"There are times, when, in the middle of the night, Neji would crawl through her windowsill into her bed and curl up beside her. She always came back with an ice pack."

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The first time it happened, she was in the Academy.

She was tucked in, all ready for bed, the lights out, about to sleep. She found out she couldn't. Sooner or later, there was a brush on her shoulder, and she found herself with some boy, curled up beside her, in the indent where her mattress inhaled. It was a boy she knew.

Worried, she put a hand over his forehead, to check if maybe he was sick, and found that it was burning. She went down to tell her parents.

They came up with an ice pack.

Then she put the ice pack on his forehead, and asked him what happened. She listened. Then she told him not to cry.

And before she knew it, it was morning, and she walked him to the Academy.

Some time later, the same boy with long brown hair came back, crawling into her room and curling up beside her. This time, she knew what to do. She remembered to tell him not to cry. He'd come here and then, tell her what happened. Sometimes it was a fight with the main house, or a victory against his cousin. But whatever it was, her parents would come up with an ice pack, and she'd walk him to the Academy the next day.

It still happened when they were made genin, where she, Lee, and him were appointed to Team Guy. But this time, as she pressed her hand against his forehead, she felt something different — something hot and slick and wet, and realized that he was crying.

She explained that her father recently passed away, and broke down on his shoulder. It really was different this time.

Her mom came up with an ice pack.

Then she placed the ice pack on his forehead, and asked him what happened, as always. She told him not to cry. This time, he told her the same. Then he laid down beside her, and she stayed close to him the whole night. She walked him to training the next day.

Neither she or her mother told Hiashi about this. Guy and Lee found out eventually.

Some nights, when he would come crawling into her bed, she realized that he was covered in wounds.

She decided not to ask any questions.

Her mom would come up with an ice pack. She'd come back with isopropyl alcohol.

There was this one time when he came to her house after that dreadful part of the Chunin Exams, just after he defeated his cousin. There was this stern, almost fateful look on his fact, and Tenten understood why. He didn't cry.

Then she put her hand on his forehead, and told him that her mom passed away. She cried. He let her. And he listened.

He came up with an ice pack.

So she took out his hair tie and brushed her fingers against his long silken hair, and placed the ice pack on his forehead. She patted him on the back while he lay down beside her and hugged him the whole night. She walked him to the finals the next morning.

He came back the following night, after his fight with the yellow-haired boy with the orange jumpsuit. She placed her hand on his forehead, and realized it didn't burn. He smiled, and told her it didn't hurt. He said thank you. Then he told her he was sorry. She realized she was crying, but she didn't know why.

So the boy went to the Hyuga compound and came back with a hairbrush.

And when he came back, he took out her hair ties and brushed her long, wavy hair, expert fingers working on soft strands. He told her stories, asked her questions. She laughed. She thanked him. Then he walked her to practice the next morning.

After that night, she found he didn't come anymore.

Weeks passed.

Months passed.

But there were those rare few, times when Neji returned — like after that failed Sasuke Recovery Mission and his wounds had just healed. She rapped at him for almost getting killed, slapped him so hard he almost had to get sent back to the hospital again, and told him how happy she was when that medical nin told her he was going to live. But when she looked down she realized that the boy was already curled up beside her, sleeping.

She put a hand on his forehead. It was a fever.

She came up with an ice pack.

So she placed it on his forehead, wished him good night, and smiled. She walked him to training the next morning.

As she grew older, she realized his visits were becoming less constant. She realized she missed him.

She couldn't blame him.

But there were times. And those times, even though she would never admit it, Tenten likes to pretend that nothing has changed.

She'd always come up with an ice pack.

And when she'd come back, he would take her chin and kiss her on the forehead. She'd place the ice pack on his. She'd walk him to training the next morning.

And then came that night when he went into her room all bandaged and wounded. But when she felt for the heat on his forehead, there was none.

She came up with an ice pack anyway.

Then when she came back, he picked her up, propped her in the windowsill, and kissed her. She placed the ice pack on his forehead, giggling. He walked her to war the next morning.

And finally the day came, and he stopped crawling into her house at midnight. He didn't come into her room and curl up beside her. She didn't need to place her hand on his forehead.

He was gone.

She missed the little boy, who barely would've known her, but felt secure in her touch. She missed that one night when she told him her mom was dead and he wept with her. She missed all the subtle things he did, who held her close, who kissed her, who walked her to training the next morning.

Then she realized, he didn't need her help anymore.

His mark was removed.

He was free.

But some nights, she stayed up, feeling his presence, curling up beside her, comforting her, telling her everything was okay.

She didn't bother for an ice pack.

This time, it was her who needed his help.

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