Brief Prologue for my new HGMM fic. Based off of Beauty and the Beast with my own personal spin on it.

Updates may not be regular or frequent but i will try.

This starts between years 5 and 6 and continues on through 6 and possibly beyond.

Reviews highly appreciated.

They had gone over the plan, it had been a good one even, that they take out the wolves, in particular Fenrir Greyback which would hopefully remove the wolves as part of the Dark Lords forces. The plan had initially been borderline genius, right up until the moment they realised there were a lot more wolves than they first thought. So many that they were over run and driven apart within moments. The team, which included Mad-eye, Tonks, Diggle, Vance and Minerva were forced to split up.

Tonks had managed to stay with Diggle and Mad-eye had kept close to Vance, Minerva had been cut off though and even as she thought she was holding her own, she was sorely mistaken. A number of wolves, she would guess at four, had over run her so she used her animagus form to get from under the slathering dog pile. The tabby made a mad dash for the nearest tree and was just making her way up it when a very familiar wolf leaped at her. The yowl reverberated through forest as teeth tore into the little cats flesh and threw her.

The pain was borderline debilitating but the little animal went high and when she collided with a tree she managed to get her claws into the bark. Dragging herself to a sturdy limb she changed back and sent up red sparks before apparating away. As soon as she was back at her summer home in the highlands, a quaint little cottage she had bought after Elphinstone had passed away, she began pulling off her robes to assess her wounds. There was blood but the bite wasn't nearly so bad in her human skin.

It took weeks for her injury to heal but hadn't shown any signs of there werewolf curse outside of her temper growing shorter and her senses increasing considerably. No one had really noticed, brushing off her stiffness from her attack the year before by Dolores Umbridge and her shortness due to frustrations that came with an impending war. It wasn't until the last few days of Summer holiday that she started to feel even worse, almost sick until the point she collapsed on floor of her bedroom while getting dressed one morning. The action was uncontrollable as she shifted, presumably, into her animagus form.

Her presumptions were wrong how ever, instead of a small silver table she was instead a large grey creature that did not exist and almost could not be described. Rounded ears like a cat sat atop of a large, mane-framed, head. She was covered in soft fur and it was definitely more comfortable on four paws than two but she could still stand on two easily. At the base of her spine was a long swishing cats tail but her face for far more lupine with green cats eyes set within. Everything felt different and Minerva quickly realised she needed a mate, which was absurd, animagus didn't mate.

Of course she didn't just need a mate, she needed her mate. The one that completed her and would submit to her readily and any time she liked. Her mate needed to be just for her and she knew instinctively that she would know her mate the moment she scented them. Yet Minerva the witch realised that this, what she had become, was rather an abomination and hoped she would be able to control it but longed to find a way to return to her usual self. The beast disagreed fully and even snarled at its own jumbled thought process.

"Bollocks." Beast-Minerva grumbled in a gravelly tone.