Okay so votes are in and I'd like to thank those who took part in this and reviewed. The winner of the first round between BloomxSky and BloomxValtor is in fact...

BLOOMXVALTOR (I have to say a part of me thought that BloomxSky would win since they are the most popular pairing on the show. But I'm not complaining.)

Sorry BloomxSky fans...

So anyway, we now move on to the next couple that has been requested the most. I'm going to be pretty much going round to all the pairings eventually.

This time the couples going against each other will be a pretty interesting one. Today's round will be...

*Drum rolls*

BLOOMXSKY V.S. DIASPROXSKY (Oh I'm really looking forward to this :D)

Bloom x Sky (Bloky) : I pretty much said everything about them in the previous chapter. Despite how they met and Sky being the complete idiot he is and keeping Bloom in the dark about having a fiancee, they still managed to get through the issue and are now together and happy (well sometimes) while other times they are arguing and having an ex-fiancee try to get in between them. (And that's pretty much all I can say about them.)

Diaspro x Sky (Skyaspro) (Feel free to come up with a better ship name for them) : Okay I have A LOT to say about them and I'm trying to keep things positive here but let's be honest here, nothing about this couple is positive - So first of all let's all try to give Diaspro the benefit of the doubt here and really dig in to this issue. All the information we know about these two is that they're childhood friends that were put into an arranged marriage. Then Sky met Bloom and practically went behind his own fiancee's back and cheated on her. Suddenly Diaspro is unfairly blacklisted as the bad guy after the Day of the Royals event where she was attacked by Bloom who thought she was Icy then discovered that Sky was cheating on her with some girl he just met. I know she did a lot of bad stuff, but let's be real here shall we? If it wasn't for Sky being the complete idiot he is, (That's as nice as I can put it.) Diaspro would have never had to act so badly the way she did now would she? This girl just can't get a break with all this constant hate she's getting for trying to win Sky's heart back by trying to get in the way of Bloom and Sky. (which to be honest I don't give a sh*t about.) In the fifth season where she was helping get his memory back, the writers still managed to make her look undignified to the very end of the season. You just can't help but feel sorry for her. (Wow this really isn't positive at all and it's pretty clear who's at fault here isn't it?) - So in conclusion, if Sky had just used his head more and realised how unfairly Diaspro has been treated and that it was all HIS FAULT, they would be able to give each other a chance at redeeming themselves in each other's eyes, because come on, after everything the poor girl had to go through because of him, do you really think she could forgive him so easily? (HELL NO.) they would have been able to start anew and could potentially develop something sweet.

My vote is: Diaspro x Sky ~ I KNOW this couple is never going to happen again and that Diaspro is most likely not coming back again for future seasons, (if there's any more future seasons.) but it's just pretty disappointing how she was treated during the show. If Diaspro was to ever come back I would love there to be a season where something POSITIVE actually happens with her rather than something negative like it always ends up to be.

So now you can vote for either Bloom and Sky or Diaspro and Sky. What do you think now regarding these three? I've already said my thoughts on these two couples and TRIED to make what the show had made negative into something positive regarding Diaspro and even Sky. (although there's hardly anything great about him. I lost all respect for him AGES ago.)

Sky : HEY! I am NOT a complete idiot and I didn't cheat on Diaspro!

Me : Really? Then what did you do? Just get close to another girl being fully aware you had a fiancee back home? Oh yeah, you're right. That wasn't cheating at all. *eye roll*

Sky : But we never did anything until I called the engagement off!

Me : Yet you're still guilty of lying to both Bloom and Diaspro.

Bloom : She's got a point you know. If you had just been honest in the first place none of what happened on the Day of the Royals would have happened!

Sky : Oh come on Bloom, I thought we have gone passed that now. It's in the past and now it's just all about us.

Bloom : That may be true but that doesn't make it any better. I can still remember that day like it was yesterday!

Sky : But...

Bloom : You humiliated me, Sky! You made me look like a fool.

Diaspro : Maybe because you are one...

Bloom : HEY! I heard that! *glares at Diaspro*

Diaspro : All I'm saying is that maybe you should think before you act!

Bloom : Oh, because you're the one to talk!

Me : GIRLS! That's enough! Remember who's really at fault here.

Diaspro and Bloom : *exhale and glare at Sky*

Sky : *gulps* I'm sorry, okay?!

Diaspro and Bloom : *Grumble*

Me : Okay as entertaining as this is, it needs to stop now. Sky, you will always be a complete idiot in my eyes. *ignores Sky's piercing glare*

Diaspro and Bloom : And now ours. *ignoring Sky's now protests*