Chapter 1

Bella and her twin sister Tammi just walked in to the house to see her mum and step-dad Phil sitting on the sofa in the living room "hey mum" she called out to her mother "hi sweeties.. how was school" Renee asked her daughters "fine" they whispered to her with a small smile on their face as they sat on the spare sofa "so Bella and Tammi.. we have been thinking for a while" Phil informed her "about what" Bella questioned them with a frown on her face "that we going on holiday to Volterra in Italy" Renee told her "really that's great" Tammi said as she jumped up with a big smile on her face

Bella walked over to them "when.. how long will we be there" Bella asked her mum and Phil in a excited voice "we going tomorrow and we going to stay there for two weeks" Renee informed her daughters "yay" Tammi shouted "I'm going to pack" Bella told her

THey ran out of the living room and upstairs

Bella and Tammi started packing all their stuff mostly their toys

Renee walked into the room just as Bella zipped up her suitcase "hey Sweetie.. can I look in you're suitcase" she asked her daughters as she walked over and opened the suitcase to see it was mostly their toys "um Bella and Tammi.. I need to sort out you're suitcase" Renee told her daughters as she unpacked the toys and started putting their clothes into the suitcase

Renee tugged them into bed so Tammi and Bella was asleep

The next day

The plane just landing in Volterra Italy

Bella and Tammi just got off the plane with their mum and Phil "come on.. the hotel we staying in is just around that corner" Phil told his wife and step-daughters "alright.. lucky we didn't pack much" Renee said as she grabbed her suitcase "lead the way Phil" Renee told him with a smile so he started walking with Renee beside him and little Tammi and Bella walking behind them soon they started walking down the hill

Bella stopped to see a beautiful women standing there 'a tour around Volterra for free' sign "mummy,, can we go on a tour around Volterra please" Bella begged her mum "Sweetie.. we have to take us stuff first" Renee informed her daughter "I can take the suitcases while you, Tammi and Bella go and explore Volterra" Phil said as he grabbed them from Renee and walked off

Renee and her daughters walked over to the women "hi.. we would like a tour around Volterra" Renee said to her "of course.. I'm Heidi Volturi" she introduce herself with a smile "I'm Renee and this are my daughters Bella and Tammi" Renee introduced them to her "well are you ready" Heidi asked Renee

"where is everyone else" she questioned her as she realised that no one was there "they're on the bus" Heidi said as she pointed to a bus filled with a lot of people the Heidi walked inside "come on mummy.. let's get on" Bella shouted as she ran on the bus with Renee and Tammi following "hey Renee.. wait for me" Renee turn to see Phil running up to her "Phil.. we're just about to leave without you" Renee said as she turn to see the doors were close and driving away without them "Bella's on that bus" Renee said in a worried voice as the bus left her eye sight

Bella walked up to Heidi "um.. you're left my mummy and sister back there" she whispered to her in a sad voice that her mum and Tammi wasn't with her "go back to your seat" Heidi ordered her in a annoyed voice so Bella sat down and started crying "oh dear.. what wrong little one" someone asked her in concern voice

She looked up to see another child "my mummy and sister was left behind" she informed him "it's alright.. I'll protect you" he said to her as he sat down next to her "thanks.. my name is Bella" she said to him with a smile on her face "my name is Jack" he introduce himself to her

Heidi showed them all around Volterra "everyone there is one last place to go and that is Volterra castle" Heidi informed them as the bus stopped outside the castle so they all followed behind Heidi "this way, please.. and stay together" Heidi told the tourist as she opened a door

Bella saw some people with red eyes that was inside so she grabbed Jack's hand and pulled away from the door "Bella.. what are you doing" he asked her in a confuse voice "we got to get out of quickly" Bella whispered to him as the doors closed "alright" Jack said as Bella dragged him with her

Jack and Bella heard screaming coming behind the doors "Bella.. I'm scared" Jack cried out as he tightened his hold on her hand "don't worry.. just hold on to my hand" Bella informed her new best friend as they carried on running

Bella heard someone talking to each other so she and Jack ran behind a curtain "why are we hiding" Jack asked her with a worried look on his face "be quiet.. they're out there" Bella whispered to him as she let go of his hand "can we just run past them" Jack asked her "no" she said as a hand shot in and grabbed Jack "AHH.. BELLA HELP ME" Jack screamed out as he held onto her hand but that person was to strong and their hands got separated

Bella ran out of the curtain to see two people with red eyes and a lifeless Jack so she looked up and a handsome man standing there so she fainted but he caught her and lift the up in his arms

Bella opened her eyes to look into red eyes

Other Pov

Alec and Demetri was walking down to the throne room "I would if Heidi brought more then usually" Demetri asked him with a smirk "I don't know.. at least we going to eat" Alec replied to him as they were walking past a curtain till we heard people talking to each other "why are we hiding" they heard a little boy asked that person "be quiet.. they're out there" they heard a beautiful female whispered to him "Alec.. noi dobbiamo afferrare" Demetri asked to me "Aspetta" Alec told him as he listened to them "can we just run past them" the little boy asked her "no" she said "afferrarli" Alec said to him so Demetri's hand shot in and grabbed someone out to see it was the little boy "AHH.. BELLA HELP ME" the little boy screamed out as he held onto her hand but Demetri pulled their hands away

Alec and Demetri sucked his blood till he's body went stiff

so Alec and Demetri looked up as the little girl ran out of the curtain to see us that we had red eyes and a lifeless Jack so she looked up to see us standing there so she fainted but Demetri caught her and lift the up in his arms which caused Alec to growl at him "give her to me" Alec growled out to him "no way.. I saw her first" Demetri informed him

Bella opened her eyes to look into red eyes

Translate to Italian to English

noi dobbiamo afferrare - we must grab them

Aspetta - wait

afferrarli - Grab them