Rose Potter, The-Girl-Who-Lived

A/N: As the title suggests, this will contain fem!slash, and fem!Harry Potter. I do not own Harry Potter, etc. etc. etc.

Chapter 13: The Summer

The four of them had a nice time eating dinner at the restaurant. It was at dessert that Hermione spoke up.

'Mum, dad, there's something I need to tell you,' she said.

'That Weasley bloke didn't knock you up, did he?' said Dan. 'I'll kill him.'

'No, it's nothing like that,' said Hermione. Rose reached out to hold Hermione's hand. 'Rose is my girlfriend, and we love each other.'

'You're gay?!' asked Dan right as Emma smiled. 'You knew?'

'I had suspicions, of course,' said Emma. 'She goes to a co-educational school, and has written letters about another girlevery time she's written. I sort of got the idea.'

'You're okay with that, mum, dad?' asked Hermione, holding Rose's hand very tightly. 'It was a bit of work convincing you to let me go to Hogwarts in the first place.'

'That was before we found out that Fr Jonathan was an octopus or whatever you call them,' said Dan. 'You know a non-magical born to two magicals.'

'That's Squib, dad,' answered Hermione.

'We found out that he was a Squib, and he rather likes the idea of magic,' said Emma. 'Thinks that the fools who did one of the translations of the Bible mistranslated "evil-doer" as "witch". Seeing as he can actually read ancient Hebrew, he's pretty convincing.'

'And my being gay?' asked Hermione.

'Honey, we'll always love you, even if we get kicked out of every church in the whole United Kingdom,' said Emma. Dan nodded.

'I'm sorry that I was so abrupt earlier,' he said. 'So, Miss Potter is your girlfriend?'

'Yes, dad,' said Hermione.

'Well, damn,' said Dan. 'I always thought I'd get to threaten the boy going after my little girl. But I can't exactly do that if the lover is a girl as well.'

'I'll protect her,' said Rose. 'Your house is one of the most protected places in the whole of Britain, and maybe the world. Assuming that the Headmaster got things right, nothing magical or non-magical should be able to harm it. Your daughter will be protected by me.'

'Well that's good,' said Dan. 'Did the girls tell you about our holiday?'


The next day, Hermione, Rose, and Emma had a huge shopping trip, and went to Gringotts, where they would have a passport ready in 5 days, which was rather convenient, as they were planning to leave for France in six days.

The price amounted to 'only' 100 (equal to about 500 quid).

It was on the way home that Hermione dropped a bombshell on Rose.

'Do you realise what the clothing rules are like on some beaches in France?' asked Hermione.

'No, I've never been outside Britain,' replied Rose.

'Well, lets just say that you can wear as little or as much as you like,' responded Hermione. 'Especially for females like us.'

'Really?' asked Rose.

\\/ Six days later

Rose was excited. This was going to be the first time that she left Britain. At first she thought 'England', but then realised that her school was somewhere in Scotland. They took the Chunnel to Calais, where they went through Passport Control, as they were entering the Schengen Area.

'Passports, please.' said the stern-faced border agent. 'Passeports, s'il vous plaît.'

He took a look at the passports and at them. 'Ils sont tous Britannique? Mr Granger, Mrs Granger, Miss Granger, and Miss Potter, that checks out. What is the purpose of your trip, how long do you intend to stay, and where do you plan to stay?'

'We're here on holiday,' answered Mrs Granger from the passenger side window. 'We plan to stay about a week or two, and we'll at a hotel in Paris, and then with friends.'


'Dentist, Dentist, and Secondary Students,' said Mrs Granger, pointing at the people in the car.

'Anything to declare: meats, fruits, objects for sale, weapons?'

'No, sir.'

'You're free to go,' said the Agent.

They drove onto the motorway, and were at a hotel on the eastern side of Paris within a couple of hours.

'I mailed Fleur yesterday, to see if she'd like lunch,' said Hermione. 'She said that we should meet her in Paris.'

'That's great,' said Rose.

'She also said that her father was a high-ranking member of the Ministry,' said Hermione. 'And that he will be providing us with protection if Voldie or His Followers come into this country.'

'Is that inconvenient for them?'

'Not really,' said Hermione. 'Apparently, these are trained members of the Magical Law Enforcement. Specifically, the APM version of the Secret Service. They protect the Minister and the Muggle Minister and President.'

They met Fleur the next day at a café in Paris. Apparently, Fleur was working with Gringotts France, and was hoping to get posted to Gringotts England. She was also attempting to improve her English.

After a while, Fleur said, 'You must come to my house! We have beautiful vineyards there.'

'Where is it?'

'Near Bordeaux,' she said.

'That's a couple of hours drive,' said Hermione. 'Around 5-6 hours give or take.'

'You forget that I am a witch,' said Fleur. 'We go to the le transporteur de l'automobile, and Apparate you to the house. There are beaches nearby, and wonderful French scenery. We need to go to the le quartier magique, though.'

'What's an auto transporter?' asked Hermione.

'You place the vehicle on the transport pad, and it is Portkeyed to your desired location,' said Fleur. 'It is top of the line—just developed a couple of years ago. You might realise that we are not as backwards as the British.'

She then gave directions to the Magical Quarter and its vehicle transporter. Apparently, the French used cars on occasion, and therefore, one could simply drive onto the Magical Quarter, hidden from the Muggles by a series of Muggle-repelling wards. Hermione, Rose, or Fleur would have to be in direct physical contact with Dan Granger, who was driving the car.

'Bonjour, mademoiselle' said the attendant at the Transporter before he recognised her. 'Mademoiselle Delacour, J'espère que vous allez bien.'

'I am well, thank you,' said Fleur in English. 'Could you transport a vehicle for me?'

'I assume to your manor?' asked the attendant.

'Oui' replied Fleur.

'Drive the vehicle onto the pad,' said the attendant. He took out his wand and did a complicated wand movement. He pulled a lever on a control panel, and the car (and its passengers) disappeared, and reappeared a few seconds later in front of a house in Bordeaux.

Rose really thought that calling it a 'house' was quite an understatement. It was more of a mansion. Fleur Apparated near the car.

'Come, meet Mama and Papa,' she said.


It was a couple of hours later, and Fleur, Hermione, and Rose were sitting on one of the balconies sipping a drink that seemed to be lemonade of a sort. Fleur called it 'citron pressé,' and it was basically lemonade you made yourself, by mixing the ingredients in the proper proportions.

'I see that you have finally figured out your feelings for each other,' said Fleur happily.

'Yes, just a couple of days ago,' answered Hermione. 'How did you know? We didn't even know until recently.'

'I will let you in on a little secret: there is no such thing as a "Quarter Veela",' said Fleur. 'And one thing that Veela are extremely good at is l'amour la magie. We are able to see things that others can't: especially when it comes to matters of love.'

'How did that help?'

'I could see how attracted you were to each other,' said Fleur. 'I knew that you hadn't discovered your true love for each other yet, as you were slightly affected by my Allure.'

'You were putting it on quite strong,' said Rose. 'And how would knowing our true love have helped?'

'Mon Dieu!' Fleur said. 'Don't they teach you about the Magical Races? A Veela's charm can only affect those who are either not interested or already taken. For example, Dumbledore would never be affected by my Allure, as he isn't interested in women. Most girls, not affected, as they like guys. Guys are nearly always affected.'

'So we were attracted to you?' asked Rose.

'At the time,' Fleur said. 'I was using the Allure quite extensively. If I were to do the same now, I'm sure that you wouldn't feel a thing.'

The door to the balcony opened, and a girl of around 11 years came through the door. 'Fleur, you're home!' she said in French. 'And la Rose and her Hermione!'

'Gabrielle, at least one of our guests doesn't speak French,' said Fleur. 'Please use the English lessons Papa is paying thousands of francs for.'

'You are no fun,' said Gabrielle, sticking her tongue out at Fleur. 'How are you today, Rose and Hermione?'

'We are well,' responded Rose. 'And you?'

'I am also well,' said Gabrielle. 'I see that you have found each other!'

'Does every Veela realise this?' asked Hermione.

'Non,' said Fleur. 'Only those who were in close contact with you. Since we were friends at the tournament, I was able to pick up on your relationship. Or at that time, lack thereof.'

The spent their time in France at the beaches (which were fortunately only clothing-optional), and learning about the Veela.

According to Fleur, Veela matured at different rates than non-Veela. In fact, a Veela generally seemed younger than their non-Veela counterpart until they reached the age of maturity, generally around the age of 9-11. After they reached that stage, Veela went through a form of puberty that made them appear beautiful and their proper age.

'Gabrielle was only 10 when she was in the Tournament,' said Fleur. 'La Mama got special permission for her to be at the Tournament, still a year too young to attend Beauxbatons. La Mama wanted Gabrielle to cheer for me during the tournament. I just never expected her to become part of the Tournament, though.'

'Fortunately, Rose Potter was there to save me,' said Gabrielle from where she was sitting. They were sitting in the girls' bedroom, and Gabrielle was sitting on her bed. 'Rose Potter was so brave.'

'So you're 12 now?' asked Rose.

'Oui,' replied Gabrielle. 'I have almost finished l'évolution. For a couple of months now, I have been having trouble with the powers, but my sis is here to help, and la mama as well.'


Unfortunately, sooner than they would have liked, they had to return to Crawley, as the Granger parents had appointments to attend to, and the girls had to get ready for their sixth year.

At the Opening Feast, they learned that Snape had finally gotten his wish—Dumbledore had appointed him to the post of Defence Professor, and a teacher named Slughorn was returning.

Overall, it was a great year.

Epilogue 1: 31 July 1997

'One of the elves has requested that he be released from my service into yours, Rose,' said Gran Longbottom on Rose's 17th birthday. 'As far as I can tell, this has never happened before. Dobby!'

Half-a-second later, Dobby popped in. 'What does the Great Mistress Augusta Longbottom, ma'am need?' asked Dobby.

'Do you realise that you are the first elf to every actually ask for freedom?' asked Gran. 'Certainly, the first elf that has served me while possessing loyalty to another.'

Dobby's ears drooped, as if he thought that she was scolding him.

'I have always treated my Elves well, Dobby, and I try to make sure that they are happy,' continued Gran. 'Therefore, per your request, I hereby give you to Miss Rose Potter, The Lady Potter.'

Dobby's ears regained their normal position. 'Thank you Great Mistress Augusta Longbottom, Ma'am!' exclaimed the elf. 'She is so wonderful to be giving Dobby as a gift to the Great Rose Potter, ma'am!'

The elf was jumping up and down. 'Dobby, go to my house and work to your heart's content.'

'Thank you, the Great Rose Potter, ma'am!' said Dobby before he popped away.

\\/ Epilogue 2: 29 February 2000

Hermione was astonished. Rose was taking her to a fancy restaurant in London, where the main courses cost around £50 each. While they had quite a bit of money (£50 was the amount of interest accrued in approximately 2 hours), Hermione was still hesitant about spending it. Hermione realised that Rose was acting rather odd.

It was during pudding that she found out why. Rose, who was wearing her best Muggle outfit, got down on one knee and took a jewellery box from her pocket.

'Since I've met you, I've never found anyone else that I'd want in my life more than you. I know that you are my soul-mate, the other half of my heart,' said Rose, still on one knee. 'Hermione Jane Granger, will you marry me?'

Hermione came over and gave Rose a long kiss. When they finished kissing, Rose said, 'I take it that's a yes?'

'It better be,' said Hermione to the applause of the other diners. Rose had chosen one of the restaurants that had LGBT-friendly staff and customers.

Hermione came around for another kiss. 'I am so glad we met,' they said together.

\\/ Epilogue 3

Rose was reading her Daily Prophet when she came across an advertisement buried in page B-15. She called her wife Hermione over. They'd gotten married at Hogwarts, with the ceremony being performed by the Headmaster himself (still Supreme Mugwump and Chief Warlock).

'Hermione, have you seen this?' Rose asked, pointing towards the advertisement.

'This sounds like a magical form of IVF,' said Hermione. 'We should really see this Healer.'

'Wait, Hermione, we've never even talked about this!' said Rose. 'And you realise that this is one of the times that you've tried to rush into something without planning.'

'Well, it worked that once,' said Hermione. 'I've always wanted to have a family, so I was planning on talking to you about adopting a child.'

'Me too,' said Rose. 'For a child to be a biological mix of our magic sounds great.'

Hermione agreed, and they set an appointment for that week.

A couple of days later, they met with Healer Smith, who curiously was adamant that his first name wasn't John, and that he didn't have a blue box that travelled in time and space. When Hermione mentioned her theory of Muggle IVF, the Healer said that it was fortunate that the room was soundproofed.

'Really this was for people like you, women who are together, but want children,' said the Healer. 'The secondary effect is that since the Purebloods are having fewer children, they can come to me, and I can get them knocked up. They don't care that it's Muggle medicine, but I'd be fired if certain people find out.'

Smith then told them that the procedure, which included a potion that needed their blood. After the potion was administered, a regular dose of pregnancy potions would be administered, and nine months later, a baby is born that is the perfect mix between the two mothers.

'Are there risks to this?'

'Only the normal risks associated with pregnancy, milady Potter,' replied the healer.

Nine months later, Hermione gave birth to a healthy boy that they named Harry Daniel Potter, the Heir Potter.

Epilogue: 1 September 2016

'You have all of your things, Harry?' asked Rose.

'Yes, mum,' said Harry Daniel Potter as he got on the Hogwarts Express for the first time. 'I can't wait. I hope to tie your record, mum, for Quidditch, and the library sounds fascinating, mummy.'

'Get on the train before it leaves without you, you little rascal,' said Hermione. He did so, and Hermione turned to Rose. 'A perfect mix of the both of us, don't you think?'


Two years had passed since Harry Daniel had started at Hogwarts had entered Hogwarts, and been sorted into Gryffindor (which was not a surprise for her parents). One year had passed since James Charles had also been sorted into Gryffindor.

It was now Lily Rose Potter's turn. 'Mutti, what if I don't get into Gryffindor?' she asked on the platform.

'Then another house will get a wonderful child,' said Rose before Hermione could answer. 'Although, I expect you to be the best Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw there is. We can't let that brain of yours go to waste.'

Rose bent down. 'You can always ask it for Gryffindor if you're that hung up on the tradition.'

'Thanks, mum,' said Lily as she went to get on the train. Her best friend, Anastasia Lovegood-Longbottom was starting this year as well, and she wanted to get a good seat.

As they were leaving the platform, Rose caught a glimpse of her scar in a mirror. It hadn't pained her since the Defeat of Lord Voldemort. All was well.


Also, while I realise that during the first four years of Hogwarts, a witch's body begins to change, just figure that there are potions for everything.

The restaurant in London actually exists