Alright peeps I am back but with some good news and some bad news, The good news as you can see is my new story and the bad news is that I am not continuing with my old story (just yet). I have always been a big fan of Highschool DXD though I feel sad that the world is as perverted as it is. So heres my spin with the crossover of how the master of death would change the Highschool DXD universe. I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Also I would like to thank all of you for the support I got for my first story "A Mystery Named Harry Potter." I would like to apologies for not updating it for what feels like ages but sadly i have a bad case of writers block. Plus with this new story i might not pick it up any time soon either. So if any of you want to adopt it just drop me a message.

Now this story however is a massive challenge that I have taken up. I don't know how long will it take cause i will present my own interpretation of each highschool dxd volumes. so yah this series will be big.

Anyways enough of my rambling and on with the story.

The great battle of Hogwarts and the resultant end of the Blood War marked the start of a new era for the magical community in Britain. For the first time in centuries, the members of the community felt that their country was leaving behind their old beliefs and progressing towards a better future. There had been a lot of casualties on all sides in the war, may it be purebloods, half-bloods, muggleborn, goblins, centaur or other magical beings. The ministry of magic, after realizing how close the community had come to extinction started their campaign to promote equality and purging the old prejudice under the new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shaklebolt. While the purebloods still held their old power, the newer generation that had stepped up to replaced the old guard supported the new campaign of the ministry making it easier for the ministry to enact change.

Whilst the general public was glad to leave behind the horrors of the war and was looking forward to a brighter future, for one Harry James Potter all he wanted was to get as far away as possible from Britain. People thought that the war began after the death of Albus Dumbledore but for him, it had started since he re-entered the magical community. Every year he faced a constant threat from his archenemy with his life hanging in the balance on a very thin thread. Heck he even walked to his death to protect everyone taking a killing curse strait to his chest. He gave everything he had during and after the war and now he was tired.

During the war, he had become the de facto leader for the army of the light. He managed to lead the Order of the Pheonix and the Dumbledore's Army with the assistance of Kingsley Shaklebolt, Mad-eye Moody, Ginny and Neville while he was on the run hunting for horcruxes. It was difficult but with a level head, the help of Ron, Hermione and the Marauder's Map, he was able to guide them to their victory. After the war ended, Harry took a very active role in rebuilding the magical community. He helped out in renovation of Hogwarts, St. Mongos, Diagon Alley and Hogsmade. He also visited various magical communities to sort domestic and international relationship for the ministry.

Now that it was 7 months since the Battle of Hogwarts, he knew that there wasn't much he could do to help the community anymore. While Harry may have been a great general during the war, he was not a leader to shepherd the Magical community to their new era. He lacked a vision of what the magical community should be. He knew that if he would remain in the community any longer he would only be a hindrance to those who wanted to change it. He didn't want to overshadow the visionary leaders that had emerged from the aftermath of the war.

Also in a personal level, Harry was tired of the attention the magical community gave him. With Harry's background and history, all he wanted was to be regular guy. Harry believed that after the war he would be given that opportunity but sadly he was mistaken. Due to him being the Man Who Conquered, people stopped seeing him as a person. For them he was their messiah. While they had not started worshiping him like they did to Dumbledore, Harry could feel that it was not that far away. He did not have any privacy left either. His fans or the members of the press kept a very close eye on all his movements, reporting even the smallest of things in the Daily Prophet. To be frank, they were starting to get on his nerve.

Due to these various reasons, Harry Potter was eagerly looking forward to his meeting with Death. He had met the divine being after the Battle of Hogwarts who informed him that by mastering all three of the Deathly Hallows, he had become Deaths master. They had a long chat about what being the Master of Death would entail and him becoming the Master of Death's realm along with the perks that entailed for becoming the Master of Death. Death was really happy to know that her new master did not have any intentions of interfering with her work or to control her in any capacity. He was also generous enough to return the Deathly Hallows to her, which she declined. Seeing this gesture by her new master, she had decided that she wanted to help him get away from his current life.

Harry did not want to immediately leave the magical community because we wanted to help rebuild it but now that his job was done he waited for Death to present her proposition. As the clock chimed at 6 o'clock, the lights in Harry's study flickered slightly while the whole atmosphere seemed too dense and feel as if all life around the place had disappeared. A clocked figure materialized from thin air in an armchair that was directly in-front of Harry. The clock had the same design of Harry's invisibility cloak and covered the person wearing it completely barring the face, which was hidden by darkness like those of the dementors protecting Azkaban.

"Good evening Master." The clocked figure greeted Harry with a hint of amusement in her voice. Slowly the hood covering the face was removed revealing a face of eternal beauty. The woman in front of Harry had a heart shaped face with a pale skin and thin lips. Her pitch black hair was curled and had been allowed to fall naturally onto her shoulders. Her eyes were of a deep shade of black like an endless void of darkness. However it wasn't her beauty that was her most noticeable feature but the amount of power she radiated. Her aura screamed of finality, as if anyone who crossed paths with her would only see their death and that there was no way that they could escape from that faith.

"Good evening to you to Death and how many times do I have to tell you do not call me master. Even if I do have the title of Master of Death, I will never be able to be your equal, let alone your Master and neither do I wish to be. Therefor Harry would be fine with me." Harry said causing Death to smile. "Now would you like some tea?" Death liked her new master. He was always humble and kind to everyone even after all the things that he had gone through. He treated her as an individual and not an abomination that could destroy the world with her thought alone. She also appreciated his decisions to not interfere with her work.

"Yes please. With 2 tea spoons of sugar." Death replied. With a nod Harry poured her a cup of tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar that he presented to her. "Thank you." Death said as she took the cup from Harry. The two of them appreciated the Earl Grey tea that Harry had made in silence taking the time to relax and forget about what was happening around them for the time being.

"So Death, you said that you needed my help the last time we met." Harry said as he put his cup down on the table. "What can I do for you?"

"You know how much I appreciate you not interfering with my work." Death started with Harry nodding his head. " I would like for you to stay as far away as possible from my work but recently there seems to be trouble brewing that could cause for the world that we know it to be destroyed." Harry signaled Death to carry on as she took a sip of her tea. "Since the inception of mankind, there has been a divine war going on between the forces of Heaven and Hell. The war has evolved since its early days and other factions have joined in the fight too. Currently there are 3 major factions, the Angles, the Devils and the Fallen Angel and all three factions are at a very fragile standstill. What I want from you is to take part in this war so as to ensure that the war doesn't get out of hand and that it does not lead to the destruction of this world."

"You do realize that I just finished with one war and you want me to take part in another."

"Yes Harry I do, but this is not a war that you would have to fight as a major player. The war has not started yet but there are many entities that wish to resume it. I would like you to go to what would be the first battleground of the war to ensure that this cease-fire continues and that you take a more active role to ensure that the 3 factions come to an agreement. Also Harry you are my Master, there is an area in the underworld under your control called the realm of Death where all of my Grim Reapers reside. Currently, Hyades the Greek God of the underworld manages it and he does a splendid job. While that area may be a desolate wasteland it might still be affected by this war, which could cause and imbalance in this world. Due to your claim on the underworld, you are also a part of this war as one of the main powers of the underworld."

"You mean to say that because I am your master, the Realm of Death now belongs to me." Harry asked incredulously. To this Death just nodded. "If I were to join this war, what would I have to do exactly?"

"Oh nothing just be you while you are there. You are such big trouble magnet that the war will come to you rather than you having to find it. The new school year would be starting in April in Japan, which is almost a month away. You just have to enroll in the local school and finish your final year. What happens after that would depend on the choices you make. You are pretty good at making decisions on the fly and adapting to any given situations after all."

"Is it just me or did the divine entity, that too death herself, just made a joke. Oh my god the world that I know must be coming to an end. Run for our lives." Harry stated with a great amount of theatrics.

"Well for the type of job that I have, it helps to have a sense of humor or else it gets sad and depressing very fast" Death retorted back. "So Harry, will you take my offer?"

"Sure why not, what have I got to loose. It would be better than staying here in Britain with all the sad memories. While I get my fresh start I will also be helping you in your responsibilities in some way by doing this. So where am I going exactly?" Harry knew this was the best chance he could have to leave Magical Britain and with Death helping him, he wouldn't have to worry about his past coming back to haunt him in his new life. He might want to come back a few years into the future but currently he did not wish to have any connections with this world.

"A city called Kuoh in Japan. You would be enrolling as 3rd year in Kuoh Academy this April. I have made all the necessary arrangements for you to join the academy and due to the perks of your title you will have all the required knowledge for you to attend a Japanese high school."

"Hmm, this might actually be nice. Ill finally be able to complete my schooling and will be able to get away from my life here in England. What about the people here?"

"Everyone here will be thinking that you will be going on a super secret mission for the Ministry of Magic. There will even be a press conference and everything announcing your departure and what not."

"Isn't that going a little overboard?"

"Maybe but this is so much more fun." Death replied with a large grin on her face."