Buffy sat on her bed waiting for her finance to arrive. She looked down on her now rounded tummy.

No matter how much Spike told her that she wasn't fat she felt like a cow. At least he hadn't drop out and left her alone in the dark to raise a child.

"If love is crime I'll do time," singing came from the hall.

Buffy looked at the door. The singing was Spike? Why was he so flipping happy? Oh yeah he wasn't the one carrying an unborn baby and feeling like crap.

The door swung open with unnecessary drama. Spike had a huge madman grin upon his gorgeous face. His eyes sparkled with an encrypted secret. He crossed the room and grasped Buffy making her squeak a little bit. Then he crashed his lips against her with loving force.

After a couple of long seconds he pulled away and sat on her bed next to her and starting stroking her hair.

"Okay, that was.......nice and all. So what's the news." Buffy tried to change the subject before her hormones got the best her again.

"You have to guess pet," he said with mock seriousness.

"The baby is going to be a cat?"

Spike nodded, "Yeah, its going to be a cat."

"What? I was joking how could this HAPPEN!?! It'sallyourfaultyoudirtybastardIhateyou!" She kicked him off the bed and started out the door.

He jumped up in the flash of a beating butterfly wing and grabbed her arm. "Love, kidding okay." He chuckled at her sudden change of expression to shock. "It's nothing like that okay? Giles research on his little books on slayer babies produced with vampires and I have good news."

He fixed the labels on her baby blue maternity top. It was pretty big but was deliciously fashionable.

"Oh thank the heavens above my child isn't a freaking furry animal! Don't you EVER do that to me again, or you'll be one of those fathers that watches their child from outside the house."

Spike's expression changed abruptly to a look of pain. This stirred Buffy's guilt so she stroked his cheek with her fingertips. "I'm sorry baby." She said quietly. She forgot how fragile males could be.

With Angel she never would burst out like that, well not unless he REALLY pissed her off. But with Spike he always had a tuff guy thing going on and that shielded his sensitive side. Which was totally adorable when he was, but even that happened rarely and in private.

"You know I'd never put you through that. I'd stake you first." She said with a touch of caring and love.

"I'm glad you care about me that much ducks." He laughed a bit and shrugged it off.

He finally got the girl of his obsessions and dreams. They were getting married and having a total of at least four children and he was threatened that by being cocky. It was time to really grow into his father figure role for the sake of his kids and his dignity if front of Buffy.

"The news is?" She brought him out of his thoughts by rolling his hips a bit with her hands.

"Right, well," he was temporally distracted by the playful look in her eyes and the feel of her hands. "Giles said," okay now he totally lost his train of thought when one of her hands traveled up his shirt barley touching his stomach.

"Cat got your tongue?" She said lowly trying to be sexy.

"No, but in a second I'm going to have yours." He was going for the attack but she stopped him.

"News first, grunting and such later." She lost all of her playfulness and became business-like.

"Oh, I don't think so love. You don't get to tease me and stop when I wanna play." He tried to sound angry but it came out pleading.

"Sorry honey, but I really want to know." She stuck out her bottom lip and starting pouting.

"Stop that or you won't be able to walk ever again." He could never resist her like this, pouty and wanting.

"Then tell me!" She tried plan B, the puppy dog eyes and whimper-like noise.

"I don't want to kill the mood." This was the first time in months she wanted to do ANYTHING since she got pregnant.

"PUH-lease. I'll let you do anything to my little body." Spike gaped, he knew that it was the hormones talking but he didn't care. One second she was angry the next well she was like this. But that's why he loved her. So he took the easiest way to break the news, be blunt.

"Well, the watcher said you have four kids with me to balance out the power of vampire and slayer. If you don't you die and if you have five you need another three." He said this in a rushed voice.

All Buffy caught was 'four kids or you'll die'.

Buffy reacted in a normal mature womanly way possible. She fainted into Spikes arms.

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