hands on her breasts again, for the second time in the early morning.

"D-didn't you have enough already?" She asked, feeling her body go numb with the way his hands were groping her boobs.

She forgot to mention that he also treated her like a plaything when he was free, and a switch to activate his mammoth beast when the female troop attacked his village and in desperate need for some help from the 'great warrior'

"No way, I can never get enough of this." Natsu shook his head and pushed his Lucy down to the ground, with his crotch and raging hard on pressing against her ass. Unconsciously, Natsu thrust his hip slightly, and made a loud moan of pleasure. He didn't understand why he did it, but he really liked the feeling and wanted more.

At the village of women, far away to the Eastern Land once again the rescue troop returned empty handed.

"Damn it!" Erza gritted her teeth and trying to keep herself from fainting, her face was so hot that she felt like it was on fire. She felt shame, embarrassed, and most of all… angry. She, the best warrior in the village, the daughter of the high-enchanter Irene Belserion, defeated by a man who didn't use a single spell and simply stood in front of the village without his pants.

"Calm down Erza-chan." Mirajane, her best friend tried to calm her down "It couldn't be help… he's too powerful for any of us."

"Don't be ridiculous Mira, that bastard didn't do anything, did he?" Erza snapped her head around and asked in pure frustration "He stood there, pantsless, and we ran away as if we saw a dragon." She paused a second before sighing longingly "I failed Lady Layla, once again." Layla was Lucy's mother, who was the landlady of their village. Her mother was Layla's closest friend and advisor, so she and Lucy were very close.

"I think it's time you put your ego to the side and seek Lady Irene's wisdom." Mira pointed out "At this rate, we won't be able to get Lucy back." The scarlet head woman nodded her head and sighed longingly before nodding her head. Erza's ego was too big to ask for help, even from her own mother "Just go ahead, I will go inform Lady Layla that we fail once again."

"You're right…" Erza nodded her head "I will come meet my mother then." And with that, she headed back to her hut, where her mother was waiting.

Like her, Irene Belserion was an extremely voluptuous woman with scarlet red hair that was thickly braided and located in the front and back of her body as pairs. She had large brown eyes, and a very attractive face. Much like Erza, her outfit was extremely skimpy, consisting of two tiny pieces of cloth, used to cover her nipples and kept in place much like her, but left the rest of her upper body exposed. Additionally, Irene wore an elongated dark-colored loincloth with the symbol of their village emblazoned on its front, having light borders on its edges and being connected to another cloth piece with the very same heart-shaped design. The woman was kneeling on a large mammoth fur, Erza's first hunt and trophy, while holding a long staff in her hand, smiling at Erza when she unveiled the curtain to walk into the hut.

"Welcome back, Erza." Irene smiled at her daughter "I take that… the twentieth rescue mission ended with the same result." As much as she hated it, Erza had to nod her head while she was chewing on her bottom lips "I thought so…"

"Mother, please… is there any way for us to defeat him?" Erza asked as she put her weapons and armors away, kneeling before her mother "It didn't take much effort to defeat the other men, but him… this… Natsu, he..." she shook her head before saying "Please, mother, I have to defeat him or else our village will be looked down by others."

"Don't worry Erza." Irene shook her head "I don't think they can do it any better than us. At least you managed to return and told me the size of that… thing." Erza tilted her head to the side in curiosity when she saw her mother rubbing her thighs together "Ahem, anyway, there is a way to defeat him, or should I say make that monster less impressive, and less scary."

"For real?" Erza asked in surprise before straightening herself "Can you teach me?"

"Of course I can, Erza." Irene nodded her head with a smile before making a very serious smile "However, it's going to be very hard, and win or lose against him, your life will never be the same again."

"I don't care mother." Erza shook her head and said firmly "Teach me the way to defeat that man, and I will guarantee you that I will bring glory back to our village."

"I see your determination, Erza." Irene smiled before nodding her head "Alright, I shall teach you… but first, I need you to find something that has the same size and length as that man's manhood, and make sure to clean it properly."

"Eh? Why?"

"Because my dear… we're going to shove it down your throat."

Three days later

"The hell?" Natsu gasped in shock at what he just heard. It'd been three days since the female troop's last attack, peace had returned to their village, in one way or another.

"Yes Natsu." Makarov nodded his head while Laxus stood beside him, muttering something under his breath "That woman, Erza, wanted to challenge you for a life and death battle. Normally, I would send my best warrior, but since not even Laxus can handle the 'raging sausage', my only option is you." Makarov said "She wins, you'll have to return Lucy to their village, and we will have to give our land to them. You win, you can keep Lucy and they will never attack us again." Natsu's eyes lighted up like a thousand watts light bulb at the thought.

"Great!" The boy grinned "When and where?"

"Tonight, at an arena not too far from their village." Makarov told him "Apparently, she won't take no for an answer."

"Are you kidding me, elder? Of course I'm going to fight her." Natsu said, punching his hand together "This time, I will fight her for real and will only use my greatest weapon as a last resort." And with that, he dashed away, running as fast as he could toward his hut to prepare for the fight.

"Grandfather, is it okay?" Laxus asked when he saw the nervousness on his grandfather's face.

"No, it's not Laxus." Makarov shook his head "I have the feeling that Erza has learnt the ultimate art to defeat us men." Makarov said seriously "If my feelings are right, then Natsu stands absolutely no chance against her." Laxus widened his eyes in shock at that.

"God dammit!" Natsu gritted his teeth as he looked at his so-called friends, the villagers of his village, all hiding behind a line of tree, looking nervously at the group of female standing before them, proud and fearless with weapons to kill men in their hands and on their overly exposed body "Coward!" He roared.

"Sorry Natsu." One of the men said "It hurts a lot, you know."

"What great friends you have there!" Lucy chuckled, for the first time she was able to put on a smug grin in front of her capturer.

"Shut it Lucy." Natsu growled and pointed at her "Don't try to run away, you're the landlady's daughter; better help her keep those words, okay?"

"Yeah yeah, just go ahead and get on with it." Lucy said "Erza is going to kick your ass and chops that thing off your crotch."

"As if." The pink haired man growled and stepped forward until he was only a few feet away from Erza, who was wearing her battle outfit, with a stone spear and wooden shield in her hands.

"You can still give us Lucy and save the land for your village, you know." Erza smirked challengingly, spinning the spear in her hand.

"No way!" Natsu shook his head and said "I'm not going to take here anywhere, she's mine." He brought his hands up and glared at her "So, how do we do this?"

"By fighting until one of us cannot continue, or forfeit the fight." Erza said before smirking sadistically "I have to give you credit though, you didn't want to bring your freaking dick out right off the bat." She threw the spear into the air "But, for once, I don't need you to act so noble right now." She caught the spear and threw it at Natsu, with a blinding speed.

The boy managed to dodge it, but before he could react, a second spear appeared and gazed the left shoulder of his shirt, tearing it from his body.

"The hell." Natsu asked in surprise as Erza charged at him with another spear in her hand "You're a mage?"

"I can summon weapons! And you don't want to know what I can do with it." She smirked and slashed him, but Natsu dodged it and kicked the spear away from her hand with a flaming leg, making Erza widen her eyes in surprise.

"Well, too bad for you then…" Natsu grinned as he punched her in the face, but Erza dodged it with both hands "Because I'm also a mage." Lifting his fist on fire, Natsu pushed as hard as he could and threw back several feet, giving her a hard time controlling herself on the air.

"I see… so you're not all about your dick then." Erza dusted her hands before raising her hand "However, summoning isn't the only thing I can do." She suddenly tightened her hand into fist and made a yanking gesture, using her telekinesis power to remove his pants from his body, leaving him completely naked save for his scarf.

"What the hell!"

"Erza what are you doing?!"

"Are you crazy?"

The female tribe was shocked at Erza's action, and blushed madly at the sight of Natsu's limp cock, dangling between his legs and waiting to be awakened. Their eyes couldn't take away from his cock for a second, also finding it hard to keep themselves from drooling and shivering in fear, at the same time.

"Oh no…" Makarov gasped in shock, who was watching from afar "She knows the art."

"The hell…" Natsu asked in shock as he looked at himself before snapping his head at her "What are you trying to do? I thought you're looking for a fair fight?!" He roared.

"No, I'm not." Erza wiped the sweats from her forehead and said with a sly smile "I didn't mention anything about a fair fight in that letter, didn't I?" She then gathered her courage, remembering her mother's teaching and soon found herself stopped shivering in fear. Erza then charged at him, with the speed he could hardly see "I'm going to humiliate you, beast"

"Alright, fine then." Natsu growled and cocked his hand back "If you want to be defeated that much, then I will give it to you!" He then punched her in the face, but Natsu's punch missed his target a mile away when Erza suddenly crouched down and tackled him down to the ground.

Before he could do anything, her hand shot out and grabbed his cock, taking a millisecond to widen her eyes in shock at her own action before rapidly moving her hand up and down on his cock while still keeping a firm grip around it.

"The hell!" Natsu gasped and bended his back as a wave of pleasure washed over him, making him harden instantly in Erza's hand, much to her bewilderment.

"Just like mother said." The scarlet head woman muttered as she watched the massive dick grew in both size and length. She moved her head closer and inhaled deeply, feeling her head spin and body go numb at the musky scent. Unconsciously, she brought out her tongue and licked around the massive head of his manhood, coming to love how good he taste even before she could realize what she was doing.

"Whatever you're doing," Natsu suddenly said forcefully "keep doing it, I like it."

"Y-Yes!" Erza nodded her head without realizing that she was obeying his words "I… wait a second; it's not supposed to be like this." Erza's eyes suddenly snapped wide open and looked up to glare at him "You're supposed to… ugh!" However, before Erza could finish that statement, Natsu grabbed her head and forced her mouth down his cock, throwing his head back in pleasure as his cock went into her throat after stretching her mouth to the limit. His eyes rolled into the back of his head when Erza's mouth took in two third of his massive cock without any problem.

Being a virgin with more than two weeks straight of teasing by Lucy's body, it was too much for Natsu to handle and he immediately blew his load into Erza's cock after her face was buried into his hip. With a mighty roared Natsu's cock twitched madly inside of Erza's throat before expanding rapidly, causing her to gag as the man started hosing her throat down with something extremely thick and hot. Being unprepared, some of the cum shot out her nose and poured back out her mouth coating Natsu's big dick before dripping down to the spot between his legs, making a large puddle underneath them.

Natsu managed to keep her head in the same place for twenty or so straight minutes before removing her head from his crotch, leaning back and sighed in satisfaction, his cock was still twitching mightily before him, shooting the last ropes of sperm out, which was still impressive large in size.

"What… the hell was that?" Natsu asked breathlessly, looking at Erza who was coughing and trying to catch her breath.

"I… I don't know." She admitted "Mother taught it to me to defeat you, but I didn't know it would feel this good…" she then snapped her head up and looked at his cock "Eh? Why is it still hard… mother said you would go down after you cum." She asked in confusion.

"Beat me! I'm as clueless as you are." Natsu shrugged.

"Fine then!" Erza pushed herself up and slammed herself into him, pushing him down to the ground again "I will use my last resort then." She tore her skimpy outfit away, kneeling completely naked before Natsu. Not that he had never seen a naked female (Lucy), but he got to admit that Erza's female body, which was completely different than men's, was exciting a certain part on his body. He couldn't look away from her for a second, but what he focused on the most were her huge tits, even hanging free they stood high and firm on her chest

"What are you going to do?" he asked, with nervousness and excitement at the same time, nervous at the thought of being defeated, but excitement because she was going to make him feel good again.

"This…" Erza said, grabbing his cock and pointed it at her pussy's entrance "I will blow your head away." Literally, she hoped that it would blow his head away like what Irene told her, however, she didn't expect it to have a different meaning.

With that, Erza slammed herself down his cock, spearing his massive mammoth into her pussy, crying out with pleasure and pain when it pierced through her hymen. Her mother had warned her about it, but it hurt a lot and Erza had to stay like that for a few seconds to adjust to his size. She could feel his cock in her womb, and couldn't believe that she was able to take something like that into her.

Natsu, meanwhile, had completely lost himself to pleasure to know anything.

When the pain had completely disappeared, Erza raised her hip, but made sure to keep some of his cock inside of her pussy before slamming herself down, throwing her head back and arched her back in pleasure, widening her eyes at the amazing feeling of being pierced by a man.

Her mother was right; her life would never be the same again.

Both groups of men and female, mostly female though because the men had all passed out with massive nosebleeds and wet spots on their pants, watched Erza as she rode Natsu like she was riding a horse or her Sabre-toothed tiger, making lustful moan as her ass slapped wetly against his hip, filling the entire forest with lewd and wet sounds. She did it like that for hour, at least, riding him tirelessly and screaming out in pleasure while shaking her body violently once in a while.

Then, after what seemed to be forever to the participants and spectators, Natsu's head suddenly snapped up as he shot his hands out and grabbed her hip, pulling her down before screaming out again, shooting another treat of his sperm into her womb. Erza and the girls' eyes shot wide open when they saw her belly swelling up like a water balloon to contain all the white goo Natsu was shooting deep inside her.

Then, with a sigh, Erza fell down to his chest, breathing heavily as Natsu's white stuff flowed out of her overstuffed pussy like an endless waterfall. Natsu blinked rapidly to clear his vision and grunted slightly when he grabbed her bubble ass cheeks to lift her up from his, pretty much, still hard cock.

"Can I keep you as well?" He asked breathlessly.

"Y-yes… please… keep me." Erza said dazedly, her body throbbed once in a while because of the aftermath of her orgasm "I will… become your pet… like Lucy." Speaking of Lucy, like the rest of the female tribe, she was kneeling on the ground with her eyes widening in shock, as her knees were too weak to keep her ass above the ground.

"So I guess I won, didn't I?" He picked himself up, bringing Erza with him.

"Yes, you win." Erza nodded her head dumbly "Can I have another go?" she asked, looking at his hard cock "You can keep going, can't you?"

"Yeah." The pink haired man grinned but suddenly had a brilliant idea.

He threw Erza onto all four, facing her tribe positioned himself on top of her, aiming his cock at her pussy.

"Wait… what is this?" Erza asked in surprise "Natsu, we're not animals… AH~" Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her mouth lolled out of her mouth when Natsu speared his cock into her, ball deep, fucking her in a position similar to two animals when they were mating with each other.

"Your mine now Erza!" Natsu growled as he thrust his hip furiously against her ass with such force that her hands and knees collapsed "From now on, I will take care of you!"

"Yes!" Erza smiled as Natsu's attempt to reshape her inside "Take care of me, like this… everyday… anytime you want, just do it with me anyway you want." She then looked at her tribe and said "I'm so sorry sisters… but this is just too good… I cannot resist this man anymore. I'm ruined and became his property now." She threw her head back and moaned when her body went through yet another mind-blowing orgasm.

End of Chapter 1

Yagami's note: Welcome to my new story folks, I hope you like it. Anyway, after reading through Fairy Tail chapter 489.5, I cannot stop myself from making this story, I know it's wrong for me to keep updating stories without finishing the others first, but the opportunity is too good to miss, and I cannot stop myself from getting drawn to this story's background!

This story is created with the same background but with a different twist in characters' names and add magic into it as well. However, magic will be lessen to a certain degree, like Erza, who cannot requip armors, but can only summon stone weapons (It's the stone age, duh). She also had Telekinesis as well.

Natsu, however, will keep the entire power of his magic, because it's Holder Magic.

As long as the Caster Magic magic has a part logical enough to put into a Stone Age stories, I will apply it to the user.

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I also changed the way the men address their penis a little bit, because using sausage all the time would feel really weird, don't you think?

Also, Irene is Erza's mother in this story. No matter how cannon turn out, she will be still Erza's mother in this story

Like it was stated above, this is porn with plot, so there is going to be plot in the future.

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After Chapter 1

"Your brother is quite something, Zeref." Mavis Vermillion giggled as she watched the 'battle' between Erza and Natsu from a far on a large tree branch, with Zeref sitting right beside her "At least, this way, the war will stop."

"It sure will." Zeref nodded his head "and soon, they will find love in each other."

"You mean… your brother taking the entire female tribe as his property?" Mavis giggled as she leaned on her husband's shoulder "Just look at them, they must really want to do it with him." The brother of Natsu Dragneel nodded his head in agreement. His eyes then travelled down when he suddenly felt something rub against his crotch, and smiled when he saw Mavis' hand.

His hands then reached around her to grope her modest size breast, earning a moan from his wife.

"You want to do it or not?" Mavis asked giddily "You see your brother? He didn't hesitate to put that girl into her proper place."

"Don't test me, my love" The dark haired man smiled "You know that I can be just as rough as him if I want to." Mavis giggled at his words before removing herself from him, standing up and putting her hand on the tree, sticking out her cute backside for her husband.

"How about we try that new position, Natsu is pretty creative, isn't he?" with a shrug, Zeref stood up as well and removed his pants. He wasn't as big as his brother, but he was still bigger than most man and enough to drive his wife crazy.