Yo it's Ten Tailed Jackal of Doom here with the first chapter of Tigers and Sharks. In this story I present to you my concept of there being alternative Tailed beast. The 10 we are familiar with were created by an different Madara Uchiha, this one actually being a god. Shinju actually created the tailed beast, as she gave birth to them. Nine head strong and often bloodthirsty daughters. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki wasn't bat shit crazy and gave birth to Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo. I guess that kinda makes her a primordial as she gave birth to three goddesses, anyway it starts with Pedomaru beating Naruto like a dog to the point of death, and applying the evil hickey of doom plus blocking off access to our false bijuu.

PPD "We'll also be taking a trip so few actually go as we will be using the perfect tool for someone who likes a powerful Naruto. That's right I'm talking about the Symbiote. I mean it's the perfect conduit for different powers, and you CNA attribute sudden influx of powers to it because the numerous host it has. Hell I have one game that gives several examples. Spider-Man Web of Shadows. This games has a Symbiote powered Wolverine. Fucking WOLVERINE, Weapon motherfluffing X."

Lucy coughing "The point is that the Symbiote is a very good way to make Naruto more powerful with less time. We also added some pokémon, Digimon and Monstergirls in the mix along with a matter converted, but that's not until the second chapter. This is the introduction. Please Enjoy"

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Chapter 1: Beginning of the End!

A 12 year old blonde haired boy who would normally have sparkling blue eyes was glaring with hate filled slitted blood red eyes at the traitor Orochimaru of the Sannin who had attacked his team during the second part of the chunin exams, in the forest of death. This boy had been blown away by a powerful wind jutsu that almost knocked him out, but the boy had gotten up just in time to avoid being eaten alive by a giant dark brown snake that had looked at him like a tasty snack. The boy had quickly summoned his new sword that he had been given by his friend Haku Yuki after the girl had come with his group to Konoha after her father figure had been killed slaughtering Gato to help save the country of wave. This sword was actually quite legendary and was known as the Kubikiribocho and the boy had thanked Haku for giving it to him and trained his blonde ass off trying to honor Zabuza's memory. His teammate an arrogant ass known as Sasuke Uchiha had gotten extremely jealous and tried to make him hand over the legendary sword. Our hero had told the arrogant boy to kiss his ass and go brood somewhere else. His other teammate had then gotten involved and tried to take the sword from him and the boy was forced to make the pink haired girl reconsider and leave him alone. This had obliterated the little bit of teamwork his team had. His sensei then goes and enters the three of them in the chunin exams like a silver haired idiot. It had been all good, as our hero had bluffed his way through the written part of the exam and had already managed to get the team the scroll that they needed to enter the tower. Then this shit happened and all of his hard work had literally been swallowed as the arrogant emo had handed Orochimaru their heaven scroll foolishly thinking that the traitorous snake sannin really wanted a petty scroll.

Our hero had after calling Sasuke a coward had attacked Orochimaru and was to both of their surprise pushing the snake sannin back. This had upset the man who kicked it up several notches and he was soon beating Naruto like a filthy rug. Naruto had been expecting his teammates to jump in at any moment, so imagine his shock when he looked up and both of the traitors were gone leaving him at the non-existent mercy of the snake. Orochimaru spotting both of his teammates gone scowled and said "Well it seems as your teammates have you left alone with me Naruto-kun."

Naruto with a scowl of his own said "Those motherfucking traitors."

He then realizing that he didn't see Kubikiribocho were he left it unconsciously unleashed his killing intent as he said "THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS STOLE MY SWORD!"

Orochimaru hearing this chuckled and said "It seems as they did, not that it matters as I'm going to kill you Naruto-kun."

He then went back to beating Naruto like he was a filthy rug, even going so far as to bury Naruto under numerous trees. He chuckling at the pile of trees he had buried Naruto under said "If you're aren't dead from the beating, then curse seal I gave you will finish the job."

He then licking his lips turned towards the direction Sasuke and Sakura had ran and said "Now for my true target and his little dog."

He then vanished to chase after the idiots. Naruto under the tree wasn't fairing well at all, as Orochimaru had blocked off his access to the Kyuubi, had beat him like a rag, given him an evil hickey of doom and then buried him under all of these trees. Naruto feeling himself passing on growled and said "Fucking traitors!"

In a large oval room, with multiple throne like chairs surrounding a large glass orb. 15 of the thrones were occupied. The first throne and the one closest to the orb was occupied by a woman appearing to be in her mid teen's. She had long sandy blonde hair, and deep brown eyes. She was dressed in a sandy kimono, with small blue marks on it. Swinging behind her was a large barbed tail.

Sitting beside this woman was a woman appearing to be in her late teen's. She had long wavy blue hair, dark brown skin, and swinging behind her was two flaming cat tails. She was dressed in a very short skirt, and a top barely holding back her incredible bust.

Sitting behind to the right of her was a woman appearing to be in her 20's with shoulder-length mint green/teal hair. Her skin was strangely also teal. Her eyes were a cold orange. She was dressed in a bathing suit, as 3 scarf like tails swung behind her.

Sitting to her left was a woman with short spiky lava colored hair. Her skin was fair, and her eyes were a bright pink. She looked as though she was built for competitions. She was dressed in a samurai outfit. Swinging behind her were four monkey tails.

Sitting to the left of her was a woman appearing to be in her mid 20's with pale skin, hell it was white. She had a hime style hair cut, while her hair was a light blue. Her eyes were black and powerful. She was dressed in simple gray shirt, and panties. Swinging behind her was 5 tails.

Behind her and to the right was a woman appearing to be in her late 20's. She had long yellow hair, that seemed to be slimy. Her skin was pale, and her eyes were also yellow. She was dressed in what looked like shorts, and a slime covered bra. Swinging behind her was 6 slimy tails.

To her right was a woman appearing to be in her late 20's. She had long flowing jade green hair, and orange eyes. Her skin was a light ebony brown. She was dressed in true samurai armor, a impressive sword to complete the look. Swinging behind her were 7 tails.

Next to her was a woman also in her late 20's, with dark brown skin also. She had purple hair, that was platted. Her eyes were white. She was dressed in a purple tunic, the top barely containing her very large breast. Curled around her were 8 tails.

Sitting next to her was a woman in her late 20's. She had long flowing princess like blood red hair. Her eyes were also blood red with a bit of black. Her skin was tan, and she was dressed in a royal kimono, her very large breast being displayed amazingly in the kimono. Swaying behind her were 9 tail.

Behind and to the left of her was a woman appearing to be in her early 30's. She had long flowing black hair, that seemed to encompass the night. Her eyes were blood red, with three solid black rings, and nine solid black commas, three on each ring surrounding a slitted pupil. She was dressed in a earth brown kimono, barely holding her huge breast in. Lying on her throne was ten black tails.

Sitting beside her was a woman appearing to be in her early 30's. She had spiky white hair, that looked soft. Her skin was pale, and her eyes were this deep blue. She was dressed in a pure white kimono, tied tightly, but still showing that like the last few women, she had big breast. She had no tails, but her throne was snow white.

Beside her was a woman appearing to be in her early 30's. She had short pink hair, that seemed to be frayed. Her skin was dark brown, yet flawless. Her eyes were orange and seemed to be bored. She was dressed in a simple kimono, that was slightly open, revealing her large breast. The kimono barely covering up her nipples. Her throne was jet black.

Sitting beside her was a woman appearing to be in her early 30's with long flowing spiky silver hair. Her skin was fair, and two horns could seen sticking out of her forehead. Her eyes were golden and glowing with power. She was dressed in a purple shirt, that made her petite upper body look male. She had on a pair of jean shorts that showed off her amazing legs. Her throne was made of bones.

The last of the women appeared to be in her early 20's with long sweeping platinum blonde hair, almost white. Sticking for her head were what looked like huge horns, or ears. Her eyes were pale, and had no pupil. She was dressed in a high collar hime-style kimono with commas running down the collar. Her throne was surrounded by carrots.

These 14 women are as followed; Shukaku the one tails, Matatabi the two tails, Isome the three tails, Son Guren the four tails, Kokuo the five tails, Saiken the six tails, Chomei the seven tails, Gyuki the eight tails, Kira the nine tails, Shinju the ten tails, Miko known as Kami, Sango known as Yami, Sakira known as Shinigami, and Otsutsuki Kaguya mother of Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo and very first wielder of chakra. All of these women were peering into an orb that showed Naruto in his predicament. Shukaku turning to Miko asked "Why are we looking at the cute mortal?"

Miko closing her eyes said "Because he contains a one of the 10 false bijuu created by the original Madara Uchiha."

All eyes widened and Kira asked "How?"

Sakira said "It was smart enough to run to this dimension and was instantly sealed inside of his ancestor Mito Senju. The other nine did the same, well except for the false Shinju, it's sealed in the moon and was stopped by that dimensions Kaguya's children."

Kaguya blinking asked "Why would Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu and Susanoo bother with mortal matters."

Sango said "They aren't your children in this universe/dimension. Your children are Otsutsuki Hagoromo, and Otsutsuki Hamura. With the manifestation of your will being Zetsu."

Kira leaning forward asked "Which one does he contain?"

Miko looking at her said "Your false bijuu."

All eyes widened hearing this and Kira growled, as her false bijuu were always male and pricks. Shinju asked "What are we going to do about this?"

Sakira said "He's about to die, because his access to the false bijuu has been blocked off, thus now is the perfect time to remove it from him and destroy it."

Matatabi blinking said "But that will kill him."

Sango said "Normally yes, but we have a plan for that."

All of the true bijuu and Kaguya all quirked an eyebrow and asked "What is this plan?"

Miko giggling said "The plan is to fix what has been done to him by the false bijuu, his village and his parents, and give him a new family."

Shinju quirking an eyebrow asked "How are you going to do this?"

Sango smirking asked "Remember that time we collected samples from all of you?"

All 11 women remembering said time rubbed the spot while Guren asked "Yeah why?"

Sakira giggling said "Well we're going to use those samples to fix him, along with the alien parasite known as the symbiote, the leviathan, a few monstergirls, a few digimon, a few pokemon and the DNA of one of the super saiyan god super saiyans."

All 23 eyes widened hearing this and Shukaku quickly asked "What monstergirls are you using?"

Miko said "Jinko, Dragon, Grizzly, Hellhound, Holstaur, Manticore and Ryu."

Kokuo whistling said "That's an impressive list."

Chomei asked "What pokemon are you using?"

Sango said "Charizard, Nidoqueen, Mewtwo, Tyranitar, Mawile, Lapras, Luxray, Lucario, Froslass, Serperior, Haxorus, and Scyther."

Kira whistling said "Every type."

Shinju asked "Digimon?"

Sakira said "Agumon, Gabumon, Veemon, Wormmon, Guimon, Flamemon and Strabimon."

Gyuki hearing this clicked her teeth and said "He's gonna be a monster."

Isome sighing asked "Which super saiyan god super saiyan?"

Miko smiling said "Vegeta."

All 11 females shivered as Vegeta was ruthless. Kaguya asked "Who is going to be his new family?"

Sango looking at her with deadpan eyes said "You are becoming his mother, and your three daughters will be his sisters."

Kaguya nearly fell out of her chair hearing this. Kira was about to ask another question when Sakira stood up said "We act now."

All three goddesses then vanished. Kaguya getting back in her chair sighed and said "I don't know if I can handle raising another child."

Shinju snickering said "You only had to raise 3, I had to raise 9 strong hot headed and at times blood thirsty girls. One more will not kill you."

All of the other tailed beast with twitching eyebrows glared at their mother and asked "Who you calling hot headed?"

Shinju now laughing said "See my point."

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