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When Ronald came back Hermione knew there was no way to not let them know of her... relationship, with Minerva. She had been intensely irate that Ron had abandoned them in the first place but once she was done yelling at him she couldn't not ask how Minerva was. Of course Ron had only known by word of mouth but it was good enough.

Harry had admitted that though it wasn't obvious that it did make sense. After Charms, Transfiguation was Hermiones favourite subject and not necessarily because of the magic of it. It also just worked in Harry's mind, Hermione and Minerva were both highly intellectual woman and had gotten on well for years in a professional setting.

Ron on the other had started out highly confused by it all until Hermione explained seriously that she and Minerva had been together in the past and would be together in the future. Then he got upset because he couldn't understand why Hermione would pick 'old' McGonagall when it was so obvious that he had a crush on her and... you know... he's a guy. Hermione had just shaken her head at him and let him have his temper tantrum.

When it was all said and done Harry had promised that they would get through this no matter how hopeless they felt. Getting outed by Xenophilius and consequently caught by the Snatchers was a serious issue but it was worse to be tortured by Bellatrix and then want a woman's comfort despite it being impossible to have it.

Yet Hermione was a Gryffindor and the sooner this was finished and they won the sooner she would be able to find Minerva. That was what went through her head weeks after her torture when she had to play the part of Bellatrix Lestrange. It was also going through her mind as she flew on the blind dragon after breaking out of Gringots.

The best part about the war was when they went back to Hogwarts and Hermione finally got to see her love was alive and well and as stoic as ever. The battle raged and there were deaths on both sides yet after learning of Fred, Tonks and Remus the one that hit home the most for Hermione was Severus whom she had watched die and couldn't fight her own tears.

Through the battle Hermione hadn't managed to catch sight of Minerva again, not until the dust had settled and she had walked into the Great Hall that was now teeming with St Mungos employees and the wounded. Minerva was over seeing the operation when Hermione walked in and nothing else mattered then.

Harry gave Hermione a little nudge and that was all she needed before she jogged over to the woman a happy smile on her face. Minerva approached her, ignoring or unaware of the gazes following them, and stopped just a couple paces from Hermione and looked her over.

"Are you hurt?" Minerva asked looking over the witch.

"Not really. You?" Hermione inquired softly.

"Hardy." Minerva stated as she moved closing the distance between them and kissing Hermione right there before everyone.

The kiss was one of reassurance and reaffirmation of the feelings they held. They had been so long without one another that they needed to know it was still there and it was for both of them. Very much so. They lingered and when they pulled apart it was only long enough for each to witness the love in the others eyes before they were sharing another kiss.

"I don't want to be without you again." Hermione mumbled as they broke from the kiss and embraced one another.

"Nor do I you. Marry me, Hermione?" Minerva asked gently and Hermione sobbed happily.

"Yes." The little witch smiled as the hall filled with applause and cheers.

Both witches blushed as they remembered where they were but more than a few people told them it was appreciated, to see that love could withstand this war and come out stronger. Things were only just dying down when a shaggy grown female wolf, covered in blood and dust and with a mouth full of wands came wandering in.

"She came back this year, after you'd put her in the forest with the pack but she kept coming back. Spent a lot of time in my quarters by the fire." Minerva explains and Hermione knelt and rubbed Jinxes ears.

"I'm glad you're ok too." Hermione cooed and the wolf make a soft huffing sound before Hermione stood back up and looked around.

"Now we rebuild and become better." Harry says looking around as he walks up to the two women.

"That we do, Potter." Minerva agreed as Hermione leaned into her.