The Adventures of Rose Potter and Hermione Granger

A redone version of "Rose Potter and Her Girlfriend" (by myself). Harry Potter does not belong to me, etc.

WARNINGS: fem!slash, fem!Harry Potter

Book 1: Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Friendship or Introduction

Mr and Mrs Dursley, of Number Four Privet Drive, were perfectly normal, thank you very much. Mrs Dursley was a homemaker, and her husband was a director at a firm called Grunnings, which manufactured drills. They had a son named Dudley, and in their minds, there wasn't a finer boy anywhere.

The Dursleys also had a secret – their niece, Rose Lily Potter. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew about her, of course, she'd been living at the house ten years, but nobody in the neighbourhood knew her secret. Rose was a witch, but she didn't know that yet.

Her time at the Dursley house had not been happy. Her aunt and uncle were ratherabusive in their methods of bringing her up. Her aunt had hit her with a frying pan because Rose'd burnt the bacon, and her uncle routinely hit her when he thought that she needed it. Vernon actually had broken her arm once, which was one of the only times she'd been in hospital. Naturally, he'd lied about how the injury occurred.

Rose's cousin, Dudley, wasn't much better. One of his favourite games was to chase Rose, and if he caught her, beat the living daylights out of her. This usually occurred off school grounds, as the school officials tended to stop that type of thing. Rose thought that was some of the only exercise he'd ever done. Fortunately for her, she was rather fast.

Rose was forced to sleep in the Cupboard under the Stairs, at least she had until the mysterious letters started to arrive. She'd then been moved to Dudley's second bedroom, which had caused one of his biggest fits ever, in which he was purposely sick twice, and kicked his mother and father. He was rather surprised when Rose still had her room after a night's worth of this tantrum.

Rose was also a bit underweight, as the Dursleys didn't exactly like to feed her. Sometimes, they would withhold food as a punishment (usually for doing better than Dudley on an exam, or failing an exam on purpose so badly the teacher wanted a conference), or 'forget' to feed her. Sometimes this behaviour would last for whole weeks at a time. It was at these times that she was glad meals were subsidised by the school—she got both a free breakfast and a free lunch.

It was rather fortunate that she was quite a tomboy, as her guardians rarely gave her any new clothes, and most of the clothes she had were either from Dudley (who at 11 years of age was already nearing roughly 14 stone 4 lbs, and only 5'5″, meaning that he was at least 50 lbs overweight) or were from the charity shop. Her skirts, of course, came from the charity shops. She preferred to wear them in the summer and trousers in the winter, but occasionally she would wear trousers or shorts in the summer, as well.

The only good thing in her opinion were her looks. She had a deep red hair and hazel eyes, and a scar in the shape of a lightning-bolt on her forehead. She wore round glasses. She had the suspicion that her glasses had come from the charity bin, as she couldn't remember every going to the opticians.

The Dursleys also preferred not to take her anywhere, for fear that she would botch up their precious Dudley's vacations. It was during these scenarios that they preferred to leave her with the neighbour, Mrs Figg (who lived at Number 15 Wisteria Walk, a block away). After the mysterious letters started to arrive, they'd taken a days-long road trip, where Vernon was 'trying to throw them off' (meaning the letter-writers).

It was after finding a desolate Hut-on-The-Rock that Rose finally found out who the letters were from.


Vernon had been very pleased with himself, as there was a storm forecast for the night, and he figured that nobody would be able to send them letters in the storm.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, he'd failed to get basic provisions, such as wood for the fireplace (though Rose couldn't fault him too badly on that, as they had a boarded-up gas fireplace at Number 4), suitable cots or other beds, blankets, or food. The little food that he had picked up were a couple packets of crisps, which wouldn't have fed a regular person, let alone the massively-overweight Dursleys, who consumed over 5,000 kilocalories of food a day.

That night, as Rose lay shivering on the floor, she watched as Dudley's watch got closer to midnight. A bed had been found in the upstairs of the hut, in which Vernon and Petunia were sleeping. Dudley was sleeping on the couch, with a fairly thick blanket on.

Rose was laying on the floor with a threadbare blanket that didn't cover her whole body. She looked at Dudley's digital watch again (it was the only way he'd be able to tell time). Fifteen seconds. Ten, nine, eight, seven (what was that sound outside?), four, three, two, one.


'Where's the cannon?' said Dudley stupidly, as the BOOM!ing continued. Finally, the door gave way, and a huge man walked through the hole where the door had been. Vernon came down the stairs, armed with a gun, followed closely by Petunia (unarmed).

'Hello, Rose,' said the man. 'You look like your mum. Except for your eyes. You've got your dad's eyes.'


The man's name was Hagrid, and he was at least 2.5m tall. It turns out that the letters were from a school that wanted to teach her magic. When Vernon said that she wouldn't be going, Hagrid had insulted Vernon, who then insulted Hagrid, causing Hagrid to use magic on Dudley, who was now the 'proud' owner of a pig's tail.

Hagrid admitted that he really shouldn't have done that, as he wasn't really supposed to do magic since he'd been expelled in his third year. Rose thought that grades might've been the reason, as Hagrid didn't look like he'd do anything to get expelled, but he also didn't look all that bright. He also had a strange type of accent.

The next day, Hagrid took her to Diagon Alley to buy her school things. After going to Gringotts, the bank which was run by Goblins, where Rose had taken money from her vault and Hagrid took a small package from another vault, Hagrid felt ill.

'Can I go to the pub and get me a pick-me-up? Those blasted carts always make me sick.' asked Hagrid. 'Best bet would be for you to get your books. They're over in Flourish and Blotts.'

Rose agreed, although she felt that it was rather irresponsible of him to leave a girl, who knew nothing about where she was, alone, even if it was a bookshop.

She entered the bookshop and was greeted by the clerk.

'Can I help you?' asked the clerk.

'Yes, sir,' said Rose, trying to be as polite as possible. 'I need to get first year books.'

'Very good,' said the clerk. He handed her a map of the store. 'Defence is that section there, Transfiguration is right around the corner; you might want to pick up a couple extra books in the potions section, look at the back of your map, it's all labelled there. Herbology is to the right, charms is close to the back.'

'Thank you, sir,' said Rose, who had followed where he was pointing on the map. 'Why do I need extra books for potions?'

'None of your family has gone to Hogwarts since Potter defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?' asked the clerk. 'Snape doesn't exactly like the students from other houses, and doesn't exactly teach them well. Turn your map over. See here, Potions: Actions and Reactions is a good primer on how different ingredients react, and why you need to stir so many times. A Guide to Potions: The Ingredients is a great book about the various potions ingredients, used as a supplement for 1000 Magical Herbs and Fungi, of course.'

'Thank you,' Rose said to the clerk as she tried to find the right sections. She headed over to the Defence section, where she nearly ran into another girl who was reading on the floor. Rose noticed that the girl's hair was quite bushy, and that she was probably a first year.

'Sorry,' said Rose to the girl.

'That's perfectly alright,' said the girl. 'Sometimes I don't pay enough attention when I am reading. My name's Hermione. What's yours?'

'Now you can't go shouting my name when I tell you, because you'll start a riot,' said Rose.

'You're famous?'

'You'll probably read about me soon, if you haven't already' said Rose. 'I'm Rose. Rose Potter.'

'Rose Potter?' asked Hermione. 'The Girl-Who-Lived?'

'Keep it down!' hissed Rose as she shook Hermione's hand. Rose definitely felt something during that handshake, but of course it wasn't a Bond, because that would be ridiculous having two 11 year-olds Bond.

'You look like you don't exactly have too many friends,' said Rose bluntly.

'How did you know?'

'The look on your face, the hopefulness that I won't be rude to you,' said Rose. 'It's all there. I have that expression nearly every time I meet someone.'

'You seem friendly enough,' said Hermione, not understanding why this girl, who didn't seem to be a geek or a nerd or a bookish person, didn't have any friends.

'My upbringing wasn't the best,' said Rose. 'My aunt and uncle don't like me, and my cousin chases away any friends that I've ever made. Fortunately, we are in the Wizarding World, which is the only thing my "family" hates more than me.'

'I've only known you like two minutes, and I know that you are a wonderful person,' said Hermione. 'I can understand what it's like to be bullied. My classmates didn't exactly like that I was smarter than them or always had my nose in a book. One even stated that it was just that I existed.'

'That's horrid,' said Rose, shocked at the close-mindedness of Hermione's former classmates. 'I'll be your friend, and we can be outcasts together. Or we could go mainstream.'

Hermione laughed and decided to change the subject. 'I can't believe that the things I could do were magic!'

'What was your first piece of magic?'

'I think I summoned a book when I was three,' said Hermione. 'You?'

'Ended up on the roof of the kitchens at school,' said Rose. 'My "relatives" didn't feed me for a week afterwards. I only had the meals at school. Another time, I grew back my hair after a horrid haircut.'

'Really?' said Hermione. 'That seems really advanced.'

'And I've known you for all of two minutes, and I know that your summoning your books is like totally "you".'

'I can't wait to go to Hogwarts and learn something new,' said Hermione. 'I love learning.'

Just then, a woman came around the corner. 'Hermione, dear, are you nearly finished?'

'Yes, mum,' said Hermione. 'See you later, Rose.'

'See you, Hermione. Have a good rest of your summer holidays,' said Rose.


Later on during the trip, once Hagrid had returned, she'd met Draco Malfoy while she was buying robes.

In her opinion, Draco Malfoy was a snob. In the first twenty seconds of meeting her, Malfoy managed to insult nearly everything about her, including her parents, Hagrid, and the quality of her clothes. Rose was sure that his favourite saying would be, 'When my father hears about this!' or some variation thereof. Fortunately, he was nearly finished by the time she walked in.

'If he would've stayed any longer, I'd have taken you to the other part of the shop, dearie,' said the woman fitting Rose. 'It's the ladies section, anyway. Don't tell the boss, but I ain't never liked that kid.'

He's probably fairly rich, Rose added to her assessment of the boy.


Later on, they'd finished her shopping with her magic wand. It took a while, but she finally found a wand that worked for her: a 28 cm wand made of holly with a phoenix feather core.

After that, she and Hagrid stopped at a restaurant to get something to eat, and then he brought her home. He handed her a ticket for the Hogwarts Express. 'Stick to yer ticket,' he said.

She looked at the ticket.

Hogwarts Express, leaving Kings' Cross Station 11:00 on 1 September from Platform 9 3/4.

She turned around to ask Hagrid about this, but he was already gone.


Soon, but not soon enough for her liking, Rose was at King's Cross station in London, where she would catch the Hogwarts Express. Vernon and Petunia drove her into London with Dudley, as they needed to have Dudley's tail removed. Vernon was also very nasty about his thoughts on where the Platform was.

'Platform 9, Platform 10,' he said nastily. 'They seem not to have built yours yet. Have a good term!'

He walked away happily, and Rose knew that he was being excessively nasty on purpose. Fortunately, Rose saw a family with trolleys that looked similar to hers.

'Packed with Muggles, of course, this way!' said the woman who looked like the mum. This really got Rose's attention. She decided to follow the family, who were seemingly going to the area between Platforms Nine and Ten.

The family consisted of the mother, a short, dumpy woman; four boys, two of whom seemed to be twins; and a girl. Neither the girl nor the mother had a trunk.

The family (whom Rose found out was called the Weasleys) told her how to get on the platform, and then the mother had the twins, named George and Fred, help her get her trunk onto the train.

'What's your name?' asked Twin A as he was pushing the trunk onto the train.

'Like I've said to people before, I won't have you shouting my name or any other moniker when I tell you,' she replied.

'You can't be' said Twin B.

'You're her?' asked Twin A.

'Rose Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived?' they asked together, although they lowered their voices.

The twins were so synchronous that Rose was almost having a hard time telling that she was talking to two people.

From what little she'd seen of these twins, they seemed to embody the spirit of chaos, and one of the ways they did so was by switching names. As she had only known them five minutes, she had no clue how to identify one from the other.

'For some reason, I get the feeling that my name is going to be popular in Hogwarts in a couple of years,' said Rose.

'There was quite a surge of girls named "Rose" after that night,' Twin A confirmed.

'The names Lily and James also surged,' said Twin B.

'Well, the Evans family tends to use flowery names for their girls,' said Rose. 'My aunt was "Petunia" and my mum was "Lily". I think that my grandmum might've had a flower name, too. I just never could find the evidence. My family doesn't like to tell me things.'

'Well, if you ever need anything,'

'Especially if "anything" means "mischief",'

'Then talk to us,' said the twins. They kept switching off between them, and really it was getting annoying. 'We'd best be off. Lee Jordan says that he has a tarantula.'

The twins left. It was creepy hearing their stereo talking, seamlessly transitioning from one twin to the other.

Only a minute later, someone else walked into the compartment.

'Hello, Hermione,' said Rose.

'Hello, Rose,' responded Hermione. 'I'm so excited!' she exclaimed. 'Who were they?'

'I'm excited, too,' said Rose. 'Those were the Weasleys. The twins seems alright, the eldest seems to have something stuck up his behind, and I think that the younger one has an inferiority complex.'

'Were you well treated during August?' asked Hermione.

'My relatives mostly left me alone,' said Rose. 'I was actually at the library a lot.'

'Oh, I love libraries,' said Hermione. 'You can learn so much there! I can see that your relatives still haven't gotten you any decent clothes.'

'Some of the skirts are okay,' said Rose. 'I think that some of the trousers, though, need a good shrinking charm or two. You said that you only had a single friend growing up?'

'Yeah, I did,' said Hermione sadly. 'It was my black lab that was named "Maggie". We had her from a pup, and she just passed away a year ago, unfortunately.'

'I never even had a pet,' said Rose. 'One of the many things that I've never gotten to experience.'

The door opened again a minute later.

'Word on the train is that Rose Potter has come to Hogwarts,' said the intruder, who Rose instantly recognised as Draco Malfoy, whom she'd met at the clothing store in Diagon Alley. He pointed to the two boys next to him, who looked like bodyguards. 'This is Crabbe, and Goyle. You'll remember, of course, that I am Draco Malfoy.'

He said the last part in a very pompous tone.

'As you know, I am Rose Potter,' she responded.

'You'll do better to stay away from people like this,' said Draco, pointing to Hermione. "What's your name?' he asked Hermione.

'Hermione Granger,'

'I don't recognise the name,' said Draco. 'You must be a Mudblood.'

'There is no need for that kind of language, Draco,' said Rose. 'Your father might use that type of language, but I certainly do not accept it. Besides, she might be related to the famous Potioneer.'

'Potioneer?' asked Draco, dumbfounded that The Girl-Who-Lived was trying to say that a Mudblood was related to anyone of value.

'Hector Dagworth-Granger?' said Rose. 'Member of the Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers?'

'She doesn't know anything about magic, though,' said Draco, trying to argue his point.

'Neither do I,' said Rose. 'I grew up with some of the worst Muggles known to man.'

Draco was frustrated that he hadn't made his point, so he gestured to Crabbe and Goyle, and they left. Not more than five minutes after Draco left, the compartment door opened again.

'Have you seen a toad? Trevor's gone missing again.' said the boy.

'No, sorry,' said Hermione.

'Neither of us has seen him,' said Rose. 'What's your name?'

'I'm Neville,' said the boy. 'Neville Longbottom. My gran didn't think that I would get my letter – they didn't think I had enough magic.'

'Does that happen often in magical families?' asked Hermione.

'More often than we'd like,' said Neville. 'But my uncle dropped me out of a window a couple years ago, and I bounced! I never got your name, by the way.'

'That's awful,' said Rose to the boy. 'It's a good thing you bounced, you would've been severely hurt. I'm Rose, and she's Hermione'

'Rose as in "Rose Potter"?' asked Neville.

'Keep your voice down,' said Rose. 'We don't want everyone knowing.'

Soon, they were at Hogwarts, and Hagrid was assigned to escort the First-Years to the castle by way of the Lake.

Rose got a boat with Hermione, Susan Bones, and Neville. When she got her first view of the castle, she thought it looked amazing. When she saw the inside, she felt that "amazing" didn't do the castle justice.

A stern looking professor by the name of Minerva McGonagall led them into the Great Hall, where all of the other students were waiting. There were four tables for the students in the hall, and one for the professors and staff, perpendicular to the student tables.

In the middle of the staff table sat Albus Dumbledore, whom she'd seen on a Chocolate Frog card Hagrid had given her. He was an old man with a very long beard, appearing much like the way Muggles interpreted Merlin.

McGonagall pulled out a hat, and placed it on a stool. She explained that when she called a student's name, they were to come to the stool, put on the hat, and the hat would call out which "house" the student belonged in.

Rose could hear the youngest Weasley muttering about how the twins told him that he'd have to wrestle a troll, and how he was going to kill them.

Soon, McGonagall got to "GRANGER, HERMIONE", and she stepped forward. After a couple of minutes where Hermione seemed to be arguing with the hat, it yelled, "GRYFFINDOR!"

A couple of minutes after that, "MALFOY, DRACO" was sorted almost immediately into Slytherin – the Hat barely touched his disgusting blond hair (which seemed to be slicked back with the magical equivalent of hair jell). A set of twins "PATIL, PADMA" and "PATIL, PARVATI" were split between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, and then it was Rose's turn.

'A good mind, I see,' said the Hat in Rose's mind. 'Normally, I'd suggest Slytherin, but I doubt that would suit you, especially when someone important to your future is waiting for you elsewhere. Best be GRYFFINDOR!'

"That was strange," thought Rose. "I wonder what it is talking about."

She went over and joined Hermione at the Gryffindor table waiting for the end of the ceremony. Finally "WEASLEY, RONALD" became a Gryffindor, and "ZAMBINI, BLAISE," an Italian boy, became a Slytherin.

Dumbledore said a few a words, and then the food appeared on the tables. It was a feast unlike any that Rose had ever seen – it was even larger and more grandiose than the Christmas and Easter meals that she'd been forced to cook for the Dursleys.

There were roast chickens, multiple kinds of potatoes, and much more, and when dessert appeared there seemed to be a little bit of every type of dessert.

After the meal, Dumbledore warned the students to stay out of the third-floor corridor, and the Forbidden Forest (he looked at the Weasley Twins as he said this), and sent the students to their Common Rooms.

'First Years with me, please!' called the Weasley with the prefect badge (Percy), who led them up to the Common Room, which was guarded by a portrait of a Fat Lady.

'Password?' asked the portrait.

'Caput Draconis' said Percy.

'Correct,' said the portrait as she opened.

'Hello, First Years!' said Percy. 'Girl's dormitories are up that staircase on the right, boy's dormitories are up the left staircase. If you have any problems, let me or any of the prefects know. Good Night.'



I just couldn't let Rose go! This is a less rapey version, that will diverge from canon quite quickly (I'm thinking Sirius getting free in year 2-ish). Hopefully, I can write this version without having too many mistakes (most of which in RPAHG were caused by me cutting and pasting from The Bonds of Friendship Series.

Mostly canon (with the exception of Girl!Harry, of course)

I have no clue if Britain has/had a Free Lunch program for low-income students like the US does, but just pretend that whatever Junior/Primary School she went to had such a program

Junior schools are year three though five of education, primary school includes 'infant school' from Reception (US: Kindergarten) to Year Five (US: fifth grade), at which the student is 10-11 years old

'A cot' is camp bed, not a crib (I am using UK English as best I can)

5000 kilocalories=5000 Calories= 20,920 kJ (kilojoules)