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It's been a week since Tsuna got the new flower. He finally got around and checked what dandelion meaning was; 'faithfulness and happiness'. It took a while for Tsuna to understand the message since he was not that adept in the language of the flower.

Notes between both of them are scarce, he can count on one hand how many notes were exchanged between them. The notes usually a straight and onto the point ones. Either a wish or a simple greeting, it was never a full-page message.

That's where the flower comes to play.

They both communicate more with flower. An orange rose from them, white camellia from Tsuna, another flower exchanged and it had become a routine for them both.

It becomes something that Tsuna find interesting to know more. The language of the flower will always fascinate him because, with a different flower, different colour, different quantity or even a mixture of those would make a whole new meaning revealed. It would never stop Tsuna to be allured by this language of the flower.

So when he got the small bundle of dandelion, he wondered what cryptic message will he get.

'Faithfulness and happiness' was quite a broad topic for such a small flower. Tsuna wondered why a dandelion. Why this particular message.

All he could think of is that maybe the other person had noticed his hesitancy in this mystery relationship. That may be the other person knows that despite how each flower Tsuna got always makes him warm and happy, that at the back of his mind, he was still wondering who the other person is.

Or… if this relationship is real. Mutual.

Why they haven't met each other despite how long they have been in touch. That despite all the smile and happiness radiated from receiving the flowers, it still can't mask the feeling of longing and cautious hope in it.

['Is this real or is this A nOther gAme FoR DAmE-TsuNa?]

Laying on his bed, Tsuna bit his bottom lip, brows furrowed in distress at that that one stray thought. There is a reason why he never like to sleep when he clearly isn't tired enough to fell asleep as soon as he liked because his mind would wander and when they wonder they would stray from what little positive thoughts he has and would lead to all those alluring dark thoughts that keep hidden in the far back of his mind.

Rolling to the right, facing the open space that is his bedroom, Tsuna's brown eyes lingered on the dandelion that was put right on his nightstand.

Crushing all the doubt in his heart, ('belief in yourself, Tsuna!') he made up his mind what the next flower he will give for them. The colour of the sun brushes his mind as Tsuna stare dazedly at the dandelion, his eyes falling shut finally.



If… The next flower got rejected and all this happiness and blossoming love turned out to be a lie and are only for someone's amusement and sick jokes; then Tsuna maybe would finally wilt completely without any chance for a third recovery.

His friends would be very livid.



As sleep slowly engulf Tsuna in a gentle hug, he breathes in the scent of earth and sweetness of the flowers resided in his room.

He thought of standing under a rich gold tree, finally meeting the person behind that beautiful penmanship on a simple sticky note and a single rosebud.

He dreams of Ginkgo tree, of blond hair with a soft smile and gentle hands.

"You should mark the page before you fall asleep, school president."

An opened book, a dazed gaze and soft chuckles.

"Thank you. Sitting under a tree peacefully like this makes me sleepy."


The next morning, Tsuna woke up early for his running routine with Ryohei-nii. Both of them always run together every weekend and Takeshi sometimes would join them if he wakes up early.

Tsuna was used to running, from the bullies, from the scary neighbouring chihuahua, and from Kyouya when he was late. So when he met Ryohei on his daily morning run, they hit a deal of running together every weekend and now it had become their routine.

Holding the front door open, Tsuna looked back at the silent house as everyone is still sleeping and quietly says his goodbye.

"I'll be going now."

Once outside, Ryohei-nii is already on the front gate and Tsuna can't help but let out a big smile while greeting his big brother in all but blood.

"Good morning, Ryohei-nii." Closing the gate, they started to start slow with light jogs while making their way towards the shopping district.

Smiling brightly, Ryohei bumped his fist with Tsuna's. "Good morning, little brother! Have a nice sleep?"

Despite popular belief, Ryohei isn't loud and obnoxious all the time. He can read between the line and be reliable when he needs to.

Tsuna hummed softly in acknowledgement, they started to up their pace and out of the shopping district, making their way towards the next destination, the park.

"I have a nice dream last night, Ryohei-nii. Though I can't remember all of them, I woke up feeling warm and happy." Noting how childish it sounds, the brunet giggles.

Ryohei laughs, "Good then. A good morning always a good start, Tsuna!" He can't help but moves his hand to ruffles Tsuna's hair. This small brunet really reminds him of his sister sometimes and Ryohei can't deny his big brother instinct to dote on every good kid he found.

Tsuna stumbled a bit from the sudden contact but since he was used to people ruffling his hair where they said that his hair is smooth and soft, he got used to it. They continued running through the park, near the edge of the Namimori forest, running full speed away from Hibari when they saw a glimpse of him pass an alley and finally stopping near a flower shop located across the shopping district.

It's the flower shop where Tsuna would buy his flower.

After cooling down, he waved goodbye with Ryohei since the older teenager still has more of his routine the complete before calling it a day. ON SUNDAY.

Their ran usually took an hour and a half at best and the flower shop would open by eight. Since Tsuna had become their frequent buyer, the shopkeeper, a sweet mid-thirty woman named Nina would cheerfully greet the teen upon seeing him.

"Tsuna-kun, good morning!" Taking out a few of their new bouquet for display, Nina-san smiled brightly at him.

"Here, I'll help Nina-san." Tsuna took the bouquet from the lady and put them carefully on each stand. Nina-san smiled gratefully at Tsuna before continuing to open the rest of her shop with Tsuna helping where it need.


"You always help me, Tsuna-kun. Thank you." They're sitting on the outside of the shop where a nice set of the garden table was put. Putting her favourite set of the teacup to use, Nina-san poured the freshly brewed tea before offering the cup to the brunet sitting in front of her.

"It was nothing, Nina-san. I'm happy to help." Gratefully accepting the tea, Tsuna takes a sip. It was nice and the fragrance smells sweet. 'Is it a chamomile tea?'

Tsuna liked to spend time with Nina-san around her flower shop. It always amazes him how full of flower and nature the shop is. His room didn't hold a candle to it. Besides, it was because of Nina-san that he learn how to take care of his flower. Making sure they are healthy and fresh.

"So, what flower are you searching for today, Tsuna-kun?" Nina asked. It always intrigued her how often the teen would buy a flower from her shop. People don't buy a flower that often since some people thought it was a hackle to watch over them or are not that interested enough in it.

But Sawada Tsunayoshi is different. He would come to the shop frequently, browse through her collection of flowers and then looked at his phone, the screen showing a web about the language of flower open.

Sometimes Tsuna search for a flower that wasn't a native in Japan but since she is fond enough of Tsuna and the flower he asked always spark inspiration for her bouquet, she would order them, making the brunet feels like he had burdened her.

"Geez, Tsuna-kun, it's not that much of a hassle. I want to buy it since it helps with my bouquet design. It's a win-win situation is it not?"

She never asked about it though, it was her customer privacy on what they want to do with the flower and she wasn't noisy enough to feel the need to.

It always entertains her to teach Tsuna about flowers, something she always passionate about.

Seeing the contemplative look on the brunet, she let Tsuna take his time. The silence between them is comforting as she slowly taking a sip of her tea.

Tsuna put his teacup down, making his decision.

"Nina-san, do you have a flower that speaks of meeting someone? Like... I want to see them?" Of meeting someone? Her interest piqued and she remembers all the previous flower Tsuna had bought and knows all of their meaning. Yet no matter how much she wonders, she won't ask.

Nina moved from her seat and turned towards her rows of various flowers and then smiled when she found exactly one that fit Tsuna's criteria.

"Since you already helped me opening the shop when my lazy worker is still sleeping instead of going to work early... This would be in the house!"

Tsuna tried to refuse since he never thought of wanting anything back when he helped but Nina is a successful bargainer. She can't have this many flowers and plants if she can't bargain well. Besides, watching Tsuna flutters through her insistence would always make her giddy. This brunet is just too cute!


After spending time with Nina-san until their tea turns cold and a few new bouquets got designed, Tsuna went back home with a small bouquet of yellow Balsam.

He holds it tenderly within his arms, warped in careful earth coloured paper, Tsuna keeps it close to himself in hope.




Flowers Meaning:

-Dandelion: Faithfulness and happiness

-Balsam: (Note yet revealed)

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