Okay so canon pairings are always going to win, I know that. But what if I do a little pitting war against the couples and see who will really win? I want to see who will win. The first is going to be for the Bloom fans despite her not being my favourite character on the show.

Today's pitting war will be...drum roll please.

*drums rolls*

BLOOM X SKY V.S. BLOOM X VALTOR/BALTOR (Why couldn't there have just been one way to say his name? *sighs in exasperation*)

Bloom x Sky (Bloky) : Tbh I don't really like this couple very much so I know it's going to be hard to favour them right now. Let me try anyway - Everybody loves this couple because they look so perfect together don't they? But besides their looks, let's look more into their relationship. Bloom and Sky met while Sky was Brandon and Brandon was Sky remember? He developed a crush on her and they got closer to each other making Bloom fall for him too. They didn't really hide their feelings for each other since it was pretty obvious they felt the same way about each other. But then we found out that he had a fiancee he was practically cheating on without poor Bloom knowing. But in the end she did forgive him (for some odd/unexplainable reason) and they officially became a couple after breaking off his arranged marriage with Diaspro. Seven seasons later and they are still together despite their constant arguing and a certain ex-fiancee trying to get in between them whenever she's on screen. Yay, good for them!

Bloom x Valtor/Baltor (Valoom/Baloom) (I don't know...) : I used to favour this couple so much. Valtor (yep that's what I'm going with now) is such a powerful wizard who was so charismatic, charming and classy. (plus he's soooo hot imo) The two had an interesting dynamic going on and he was or is in fact my fav villain on the show. Both Bloom and Valtor are similar with their connection to the Dragon Fire and canon-wise they are enemies but come on, those two had so much sexual tension between them that the show didn't want to embrace. Technically they met on Solaria but officially met on Andros. He doesn't threaten her at all, just tells her they were destined enemies that will fight and that they have a shared past. Plus I've been reading sparxshipping fanfics recently and I really like the thought of goodxevil pairings. I also genuinely think they would be able to balance each other out with Valtor's calm and collected personality that can contrast Bloom's impatient, stubborn and short-tempered personality.

My vote is: Bloom and Valtor ~ Despite this ship never happening canon wise seeing as how Valtor's gone now and only used for the third season, there was so many possibilities and potential between them. (To me, Bloom and Sky have a vain, self-centered and really boring relationship. No offence made to any BloomxSky fans.)

So now it's YOUR turn to vote. Let me know by reviewing and which couple you think makes a better couple than the other. Plus tell me which couples you want to see go against each other and again, I will be doing this in favour of both of them before giving my own personal vote on it. I really hope you request because I don't know which couples to do next for which character. We'll see who wins once the next chapter is posted.

Bloom : Well, OF COURSE, they're going to pick me and Sky! We're PERFECT for each other!

Me : SHUSH. This is a pitting war FOR you Bloom! We already know who you'd vote for!

Valtor : Clearly she's afraid to admit she had a crush on me back then, right Bloom? ;D

Bloom : WHAT? NO WAY. You're just some smooth-talking evil wizard who thinks he can pull his charm on me whenever he wants and I'll fall for it!

Valtor : So you think I'm smooth-talking and charming then? Why not just admit you still like me instead of pretending to hate me so much? *gets closer to Bloom*

Bloom : W-what? I-I'm not pretending! I DO hate you?

Valtor : Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself more than you're trying to convince me *smirks*


Me : Oh my God, Sky, you just HAD to ruin such an intense moment!