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Chapter I

"Naruto, stop doing that." A boy of seventeen commanded. He had spiked, black hair and red eyes with slit pupils on a lightly tanned face that bore a scar raising from the left corner of his lips in what appeared to be a permanent, deranged smile. He was wearing a light blue, long-sleeved shirt and white pants with steel greaves and armguards the color of frost. Hanging from his waist was a jian with a circular base on the bottom of the hilt.

"Stop worrying so much, Yami." Yami's identical twin responded almost immediately. He wore a bright, red shirt and orange pants with a white trench coat that reached his ankles, flames licking the edges of it. Unlike Yami, Naruto had bright cerulean eyes with normal pupils and a fluffy, fox tail poking out from a slit down the middle of his coat with orange fur and a bright, yellow tip. On his waist hung a meter long baton of black metal. Naruto had a ball of orange energy that he was tossing between his hands.

"Naruto, with that much Aura you'll sear a hole in the observation deck and send us hurtling to our watery deaths." Yami mentioned as he pointed out the window to show they were above a large river. Yami conjured up a ball of blue energy that he tossed at Naruto's own. The resulting steam spread out as both orbs disappeared from existence. "We're going to be Huntsmen, Naruto. Junior isn't taking care of us anymore. You have to stay focused."

"Yes, mom." Naruto responded sarcastically as he crossed his arms on the railing and sighed, resting his chin atop them. "I just hope we can find people as strong as that girl that beat up Melanie and Miltia and wrecked Uncle's club." He explained. "Killing Grimm is fun and all, but we do that all the time. I just want people that can challenge me."

"Don't be so cocky." A third voice popped up behind Naruto and the two blondes turned to find another pair of identical twins, though these two girls were human and not Faunus like them. Both had jade green eyes, milky white skin and black hair. The one who spoke wore a short dress of white and silver along with blue eyeliner and stood higher than her twin due to her high heels.

Next to her was another ravenette. "Yeah, you would have, like, totally been destroyed by that blonde." The shorter twin wore a similar dress in red with a black bow tied around her waist and red eyeliner. She wore a pair of red bracelets and a long feather adorning her hair.

"Melanie and Miltia, you two are sounding too much like Yami now." Naruto complained. "Plus, isn't that whole reason you took the entrance exam into Beacon to get back at blondie?" He asked. "I distinctly remember that after Yami and I watched that surveillance video and told Junior we wanted to go to Beacon, you two joined in wanting payback. Right, Yami?"

"Naruto is right. The two of us may have come to test our skills against students with experience in the prep schools with our self-taught abilities, but you two just want to beat the girl that embarrassed you in your own club. It's a bit petty, if you think about it." Yami and Naruto both grinned like Foxes as they ducked Miltia's arm blade as it swiped for their heads and only caught air.

"Speaking of which, why weren't our oh so dedicated bouncers earning their rent by keeping people like that blonde bimbo out?" Melanie demanded to know. "Because you obviously weren't doing, you know, your job!"

"Oh, that's actually very simple." Yami pointed out.

"We were out following a lead about who our dad might be." Naruto continued. "You know that our mom never even told Uncle about who it was she slept with to conceive us. We keep trying to figure out who he is and we think that we narrowed it down to a few people in the Schnee Dust Company. We know around the time she probably conceived us and narrowed down the major events of the time and its definitely someone high up in Atlas."

"But you two live in Vale and Kushina lived in Vale all her life." Miltia pointed out while crossing her arms. "Why Atlas?"

"She was a bounty hunter, she went to all the Kingdoms." Yami explained. "We knew there was a chance for our father to be from any of the Four all along. The fact that we were able to narrow it down so much is a miracle in of itself."

"Hey, what's that?" Naruto wondered. The other three cast their views to where he motioned and saw a holographic image of a middle-aged, blonde woman. She wore her hair in a bun with one curl hanging down the side of her face and her green eyes were covered by a pair of ovular glasses. She wore a white top that exposed a portion of her chest and a black, business skirt that was buttoned down. On her back was a cape that was black on the outside and purple on the inside.

"My name is Glynda are among a privileged few who have been selected to attend this prestigious Academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world." As she finished, her hologram disappeared.

"Select few to attend, huh?" Naruto asked with a grin as the other three looked at him incredulously. "Looks like we'll get just the challenge we were looking for." He pointed out.

"Please cool the hothead, Yami." Miltia requested as she began to shift around a bit. "I can already feel the place getting really hot." Yami sighed and formed an icy blue ball of his Aura, launching it at Naruto's head. He blinked in surprise as his golden spikes were now coated in a coat of frost and looked to be hard as ice.

"That wasn't very nice." Naruto told Yami as he held up an orange ball of Aura and threw it, only for Yami to dodge it. The four watched as it flew directly into the back of another blonde's head who was standing around, looking a bit nauseous. As soon as it made contact, the armored boy stood stock still before quickly placing his hand over his mouth. He ran off towards the bathroom at speeds the two sets of twins didn't think he could move at with his lanky frame and heavy-looking armor.

They watched him run right past a pair of girls only to lose his lunch on the shoes of a fourth blonde on the ship. "Oh, gross! Barf boy puked all over my new shoes!" She complained very loudly.

"Hey… isn't that the girl that beat you two into the ground?" Naruto wondered aloud before leaning back to avoid a kick from Melanie's heeled boot. "Too slow~! Anywho, who's Red?" Naruto wondered as he looked at the shorter girl with the hooded cape on her back. "She seems younger than us. Oh! I bet she's really strong if she got in that young!" As Naruto began walking toward them, Yami grabbed his tail to keep him back. "But, Yami, I want to see if she's strong!"

"No, Naruto. And you two don't cause a fight while we're midair." He spoke the last bit to Melanie and Miltia as they tried to sneak off towards the blonde girl, only to freeze in their tracks when he spoke. Quite literally since frost coated their feet and kept them stuck to the metallic floor of the observation deck. "None of you are going to fight anyone until we land, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, mom." All three spoke at once.

[Beacon Docking Station]

"Finally off that piece of scrap metal." Melanie sighed as the quartet exited the airship and walked down its ramp with the rest of the students. "Dust, I hate flying so much."

"Oh, I'm sorry, did you want to walk here?" Naruto wondered curiously. "Uncle Hei told us that we have to follow the rules like actual students since he only has minimal influence here in Beacon. He can't get us out of trouble here."

"The fact that Naruto is saying that should give you an understanding of how serious it would be for us to get in trouble here." Yami responded. As he was talking, the female twins saw a certain blonde girl quickly run away from the red-hooded girl with a group of other students. They glanced at each other and suddenly took off after her before the Uzumaki brothers could do anything. "And they ignore me the first chance they get. At least you understand, right Naruto? Naruto?" Looking around, Yami saw his own twin run off after the red-hooded girl and sighed. "No one ever listens…"

Walking down the ramp, he decided to let them do what they wanted and simply find his way to the meeting hall. As he walked among the crowd of students, he witnessed the mix of human and Faunus with a smile. "It seems as if we will fit right in." He muttered to himself. Distracted as he was, Yami didn't see where he was going and found he hit something solid that sent him reeling back. "Oh, I apologize. I wasn't watching where I stepped." Yami quickly said.

"You gotta watch where you're going!" The person he bumped into ordered. The person in question was tall and wore what appeared to be a set of armour with a rather corny bird crest across the chest. He had brown hair and his mouth was twisted into an ugly scowl. He carried on his back a large mace. The armored boy's face changed from annoyance to a sneer of disgust when he made eye contact with Yami. The blonde knew that look and could only sigh. "Great, I knew that your kind was here, but I have to meet one on the very first day?" He grumbled. "So, you think it's okay for someone like you to just bump into a human and get away with it?" He grabbed his mace and hefted it up in his right hand. "I'll teach you to mess around with the superior race."

Yami narrowed his eyes at the brunette as he swung his mace down heavily. With a step to the side, it crashed into the floor, causing spiderweb cracks in the concrete pavement. The boy immediately swung diagonally from the floor, nearly catching Yami in the nose if he hadn't ducked beneath it. "Just great. Naruto isn't even here and I still manage to get into a fight with the first person I talk to." Yami complained while unsheathing his jian. On the next mace swing, he used his blade to parry it. When the boy was left wide open, Yami reached forward and slammed his palm against the metal chestpiece he wore. As he held on tightly to it, frost began to coat it and the brunette's eyes widened.

"W-w-what d-d-did y-you do t-to me?" He demanded to know through chattering teeth while struggling to keep the mace in his hand.

"I lowered the temperature around your armor to around freezing, constricting your movements, slowing your pulse and successfully cooling you down from your battle lust. I'm sure if my brother were here, he'd gladly fight you full on, but I really don't have time for it. You should be fine in about five minutes when your armor thaws, but right now I need to find the meeting hall so that I can properly lecture my friends when they get there." Pushing the boy's chest, Yami watched as he fell to his behind. He was unable to move from the sheer cold. "Just rest for a few minutes. I've got to go though." Yami then turned away from the mace-wielding boy and walked off towards the rest of the crowd.

[With Naruto]

After Naruto left his lecturing twin, he followed after the red-hooded girl. With her all alone, he would be able to easily entice her. "Hey, Red!" The girl turned her head when Naruto shouted the color. She was on the petite side, with silver eyes which reminded him of the moon and short black hair that matched her dress and contrasted yet complimented her red hood and silver jewelry. Naruto could faintly see the shape of something hidden under her hood, most likely her weapon.

"Um, hi?" She replied as he caught up to her. "Do I… know you?" Naruto grinned, but shook his head to the negative. "Can I help you?"

"You're younger than anyone else here at Beacon!" He announced. The girl's response was to shrink a little into her hood. "That means you must be really, really strong, right? I bet that you have a really cool Semblance and an even cooler weapon, right? Right? Oh! I'm Naruto, by the way!" He exlaimed with excitement in his eyes as he held out his hand.

"I'm Ruby." She responded with a small smile until what he said reached her ears. "Weapon… yeah, my Crescent Rose is really awesome!" She replied with equal fervor as she pulled the object from her back and showed off the red and black scythe that unfolded from it. Naruto's eyes shined brightly at the thought of fighting someone with a scythe. "Isn't it just great? What about you?"

Naruto responded by opening up the left side of his trench coat and pulling out his meter-long baton. It began to extend until it stood at nearly two and a half meters then clicked in place. From the top of the metal stave, a curved, black blade began to extend until his naginata was fully shown. "This is Fahren Volt!" He explained, as if introducing her to a person. "I made her myself with some help from my uncle's employees and some blueprints left to me by my mom. Pretty sweet, huh?" It was now Ruby's turn to look on in glee as her eyes sparkled with a starry gaze, taking in every facet of the seemingly ordinary weapon that she was sure hid something extraordinary inside. "So, Ruby, I came to ask you something!" She blinked her silver eyes, looking into his cerulean ones. "I bet you're strong, so why don't we see if Crescent Rose or Fahren Volt is better?"

Ruby looked around and noticed that the area of the campus they were at was empty except for a fountain of water a few meters away from them. Otherwise, they were completely alone. She looked at Crescent Rose, then to Fahren Volt and finally at Naruto with his swishing tail and manic grin before her own lips curled up. "There's plenty of time until the ceremony. Crescent Rose and I are going to show you two what a true weapon is like!" She shouted.

The two of them looked at each other without moving for a moment. Naruto's naginata became wrapped in an orange aura with sparks of lightning dancing along the metal staff as he rushed forward. Ruby's scythe launched off a bullet and using the recoil she rushed forward at her blonde opponent. Just as they were nearing each other there was a loud shout of "Naruto, what the heck are you doing!" that distracted the naginata and scythe wielder enough to look away from each other and at an irritable Yami.

Their bodies crashed into each other and with her superior speed, Ruby caused them to move in her direction until Naruto crashed to the ground on his back. Ruby was atop him with both groaning as Yami approached with a sigh. The ravenette girl slowly raised to her hands and looked around to gain her bearings until her eyes met those of the Faunus she had planned on sparring. Their faces were extremely close,close enough that the only thing other than each other's eyes they could see was the glowing red of each other's faces as they realized Ruby was, in fact, straddling the older boy.

They were frozen like that for a moment until they heard the shutter of a camera and looked over to see Yami with his scroll out, taking a picture. Ruby and Naruto quickly rose up, rose petals and heat haze surrounding them. Steam was literally rising off of Naruto's red face while only figuratively off of Ruby's equally red face. "Y-yami! What are you doing! You messed up our fight!" Naruto complained as his twin put his scroll away.

"I was heading for the meeting hall when I heard your gloating and decided to investigate. Luckily I intervened or I fear your Heat Semblance might have caused property damage and perhaps even harmed Ms…."

"Ruby Rose!" Ruby answered with embarrassment clear in her voice. "Yep, that's my name! That's what you can call me!" She began to ramble on until Naruto shook her a bit, at which point she gave out a loud 'eep!'. "Sorry!"

"Right… Now we have to find Melanie and Miltia before they get themselves injured fighting that blonde girl with the shotgun gauntlets." Yami noted at the same time that a loud explosion rocked the area and smoke rose from several dozen meters away. "Never mind." He complained. "First I get into a fight, then I stop you from fighting and now they're trying to get revenge for losing a fight… Come on, let's go pick them up."

"You got into a fight! WITHOUT ME?!" Naruto complained as he looked at Yami with a look akin to betrayal. "That's so unfair! Was he strong? If he was, I want to fight him too!"

"Wait! Yang was fighting two girls on her first day?!" Ruby exclaimed at the description Yami gave of who Melanie and Miltia were hunting down.

"Yes I got into a fight. No, he wasn't that strong. And I assume Yang was the blonde girl you were with who abandoned you?" Ruby nodded. "Then yes, Melanie and Miltia went to fight Yang because she beat them and caused destruction in our Uncle Hei's club while looking for information about someone. Can we please go now?" He asked, getting nods from the two. "Now, put away your weapons and don't do anything destructive or violent."

"Yes, mom." Naruto responded immediately. At Ruby's curious glance, he shrugged. "It's an instinct from Yami's constant nagging by now. I can't really control it."

The more impulsive pair of the trio put their weapons away and followed after Yami as he led the way. Within a minute, they had arrived to a scene that surprised no one involved. There was immense property destruction to the buildings, floor and decorum. Slash marks, chunks of debris on the floor, cracks in the walls and a broken fountain that was shooting water directly up and causing a mist to form above the scene where a rainbow reflected from the Sun's light. "You know, I kind of expected something more from my big sis." Ruby pointed out.

"Are you two losing your touch?" Naruto shouted out at Melanie and Miltia. "How can you call this a battlefield when you haven't even knocked out any walls yet? Ow!" The last was Naruto's reaction to Yami hitting him in the back of his head.

"Don't encourage them! And you two!" Yami shouted at them as he approached. "Didn't I specifically say to not break the rules?" He asked in a chilly tone as the water fountain froze solid into an ice sculpture. "How am I supposed to explain this to Uncle Hei that you two got in trouble within moments of stepping on campus property? And you!" Yang nearly flinched at the of pure fury in the blonde Faunus' eyes. "You came into my home and wrecked it, knocking my family around like you own the place and nearly brought the entire club crashing to the ground fifteen days ago. Do you have any idea how long it took to clean that up?" He demanded to know from her as he approached. Yang was the textbook definition of a blond bombshell. With long golden hair which cascaded down her back and an hourglass figure which was brought to attention by her brown jacket and shorts. She also wore a yellow shirt with a burning heart emblem and a orange scarf, much to Naruto's approval. On her arms she wore a combination of gauntlets and shotguns in a yellow color. "And now look what you've done to the place that you're supposed to be learning to be a Huntress! Do you have no respect for anyone?"

"Don't talk to me like tha-" She tried before Yami interrupted again.

"No, you don't talk and just listen!" Yami commanded as the temperature lowered to below freezing, causing all but Naruto - who was now wrapped in an orange glow - and Ruby - who was directly next to said glow - to shiver. "You already beat these two, why in the world do you think that it was necessary to fight them again? You could have walked away. But no, you had to be like Naruto and fight every single person who challenges you." Yami glared as he formed a ball of light blue energy in his hand and used his jian to shatter the ice fountain. It began spraying again rather quickly. Pressing his foot against it, the water was angled to soak Yang's legs and feet which he then threw the ball at, flash freezing her legs in a block of ice. "You need to cool your temper and learn how to make proper decisions."

"He really likes lecturing…" Ruby noted, not at all worried about her sister.

"It's a conditioned response to people that destroy things. He really doesn't like when people show no respect for others." Naruto explained. "Your sister broke into my Uncle's club, tore the place up, beat up his employees, including twinkle dee and twinkle dum over there." As he spoke, he ducked down to dodge two rocks launched his way. "He's really angry at her in particular. He probably would have left her alone except she beat up Melanie and Miltia again with no remorse for destroying the school. I love fighting and an angry Yami is the strongest opponent I've ever fought."

"Wait… she broke your home too, aren't you upset?" Ruby asked out of curiosity more than anything. Naruto grinned and placed his hands behind his head.

"Me? No way! The fight was pretty good and watching Uncle Hei, Melanie and Miltia get beat so soundly was pure gold in my eyes. I've got video evidence of their defeat and everything, it's the best. The club was fixed good as new and everything, so I wasn't upset at all. I mean, yeah, I had to help pay with a few jobs, but no big deal. I got to do some extra fighting against strong opponents like the White Fang and some Grimm, so it's all good. Oh, it looks like she's gonna break out! This should be good!"

Just as Naruto had stated, the ice encasing Yang began to crack. "Whoa, I'm the angry one? I think you need to chill out, dude!" She exclaimed with a grin and shot a Dust bullet into the ice, breaking it completely as she rushed forward, cocking her fist back and sending it into Yami's face. He was launched a good distance away and crashed into the wall of a building, where frost began to coat the wall. Peeling himself from the stone, he stood with his blade in hand. Grabbing the orb at the base of the hilt, he pulled it off to show that there was a chain connecting the steel ball to his blade. "Oh, looks like he's serious." Naruto mentioned, using his tail as a seat.

"Is that a chain and blade?" Ruby asked, getting a nod from her fellow audience member.

"Zero Celsus is Yami's weapon." He explained. "He doesn't have any Dust bullets, but instead his blade hides a retractable chain for ranged attacks since he can just use his Semblance to launch off parts of his Aura to flash freeze targets. He only brings out the chain on opponents he wants to really use his full abilities against. This should be cool."

Yami shot the weight end of his weapon at Yang, who sidestepped his attack. The boy yanked back on the chain, causing the metal links to slap into the bare flesh of her neck and elicit a hiss of pain. "That's cold as hell!" She yelled while jumping away just as he caught the weight in his left hand again.

"My weapon is made to handle extreme temperatures on both ends of the spectrum due to the Semblance of my twin and I." Yami explained as he launched forward, shooting the blade at Yang this time. The blonde girl jumped away and shot her weapon at the blade, knocking it off to the side. As Yami attempted to reel it back, she launched herself at him with the recoil of her gauntlets. Instead of a repeat of her first punch, he ducked her right hook and slid beneath her guard, spinning around until he was behind her. He sent a kick directly into her back to launch her forward with a heavy coating of frost covering her shirt in the process.

"That's getting really annoying!" Yang shouted as she stood back up and glared at him with burning red eyes. She launched herself at him again, hitting him with a barrage of punches that he was able to mostly evade up until a three punch combo to his gut twice with a closing uppercut that shot him towards the sky. Yami threw his blade into the ground, where it impaled the cement, as he sailed up and pulled the chain taut to send him right towards her again. A ball of cold energy formed in the palm of his hand as he rushed towards her, spinning at a high velocity until he slammed it into her chest and caused her to launch backwards. Her Aura absorbed most of the impact, but there was enough there to force her to lose her footing.

Yang slowly came back to her feet as Yami's own feet hit the ground and he pulled his blade from the floor. "You may have beat Uncle Hei and those two, but I am not as weak as them." Yami explained. "I am one of the two legacies of Kushina Uzumaki left in the world and I will not dishonor her name by losing here to a vandal without respect for other people!" Yami rushed forward at the same time his fellow blonde did. One held frosty jian with a generous amount of fog rising off of it and the other had her right fist cocked back, ready to plant it firmly within her opponent's body. Just as they were about to meet, the two of them were intercepted by a wooden cane that simultaneously blocked both the blade and the gauntlet.

The owner of the cane was a silver haired man who wore glasses and a green tuxedo along with a steaming coffee mug. He seemed completely unaffected by the lowered temperature and looked at the two combatants emotionlessly. His appearance alone seemed to break the tension which filled the battlefield, replacing it with deathly silence. "Now, now, children, let's leave the horse-play for Physical Education and Combat classes." The man, Professor Ozpin, told Yami and Yang. He looked at the carnage the two consecutive battles had caused with a small smile. "I was just headed to the ceremony for my announcement, why don't you six join me?" He asked the group. "It would be… unfortunate if someone were to come across this scene and think that some of the prospective students caused it, don't you think?" He asked with a wistful smile and a twinkle in his eye.

It was at this point that Naruto stood up and the orange glow around him began to condense into a ball that he threw up into the sky, instantly warming up the area that Yami had caused to freeze. "It would be a shame if we were blamed for all of this before our very first day. Professor Ozpin is absolutely right.'' He said with a grin while leading Ruby over to Ozpin, Yang, Yami and the Malachite twins - who had quickly joined them. "We got a little lost and came across this, wondering who it could be. If we follow you, there's no way we'll get lost. Thanks for being so understanding, Professor." The silver-haired man smiled to the Fox Faunus before turning and leading them away.

"This school is going to be so awesome." Naruto mumbled so that only Ruby could hear. She looked at him as if he was crazy before she remembered seeing the cool weapons in action and nodded.

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