Dreams of Innocence

Part Two: Innocence Shattered

Chapter Thirty Two: A Single Dream to tell the End

Yuugiou (c) Kazuki Takahashi

All rights reserved.

Lifting his hand, Yugi shielded his eyes from the blazing sun. The sun's light beat down upon him where he stood in the sand. No wind blew to sooth the heat.

Where am I? he thought, apparently confused.

Suddenly, he saw a white bird fly past him. Jumping back, he made a noise of shock. He watched it flap its wings gracefully, before landing beside an oasis that had just appeared out of nowhere. It dipped its beak into the water, drinking heartily. Smiling to himself, Yugi slowly began to walk towards the bird, no wanting to startle it. However, he stopped in his tracks.

With great stealth, a black scorpion had just appeared and was making its way towards the bird, tail poised to strike. The bird remained unaware, now preening itself.

It's going to kill the bird!

The scorpion was now just inches from the bird. Yugi was about to move to save the bird, when a shadow passed over him. Frowning, he looked up at the sky. The silhouette of a bird appeared. As he watched, the shadow shot down at tremendous speed. Yugi recognized the shadow to be another a bird: a falcon.

At the very last second, it hurtled at the bird, knocking it out of the way. The tail struck the falcon and its screech rang through the air. The scorpion drew back its claw, a tiny spray of blood following so. The white bird had gotten to its little feet and hopped over to the falcon, cooing in what could be taken as surprise and sorrow. As the scorpion scurried away, leaving the two birds, everything around Yugi slowly melted away.

Instead, he was in darkness. He opened his mouth to speak, but found his voice had gone missing. Instead, he only watched the darkness.

From the sky, then, fell something. Seven very small, twinkling lights drifted to him as he faced the sky. Each light made contact with his face; each time a feeling of first great warmth and then ice pain running through him.

Then he blinked, finding himself in the darkened hotel room, a snoring Jounouchi snapping him back to reality.

Now, normally Seto would be awoken at first light. However, he slept right through sunrise, curled up warmly under his blanket and sheets. It was until he rolled over on his side and wearily opened his eyes did he notice the time. Eyes widening, he stared at the digital clock that sat innocently on the nightstand. What did the clock read?

8:00 AM

"There is no way that I've overslept!" he declared, throwing back his covers and grabbing the clock.

Hm? Whassamaddah? came a very sleepy Odin.

"It's eight o'clock!"


Seto fumed. As he slammed the clock onto the night stand, eyes shut, he angrily stated, "For a god, you're one heck of an idiot."

Silence mortal! You are not normal! Wanting to be up at the crack of dawn!

"I run a company and thus I need to be on time!"

You need ale.

"I do not need ale! You want ale!"

The difference would be...?

Burying his face in his hands, Seto groaned. "Why did I get stuck with an alcoholic, war-loving Viking?"

After running the brush through her raven hair, Isis set it down and stood up to finish dressing. As she went to pull out her shirt, her eyes fell upon the bed where Shadii was sleeping soundly. A warm smile passed over face, as did a blush, as she watched him. Memories of last night washed over her mind...

"Goodnight Shadii," Isis said gently.

But the Egyptian did not make any motion of leaving his spot. Instead, he pulled Isis even closer. "For tonight,. I would rather stay here, to watch over you," he said gently. "You worry me."


However, she felt herself being turned around and her lips being overpowered by his own. It was so sudden, yet expected. Her body, it seemed, to fit nicely with his own. His fingers found her hair, twisting themselves around her black tresses as she held onto him. She felt her need and dependence pour out through this one kiss. The stress of the legend...protecting her brother and Anzu...watching over the Pharaoh...she had slept little...

She pulled away, her lungs burning for air. It was dark, so she could not see his face, but she knew he had to be as red as her.

She sat down gently beside him, watching him sleep. She traced his cheek with her finger, enjoying the touch of his skin.

Ah, young love.
All the woman could so was smile, laughing softly as she listened to the goddess.

Come now, dear, there are things we must take care of.

As in, locating Atemu and keep him from falling into their trap.


Very reluctantly, Isis got to her feet, and with one last look at his sleeping form, she left the room silently, feeling the familiar burden rest upon her shoulders once more.

Pouring over the data files of each duelist, a rest Pegasus was listening to his love humming as her soul was sitting on the railing of the balcony. The laptop resting on his lap, a glass of Tumara Titan held in his hand. The screen changed every few seconds, as he scanned each file briefly.

"Sleep well?" he said with a hint of amusement. The doors had opened and slammed shut, rushed stomps crossing over to the table. He didn't bother to look up: he had a funny feeling who it was.

"Have they started?" Seto demanded, sitting down and reaching over to take piece of fruit from the buffet that rested on the table before them.

"Not for another hour," Pegasus answered, after taking a sip of his drink. "At the moment, they're congregating in the dining hall."

"What of Mutou and the Pharaoh?" Taking a bite of the pear, he leaned back in his chair as he picked up the folder that was set his place. Opening it, he read the first page.

"With Mr. Katsuya in the dining hall. So far, he is safe."

Closing the folder, Seto eyed Pegasus, his stare this time was of Odin's. His voice mixed with the Viking god's, the two speaking in unison. 'Have Ishtar and your good-for-nothing brother been located yet?'

'I am afraid not' Pegasus/Osiris responded, drinking a bit more. 'He is clever but he cannot keep up this charade forever.' Eyes fixated on the screen, the faces of the hundred duelists were imprinting themselves in his memory. 'He and is Babylonian lover are out there...waiting.'

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