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Inuyasha raced closer and closer to where he thought the girl who held the key to his heart may be.
He inhailed the air. Definately close!
He ran until the path split. In between was a space of nothingness, which was no problem for him,
considering he was a hanyou. He could leap over stuff like this with ease, as he did.
His feet landed firmly on the ground, and he stood there a moment as he felt the edge of the rock crumble
where he had landed.
"Hey! Whattabout me?!" he heard Miroku's voice from behind.
"Baka! I told you to look after Shippo!" he shouted, running on ahead.
"S-sango's got him!" said the monk, trying to brace himself for the jump.
"Yeah? And what if a youkai, stronger than her attacks?!"
"I-I didn't think about that...." he mumbled.
"Go BACK Miroku!"
"But..." Miroku began to whine as Shippo would.
"GO!" Inuyasha demanded turning around and glaring at him.
"FINE! Don't blame me if Sesshomoru kills you!"
"Oh don't worry, he won't...." Inuyasha said to himself as he was embraced
by more of Kagome's uniquely beautiful scent, along with the scent of something he
hated the most. "Sesshomoru..." he grumbled.

Sesshomoru sniffed the surrounding air. Hai, his half-brother was near. It won't be long
now before he will get the fight of a life time, and his precious human girl will see the one
she loves slaughtered mercilessly. Sesshomoru chuckled delightedly at this thought.
Sesshomoru got up from wence he was laying, and prepared for Inuyasha's final battle.
He wanted to look his best for when he killed Inuyasha, so he splashed
his face with the frigid water laying in the basin. He then shook the remainder of it off
and wiped away the droplets with his clawed hands.
Once that was over, he left the room and went into Kagome's.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kagome's POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The door flew open, my heart just about burst through my chest. I had hoped it was Inuyasha,
but my heart knew who it really was-the demon who trapped me here, who took me
from the person who I can't help but to love-that shamatta Sesshomoru.

He entered the room calmly, as if he had all the time in the world. His calmness worries me,
because the more calm he acts, the more evil his plan is.
I quickly looked up from my soaked palms that I had been crying into, my heart
pounding in fear.
He sensed my fear, and smirked.
"Need not be afraid, for if you do as I say, your death will not be that horrible."
He sat on the bed beside me. "Your lover is here." he said, breathing in the air.
He took my hand in his claw tightly, cutting my hand deeply. My eyes grew large,
my heart beat grew faster. What could I do but cry? He had control over
my body, there wasn't anything I could do, but..but hope that Inuyasha would come
soon. Oh, please! Inuyasha! Please come rescue me!