Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story. I don't even own the songs, which are "Shakedown" by Bob Seger, and "Sweet Victory" from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Band Geeks".

The sun beat its bright rays down on Ash's face as it rose. His eyes blinked open and he turned to see Misty sleeping with her arms embracing him. Ash knew that he wanted to spend the whole day with Misty's arms around him, but he knew that he couldn't do that. He had a battle to win. And he wanted his friends to be there to see him win it, too. He had been training for that battle, and now the day of that battle was there.
He gently kissed Misty on the lips, and as their lips parted, her eyelids fluttered open. She focused her aquamarine eyes on her beloved Pokémon trainer.
"Oh," she said, waking up, "good morning, Ashy-washy..." She got up out of the bed. "I take it today's the day of the big battle?"
"You bet," Ash said, rubbing Pikachu awake. "Today will be a day that will go down in history. The day when I achieve the dream I've hoped for. The dream I set out to achieve the same day that you fished me out of that river on Route 1."
"I'll be there to watch you obtain that dream," Misty said with a wink as she went to go take a shower. "I wish you good luck."
"I don't need luck, I have skill," Ash said as he and Pikachu went up to the door. "And I'll be looking forward to my victory kiss!" He gave his lovely and cute girlfriend a thumbs-up and a wink.
Misty's cheeks blushed beet red for a moment from her boyfriend's compliment. "Hey, where are you going?" she asked as she saw him heading out the door.
"To visit some friends of mine in the next room," Ash answered. "Wake up Brock and Tracey for me, will you?"
Ash and Pikachu walked out of their room and over to the room next to theirs. They were in for a very big surprise. To their astonishment, all six former members of Team Rocket seemed to be missing. Ash called for them. "Meowth? Jessie? James? Anybody in here?"
He then noticed a note. It said, "Prepare for our support, and make it double, at the stadium. Signed, Team Ex-Rocket."
"Well," Ash said to Pikachu, "there's a pleasant thought for the day. I gotta tell you, they always have to find some excuse to say 'prepare' and 'make it double'."
Just then, Misty, Brock, and Tracey came into the room. "Hey Ash!" Brock called. "What are you doing in this room?"
Ash turned around. "Oh, hey guys." He noticed that Misty looked rather pretty today, even though she was wearing the same clothes that she always wore every day. What obviously made her seem so pretty today was probably the necklace that she was wearing. This necklace was made with the Diamond Badge that Ash had given to Misty as her late birthday present a month back. Ash stared at his sweetheart, taken in by her beauty. Their relationship had jumped by leaps and bounds ever since Ash won the Diamond Badge, and that's how it was going to go from then on.
As Ash had his hearts set on Misty, Brock looked at the note that the ex-Rockets had left.
"'Prepare for our support, and make it double, at the stadium'," Brock read the note. "Ash, what's up with Jessie and James? Ever since you won that Diamond Badge and told Misty that you loved her last month, those two and their cat have been acting like they never meant us any harm. I haven't even heard them call us 'twerps' since then!"
"I guess the guy who wrote 'Everything Changes' wasn't kidding," Tracey added.
Ash stopped looking at Misty and answered question that Brock had been asking. "I've got some news for you guys. Not only has Team Ex-Rocket been sleeping here, but they had Team Rocket 2 with them!"
"Team Rocket 2?" Tracey asked.
"You mean the two superior Rocket Elites with the Raticate?" Misty asked.
"I don't understand that," Brock said.
"Well, I'll explain on the way to the stadium," Ash said, opening the door for Misty to leave the room.

"The leader of Team Rocket was here last night?" Tracey exclaimed as the four of them were entering the stadium.
"But I thought he was dead!" Brock exclaimed, even more surprised by Ash's explanation on his encounter with Giovanni the previous night.
"Don't worry," Ash assured his three traveling companions. "Pikachu and I called the police, so we don't have to worry about him anymore. The Boss Rocket is now the Convict Rocket. Giovanni won't be able to cause any problems from his prison cell. I guess we can say that Team Rocket is now officially disbanded."
But what Ash didn't know was that even with the arrest of The Boss, Team Rocket wasn't quite dead just yet. The Executives at the Team Rocket Hideout in Mahogany City had heard that their Boss had been apprehended. But the Rocket Executives weren't going to let Team Rocket die like that. The Rocket Executives took their place behind Giovanni's desk, in order to keep the evil organization alive. I could probably go on to explain more about the Executives taking control of their Boss's company, but I'd be digressing away from Ash's final battle, so let's just get back to the story.
Ash watched as the big metal doors standing between his group and the battlefield opened automatically. As he and his pals walked through the platinum battlefield, the crowd cheered immensely, and the announcer shouted out his monologue.
"Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaadieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss and gentlemen, here he is - the challenger from Pallet Town, the newest braver for the title of Pokémon League Champion... AAAAAAAAAASSHH KETCHUMMMMMM!!!!!"
"YAAAAAY!!!" The crowd cheered really, really, really loud, and applauded really, really, really, really, really hard. The six former Team Rocket members, Meowth, Jessie, James, Mondo, Butch, and Cassidy, were among them.
"Well, this is a warm welcome," Ash said to himself. He had fought through the Indigo League Championships before, and although he hadn't made it past the semifinals the last time, he had learned a valuable lesson from that defeat. And because of that, he had now made it to the finals of the new competition.
"And now, here's our current champion..." As the announcer continued, the champion came out from a long corridor on the other side of the arena. Ash and his friends had a feeling that they had seen this nappy-haired teenager before, but they'd soon know who he was, because the announcer was going on with his announcing. "...the present Pokémon Master... GARRRRRRYYYYYYY OOOOAKK!!!"
"GARY?!!" Ash, Misty, Brock, and Tracey all said, in unison.
"Gary's the current Pokémon Master?!" Ash said after all four of them said the name.
"Boo!" Nearly the whole audience hissed.
"Hooray!" a single person in the stands cheered. Everyone else in the bleachers threw whatever they could throw at him.
Ash's selfish and egotistical rival, Gary Oak, came out from the other side of the stadium, accompanied by his six ugly cheerleaders.
"Gary, Gary, he's our man! He can do it, no one can!" The six girls chanted, swishing their pom-poms.
"Who are those girls?" Tracey pointed his pencil at the cheerleaders. "I don't believe I've met them before."
"You'd be sorry for not having met them," Brock said, going nuts for the six unattractive girls, which just went to show how dumb he could be. "Where have you been, you six lovelies? I haven't seen you since Gary's last attempt here."
"Hey! I was looking forward to seeing you, Ash!" Gary taunted Ash, not paying attention to what was going on with his girls. "My rival should be strong to keep me sharp! While working on my Pokédex, I looked all over for powerful Pokémon! Not only that, I assembled teams that would beat any Pokémon type! And now, I'm the Pokémon League champion! Do you know what that means?" He was about to say what it meant when he happened to take notice of the accessory on Misty's neck. "Hey! What is that thing on your girlfriend's neck?!"
"It's a necklace, Gary," an annoyed Ash answered. "I can't believe you don't even know the name of the thing that you happen to wear on your own neck!" He was of course referring to Gary's necklace with the hippie medallion.
"Don't play games with me!" Gary shouted, walking up to the four friends. "I know that she's wearing a necklace! What I meant is, what is that accessory on your girlfriend's necklace?? I feel as though as I've seen it somewhere before..."
"Oh, that." Ash pointed to the most beautiful part of Misty's necklace. "It's the Diamond Badge."
Gary put his right hand on the spikes of his hair. "The Diamond Badge?! You won the Diamond Badge?! You have got to be kidding me! That mysterious Gym Leader's MechaMew2 cleaned the Poke-clocks of all of its challengers! Even I couldn't win that badge! Losing at the Gym felt exactly like when I lost to the Gym Leader and his Super-Pokemon at the Viridian City Gym! It was almost as if the Viridian Gym Leader and the mysterious Gym Leader with the MechaMew2 were one and the same! And you're the loser here, and you come in and tell me that you won something that I couldn't win!?" He clenched his head and took deep breaths. "Well, no matter. You may have won the Diamond Badge, but that doesn't affect my League status whatsoever. I'm the Pokémon League champion! You know what that means? I'll tell you! I am the most powerful Pokémon trainer in the world!!!"
Gary was putting up a good performance on his speech, but Ash wasn't fazed either. "The last time we fought, you had improved your relationships with your Pokémon, ditched your cheerleaders and your convertible, dropped your snobby personality, and were acting more like the friend I used to have. Whatever happened to your cheerleaders, and why have you gone back to the nasty personality you had during the Road to Indigo?"
"Heh heh heh hah hah!" Gary cackled. "I've always been the snob I was in the Indigo League. I never improved my relationships! I never ditched my girls or my car! I never really acted like your old friend! And I never in a million years dropped my snobbyness! And all those rumors about me telling my girls to go separate ways become good trainers was fake, not to mention out of my character! I'm still the same nasty Gary who pushed and put you down the day both of our separate journeys began! The old Gary Oak who was once your friend is no more!"
In the audience, Ex-Team Rocket heard all of Gary's speech.
"Geez, he's even worse than us," Butch said.
"Gary, think of all the fun we had as childhood friends!" Ash reasoned. "Surely, there's a little bit of your old not-so-mean personality still in you!"
"Maybe so," Gary contradicted the same-aged, same-heighted, black-haired boy with the Z squiggles on his cheeks, "but I haven't found it yet! What do you say to that, girls?"
But Gary's cheerleaders hadn't heard him say that. Brock was trying to get ways to contact them. And not doing a very good job, I might add.
"Get out of here, you seeing-nothing bum!" one of the cheerleaders shouted as she smacked her pom-pom on Brock's vest.
Gary turned to face his competitor. "I don't know how you guys can put up with Mr. Eyeless Womanizer there."
"Me neither," Ash said.
Misty and Tracey nodded in agreement.
"But anyway, I challenge you for the title of Pokémon League champion!" Ash challenged.
"Fine then," Gary agreed. "And to raise the stakes a little, if I win, which I'm sure I will, I get something of yours."
Gary pointed his finger at Misty.
The tomboyish redhead gasped in horror.
Then Ash got mad. He growled and pointed his right index finger on the nose of his rival. "YOU CREEP!" he roared. "IF YOU WANT MISTY, YOU'LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME FIRST!"
"I wasn't indicating her, loser breath," Gary specified. "I was indicating the Diamond Badge."
Misty breathed a sigh of relief.
"Oh," Ash calmed down. "That's good."
"But since you were so nice as to suggest it," Gary continued, "I think I'll include your girl as my prize as well! Ash! If I win, your woman becomes one of my cheerleaders and my own personal pleasure, not to mention I get the Diamond Badge."
"No way, Gary!" Ash shouted back.
Misty gasped in horror again. She took out her mallet and tried to smash Gary with it. "I refuse to go with being a cheerleader for you, Mr. Stuck-Up! It's a terrible idea! I've heard stories about what you do with them."
Gary turned toward his cheerleaders, but kept his eyes on Misty. "I guess I'm just too sexy my own good." He turned to Ash again. "But anyway, you lose, I get your Badge and your girl. I lose, she stays with you, and you keep the Badge."
"No more fooling around!" Ash shouted. "Let the battle begin!"
Tracey stood there. "Uh... did I have anything to do with that last conversation?"
Misty plucked the dateless Brock up by the ear and dragged him to their seats in the bleachers, and Tracey followed them.
Gary's girls went to their seats, which were not too far away from Misty, Brock, and Tracey's seats.
Ash and Gary went to their sides of the arena. They each stood on platforms that raised themselves up. Ash's platform was red as a ruby, and Gary's was sapphire blue. In front of them, the video screen flashed the score of the two rivals.
The announcer cleared his throat. "Laaaaaaaadieeeeeeess and gentlemen, the big battle for the title of World's Greatest Pokémon Master between the two lifelong rivals, the challenger, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, and the current champion, Gary Oak, will now begin!!"
In the bleachers, Gary's lasses let out another one of their corny cheers. "Gary, Gary, he's the best! He's better than all the rest!"
Tracey was really annoyed with the six women. "Don't they ever shut up about Gary?"
"I'd agree with you on that," Brock said to the artist. "I'd prefer to see them, rather than hear them! Know what I mean, nudge nudge, say no more?"
Misty blew a butterfly kiss to Ash. "Don't lose this one, or we'll lose each other!"
"Togi!" Togepi added.
Ash, standing on the red left platform with Pikachu, knew that he couldn't let Gary win the battle. If that happened, not only would Ash have a lot of shame upon him, but he would also be losing the girl he loved. Fortunately, Ash had been through a match like this before, in the Orange Islands, at the Trovita Gym, against the Gym Leader Rudy, whos younger sister Mahri wanted Misty for her big sister. And that was just for one of the Orange League Badges!
The two competitors were being allowed to use up to six Pokémon, as opposed to just using three the last time Ash competed in the Championships at the Indigo Plateau.
Gary took out the first of his six PokéBalls. "I'm gonna take things down a little with my starter Pokémon." He gave a kiss to the Ball and threw it. Out popped Blastoise, the final evolved form for Squirtle, the Pokémon that Gary started with.
"Blas-toise," the giant turtle grunted.
Ash picked up one of his PokéBalls, twisted his Pokémon League Trainer's Cap, and threw the PokéBall. "Charizard, I choose you!"
Charizard appeared on the battlefield. He roared rather loudly.
Gary laughed wickedly. "Ha ha ha ha ha! I win this match already! You've chosen a Fire Pokémon! He's no match against my Water Pokémon!"
But Gary was soon contradicted. Charizard, the most stubborn of Ash's Pokémon, got angry at Gary's badmouthing him. Very angry, indeed. And if you made Ash's Charizard angry, you wouldn't want to be anywhere near him. He fired a mighty Dragon Rage at Blastoise, depleting forty of its two hundred and ninety HP.
"Aah!" Ash said from his pedestal. "That was a great hit, Charizard! And I didn't even say anything yet."
Now it was Blastoise's turn to attack.
"Blastoise, Water Gun!" Gary called.
The now-at-250-HP Water Pokémon tried to attack the 280-HP Fire/Flying Pokémon with a Water Gun, but Charizard dodged to the left just seconds before the sheer Super Scope-like volume of water could hit him. Then, by Ash's command, Charizard Slashed at his opponent.
It was a critical hit.
A hit so criticial that two hundred of Blastoise's HP went down. The mighty Water Pokémon was now at only fifty HP.
"Amazing, folks!" the announcer shouted. "Charizard has performed an ultra-critical Slash on Blastoise that has taken away one-fifth on its HP! And this is only a one-day event!"
Blastoise still wasn't going to give up, even though he now had only half a hundred HP.
"Skull Bash him, Blastoise!" Gary yelled.
The blue turtle ran up and Skull Bashed into Charizard's chest. It hurt Charizard a lot, but it didn't hurt him enough to take away more than 75 of his HP.
"We gotta end this round now!" Ash shouted. "Charizard, release a Dragon Rage on him!"
Charizard prepared for his final attack on Blastoise. He grabbed his mighty opponent, flew up really high, and dove back down to the ground, dealing heavy damage on the enemy. That was a Dragon Rage attack.
The remaining fifty of Blastoise's HP fell down, and he fainted.
"Folks, this has been an amazing battle," the announcer said as one of the blue spots on Gary's spot on the scoreboard went black. "And that was just Round 1!"
"Blastoise, return!" Gary recalled the unconscious turtle. Hmmmmmm... the snooty champion thought to himself. This battle may be a little bit tougher than I thought.
Round 1 was over, and Ash was already in the lead. He recalled Charizard and prepared to switch his Pokémon for Round 2.
"You just got lucky, you loseristic twerpbrain!" Gary said. "Even with six Pokémon, I bet you won't survive the rest of the battle." He kissed another PokéBall and threw it. "Nidoqueen, I choose you!"
The Ball opened, and there stood the mighty Nidoqueen.
Ash knew that it would be a dilemma against Nidoqueen. He couldn't release Charizard again, and he certainly couldn't send Pikachu to battle it. Nidoqueen was good against Fire and Electric-type Pokémon, and she would kick their butts. Fortunately, Ash knew that Nidoqueens were bad against Ground and Ghost Pokémon. Unfortunately, he didn't have any Ground Pokémon, and his only Ghost Pokémon, Haunter, was staying at the Saffron Gym to entertain Sabrina. But after seeing how Charizard was able to defeat a water Pokémon, a type he was usually lousy against, Ash had another idea.
"Chikorita, I choose you!" he shouted, and out came Chikorita, ready to kick butt on Nidoqueen.

No matter what you think you've pulled
you'll find it's not enough
No matter who you think you know
you won't get through
It's a given all day long
Someone's faster on the draw
No matter where you hide
I'm comin' after you

No matter how the race is run
It always ends the same
Another room without a view
awaits downtown
You can shake me for a while
Live it up in style
No matter what you do
I'm going to take you down

Shakedown, breakdown, takedown
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Just about the time you think that it's all right
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reaching for the top
This is the place where second-best
will never do
It's okay to want to shine
But when you step across that line
No matter where you hide,
I'm comin' after you

Shakedown, breakdown, takedown
Everybody wants into the crowded line
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Shakedown, breakdown, takedown
Everybody wants into the crowded line

It was two hours into the match. Three of Ash's Pokémon had fainted by this time, but Ash was still in first place. Tension was mounting everywhere as Gary's second-to-last Pokémon, Dodrio, fainted. Misty's heart was beating a little faster. Tracey was shaking so much he couldn't draw accurately. Gary's cheerleaders were loosening their grip on their pom-poms. The announcer's hands were getting sweaty.
"You are a far more worthy adversary than I thought," Gary smirked, recalling Dodrio. "But it doesn't really matter! I started this battle, and I'm going to finish it! And I'm going to finish it with my special Pokémon!" He took out his last remaining PokéBall, gave it a few kisses, and tossed it into the arena.
The PokéBall opened up and revealed Gary's favorite Pokémon. Umbreon. The Dark evolved form of Eevee.
"That brat has just sent out an Umbreon!" James stated the obvious from the bleachers.
"Dat's da form Eevee can evolve into if tamed during night!" Meowth explained.
"Seems rather fitting for that kid if you ask me!" Jessie commented.
"WAAAAAB! Wobba!" Wobbuffet added, popping out of his PokéBall. Jessie immediately recalled him.
"I don't think I want to know how you got that," Cassidy butt in, "nor do I think I care."
"What I want to know is how you and Bust were able to catch a Drowzee, a Primeape, a Hitmontop, and a Houndour when you spent most of your time in jail," Mondo requested to her.
"Urrr!" Butch glowered. "Even when we're good guys you get my name wrong! It's Butch! Not Botch, Buzz, or Bust!"
Ash wasn't the least bit worried about losing to Gary's Umbreon. But then...
"Don't forget, twerp," Gary taunted, "this is the same Eevee that whooped butt on Wimpychu last time I battled you!"
"'Wimpychu'?" Ash repeated.
"'Wimpychu'?" Meowth got mad. "Hey! Dat Pikachu was woithy of bein' captured by Team Rocket! Don't eva call it a wimp, ya wimpy brat! And don't eva call Ashy-boy a twoip! It's bad enough you ignore our motto, but now you steal our insults?! I oughta moida youse!" The catlike Pokémon wanted to get out of his seat, go down into the arena, and perform a thousand Fury Swipes on Gary. He shook uncontrollably while Mondo restrained him.
"Wimpychu!" Gary shouted again. "Pikacreampuff! Pikaloser! You'll think twice before messing with the great Gary Oak!"
Then Pikachu got angry. He had let insults from Gary bounce off of him before. Now, it was personal.
"Pika-cha!" Pikachu raised his arms and swung them in a determined fashion.
"You want to fight?" Ash asked his prized rodent. "All right. Pikachu, GO!"
Pikachu jumped down from the red pedestal and onto the stadium grounds. He was determined to defeat Umbreon, even though it had 10 more points of Attack Power, 130 more Hit Points, and three times more Defense than him.
"Well well well," Gary said mockingly. "Even after the butt-kicking it got before, the little yellow Pika-puff wants to take him down! Umbreon, Tackle him!"
Umbreon tried to tackle the yellow mouse but missed.
"Pikachu, Tail Whip!" Ash shouted.
Pikachu whipped its tail on Umbreon. The fox's Defense fell down greatly. In fact, the fox's Defense broke in half. Now it only had a hundred and twenty points of defense.
Gary scowled in an angry fashion, then restrained himself. "So what if my Pokemon's Defense has been cut in half? It's still three times the Defense power of your Pokemon's defense... cut in half! Umbreon, confuse him!"
Pikachu was hit by a Confuse Ray sent by Umbreon. Senseless, he began attacking himself.
"Aah! Oh no!" Ash shouted.
When Pikachu regained his senses, he had now reduced his HP by 20.
But then, when he had done that, Umbreon unleashed another Confuse Ray on him! Again, Pikachu began to attack himself and drain his HP.
"Hey!" Ash shouted at Gary. "That's cheating! You can't use the same attack multiple times in one turn!"
"Don't tell me what to do!" Gary argued. "I'm the Pokémon League Champion here!"
Soon, Pikachu now only had eighty-five HP - half of what he had started with!
"Looks like this match is in the bag!" Gary snickered. "Just a few more attacks like this, and the Diamond Badge and your scrawny girlfriend will be mine!"
Gary's sentence echoed in Ash's mind. Ash turned his head and focused his eyes on Misty. She was sitting there in the bleachers, right between Brock and Tracey, with Togepi on her lap, waving a flag. A flag with Ash's picture on it. Everything about Misty mattered to Ash. Her aquamarine eyes. Her glowing fiery orange hair. Her heart-shaped mouth. Her slender arms. Her forever-growing legs. Her thin stomach. Her soft smooth skin. And especially her lips, red as the fur of a Flareon.
Ash turned his head around and looked at Pikachu. Then at Gary. Ash was now more angry than Gary had ever made him in their previous encounters.
This victory is for you, Misty... Ash said to himself. He shouted a command to Pikachu. "Pikachu, defend yourself!"
Heeding his trainer's command, Pikachu summoned a Reflect sheild. Instantly, the next blast of Umbreon's Confuse Ray failed to attack!
"Oh my god!" Gary shouted. "I don't believe it! The loser's Pikachu is actually fighting back!"
Ash screamed out a classic line. "PIKACHU, THUNDERSHOCK! NOW!!"
Pikachu got in front of Umbreon, and prepared.
"Oops, I'm in trouble," Gary murmured.
Umbreon tried to back away, but failed.
A mighty jolt of a Thunder Shock shot out from Pikachu's rosy cheeks and hit Umbreon dead on. Now it was paralyzed and couldn't attack.
"Well, this doesn't look so bad," Gary sighed of relief.
But it wasn't over just yet. With Umbreon paralyzed and three-fourths of its HP gone, Gary had no choice but to skip his turn.
"We've almost got 'im, Pikachu!" Ash shouted. "Now let's finish him! THUNDERBOLT!!!!"
"PIKA!" As Pikachu squealed, he got up on top of Umbreon. A cloud of thunder appeared in the sky above him. In a matter of milliseconds, a Thunderbolt rained down from the sky above, hitting Pikachu... and taking Umbreon with him!
When the smoke of the battle cleared, everyone looked over their shoulders and saw exactly what they thought they were seeing. The mighty Umbreon had fainted, and Pikachu stood there, licking his fur.
"Pika!" he chirped.
The announcer cleared his throat. "And so, ladies and gentlemen, the winner, and new Pokémon Master, is the challenger, Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet! Congratulations, Ash!"
The whole audience cheered and applauded so hard the whole stadium rocked.
"HOORAY!" Misty cheered, stretching her arms up.
Togepi did a little dance of joy. Yay for daddy! it thought.
But of course, not everyone was overjoyed with the outcome of the battle. "I can't believe... that Gary lost... AGAIN!!" one of the cheerleaders burst into tears, and the other cheerleaders cried along with her.
Gary got down on his knees. "NO! This can't be! You beat my best! After all that work to become League champ, my reign is over already?! It's not fair! Why?" he moaned, his platform elevating down. "Why did I lose? I never made any mistakes raising my Pokémon!"
The platforms finished their descent, and the loser walked up to the winner.
"Darn it!" Gary swore. "You're the new Pokémon League champ... although I don't like to admit it."
Just then, a familiar voice came from the left corridor of the arena. It called out for Ash.
"Professor?" Ash responded.
"Grandpa?" Gary responded, in unison.
Professor Samuel Oak ran into the room. "So, you won!" he said to Ash. "Congratulations! You're the new Pokémon League Champion! You've grown up so much since you first left with Pikachu on your tenth birthday! Ash, you have come of age!"
"Thanks, Professor," Ash shook his hand.
The Professor then turned to look at Gary. "Gary! I'm disappointed!" he admonished his ashamed grandson. "I came when I heard that you had beaten the Elite Four! But when I got here, you had already lost! Do you understand why you lost? You have forgotten to treat your Pokémon with trust and love. Without them, you will never become a champ again!" He then faced Ash once more and continued, "Ash, you understand that your victory wasn't just your own doing. The bond you share with your Pokemon is marvelous! Come with me!"
Ash followed the Professor into a room behind the blue platform.
Gary watched jealously as they walked inside. He took deep angry breaths, then stopped. "I suppose this battle has taught me something," he said to himself, taking off his hippie necklace. "All these years, I thought I was the superior trainer, and that he was a loser. But now I learn that Ash wasn't the loser; I was."

Professor Oak cleared his throat for this important moment. "Er-hem! This floor is the Pokémon Hall of Fame! Pokémon League champions are honored for their exhibits here! Their Pokémon are recorded, too! You and Pikachu have endeavored hard to become the new League champion! Congratulations, Ash! You, Pikachu, and all your Pokemon are Hall of Famers!"
As the Professor was examining Ash's Pokemon (he was especially impressed with Pikachu), Ash's friends all came into the room.
"Oh Ash! My sweet Ash!" Misty swooned. She threw her arms around her boyfriend, the new Pokemon Master, and began kissing his face many, many times, leaving stains of her light pink lipstick everywhere her lips went. "When Gary's Umbreon started confusing Pikachu, I was afraid I'd have to spend the rest of my life cheering for that stuck-up chia pet!" she said between kisses. "But our love has deeply strengthened and created a permanent bond for the rest of our lives, my hero!"
"Thanks, Misty," Ash said, the prints of Misty's lips on his face more visible than his flesh. "I couldn't have done it without you."

The winner takes all..
It's the thrill of one more kill...
The last one to fall...
Will never sacrifice their will...

Don't ever look back...
On the wind closing in...
The only attack...
Were their wings on the wind...
Oh the daydream begins...

And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah...
And it's ours for the taking...
It's ours for the fight...

And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory..YEAH!!...
And the world is ours to follooooooooooooooowah!!...

Sweet, sweet, sweet victory...

Later that day, the six ex-members of Team Rocket were walking off into the sunset, following the parade that was on their way to Pallet Town. A party was being held in Ash's honor back at his house in Pallet Town. They were commentating on the match they had just watched.
"I can now see what was so special about Pikachu that Giovanni was dying to have it before he even created the MechaMew2," said James.
Jessie nodded in agreement. "Yes, any Pokémon that can beat one far more powerful than itself..."
"...definitely exceeds its evolutionary level!" Meowth finished the sentence.
"If you ask me," Cassidy interrupted, "if the Boss's MechaMew2 was only lacking Thundershock and Thunderbolt, why did he have to send you after that kid's Pikachu? A Jolteon possesses a Thundershock, and an Elekid can execute a Thunderbolt."
"Yeah, but Pikachu is da only known Pokémon dat has both of dose attacks!" Meowth replied.
"What about its evolved form, Raichu?" Butch asked. "Raichu has Thundershock and Thunderbolt, too! You know, you could've stolen the Raichu from that Gym Leader in Vermillion City."
"Well, we could've done that too," James considered. "Oh man! Why didn't we think of that before?"
"Ah!" Butch smirked. "You two never could think of an obvious solution!"
"But Raichus are far too powerful to be captured!" Meowth answered. "If we tried to steal a Raichu, we woulda had a blast-off more painful dan da ones we got from Pikachu!"
"Will you guys cut that out?" Mondo asked. "There's a big buffet in the Pallet Party, so let's go!"
Wobbuffet's PokéBall opened up and released him again. "Waaaaab!" he shouted.
"He didn't call for you, you blue twit!" Jessie recalled him again.
"Hold on!" James stopped them. "We just spent this last month cheering the good guys!"
"Yeah," Meowth said, "but we shouldn't feel bad about it. After all, Giovanni fired us all, and he's in jail now. We can all get back t'leadin' normal lives now!"
Jessie, James, Butch, Cassidy, and Mondo all nodded in agreement.
"Now let's go grab dat buffet dat we never could get unda Giovanni's rule!"
As the six of them started running after the crowd of people in front of them, Wobbuffet's PokéBall released him again. Looking ahead, the little blue idiotic Pokémon saw his trainer running off with her friends, and immediately followed, yelling in his own language. What he obviously meant to say was "Wait for me! I wanna party too!"

It had been ten years ever since Ash and Pikachu first set out on their journey. A lot of things had happened in the years that followed Ash's victory over Gary in the Pokemon League.
Giovanni was still in prison, but the Rocket Executives rose to power and taken control of Team Rocket. Hold on, I already mentioned that. Well, there was still Team Aqua and Team Magma to worry about. But Team Rocket was able to shut down the operations by those two amateur teams.
Gary, having lost at the Pokémon League once again, took over the job of the Gym Leader of Viridian City. Despite having been such a jerk, he became friends with Ash again. He also found love with a trainer named Mileena Yellow.
Brock married Suzie, the Pokemon Breeder who had lent him her Vulpix. After all, she was the only girl who didn't trash him like the other girls did.
Tracey, still without a wife, stayed Professor Oak's lab assistant. I don't know if he found his own girl or not.
Gary's older sister, May Oak, became a Pokémon groomer. She worked every day from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.
Jessie and James got married and had a daughter, whom they named Miya, after Jessie's mother. Meowth had stayed with them the whole time. Mondo had also been there to help them with their parenthood, although he was rather jealous that Jessie, his secret crush, was already married.
Butch and Cassidy realized that there was more to love power than loving power. They were last seen heading off towards Purity Canyon. No one knows what happened to them. They probably eloped.
Ash and Misty spent their adolescent years dating and got married when they were old enough. Needless to say, almost everyone mentioned above was invited. (Except Giovanni, of course.) They had two kids who are currently unnamed at the moment.
And I, the narrator, was finally able to retire in peace after spending five years of my life narrating this whole goddang series!!!! So long, Pokémon characters!! The next time you hear me, I'm going to be on the vacation I've been waiting 300 episodes for!

So there you have it! This story's finally done! Now I can get to work on my other fanfics!