There You Are

I started writing this a long time ago, way before Nikolas became a treacherous betrayer of his family. I really loved him and Britt together (still do, actually) so I have decided to continue this. Also, of course Jasam is my OTP, so I have to include them somehow. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Here's what you need to know:
It's the year 2013.
Danny did not have cancer.
Jason never died.
Robin is still presumed dead.
Britt and Sam have become best friends over the past several months.
The OLTL characters left and never returned with different names so there is no Silas, Kiki or RHFranco.
Rafe never existed.

There You Are

Chapter 1

"What are you going to do?" Sam asked as she looked at Britt, watching as her friend's hands came to drape lightly over her still-taut abdomen. Danny sat on Sam's lap, happily chewing on his favorite snack (Cheerios, of course), blissfully unaware of the tension radiating off of Britt in waves.

Britt shook her head as she shifted on the sofa in the penthouse. So many emotions were percolating in the depths of her penetrating green eyes that Sam felt overwhelmed just looking into their liquid depths. Looking at Britt, Sam swore that she was seeing her younger self. When she had first came to town, she was just like Britt – abrasive, calculating, angry, scheming, self-serving - a walking ball of hurt, who deep down, was just desperately hungry to be loved. That's what had drawn Sam to Britt in the first place, she supposed. Like attracts like. The only difference was that Sam had found her happiness and though sometimes she was truly afraid that it couldn't last, she was holding onto it very tight. Britt, meanwhile, was stuck muddling through the mire right now.

Britt threw up her hands. "I don't know, Sam. I'm not you – I'm not Mommy material." She massaged her belly seemingly absent-mindedly. "I have honestly never been so confused about anything. I've always known what I wanted and I've had so many goals and plans, but I feel that they all just got shot to hell."

Sam rested her chin lightly atop Danny's still-adorably bald head. He looked up at her and offered her a beautiful smile before returning to munching on his snack. "I wasn't always 'Mommy material', to be honest. In fact, when I was pregnant with my first baby … I knew nothing about children - what they needed or how to take care of one. It was Jason who helped me figure things out."

Britt sighed. "Well see, you had Jason. I have –"

"You have me," Sam said, reaching out and offering Britt her hand. "I am not going to let you down."

Britt looked down at Sam's hand grasping hers for a long moment. "Thanks … Jesus! How am I supposed to tell Patrick that I'm pregnant? Every chance he gets, he tells me that he wants nothing to do with me. He tells me what we shared was a huge mistake but it doesn't feel like a mistake to me… It felt really nice while it lasted …" She ran a hand through her chestnut locks. "He's going to say I did this on purpose - to try to trap him and distract him from Nurse Betty."

"Well you know the truth."

"Don't give me the benefit of the doubt here, Sam," Britt said bitterly. "Maybe there was a part of me…"

"That wanted to keep him with you at any cost?" Sam guessed.



"We didn't use birth control, Sam. I mean, I am a doctor. I know better than anyone what can happen when a couple is not using protection… But yes, okay, yes! There's a big part of me that wants to use this as a trump card. I don't want to lose Patrick. I need him. He's the perfect guy for me." She sounded so sure of everything for a moment and then doubt quickly crept in again. "What if he wants nothing to do with this kid?"

"I don't see Patrick walking away from his own child, no matter how angry he may be at you right now. He's a really decent man."

"What if he can never love me the way I love him?" Britt asked.

"Then you have to move on. It will hurt like hell for a good long time but then you'll find someone else, someone who was worth the wait."

Britt scoffed. "I doubt that will happen. I'm never anyone's first choice."

"I used to think that too…"

"But you and Jason … You're sort of a one of a kind couple, Sam. I don't think it's possible to replicate that."

"You don't have to try to replicate us… The point is that you need to find your own version of happiness and do what's best for yourself and this baby, assuming that … you want to keep them."

Britt looked at Danny for a moment, studying the tot as if he were a puzzle she had to solve. "I guess that's what I have to figure out, huh? If Patrick can't set aside his anger and be with me, do I still want to be a mother? Can I actually be a good parent to anyone? I didn't have the best examples - not even close." Despite the closeness of their friendship, Britt had only ever mentioned her parents once to Sam. All she had said was that her mother was akin to Cruella Deville and that she had been completely obsessed with Britt's father, to the point of insanity.

"I don't want to be my mother, Sam – trying to hold onto a man who never truly wanted me in the first place. And I'm starting to think that as much as I love Patrick, he doesn't reciprocate. I am at the point where I'm wondering if he just slept with me to have a warm body in his bed. Maybe he never got over his dead wife."

Britt grimaced. "His 'great love' Robin sounded like such a saint. She's so amazing in fact that there is an actual ball to honor her next weekend… A ball Patrick asked me not to come to, by the way."

Sam sighed and shifted on the sofa. "You know that I agreed to -"

Britt nodded. "I know. You're going to put on your dancing shoes and wow the crowd at the Nurse's Ball."

"I don't know about that. I will consider it an accomplishment if I don't fall flat on my face. I just wish Jason was going to be my dance partner."

Britt smirked. "I can't see Jason doing anything of the sort."

"He dances … sometimes … But only with me," Sam admitted as she tickled Danny under his chin. He cooed back at her.

"Okay that I actually can believe. He's so devoted to you, Sam. He'd give you the moon if you wanted it." She crossed her arms over her chest. "I admit it - I am so jealous."

"It'll happen for you too, Britt, I know it."

"Oh yeah. Someday my prince will come …" Britt scoffed. "Oh please, Sam…"


Nikolas pushed open the heavy oak door for Spencer and together, they walked into Wyndmere. The place was as old and drafty as it ever was, but in some ways, it was home, and Nikolas always returned there - whether he should or not. His family had drawn him back here this time though. Spencer was getting older now and he needed roots, connections, something he didn't have overseas with various nannies and aupairs caring for him while Nikolas was out at the office.

Nikolas's thoughts returned to the present for the moment, hearing the way Spencer chattered on animatedly. Soon enough though, the boy was running off in search of his old friend Alfred.

Nikolas sighed and set down the overnight bag he carried. All too soon, his eyes found a framed picture of Emily resting on the desk where he it had always sat. He moved over to it and picked it up, rubbing a finger down the slick glass.

"Emily," he whispered. He missed her. Lord, did he miss her. He had not honored her memory very well though, had he? He had bedded down with Elizabeth, one of her best friends, and then betrayed her other best friend (his own brother, Lucky) in the process. His affair with Elizabeth was a mistake that he feared he could never live down. A mistake he certainly could never forgive himself for. It was one of the reasons he had left town. The other reason being that he had learned that Aiden was not his son, something he had longed for very much. The revelation that he was not Aiden's father had nearly crippled him. He had fled the states in a fit of rage and hurt. Though much of his anger had dissipated, he still couldn't help but wonder if coming back now was actually a good idea.

But he was here for the moment.

He couldn't second-guess his decision to death.

"Ahh, Master Nikolas," Alfred said, walking into the room. Nikolas gently put down the framed picture of his beloved and turned to face the elderly butler, who had always been more family to him than employee. "It's so wonderful to have you home."

Alfred held out a gnarled hand to Nikolas but Nikolas shook his head. "I've come thousands of miles. I expect a hug, old friend."

Alfred smiled and indulged him gladly. Nikolas smiled in return before pulling back. "You look very well, Master Nikolas," Alfred said. "Europe agreed with you."

"I think it did," Nikolas said. "However, I knew that I couldn't stay over there forever. Spencer needs his family. My mother is back in town now and of course; my little sister lives here. As does my aunt…"

"And Spencer's cousins …"

"Right," Nikolas said. "I should arrange a play date for all of them very soon. I know Spencer would love that."

"And their mother …"

Nikolas sighed. "What about Elizabeth?" His voice was level and even.

"Forgive me for asking, but did you come back here… because of her?"

"Alfred, you nosy man," Nikolas said. He sighed and moved over to the big picture window that overlooked the river. He said nothing for a moment and then turned back to look at the butler. "You want to know if I have any interest in rekindling things with her?"

"Er, yes."

"Not at all. I care about Elizabeth a lot but our dalliance wasn't about caring or even affection… In retrospect, I have realized that she really was self-destruction personified… That is to say, being with her reinforced all the things that I have always hated about myself... I betrayed my brother and I betrayed Emily's memory and I promise you, I will never go back there. I wish only the best for Elizabeth but I don't love her, and she is not why I returned. There is only one woman for me and that is Emily Quartermaine. I can't imagine ever loving anyone the way I loved her."

"You have to be open to it, Prince Nikolas."

"That's far easier said than done, Alfred."

"I know, Master Nikolas, but I want you to find happiness again one day. It's not right for a good man such as yourself to hide in the darkness and brood all day and night."

Nikolas chuckled. "I'll try to keep the brooding to a minimum from now on… As for this moment, I want to take Spencer out for a ride and then I will call my mother and let her know that I'm back in Port Charles. Perhaps she, Lulu, and my aunt and cousins can all gather together for a late supper at the Metro Court."

"Sounds splendid," Alfred said. "Welcome home, Master Nikolas."

"Thank you, Alfred. I actually feel somewhat glad to be home."


Sam was in the shower washing her hair sometime later when she heard the bathroom door open and then click shut. She smiled and turned around, peeking out the curtain to see her husband approaching her. "Hello, Mr. Morgan," she said. A smile played on her lips. "How was work?"

Jason smiled back and rubbed his cheek. "Long. Tiring. I'm all sweaty …"

Sam giggled. "Then you'd better get in here and let me help you wash off some of that grime."

Jason's blue eyes darkened with desire as she pulled back the curtain and stood there, beckoning to him. He swallowed hard and then started stripping out of his clothes. His standard black tee-shirt and jeans were soon in a pile on the bathroom floor and he was joining her in the shower. Right away, she noticed that he was aroused and she smiled as their eyes met.

He reached for her and she laughed as their wet bodies pressed together. His hard dick was poking her thigh and she couldn't resist the urge to reach out and grasp it between her small hands. He groaned as she began to vigorously pump him. "Sam…"

"You like that, Mr. Morgan?"

He nodded, giving her a look that said, how can you even doubt that? Though he was a man of a few words, his eyes always were quite expressive.

She continuing rubbing his shaft until she could tell he was about to explode. "Sam," he murmured, "I need to be inside of you. Now."

Sam nodded. "Just don't scream my name too loud," she teased. "Danny's taking a pre-dinner nap."

Jason smiled as he reached for her, pulling her up onto him so that she could wrap her trim legs around his lean waist. He drove into her and she gasped with pleasure as he pressed her back against the opposite shower wall and took her fast and hard. They buried their orgasmic screams in a passionate kiss that left them both equally breathless.

"Mmmm," Sam murmured when he had set her down on her own two feet. "You make bath-time oh so fun."

Jason said nothing but his eyes were lit with appreciative humor. He moved her under the spray then and grabbed for a washcloth. He began to wash her body slowly, taking care to touch every inch of her with the soft cloth. She shivered as he pressed the washcloth at her entrance and then slowly eased it up inside of her. He scrubbed her lightly and then dropped the cloth altogether and used his fingers to bring her to the heights of pleasure once again.

They coupled together until the water ran very cold and they had no choice but to climb out. He wrapped her in a thick terry cloth towel and carried her down the hall to their room. They ended up making love on their bed too, her arms locked around his neck and her legs knotted at his waist. They made feverish love until they heard Danny moving around on the monitor and knew that it was time to get back to reality. Reality admittedly though, was so good these days.

"I'll go get him," Jason said. "You make yourself decent."

Sam laughed as she climbed off the bed, shaking her bare ass at him. He growled and then turned away to avoid the temptation of pouncing on her again. He hurriedly threw on jeans and a tee-shirt before hurrying out of the room. Sam pulled on panties and a tank top and sweat pants. She pulled her hair up into a damp pony-tail and prepared to head downstairs, anticipating a lazy, happy night at home. Suddenly though, her cell phone came to life, ringing its plaintive cry. She thought about ignoring it but then saw her mother's number flash across the screen.

She picked it up and put it to her ear. "Hey, Mom," she greeted Alexis.

"Hey, Sweetheart, you sound great."

Sam smiled, knowing exactly what had made her sound that way. "Thanks. How are you?"

"Good. I am calling because your cousin Nikolas is back in town."

"Oh really? That's great. When did he arrive?"

"Oh about two hours ago – give or take. He wanted to surprise everyone, I suppose - thus why no one knew that he was coming back. But the reason I'm calling is that he wants to take the Davis-Spencer-Cassadine clan out to dinner at the Metro Court tonight. You know him, he apologized profusely for the late invitation but just the same, he'd like you and yours to be there, as would I."


"Sam, you're not going to turn us down, are you?"

"No, I guess not," Sam said. "Not when you're being so persuasive. Jason and I were going to spend a quiet evening with Danny but I guess it can be postponed a bit."

"Good… And Jason is welcome to come. I know that this is probably not his scene …"

"It's not," Sam admitted, "but I have ways of making him do what I want." She laughed as she could practically see Alexis's face filling with color.

"That's uh … good," Alexis said. "So we'll see you at eight then?"

"Sure, we'll be there," Sam said. "Bye." She hung up just as Jason walked into the room, carrying their son. Sam was touched by the sight of them together, as always. They had fought so hard to be a family and now they were. It was incredibly humbling.

"Hey, boys," Sam said.

"Who was on the phone?" Jason asked as Danny cooed at both of them.

"That would be my mother. I guess my cousin Nikolas is back in town. He's taking us all out for dinner so … get ready."

Jason raised an eyebrow. "Sam –"

"Come on, Jason, I swear I'll make it worth your trouble. Remember what we were just doing before Danny woke up?"

Jason nodded. "Yes …"

"Well I am prepared to do that again and again. Plus 'other stuff' … if you come with Danny and me to the Metro Court."

"Sam," he said with a groan but she saw the intrigue and desire in his eyes. "Fine, whatever. But you owe me."

Sam laughed. "Trust me, I always pay up."

Whew that was a long chapter! lol Hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is love... TO BE CONTINUED!