Abductor's Torment

Chapter One: Solo Mission

Jane Volturi was many things, but patient wasn't one of them. These past few weeks especially, many of the vampires within Volterra knew not to even glance the small vampire's way or risk her wrath. However, some vampires still had authority over her, and Jane had to deal with her superiors, no matter how much she wanted to use her powers on them at times.

The blond vampire headed towards the throne room after being summoned by the Volturi kings. Finally, after weeks of absolutely nothing, it seemed as if she was finally going to get a mission. Even Jane, herself, had no idea why she was so irritable these past few weeks, but, at least now, she would be able to use the mission as an outlet for all the pent up frustration she accumulated.

A vampire crossing Jane's path just before she reached the throne room had mistakenly looked straight into Jane's eyes and the outcome was obvious as he began to writhe on the floor as if being burned endlessly by an invisible flame. Jane didn't even stop and bother with the vampire she was inflicting pain on, she just burned him with her phantom fire and ended it as she opened the large doors to the throne room.

Please let my mission be to wipe out a few dozen vampires or I swear I will rip apart half the guard! Jane had been itching to use her gift so much that she was starting to think she was feeling her own gift affecting her when she wasn't using it!

Jane approached the three kings while trying to hide her annoyance and irritation.

Annoyance at having to kneel in front of the three kings as if they wanted to keep testing her allegiance to them or trying to throw it in her face that she was under their command.

Irritation due to the fact that she had been dreadfully bored as well as antsy these past few weeks. She was a master at keeping her expression neutral as well as keeping her thoughts hidden, usually it was her eyes that gave her away, her death stare making most vampires cower in fear. Being a 'master' at keeping her expression neutral was only reserved for the kings though, everyone else would suffer!

"Jane, how nice of you to join us." Aro spoke and gave Jane the cringe worthy smile that she absolutely loathed. Caius had the perpetual frown on his face like something was forever stuck up his ass and Marcus was as lively as a corpse that had been left on the ground after the body was drained.

"Master." Jane bowed her head.

"How have the past few weeks been?" Aro inquired even knowing just how well she was fairing stuck behind Volterra's walls. Aro noted how petulant Jane was being the past few years and was growing tired of it.

"Master, I said I was sorry about wiping out the Chinese coven." There was actually a reason Jane wasn't allowed to do any missions for a while. It was part of the reason why she was irritated, but the main reason of her irritation still eluded her. Wiping out the Chinese coven wasn't her fault anyway.

"Yes, yes. I am well aware one of them called you an 'American Imp' even when you're not even American and the others refused to listen to you and continued talking in Chinese." Aro had already looked into her memories of her last mission. She wasn't really proud of the outcome, but they deserved it.

"They would have been a good addition to our ranks! One was able to create an area where there were no language barriers and one could duplicate objects!" Caius was still mad at the loss of the two gifts that the Chinese coven had. Caius had suggested that Felix and Demetri accompany both Alec and Jane to negotiate, but in the end only the witch twins were sent. Everyone knew that the witch twins weren't exactly the best at negotiation of all things.

Jane had to try hard not to roll her eyes. She had heard this spiel from Caius several times already. It was the same thing over and over.

Sure, one of the Chinese vampires could make everyone in a small area around him understand each other though language barriers, why didn't he use it in the first place when she was there? It wasn't her fault that they never heard about the witch twins and tried insulting the two of them.

Showed him who was short after ripping off both legs and his head off.

The second Chinese vampire with a gift could duplicate objects, but every time the vampire duplicated something, he needed to drain another human. It would have been great, but all he could really duplicate were tiny objects! As if there weren't already enough things that had the label 'Made in China'.

He would have been useful if he could duplicate bags of blood, but to duplicate one, he needed ten to consume.

Jane also remembered the duplicator tried to make diamonds, but only cheap crystals were created. She didn't think it was that big of a loss.

The kings really were overreacting in her opinion, but she wouldn't voice that. The only solace she had in not having missions was Aro not having to probe her every single day. Had the monotony of undead life finally caught up to her?

She hoped that wasn't the case.

"Now, now, Caius. It is fine. What is done is done." Aro gave a curt nod to Caius before giving his attention back to Jane. "You will go on another mission, but do not expect to enjoy this one as it will be a part of your punishment. If you fail, you and Alec will be regulated to lesser guard duty for the next couple of years." Aro said all that with a smile knowing how much Jane hated lesser guard duty.

Lesser guard duty included patrolling the outside of Volterra, watching the dungeons and other demeaning duties. Aro also purposely included Alec into the punishment even though her twin brother hadn't done anything wrong. Jane mentally hissed at the thought of it.

"Yes, Master. What does the mission entail? And, where is Alec?" Jane had gotten the brunt of the punishment since she was the one who caused the mission to fail, Alec to a lesser degree. Her brother was still sent out on missions with the others as support. Jane really did envy Alec for his calm demeanor, especially right now when she wanted throttle her masters.

"A lone vampire relayed some information about the law being broken. The vampire's name is Victoria, a redhead, once a coven mate of Heidi a few centuries ago. Apparently, our dear friend, Carlisle, let his coven reveal our existence to one human female. Victoria's memories indicate that this human, Isabella Swan, might be the mate of Edward Cullen or at least a La tua cantante, his singer. I want this human delivered here alive and as unhurt as humanly possible." Aro's expression went serious for a second before turning back into his jovial self.

"Alive and unhurt, Master? Shouldn't I enact the law and kill her?" Jane knew that Aro probably had something already planned for her, most likely a plan involving the girl to lure Edward Cullen to his side and make him a stupid puppy. Jane would actually gladly have Edward over, so she could torture him every single day of his pathetic girly-boy unlife. Maybe then he would choose to kill himself and save her the trouble.

Jane held a general disdain for bunny munchers or vegetarian vampires as they call themselves, but her hatred was only reserved for the truly pathetic, whiny and annoying vampires that she needed to slowly torture and destroy.

And no, this wasn't about that time when Carlisle Cullen and Edward Cullen were both visiting Volterra and Edward Cullen had walked up to her and asked, "Are you lost, little girl?". Edward Cullen felt just how painful it was to get dismembered while being phantomly burned at the same time. She was just about to actually burn another unused part of his anatomy before his daddy glued him back together.

Really, it wasn't that at all.


She had also almost taken one of Edward's fingers when he was in pieces to endlessly put in pain, but her Master caught her and made her give it back. Jane tried to make a pouty face at her master to let her have the finger, but it didn't work.

"Don't worry about why, Jane. Bring her here alive and well. You will be going alone. Go to Heidi, she has already set up everything." Jane knew when she was being dismissed. She swiftly bowed her head, stood up from her kneeling position and exited the throne room.

A solo mission?

Jane knew this mission was going to be absolutely stupid even if she was finally allowed to go on a mission alone. Kidnapping and babysitting a human just to fish up Edward Cullen? Was this really what her role was reduced to now? Had her loyalty to Aro for over a thousand years only amounted to this? She was reduced to capturing bait to lure in bunny munchers?

Loyalty. Loyalty. Loyalty.

Jane stopped her line of thought. She willed herself to calm down. She could feel her thoughts of anger and mistrust towards Aro slowly fade away and the blonde knew exactly what this meant.

Another's gift was affecting her.


Chelsea had entered the Volturi around nine hundred years ago after being changed by Aro. Jane wasn't stupid, she was already nearly three hundred years old at that time and knew what true loyalty was. Jane knew how Chelsea's gift was affecting everyone in Volterra, but Jane could never blame Chelsea since the vampire had no choice in the matter.

Jane had always been loyal to Aro, but after acquiring Chelsea, he still let Chelsea use her gift on everyone, even her. Jane would have rebelled, but she never really had a reason to and instead just kept quiet. The small blonde knew what true loyalty was because that was the day when true loyalty was lost.

Many vampires that joined after Chelsea, probably only have an illusion of loyalty, but who was she to question it? Jane didn't really care too much, she didn't really have any reason to care much.

"Heidi." Jane finally reached Heidi in one of the offices. Luckily, Heidi was off duty and not fishing for human tourists so that the kings could indulge in messing up the throne room again. Lesser guards also had to deal with clean up, Jane Volturi did not want to clean up.

Heidi smiled at seeing the smaller blonde come in. Heidi and Jane were friends at the very least, but Jane would never admit to the fact. Neither did the blonde deny it though.

"Jane!" Heidi could see the frown on Jane's face. "Hey! At least you can leave Volterra, right?" Heidi stood up and began to type into the computer.

"To capture a human alive." Jane sneered. " Just give me the paper." The tiny vampire really wanted to start this mission and to finish it as soon as possible. This time she would have to do all this alone. Usually, she at least had Felix, Demetri or Alec along with her to deal with all the human crap.

Jane hated all the human crap she had to deal with. Pretending to be human, using a flying metal thing and blending in with their food source. She remembered the last time she was in an airport during rush hour, she really contemplated wiping out every human there for some silence. The only thing that saved all the humans was Alec using his gift on her to block her senses.

Heidi smiled knowing that the small vampire hated anything about the human world. Heidi was well accustomed to everything modern since it was her job and she actually liked technology. She was actually surprised that Aro would allow Jane to go off on her own especially taking an airplane which Jane still referred to as 'flying metal thing'. Almost as if Aro was expecting her to fail somehow to humble her.

Heidi shook her head. Would their masters actually set up Jane to fail? What would be the point in that? Heidi knew that would only piss Jane off more instead of humbling her, but who was she to question the kings?

"Fine, fine. Here, passport and plane ticket to Forks." Heidi handed them over and began to type again on her computer. "So, want a makeover before going?" Heidi opted for some small talk while printing the other documents Jane could use.




The lack of a reply made Heidi look to where Jane was to see an empty space. "Ah, shit." She wasn't going to be able to catch Jane. The little midget was fast. At least, Jane knew where the airport was.

"Ah, shit?" Felix just came up to Heidi after hearing the mahogany haired girl swear. He was currently patrolling the inside of Volterra, but it's not like it was going to get infiltrated anytime this century.

"Jane ran off." Heidi wondered if she would get punished for this.

"So? I heard she had a solo mission to retrieve a human." Felix chuckled. He knew Jane hated anything annoying or irritating, and what would be more annoying and irritating than transporting and bringing a human that you couldn't just simply drain.

"Well, I gave her the passport and plane ticket to her destination..."

"... yeah, I can hear a 'but' incoming."

"..., but I was still in the middle of printing the return ticket when she ran off. I was also going to give her a number to call."

"Catch her? She's barely five minutes away if you run after her." Felix knew how smart Jane was with technology and transportation. If Jane was on a kill mission, then it would be fine since the girl could just run back, but she had cargo this time and everyone knew directions weren't one of Jane's strong points.

"And ruin my hair? I just had this styled. I'd rather risk punishment from the kings. It was her fault for running so fast." Heidi wasn't about to risk her hair by running fast. Her clothes were expensive too. Jane was a friend, but sometimes you just had to make a hard choice. It wasn't Heidi's fault Jane ran after hearing the words 'makeover'.

I guess being stuck in a child's body wouldn't leave much to make over. I could have at least changed that blonde bun and maybe got her a push-up bra.

"I'll bet you that it takes Jane two month to return with the girl." Felix grinned, might as well make it into a bet.

"Hah! Are you serious? Four months and the girl will be drained instead of captured. Don't you remember that mission several years ago?" Heidi added. Jane was never patient, Heidi was sure that the moment that Jane came in contact with Isabella Swan, the angsty teen would be drained.

"Good point. I remember her destroying that whole mansion because she got lost inside it. I think she still gets lost within Volterra from time to time, but no one is man enough to say it to her face though." Felix remembered the mission in which they had to talk to another coven. The negotiations went well, but Jane got pissed off as she was trying to find the exit and destroyed half the place. Well, she did technically find the exit, since she made her own exit.

"No one is man enough." Heidi sent a grin towards Felix which the male vampire returned with a middle finger. "Gods help the world. I'm not sure the world is reading for a wandering Jane or Jane the nomad." Heidi tried looking solemn for a quick second before her face just broke into a huge grin again. "This will be so much fun!" Heidi still remembers Jane's great sense of direction and the absurd amount of patience the little vampire had.

Heidi still recalls one time they left Jane to lead and babysit some tourists ...

... well, there was never a second time.

The door to the office opened again and both vampires looked over seeing Alec just walk inside.

"I just talked over with the kings, I couldn't persuade them to send me with Jane nor could I dissuade them on sending Jane on a solo mission." Alec sighed already knowing that this was a clusterfuck just waiting to happen. Alec shook his head before looking straight at Heidi. "What number is she using? I can update her directions by tracking her using the GPS on her phone." He needed to at least give his sister direction or the girl might end up lost.

Alec still remembered over a thousand years ago when Jane got lost trying to buy one bottle milk from the old lady that lived two houses away from them. Alec eventually found his older twin at the far edge of town with two bottles of milk as well as an older boy that was on the ground after most likely being beat up by Jane for the milk from his house. The beat up older kid was actually the one that started the rumors of Jane being a witch because she 'used her witch powers' to beat him.

"Well, Jane left before I could give her the cellphone and return ticket for her and Isabella Swan. Oh, and her flight is boarding now." Heidi and Felix both shared another laugh at this, Alec didn't find it so funny.

"Fuck." Alec was sure this punishment would backfire on all of them somehow. Sending out his volatile twin sister alone is bad enough, but asking her to capture a human? And, now, Jane doesn't even have any means of contacting them nor a means to return directly to Volterra.

"Should we tell the kings?" Felix questioned.

All three of them thought on it for a few seconds. Weighing the pros and cons of basically telling the kings 'Are you stupid enough to let Jane leave alone?'. The kings should have known what they were getting into sending Jane into her first ever solo mission in over one thousand years even knowing Jane's lack of patience and sense of direction.

"Nah." All three said at the same time before returning to their duties.

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