"Kagome!" called an angery voice.
Kagome quickly jumped out of her nice warm bed and ran down the hall.

"Yes Sesshamaru-chan?" she said, eyes bugging out in fear.

"Come to me." he said, motioning his finger in a 'come here' manner.

She quickly entered the room, avoiding punishment for disobediance.
She quickly dropped on her knees to the floor.

"Listen carefully. I sense that half-witted brother of mine, he is close.
Don't you DARE try to escape to him, for if you do return unto your precious halfling lover,
it will cost you your life." he said in an already irritated tone.

Kagome wanted to cry as she felt her heart shatter into millions of tiny pieces, which seemed as though they could never be put back together, almost like the Shikon no Tama,
but that COULD be done, unlike her heart...
"Yes sir..."

"Good." he said drawing night unto her. He then took her face into his hand, and kissed her cheek, and she could not do anything to stop him,
for her hands were bound together by some sort of spell he had on her, giving him all control of her body, everything but her speech and mind, and of course her heart.

"Now leave." he said pointing towards the door.

She quickly got up and left the room, the door closing behind her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~In Kagome's room~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kagome stared at the wall blankly, thinking of how much she missed Inuyasha's impatience, his smirks and sarcasm.
She longed to see him again, along with the little kitsune, the demon hunter, and the lecherous monk.

"Inuyasha........" she said, sobbing into her shaking palms, "Please, Inuyasha, get me out of here before I lose control over the rest of my body......" she said aloud.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Somewhere Else~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Inuyasha's dog-like ears rung as he listened carefully.

"Inuyasha.... Please Inuyasha, get me out of here before I lose control over the rest of my body......"

"Kagome!" he shouted, getting everyone's attention.

"What?" Sango asked, looking suprised.

"She's close by!" Inuyasha said, taking in the air. "Definately not too far....." he said, running on ahead.

"Hey, Inuyasha! Wait up!" called Miroku as he ran after Inuyasha.

"What about me?!" called Sango.

"Look after Shippo!" called Inuyasha's voice, now quite far ahead.