Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Disclaimer: Joss walks up next to me while I'm at the library typing up a story about HIS show. He said that if I say it's HIS show then I could get Spike for a day. Still waiting for that. anyways btvs belongs to JOSS!

SUM: What if Spike was turned into a cat and Buffy happened to pick him up and take care of him?

Spike was walking along his crypt trying to forget about Buffy. He just had a dream about her again! This was getting a little bloody ridiculous! I can't believe I'm dreaming about HER! Why her? Why not another vampire? It HAD to be her!

His crypt door swung open and there stood Harmony looking pissed off at something.

"Spike. last night you called me Buffy!" Harmony said as she put down a candle and lit it. "I know you dream of her! I'm not that stupid!"

"Wouldn't go that far." Spike muttered.

"Spike! I'm really reeeaaaallly mad at you. So I asked a "friend" to help me with a spell-"

"Spell for what?"

"Spell for y-o-u! I'm going to turn you into an ant then I'll step on you so you'll die."

"Great plan, then we'll dress up in dresses and have a tea party!" Spike said as he clapped his hands together like a girl. "Like you can pull that off luv!"

"Oh yeah." Harmony smiled evilly, Spike looked uncomfortable. "For all the pain and sorrow, I band thee to the animal world inside out. Tarra Tarra Tarra!" she shouted.

Red and black light surrounded Spike.


15 Minutes later.

Buffy was outside breathing in the cool air. Sitting is good. It's nice to relax. Buffy closed her eyes. Suddenly something jumped into Buffy's lap and started purring.

"Hello kitty. Where did you come from?"


15 minutes ago.

The black lights faded away and there was a blonde cat with sharp blue eyes, it looked no more than 8 weeks old.

"Oh damn it, you were supposed to turn into an ant not a cute kitty! Now I can't kill a cute kitty!"

Spike jumped out into the cool night. Know to find Buffy and get her to help me. There she is, good she's out side.


"Hi, you're a cute kitty. I think I'll keep you." Buffy held the still purring cat and carried him inside.

She's so warm Spike thought.

"Mom, I found a kitty. Can we keep him?"


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