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Dreams of Innocence

Chapter I: Fifty Dreams in a Case

            Watching from the side, Anzu gave a small sigh. Yuugi and Jounouchi were, once again, were dueling one another. Honda and Ryou were also watching, enjoying the duel and cheering both boys on. Time had passed since Battle City and things seemed to quiet down. Everyone had changed, each one was stronger and even more confident in life. Except for one.

            She hated to admit, but Anzu felt that she had been deserted and powerless. Yuugi and the Spirit had grown even more attached to each other, relying on one another often. Jounouchi had grown into a fabulous duelist, almost rivalling Yuugi and Seto's level. Even Ryou was stronger. He could put up with Bakura and keep him under control. Honda had also changed, though it had nothing to do with Duel Monsters or magic. The brown-haire dboy had grown stronger and a bit more cleverer. Seto had expanded Kiaba Corporation even more throughout the world, his second largest location point was in America. Mokuba was following his brother's shadow, learning more and more of the ropes in the buisness.

            But Anzu...she had been left out the dust. Even though she wa shappy for her friends...and she really was. She was proud of all of there accomplishments, but they just seemd to no longer need her around. her dueling skills were feeble compared to Yuugi and Jounouchi's and they were all confident and strong without her encouragement. Closing her eyes, she let the thought hit her.

            They didn't need her anymore.

            Silently, she turned and quietly walked away. No one had noticed her departure. That didn't surprise her.

            Opening the shop door, she stepped outside into the chilly afternoon. Pulling ehr jacket clsoe, she began walking. The breeze blew, tossing her short auburn about.

            "I just have to face it," she murmured to herself. "They don't need me anymore. Heck, they never needed me around in the first place." Diggin her hands deep into her pocket, she stared down at the sidewalk while walking. "I mean, I can't even win a duel anymore. IF something wrong ever did happen again in Domino, the others would be able to handle it no problem. They never needed my help, what little I could that is." Sighing, she shook her head. "I should just concentrate more on my dancing now. There's no point hanging around them anymore if I'm not needed." With that, she walked home in silence.

            Unlocking the door, Anzu quickly hurried inside, closing the door behind her. Taking off her tennis-shoes, she saw that neither of her parent's shoes were there either.

            "Guess I'm home alone," she said, mostly to herself. Placing her shoes down and hanging her jacket on the coat rack, she raced up the stairs to seek comfort in her room. Stepping inside, she gave another small smile, but thens miled, looking around. The walls were plastered with posters of various dancers, all in whom she idolized. Walking over to her stereo, she turned it on and hit the play button. One of her favorite American bands, Good Charlotte, blasted in the room as she flopped down on her bed. Folding her arms behind her head, she stared up at the ceiling which ahd glow-in-the-dark stars and planets stuck to it.

            Without warning, Anzu felt a furry, warm body pounce onto ehr stomach. Lookign down, she giggled. A calico-kitten was mewing innocently at her, tail swishing back and forth. Sitting up, Anzu petted the feline.

            "Hey there Emi," she said kindly, scratching behind the kitten's ear. "How's it going?"

            "Nyao!" was her answer. Giggling, she lifted the kitten into her arms, kissing the top of its head gently. The kitten purred happily and rubbed against Anzu's cheek.

            "You're happy to have me around, aren't you," asked Anzu sadly. "At least I have someone who doesn't mind my company." Emi meowed again, before leaping form ehr arms and jumping onto her desk. Blinking, Anzu stared as the kitten began to paw at a small package that lay on her desk.

            "Hm...didn't see that," murmured Anzu as she got up and took the pakage into her hands. Tearing off the brown paper, she looked inside. Blinking, there was a blastic case filled with Duel Monster cards and a note attached to it. Taking the note, she opened it and read it aloud: "Do not doubt yourself. Take this deck and prove yourself wrong. You are needed." Staring, she let this sink in. "Who the heck sent this to me?" Examining it, she found no signature. The note was even typed. Placing the paper down, she took the plastic case and opened it. Carefully taking the deck into her hand, she shifted through them. The deck consisted of fifty-cards, all in red card protectors.

            "Who gave this to me?" she wondered aloud, looking down at the Princess of Tsurugi card. "And, woah...three Wingweavers! And two Amebas! This is...amazing! Invader of the Throne and Protector of the Throne...oh my god..." gasping in shock, she stared. "Blue-Eyes White dragon? Dark Magician?" Emi jumped onto her shoulder and peered down at the cards, apparently uninterested. "Who did this?" she gasped, looking through the entire deck. Picking up the note again, she read it several times, before turning her attention back to the deck.

            Do not doubt yourself.

            The words echoed inside her head.

            Take this deck and prove yourself wrong. You are needed.

            Holding it tightly, the note crumpled in her grasp, but she didn't care. She was staring at the deck, thinking. Then, a soft smile crossed her face for the first time that day. Pocketing the deck, she truned off the stereo and left the room, leaving a bewildered Emi behind. racing down the stairs she slipped on her shoes and grabbed ehr coat, racing back out. Filled with excitement, she raced back to the Turtle Shop.


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